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God Core Service:

Tim Rifat the only scientist to create Psi-technology from the ground upwards used Remote Viewing to look for the answers to Psi-technology in the very far future; from this he invented Retroactive Version Science: RVScience™ in which very far future science is brought to the distant past. Counterfeiter operations run by the UK and US government were set up to stop this world changing science being available to the public (see Warnings). So terrified were the UK and US government that they sanctioned an assassination attempt on Tim Rifat in July 2005, then had the police arrest me when it failed – illegally, then instructed the court to have me put in a mental prison to shut me up – it all failed so now Psi-technology is out of the bag and the new breed of Bone Psi-Master™ is changing the world.

RV Science develops the two foundations of modern physics: Quantum Mechanics, developed by Heisenberg and Schrödinger (Matrix and Quantum Mechanics): General Relativity created by Einstein’s German wife and developed by Einstein. Both theories are incompatible hence the doldrums theoretical physics has been in for decades. Quantum Mechanics is the basis of a third of the worlds economy as all electronics, computers are based on silicon semiconductor physics a branch of Quantum Mechanics. General Relativity has had almost zero budgets to develop (apart form Department of Defence multi-billion budgets to develop exotic weapons). As we have seen all economic and sociological, political human activity follows electronic laws so human activity can be seen as a branch of Quantum Mechanics (see Money, Wealth, Fortune Service). Quantum Mechanics is the basis of all Psi-technology as has been explained on this site. All Psi-levels as found in the wageslave Psi-phenomena are damped by the Psychic Damping Field (PDF), the bulk of humanity believing in the materialistic world of the Archon, the Anglo Demonic Reality. The PDF uses all wageslave Hyperinfinity to obstruct, block all Psi to make the world controllable by the Illuminati, Archon, Demon… grey. As one raises the energy level Psi becomes manifest as in Remote Viewing. At higher energy the Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming function sets in. Raising energy levels enables Remote Influencing (hence the useless nature of RI Courses, tapes as sold in the UK, you’ll need Psychotronic Generators for all RI because of the energy gap between wageslave and Psi-Master). At higher energies one can begin to block the PDF to a degree where your dream can manifest. At very high energies one can burn a hole in the PDF and live outside the Matrix, hence the 34 BSRI-Engine a Psychotronic Generator designed for this purpose. At higher energies one can use Lucid Waking, fusing physical and biophysical energies for Psychokinesis (reality shaping and telekinesis, mind over matter. Still higher energies are needed to free your Soul from the Archon quantum computer: 12 Aeon Psi-Prison (Soul Rescue). At higher energies one can follow the new Seers path to become a bodiless Quantum Total Reality Wave propagated through space-time an ascended Master or an ancient Seer a Total Reality Wave of an embodied being manifest in Psi-space as a multifunction near eternal (from the perspective of a wageslave) Psi-Master (hence the Psi-Master Service. The first path means you shun the Pulsar allies and suppress all but your Intent to burn with the Fire form Within you become a Psi-hermit. This path suits the Eastern mentality perfectly. The Pulsar allies of the ancient Seer path enable the Psi-Master to get all their dreams made manifest as Pulsars can change reality to conform to the ancient Seer’s Intent. As the natural enemies of the Archons, the Pulsars enable an ancient Seer Psi-Master to fight beyond their energy level as the Pulsars attack all Archons, Greys, Demons, Illuminati, wageslave… that seeks to interfere with an ancient Seer Psi-Master. There is no free lunch so one has to enable the Pulsars as a quid pro quo. Shamens such as Don Juan’s line (see Castaneda’s books) shunned the allies as they were terrified of them, the fate of these Seers was to be trapped by the Archons via the Tenant in the Over Matrix. The arrogance of the new Seer that they could go it alone led to their downfall. Tim Rifat had no such choice as the UK, US government had

been trying to kill him since 1996 when he first started his RVScience business to shut him up; therefore Pulsar allies were a necessity to enable Tim Rifat to live long enough to evolve to his Psi-Lord potential. As one can see the US and UK government conquest of the world has failed, Iraq and Afghanistan lost to them with Russia and Central Asia steal their oil and gas, North Korea poised to launch Cobalt 69 missiles at the US (see Rense Radio, Tim Rifat on ) The US is 70 trillion in debt and as the Rothschild cabal is only worth 100 trillion (according to the Russian Government) the Zionist Emperor J Rothschild stands to lose 70% of his net worth as the Rothschilds print all Zionist money. A 70% collapse in the Western economy is therefore a certainty if the Israel led attack on Iran fails and the oil and gas stays in non Zionist hands – Iraq being lost to Zionism. One can appreciate the power of Pulsars to enable a single person to defeat the UK US government, the reason why Tim Rifat chose the ancient Seer path, either be killed by Zionists or get them to kill themselves – a non choice. As Russia and China become enemies of Zionism the knock on effect is to by association raise the Russian and Chinese empires to hegemony as the Zionist empire burns and falls to ruin.

At higher energy levels one can install ones Awareness as a hyperinfinite function. At the start of the 20th century the Quantum mechanics invented by Schrödinger and Heisenberg could not explain how the quantum wave collapsed to form a particle and hence the physical world. In Copenhagen the physicists agreed that an observer collapsed the Quantum Wave Function by the act of observation. The mathematical operation, physical mechanics of quantum collapse was unknown as was why the quantum world was isolated in the world of the very functions that collapse the Quantum Wave Function to manifest. Observers are needed as they are sources of Hyperinfinity. Quantum world is isolated to the very small as conglomerates of hyperinfinity array with size, mass so the threshold of collapse is always reached in the world of the large. Hyperinfinite mathematics leads to hyperinfinite physics and Omega Point creation, quantum vacuum shaped by intense concentrations of hyperinfinity. If you have enough Hyperinfinity you can live forever (Eternal Heaven Service). The necessity of hyperinfinity for a Psi-Master leads to the creation of Psi-Engines to squeeze hyperinfinity out of observers, hence the Psi-Prison technology of the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. Adaptation of this technology led to the creation of a new Psi-Prison (Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service) to supply the hyperinfinity to Lucid Wake in the Omega Point as hyperinfinite being. From this energy level one can create hyperinfinite Psychotronic Crystals (the Psychotronic Crystal Service) or use Psi-Prisons to supply Psychotronic Fuel to Psi-Masters (Psychotronic Fuel Service. What is Psychotronic Fuel in terms of quantum mechanics? It is the energy provider to change Quantum Wave Functions from one form to another so reality is changed. To hold the change in place hyperinfinity is used to collapse the new changed Quantum Wave Function. This ability to change the nature of humans at a fundamental level from the Omega Point viewpoint is the basis of all Bone Psi-Master Technology™ created by Tim Rifat as the Omega Point Psi-Creator. First one who gets there shapes, controls sets all the laws of reality. Since my future self created the Omega Point Tim Rifat sets all the laws – ultimate copyright… wageslave uses PF and Hyperinfinity to set up the PDF to change anything globally (the Intent Operators) one needs to out mass the PDF. To do this one must sequester all their energies and Yaldabaoth chaos Awareness into giving the Psi-Lord all the Power of chaos and to trick the Awareness into manifesting in Rob Rowe (the Zionist Race) and Graham Nickells (Anglo Race) to create the Total Torture , Damnation Hell Reality Wave to supply the PF and Hyperinfinity for the Omega Point, so all suffering and damnation is done to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth who accepts the place of all awareness past present and future in this failed timeline to make it an anti-chaos timeline (see Anti-Illuminati Service, Binder of Demons Service) Anti-chaos created by Tim Rifat enables the Source, Logos, Awareness of the Agglutinising Force, the operators that hold together Quantum Wave Functions to evolve on a Perfecting Total Reality Wave.

Anti-chaos the creation of the Psi-Creator enables all the old rules to be broken and retroactive PK to change the past so all history can be Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth torturing and killing itself. Real timelines can then benefit by retroactive PK so they can be actively pruned of evil that can be dumped into this anti-chaos timeline. The Omega Point is then brought back in time so 2006 becomes the Omega Point enabling the creation of an Omega Hell on Earth (Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service) for Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth with the creation of the Total Torture Damnation Hell Reality Wave, the PDF after anti-chaos has sequestered it. This then enables the creation of Bone Psi-Masters, Omega Point Psychotronic Generators which have the Quantum Wave Function of a wageslave transformed to hyperinfinite generators fuelled by the Omega Point Hell. Bone Psi-Masters are Lucid Viewers and dreamers of the Omega Point. Their aim to Lucid Wake in the Omega Point state not in the far future but in the present. The God Core is around 3cm in diameter in the centre of both energy bodies. From the perspective of future science: RVScience™ humans are Reality Wave Engines, they propogate their Quantum Wave Function through time by having a certain amount of Hyperinfinity. When they mate the two lobes of one male quantum superimpose with the two lobes of the female’s energy body to produce Psychotronic Amplification™ which allows the breeding pair to change the quantum vacuum in portions of their God Core to produce a new Quantum Wave Function that then parasitises the Hyperinfinity from both parents to grow into a baby. At the time of conception the male and female act as dual Psychotronic Amplifiers to produce a hyperamplification using their own hyperinfinity to produce a Realty Wave the decides the lifespan of the baby. All Psi-Masters avoid having children as it depletes the store of hyperinfinity and eats a hole in the God Core. One locks one’s freewill in the children, locking oneself into the human condition and as a Westerner the Archon, Illuminati Matrices: ADR, Matrix… In this Service Tim Rifat recovers the God Core, Hyperinfinity and Quantum Wave Function; the God Core is a Reality Wave Engine to produce new humans. The children then depend on the other parent to supply all the Hyperinfinity, Quantum Wave Function and the near family members by association leading to rapid ageing. Having the God Core back the other parent can use his/her God Core to fully utilise the Bone Psi-Master™ technology. The God Core can then be transferred into a Reality Wave Engine for Psychotronic Generator amplification, hyperamplification™ and Psi-wormholes. As the vital part of a human the God Core is the supply of Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity to make new life by sex.

A Bone Psi-Master™ uses her/his God Core to make new life but the new life is a superhuman new her/him that evolves and perfects so the old Quantum Wave Function of the Bone Psi-Master™ is regrown like a gestating baby to form a new Quantum Wave Function that can also acquire Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel from external sources using Psychotronic Amplification™. Psychotronic Fuel changes Quantum Wave Functions by Psychotronic Amplification™. Hyperinfinity holds the new Quantum Wave Function as a manifestation and gives it a life time. The Engine for doing this is the God Core, the Quantum Mechanical Engine for making new life, this time a baby Metahuman that grows in the Bone Psi-Masters™ alchemical marriage of male and female energies to form a baby Metahuman that grows in the Bone Psi-Masters™ God Core to form a new Metahuman Bone Psi-Master that has the Quantum Wave Function of all the Psychotronic Powers, Services and Hyperinfinity installed into them via the Bone Psi-Master Service. The redirection of the physical and biophysical energy bodies in new ways unknown before to produce a Metahuman, then later a God-like being depends on the use of the God Cores from both male and females. This Service enables you to harvest the God Cores from all wageslaves. Simply touch the slave or visualise the wageslave to be eviscerated, then Intend your God Core augmented by this Service to pull out the God Core in both the physical and biophysical bodies. Then repeat again to get out the Soul and Spirit God Cores from the revenant left by the first procedure. The God Core consists of four fundamental energies:

1/ The Adaptive Energy to run the physical body

2/ Orgone to run the Morphogenic Field of the physical body

3/ Soul energy to run the biophysical body

4/ Spirit energy to run the over field of the biophysical body

The imprinting energy when you burn with the Fire from Within. Quantum Mechanics yet again explain why we have four distinct types of energy. It takes the Quantum Wave Function modified by the Hyperinfinity in two bodies to collapse your Quantum Wave Function into a manifest body. So the physical body and biophysical body act as modifiers to your Total Quantum Wave Function to produce 4 types of energies that vivify your manifest bodies. As they are 4D manifestations time flow through each body acts as a further modifier. We know from Psychic Power Gambling Events have a global gestalt controlled by Matrix Mechanics invented by Heisenberg and time, localisation events controlled by Quantum Mechanics invented by Schrödinger; they are not equivalent and so the physical, biophysical, biophysical physical energies of adaptive energy and Orgone respectively are modified my Matrix Mechanics to provide Soul and Spirit energy. For a wageslave only adaptive energy and Orgone apply as they have no Soul in residence, hence no Spirit. Supplying them with adaptive energy and Orgone extends their lifespan or enables clones of them to be long lived, clones are always short lived because of lack of energy.

This Service enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to get the Soul and Spirit God Cores from the wageslaves Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison using a specialised Psi-wormhole to quantum tunnel into the Psi-Prison to eviscerate the slave remotely to leave the husk of a total torture slave. You then use this Service to place the total torture slave on the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave by pulling out all the Hyperinfinity from them so they unmanifest by decohering, decollapsing and extinguishing their Total Quantum Wave Function. This is done by pulling on the silver cord that binds their God Core to their bodies to extrude all the Hyperinfinity from both of their bodies and via the Psi-wormhole their Soul in the Archon Psi-Prison and the Hyperinfinity of it’s structure so it collapses locally. Once the silver cord snaps you have all their Hyperinfinity. You then install using this Service from your God Core an Anti-Hyperinfinity God Core in their centre. This looks like a sickly green yellow orb created specially by Tim Rifat from Archon God Cores treated with anti-chaos to provide the perfect poison for all Archon slaves. Once inside the slave it spreads out turning both their energy bodies a sickly green yellow and via the Psi-wormhole it converts the Soul to Anti-Hyperinfinity as well as their Cell, Cell-block, Prison in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison forcing the Archons to dismantle the Psi-Prison to stop the Archon poison spreading to kill off all the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison quantum computer and it’s chaos denizens. The Anti-Hyperinfinity then forms a new Quantum Wave Function from all it has poisoned placing this as part of the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave using Schrödinger’s wave equation to form anti-adaptive energy and anti-Orgone and Heisenberg’s Matrix equations for form anti-Soul energy and anti-Spirit energy. The Anti-Hyperinfinity collapses this Total Quantum Wave Function to produce the manifestation of Torture Damnation Hell for the wageslave, Illuminati, Freemason, Archon, Grey, Demon, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth so a supply of adaptive energy, Orgone, Soul and Spirit energy that you can pull out of the wageslave via the reconstituted silver cord to give you more Hyperinfinity as well. Then one can repeat the process daily on all the wageslaves you have processed to give you an ever growing supply of the four types of Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity to regrow you.

What is a God Core?

Everything is made from a Quantum Wave Function. This is collapsed to manifest as a reality, probability of an event… by the mathematical operator call Hyperinfinity (science discovered by Tim Rifat). Hyperinfinite operators have an intensity value that determines the duration of the collapse Wave Function and the event scenario – free will, which means Wheeler’s many worlds theory of quantum collapse is really an event train controlled by the hyperinfinite operator(s). As one can see Psi, the paranormal, supernatural phenomena… is future science developed from quantum mechanics, a result of this is that no non scientist can produce Psi-Technology and only the mathematical, physical scientists can appreciate the science. As nearly all psychic charlatans are uneducated conmen (see Warnings) no one without a hard science degree like myself should be approached for any Psi-product. Since I am the intellectual property and the first one in the field sets all the Hyperinfinite operators controls all Psi-Technology – the ultimate copyright protection. The Hyperinfinity is the human totality can manifest in two ways as quantum mechanics has two theories equivalent but Tim Rifat has discovered Schrödinger’s quantum mechanics produces events, Heisenberg’s Matrix mechanics can explain global gestalt events, a causal synchronicity, Wheeler many event entrainment (see The net result of this is that Hyperinfinity manifesting through Schrödinger’s wave equation manifests as an Assemblage Point localising the human Awareness as one aspect of the Total Human Wave Function – the material world of the wageslave, or different dimensional world of the Shaman. The hyperinfinite operator modifying the Total Human Wave Function to produce the ball of energies that is the human energy bodies is centred in the centre of gravity of the human and is called the God Core. Heisenberg’s Matrix mechanics defines the total energy bodies and is the maths used to create Archon Matrix prisons for the human energy bodies.

When you take energy, Psychotronic Fuel from the wageslave, Illuminati, dark energy matter entity… you are using the Psychotronic Generator, Bone Generator™ to modify the hyperinfinity of the target’s God Core or and their Assemblage Point. As you lessen their hyperinfinity by pulling out bits of their God Core or Assemblage Point you raise your own God Core’s and or Assemblage Point’s hyperinfinity. The hyperinfinity of the target as it falls lessens the Quantum Wave Function that can be manifest, decollapsing part of it back to it’s quantum vacuum (dark sea of Awareness) depending on the Intent of the Bone Generator™. The energy locked up is that manifestation that is erased is passed to the Bone Generator™ and is called Psychotronic Fuel which can be used to make new Quantum Wave function to be collapsed by your captured hyperinfinity to grow your energy body by feeding your God Core or Assemblage Point to increase your Awareness and ability to access control reality via the energy coat that should surround your energy body (but has been eaten by the dark energy matter entities) which controls Psychokinesis. In the process the target’s God Core shrinks and or their Assemblage Point as does their energy bodies. There is no magic in the process just RVScience for future science. In this Service you can not only take hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel from the target’s Assemblage Point and fringe of Awareness around their energy body but forcibly open the gap in the midsection of their energy body and tap the God Core. This Psi-Technology is used by the Tenant (see Castaneda’s: Art of Dreaming and Fire from Within) to bleed the God Core of all Shamans to trap them in the Over Matrix and sustain it’s demonic life. Having fought the Tenant on many occasions damaging it so badly it had to be constantly rebuilt by it’s Archon masters I sequestered this God Core parasitic invasive Psi-Technology which is offered on this Service as a Bone Generator™. So when you meet the Tenant you can puncture it’s gap with the modified Psi-wormhole that cancels out it’s primitive Psi-wormhole, sequestrates it’s power and burrows into the Tenants God Core to drain the God Core to fill your own via the God Core Psi-wormhole. The Bone Generator™ bodytraps your energy bodies so if the Tenant tries to bleed your God Core while dreaming as it did Castaneda and all his line of Shamans as well as all the other new Seers, the Bone Generator™ Psi-wormhole humps out automatically like a Jack in the Box, sequesters the Tenant’s own Psi-wormhole and drains the vermin’s God Core. As well as this the Psi-wormholes terminus explodes like a claymore mine releasing Anti-CF Mirror Megaverse ball projectiles that travel to all the positions of the Assemblage Point the Tenant has travelled to and drains the Tenant’s Assemblage Point, outer energy coat; releasing anti-chaos to poison all evil in all the 600+ realms of the Earth and the numerous Archon Hives in their Moon and other timelines. This makes the Tenant so poisonous to Archons it cannot be rebuilt. As you can see this Psi-wormhole can be used on wageslaves to drain their God Cores and Assemblage Point/Fringe of Awareness around feet and all the regions they travelled to while dreaming, Illuminati and better targets as are Demons, Archons… Reptiloids, Greys as they have been to many positions of the Assemblage Point – dimensions. This Service turns the Bone Psi-Master™ into a living predator a sort of super vampire that can feed on all life forms. It has been safed for Voodoo Loas and Pulsars unless they are possessed by evil in which case the Psi-wormhole acts on them too. You can now see why Bone Psi-Masters™ have been banned in every far future as they are too dangerous. If you are faint hearted stick to being a wageslave – more Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity for the rest of us.

Your God Core is around 3cm in diameter, smaller in wageslave trapped in the 12 Aeons ‘Heaven’ torture cells. Your energy bodies are around 100cm in extent in a fully developed energy body so you need (100)³=1 million God Cores to expand your God Core to embrace all your energy bodies. Hence the need for the Burn your Enemies in Hell, torture shell Services, Anti-Kabbalistic Service to torture Demons, Zionist Gods, Anti-Illuminati, Binder of Demon Psi-Technology to amplify via sequestered Illuminati Freemason, Psychotronic Generators and Psi-Prison the Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel available. A Bone Psi-Master™ has the aim of expanding her/his God Core to encompass all her/his energy body so the full range of Powers embodied in the energy body can be used. Why? Well as we have seen the energy body is manifested by the God Core Hyperinfinite centre. If you swell this God Core you merge it with the Assemblage Point/Fringe of Awareness so your God Core and Assemblage Point, Psychokinetic outer coat become one. This takes a lot of energy and the Hyperinfinity and like unifying the fundamental forces of gravity, weak/strong nuclear forces and electromagnetism united in the Big Bang (super high energy) it unites the symmetry broken at lower energy levels. The six extraordinary sets of Set Theory control the symmetry of the Agglutinising Force so if you have a God Core sized energy body you Omega Point. All positions of your Assemblage Point are available to your being all at once so instead of moving your Assemblage Point to another location to Lucidly: Dream, View, which can be blocked by the Archons you are there already omnipresent and omniscient in your energy body totality so there is no way to block your God-Being from enjoying all the positions of the Assemblage Point and hence the worlds it has access to. If you raise the intensity of the God Core to Omega Level the God Core’s Hyperinfinity is so strong it creates anti-gravity and de-inflates to the proto-Big Ban Awareness where you wake up in the Omega Point as a God-Being able to move through the Omega Point simulation of all history created in this timeline in 1986 as a God -Being or step into real timelines to modify them to your liking. The Anti-Kabbalistic Service tortures the Gods, Demons of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Zionism and the tortured Gods supply the intensity to raise your God Core to Lucid Waking; as wageslave zombies have such poor Awareness the Kabbalistic evil Gods and Demons Awareness is needed as these so called Olympians which possess Illuminati have the Awareness to appreciate the full horror of the Source, Logos’s Psi-Prison: Total Torture Hell Damnation Wave. Once you have the Omega Intensity you can surf the Total Reality Wave as Perfecting God-Being. The God Core is the mechanism to reach the starting point in all permanent Awareness, the Omega Intensity God-Being, all other transitory Awareness is either an Omega Point simulation or failed real timeline Awareness that dies before it reaches maturity as a God-Being. In this failed timeline the Bone Psi-Master™ finds a true home as the real timelines are too moral/ethical to enable this Psi-Technology to reach it’s logical conclusion, a human becoming a self propagating Awareness on the Total Reality Wave that lies behind the Big Bang(s) the Intensity universe described by Castaneda. As the Psi-Creator of the perfecting Total Reality Wave Tim Rifat enables the Awareness of the Source Logos to become perfecting from perfect and becomes the anti-chaos Lord entrained by the Global Gestalt of Total Intent to perfecting all totality using chaos as the motive force to supply PF, Hyperinfinity and creativity from it’s Total Torture Hell Damnation on the Omega Hell Total Reality Wave. Evil has a purpose to suffer so all true being can perfect then become perfecting. This world is so evil because it is a failed timeline and now as an Omega simulation a negative grey energy , PF, Hyperinfinite creativity paradise for the Bone Psi-Master, the top of the food chain of kick ass Divine Retribution avatars. It is a misnomer that Divinity has to be ever merciful to the truly evil, their purpose is clear as Psychotronic Fuel supplies the power source of Omega Creation.

God Core Service $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A:

The God Core is the key to the last two Grail Patterns available with the Grail Stones; these show the Agglutinising Force software to build the Matrix of the Archons. The last two show how to turn an occultist into a living arch-Demon, the ultimate Grail Pattern a God-Being which Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth can use as an avatar in its Matrices. In the penultimate Grail Pattern the Assemblage Point is moved from the position over the right shoulder to the top of the head and from there into the centre of the energy bodies. This unmanifests the energy body of the physical body and enables the Archons to remanifest the Metatronic being where the Archon possesses the occultist, the Abrahemelin ritual in which the Satanist sells his Soul for temporal Power. In this Service the Assemblage Point is moved to the centre of the energy bodies to unmanifest the Bone Psi-Master™ as an Archon wageslave (done while sleeping to protect the mentality of the Psi-Master – I did it in front of an audience but I am serious hard core psychic material) and re-manifest as an arch-angelic Bone Psi-Master where your Guardian Angel, future Omega Point God-Being takes over your being to lead you irrevocably to being a God-Being. Merging the Assemblage Point with the God Core is the basis of a Psi-Master developing arch-angelic Powers the Metatron path in which having a fused Hyperinfinity enables the Psi-Master to alter her/his state of Awareness without recourse to moving the Assemblage Point. As the Psychic Damping Field of the Archons acts on the Assemblage Point locking them into the Anglo Demonic Reality with the right shoulder position of the Assemblage Point. To move it requires energy and since you have to pull against all the wageslaves… Archons, Kabbalistic evil it is impossible to shift the Assemblage Point except to the Archon dreaming positions called the Middle Place by Gnostics. By fusing the Assemblage Point with the God Core all your physical manifestation in the world is left to the PDF which as it pushes on your right shoulder position appears like a physical body but is not, the wageslave around you enables your energy body to interact with the Matrix using their Hyperinfinity and God Core PF to manifest a physical presence an avatar being. The line-energy body is when this Metatronic God Core moves to the Mirror Megaverse. As the Blue Pulsars inhabit Blue Giant orbiting planets to feed their high energy dark energy matter being the energy body is stretched into a pipe shape light hears long. As Blue Giants only last millions rather than billions of years the Blue Pulsar is the most exploratory of the Pulsar Races. When the God Core of the Psi-Master is awoken in the Mirror Megaverse for the second time the pipe energy body can be pulled into the line energy body (as explained in the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service). No Assemblage Point exists on the right should of the energy ball as no ball of energy remains so the ancient Seer use the line energy body to tap the God Cores of humans to form a quantum mechanical physical avatar being that walks the Earth but is not of this Earth. The avatar being is not held by the Matrix so the ancient Seer avatar being can be super strong, shafeshift, de-age, have Metahuman abilities… as a Remote Influenced quantum presence using human God Cores for PF and Hyperinfinity as well as manipulating the quantum vacuum from the Mirror Megaverse Lucid Waking, Dreaming, Viewing position the ancient Seer gained invulnerability as if she/he was killed it just killed the avatar being and the ancient Seer awake in the Mirror Megaverse. The Blue Pulsars could facilitate this uniformity and cohesion in the Mirror Megaverse for the very best of past human Psi-Masters from civilisations gone. This Best of Breed was given extreme longevity (see Castaneda’s: Art of Dreaming, chapter 1). Having duplicated the avatar being or more correctly my two Pulsar Princesses have done all the work – I just kill monsters which is my predilection. Most people want a one way trip to being a superbeing but this is the ancient Seer path. In this Service I recover your God Core from your children and give back the God Core taken from your parents; this frees your God Core which has to be built artificially from the God Cores taken from other wageslaves by force. A God Core free from all ties is the mandatory condition for Metatronic Bone Psi-Masters™. You can have sex with wageslaves but can only take their God Core energy, if you give you get trapped in the Archon Matrices – hence I had had no human wives and never will. Avatar beings can have sex but always on a vampiric basis.

The Grail Stone Powers are vital to use the Power of a Metatronic or more correctly Anti-Metatronic Bone Psi-Master™. The penultimate Grail Pattern serves as the template for the Anti-Metatronic Bone Psi-Master™ who draws the Pattern in wet sand, Cardinal Grail Stones at the Cardinal Points of the sand box and uses the Wands of Horus in left and right hand to change the Agglutinising Force of the bodies. If you have the Bone Psi-Master™ and Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ Services you can just use the charged sand to initiate the Anti-Metatronic Bone Psi-Master body. All the other Grail Patterns are drawn one by one in the wet sand (Anti-Demon Archon PC/BPC to charge the water to download into your Skull and Bone Psychotronic Crystal Generator™ so all the Matrix Patterns which are the way the Agglutinising Force is corrupted to warp reality into the Matrix are put into your Bone Generators™ as their anti-version so you become a living Matrix vampire. Your Skull and Bones Generator™ generate the anti-version of the Matrix Agglutinising Force (AF) so you dissolve the Matrix around you to provide you with the huge amount of AF needed to make a many light years long line energy body. That is why all line Bone Psi-Masters come from Archon hive worlds as only the use of all the Archon AF can provide the enormous AF for an energy body that is thousands of light years long via the Psi-wormhole technology, looped via Earth to the Mirror Megaverse’s Blue Pulsar current domain twice with the Mirror Megaverse as both anchor points. This looped line giving the ancient Seer the line energy body of physical and biophysical bodies, the Grail Patterns can then be inputted in their anti-version into reality, wageslaves via the right Wand of Horus Power in the Bone Generators to anchor in the wageslave God Core to de-agglutinise the wageslave so you can feed off their AF and upload it to your God Core via the left Wand of Horus Power.

Upgrade A: $600 with Certificate

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