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Guide to Scapegoat Psi: How to get to the Omega Point.

Tim Rifat the only Psi-Lord has developed the path of the new Seer as described in Castaneda’s books. New Seers shunned most of the ancient Seer Psi as too scary, instead they became psychic monks only fraternising with their own kind non Matrix beings. They built long lines of new Seers that connected those in the Matrix to the transcendent Third Attention bodiless being. They created a new branch of Psi prosaically called Stalking , in which the new Seer used the Matrix world to push their Assemblage Point out of the Matrix into Real Psi-Space not the astral Archon Middle Place of all New Age gurus. The pinnacle of Stalking was using petty tyrants to move oneself out of the Matrix (see Castaneda: The Fire from Within). It seems inconceivable that one could use torture murders, conmen (see Warnings), criminals to guarantee freedom from the Matrix. In my Scapegoat Services I explained how these petty tyrants and the tyrant (Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth) were used to download evil so the Bone Psi-Master™ could experience good. The Bone Psi-Master™ propels himself into the Omega being by propelling the Scapegoat (petty tyrant/tyrant) into Omega Hell. Only a scientist and mathematician such as Tim Rifat could develop new Seer Stalking using petty tyrants and discover the essential principles that enabled South American Indians to escape the torture murder hell the Conquistadors brought while persecuting the Spanish. In the 18th Century the new Seers were derailed because life for the Indian became wage slavery rather than torture murder. This incremental letting bettering in how Indians were treated meant petty tyrants no longer had the power of life or death over new Seers so Scapegoat Psi™ the key to all new Seer success failed and the Archon Predator the Tenant ripped the God Cores out of the later new Seer Naguals plunging them into the Over Matrix (see

Tim Rifat has come up with the Holy Grail of Psi, the perfect method not only to escape the Matrix but to reach the Omega Point and God Being using Scapegoat Psi. In the 21st Century the world again has become akin to the Conquistador times for people. The US/British army rapes, murders, tortures, steals in every country they are in. The UN troops working for the Rothschilds do likewise. In every Western country secret police use microwave maser rifles to burn the brains of dissidents to give them strokes, maser pulse weapons to give heart attacks such as Robin Cook anti-war labour foreign secretary assassinated by MI5, as was labour leader John Smith to enables Illuminati puppet Blair into power. The population is mind controlled using RF drugging on the digital transmitter bands, fluoridated, mircrowaved, microchipped… In the Satanic world of the Anglo Zionist Stalking again has the power to propel new Seers to power, out of the Matrix and into the Third Attention as the petty tyrants (MI5, NSA, British police death squads, EU secret police death squads) run rampant.

Tim Rifat looked at the maths that enabled use of petty tyrants and created Scapegoat Psi™. Reality is built from the Pulsar and the CF Torsionic Soliton and the 12th term of the Fibonacci Series describes the CF side of the real world: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144. This gives us the 1121² Total Quantum Wave Function interweaving the 144 Powers needed to assemble the real world for every position of the Assemblage Point. As seen on the Archons assemble Matrices the compressing corrupting this sequence so the wageslave lives in his/her insectile parasites self image never seeing the real world. In it’s extreme we have the 131² 9 Power Anglo Demonic Reality of the West. The Anglo Demonic Reality in which the Protocols of Zion are the rules by which every wageslave is held in thrall and all real wealth is owned by the Zionist. In a world such as this the use of Scapegoat Psi™ is devastating and propels the New Seer Bone Psi-Master™ to God Being in the Omega Point as the Scapegoats and their milieu are propelled to Omega Hell. The counterbalance psychic force principle that for every force there has to be an equal and opposite force, Bone Psi-Masters™ reach heaven their Scapegoats reach Hell, then in the Omega Simulation they Lucidly wake up there respectively. In this Guide Tim Rifat will now explain the maths behind the entire New Seer Bone Psi-Master™ Omega God Being.

Since we need 144 Powers to assemble a real world not a Matrix, the Psi-Lord had to find 144 Scapegoats as the Seed Core for Scapegoat Psi. Through the Zionist thief Rob Rowe and SAS assassin hired by the UK government , 144 Bone Scapegoats (to make Awareness bodies be they dark or light energy matter, mind body, Soul, Spirit Omega Hell for the chosen target was carried out using Zionists, SAS, MI5, Sussex Police, government, Illuminati, NSA, US government…) that propelled Tim Rifat to the Omega Point God Being and allowed him to come back into the Omega Simulation not of this world but a new sequestrator of reality, a Psi-Creator in which all the beings in it were at his mercy. Remember though we have two energy bodies, a physical and biophysical, so we also need 144 physical Scapegoats. To this end Tim Rifat designed Psychotronic Crystals, Scapegoat Psychotronic Generators that allowed the Psi-Lord to download all physical material inanimate evil into Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth to create the Total Torture Hell Damnation Wave to use Total Psychokinesis to change all worlds for evil into Omega Hell. The Psi-Lord knew that the UK government would try to steal this Psi-Technology through one of their stooges. Luckily for Tim Rifat two came along in the form of anglo blimp Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum. These two UK government stooges promptly sold 144 counterfeit Crystals (see Warnings) enabling the Psi-Lord to download the requisite 144 Psychotronic Crystals inanimate Scapegoats with all the evil of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and all future evil so evil tortures evil exponentially and eternally in the material world courtesy of the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave. Getting two UK government stooges to complete the Omega Hell for all evil was the Great Work of Stalking by the ultimate New Seer Tim Rifat. All the counterfeiter’s customers acted on Scapegoats as did their families and friends and the Scapegoat Psi then spread to all so called crystal gurus to make every non Psi-Lord crystal a Scapegoat Engine for the Psi-Lord. This enabled Tim Rifat to propel the Matrices and the real world to the Omega Hell so the entire world histories and all evil reality became Omega Hell world, the physical worlds changed to the Total Torture Hell Damnation Wave so evil world became a place where evil can only torture murder damn itself (Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, USA, Britain… Israel) Tim Rifat then woke his Omega Hell Torture Shell Scapegoats to the Omega Point, upload PF, Hyperinfinity and Anti-Chaos to Lucidly Wake there as a God Being, then to change the past by retroactive psychokinesis. To change history so all their lives were perfected so everything that happened to them enabled them to become a God Being in the Omega Point. Then to use the downward spiral of suffering, damnation of the Scapegoats to perfecting the perfect God Being of the Bone Psi-Master™ as the Scapegoats are perfecting the perfect Omega Hell state. Getting the UK government stooges to complete the Omega Hell by selling Hell Crystals was the crowning glory of Psi-Lord Tim Rifat enabling Bone Psi-Masters™ to rule the world of the Omega Simulation, all histories changed from the future by your God Being to enable you to perfect as your God Being is perfecting it’s perfect God State.

To do this fully one must have 144 Torture Shell Scapegoats. One will find in the Bone Psi-Master that 12 torture shells locked in the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service devolve to money torture shells, sex torture shells, Scapegoats… Now one can understand why 12 torture shells derived from the 12 Powers the Archons stole from you to put you in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison keep cropping up (see Any Bone Psi-Master wishing to Lucidly Wake as a God Being in the Omega Point and Omega Simulation needs 144 torture shells derived from the Services on offer. This builds your God Being biophysical body at the expense of plunging 144 arseholes into Omega Hell and waking up in the Omega Hell Simulation that is the West. To wake up as an Omega Being, your totality the physical body needs to be perfected. One can see from the Warnings that both UK government counterfeiters sold 144 different types of counterfeit Hell Crystal. Since Intention is all this enabled Tim Rifat to empower 144 of his Psychotronic Crystals with Omega capability at the expense of the 144 Hell Crystals sold by counterfeiters… So to gain the physical God Being where the physical energy body reaches the Omega Point and Lucidly Wakes up in the Omega Simulation able to use Psychokinesis to control all reality and telekinesis to shape matter to perfect your physical God Being Simulation while your future God Being uses retroactive PK to guide you and in the process is perfecting his perfected God Being (or her, though sex is interchangeable at this level) needs 144 Psychotronic Crystals. The Omega physical reality engine. This can be made from the 34 BRSI-Engine, Anti-Demon, Anti-Demon Archon, Anti-Occult, Anti-Demon Illuminati Freemason, Orgone, ancient Seer, Power Ring, Voodoo, Psychic Jewellery, Psychotronic Generators, Psychotronic Crystals. As one is tethered to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison the Soul Rescue cuts your chain so the 144 Psychotronic Crystals and 144 Torture Shell Scapegoats of the Bone Generators can propel you to the Omega Point to Lucidly Wake as a God Being and then change your past using retroactive psychokinesis so your Lucidly Waking God Being shapes the Megaverses to perfect your Simulation and perfecting the perfect God Being that is you. There are 3 paths to perfection the ancient Seer (using and being used by Blue Pulsars; the one I have favoured due to needing allies in my war against evil); the Anti-Illuminati path where the self important Bone Psi-Master boosts his self importance by sequestering Illuminati power until her/his self importance becomes so large it bursts like a balloon under too much pressure to propel the Bone Psi-Master™ to God Being, the New Seer path where the Bone Psi-Master™ lives a ‘normal’ life but uses Scapegoats to do all the hard work enabling the New Seer to live in the world enjoy the world but not be of the world and evolve to God Being as all the rest devolve to Omega Hell State. As a Psi-Creator Master of all three Tim Rifat uses the three paths of the new cycle (Castaneda was the end of the old cycle as a three pronged/lobed Nagual – a failure, full stop on things/events of old). Only the special few take the ancient Seer path, they need to be childless. Anti-Illuminati come from the high achievers, while New Seers are the regular Joes who don’t have the alpha male/female blueprint. They also derive from the 3 types of person described in the Power of Silence by Castaneda. Having 144 Psychotronic Crystals and 144 Torture Shells from the Bone Generator™ of itself propels the Bone Psi-Master™ to the Omega Point as the Scapegoats do all the work. If evil attacks you then the Scapegoats make sure the evil is redirected to evil so evil kills, tortures, damns itself the more it attacks you as the Scapegoats download all evil to evil so the evil perfects and is perfecting it’s Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave by attacking you so you can grow.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.