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Green Line Terminated Retroactively for Satanists:

The Green Line of the Abraham Ritual that gave all the Joys of Life, life, riches, youth… health, money to Satanist Jews was terminated retroactively by the Rothschild Satanists when they failed to take over Iran in June 2009 using the Green Satanist party of Mousay. This meant all the Green Line riches from all time were taken from the Satanist Jews as they had no power over the Abraham Ritual when they tried to use it against Iran. The Psi-Lord had sequestered its power so the Rothschilds were hoping they could wrench it from his power – they failed eternally! Now as they write an IOU the Tim Rifat debt collector sold them all to Total Amalek retroactively so all Satanist Jews go to Omega Hell. All the Joys they stole are now just torments as the rich man who finds himself in the Gulag (a Jewish invention) suffers more than the poor man, as he has fallen further. All this Joy is now given to the Psi-Lord to boost his being. As the Rothschilds bet what they didn’t have the Psi-Lord added the following to the debt they have now paid by their eternal perdition:-

This Bone Generator® allows you to block all good things from a target.
Add your IOU of any value to them so they suffer eternally to get you anything.
The Green Line being permanently destroyed for all Satanists, Jewish Satanists, has been moved to the Psi-Lord from its inception, retroactively. So the Psi-Lord holds power over all the good things in life. One can see this Service as the Fountain of Good Things in the Matrix, be it: money, sex, youth, health, success, creative inspiration, happiness, joy… So in effect you get as much of the good things as you wish and all the former Illuminati suffer.
As the Green Line is composes of the Yellow Chokmah and the Blue of Binah, with the Schethlya Stone controlling Hyperinfinity in Chokemah and Amalek residing in Binah (according to Isaac de Luria, Satanist godfather of Zionism) the Green Line is made from the Schethlya Stone wed to Amalek, so the Green Line always destroys Zionism when:-

The Schethlya Stone is sequestered by a Psi-Lord who scapegoats a Satanist as Messiah Isaiah (the archetypal ascended Master scapegoat who suffers for all the Satanists so they can have joy in contravention of Cosmic Law) In this case the Magus who destroyed the USSR from MI6 occult branch.
Amalek is released from Binah by the Psi-Lord who sequesters Amalek to fight Satanists from within.
When the Satanists try the Green Line against the Psi-Lord and so give their Hyperinfinity, free will to the Psi-Lord to sequester the black stone of Chaos Hyperinfinity as Anti-Chaos Hyperinfinity – the failed Rothschild coup in Iran.

So the vivisected Green Line empowers your Schethlya Stone, Amalek Avatar Service and Bone Generator Service. The Green Line of flag waving Iranians accessing the Kabala Stone to shred all Chaos black stone Kabala quantum superimposition by consigning these Moslems that support Rothschild Zionism, Israel (ass Massouwi preaches the Israeli line) to Omega Hell, their perdition cleaning the Kabala Stone of Satanist Zionism. Dumping the non-damned in Omega Hell, Moslems who willingly choose Israel Zionism and the West is the ultimate power source as each of them could have been a Psi-Lord but chose perdition. This is the ultimate power source perfecting the Messiah Isaiah Scapegoat power that fuels the Matrix for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth.

Now producing Total Messiah, Isaiah Scapegoats from the Green Line Moslem Satanists in Iran that support Israel.

The ultimate superboost to you Service.

Green Line Terminated Retroactively for Satanists: $600 with Certificate. Limited to 12 only…..

The Messiah Isaiah MI6 Magus who destroyed the USSR now dead after falling into poverty enabled the Ipsissimus of the West – Tim Rifat to use Gödels Incompleteness theorem to add the relevant axioms and concomitant Operators to change the complex numbers used by Yaltabaoth Yaldabaoth into Grassman complex numbers. All the Messiah Isaiah Deathgoat Jews carry the quantum computing engines for this in them – implanted by the Psi-Lord. In effect his changes the Matrix based on complex number to a Grassman complex memetic space. Let me explain. The Ancient Seers were very interested in the areas around the Assemblage Point on the out layer of the human energy body. These areas were the realms of daydreams, your real world aspirations, artistic creative space – now the realm of fantasy space be it: Coronation Street, EastEnders soap operas, UK junk such as: Star Trek, Heroes, Marvel and DC Comic books, films, cartoons, Zionist published novel such as Harry Potter – witchcraft for children, or talent contest shows… As the emotional body is eaten down to the feet by the Insectiles – humans are food, the burst of emotional energy from the feet tot he Fantasy Space around the Assemblage Point, keeps this Assemblage Point fuelled with emotional Awareness – the currency of human thought. The Assemblage Point is a Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth artefact created from the spinning Hebrew Letters outlined above. It has 3 controlling types of Insectile parasite in the head energy centre, hence the 3×26 types of human being, as outlined on the Tarot. That is all their are in the Matrix, otherwise the Tarot could not describe the Matrix. As females have their Assemblage Point having an opposite pole to males, one points outward the other inward respectively. As all human reality is based on the Hebrew Letter of the Assemblage Point, it isn’t that the Matrix is all there in, but it is all the human slave can see.

By turning the Assemblage points Hebrew letters to Grassman Operators all real world alignment is negated and only zero product reality is enabled. This turns the world into Fantasy Space for the human race, the 2013 dreamtime talked about in the Mantauk Experiment so this timeline vanishes with respect to all others including the past. By turning the world into Fantasy Space the Psi-Master becomes all powerful as all conservation laws choose to exist and Free Energy Magic is the rule. As the Goyim, UnterGoyim are controlled by Grassman Assemblage Points – all their Awareness and their Matrix is pure Fantasy Space. That means the Psi-Master can write a book or script and get the World to follow it. Tim Rifat wrote himself as Psi-Lord (See Wild Women Books on with the West a bankrupt ruin, the Psi-Lord able to flip between Fantasy Timelines to put anyone in any life in one of these Fantasy Space Timelines. As a failed Timeline the Zionist timeline ended on 18/06/09. The 3 of Amalek is Binah x6 Sephirotic Trees for the 18 collapsed through the 6 of the Sephirotic Trees to collapse 2009 or 2×9 = 3×6, or the opposite pole of Amalek (male and female, Amalek kills the Malkath Bride/Qlippothic Binah He.)

So this Bone Generator® allows you to write down your role in the script of 2013 Fantasy Space and the Matrix has to change to conform with your written edict.

You can write a novel, or rules, or notes and this Bone Generator® then changes reality to gain you that role. Tim Rifat wanted to be psissmus of the West, Psi-Lord so destroyed the Rothschild occult power base. You might want to be a new Casanova, billionaire, hero, artist, author, sportsman – anything is enabled by this application of the Jewish Tarot in 2013 Space.

This Service supersedes the Build Your Dreams Service as new reality has been erased so you don’t need to fight it – you write it as you go along – real Psi-Mastership.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details. !!This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer.