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Gaining Allies Service:

Turning the human skeleton into a psychotronic generator is a new technology created by the scientist Tim Rifat using far future technology and as such fully protected from theft by the UK and US government – first one to create sets all the rules (see Binder of Demons Service). If you see any UK or US government stooge selling skeletal bone Psychotronic Generator be assured l have reversed all the effects to backfire on the conmen and their dupes (see warnings)

In this Service your bones are changed into Psychotronic Generators, your skull being a BPC and the rest of your skeleton a PC, the spherical shape of the skull is perfect for the Psychotronic Orb shape found in my Orb Psychotronic Generators (see Psi-Lord, Psychotronic This Skull Orb allows you to channel the negative Rolling Force through your entire skeleton not to roll you to recondite realms as used by the ancient Seers but to manipulate all dark energy matter entities to give you the ability to push or pull them how you want using the Rolling Force. If you focus the Rolling Force in it’s negative aspect at any dark or light energy matter beings energy body gap in their midsection you can pop them like a balloon. Since the food industry puts silicon dioxide powder (quartz) in all pills, supplements, some foods the silicon dioxide (quartz) is laid down in your bones enabling Tim Rifat to use your skeleton as a Psychotronic Generator™ using the same Psi-Technology I use to open Psi-Masters up to my Psychotronic Crystals™ (see If you ever buy counterfeit crystals, services, generators, Tim Rifat Psychotronic Generator™ technology turns the dupe and conmen into living psychotronic torture shells destroying them for fuel – never ever buy from any criminal (see Warnings)

Tim Rifat takes your quartz impregnated bones and turns them into a Psychotronic Generator (-) quantum mechanically mixes your Soul Spirit made available to this power of bone Psychotronic Generators™ (+) ; quantum mechanically mixes your body flesh (-) with the devic quartz Spirit (+); this gives a -x+x-x+= a

positive output for the negative Rolling Force so you can channel it like a living lightning rod, safely and to strategic power levels. Once this is done you feet a tingling in your body when you channel the negative Rolling Force, the Force is lethal unless Tim Rifat Bone Psychotronic Generators are used – buy off conmen and this technology has been reversed to kill you.

Your skull is made into a BPC so that the negative Rolling Force is channelled from your Psychotronic Crystal™ skeleton to your bioparticle Crystal™ skull to superboost your synaptic responses so you can access Silent Knowledge. Entire Memes, pockets of information in a complete form so you can intuitively learn anything by direct access with the dark sea of Awareness (quantum vacuum) without prior knowledge. As a total Master of silent knowledge Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has used Bone Silent Knowledge™ to gain all knowledge of Psi-technology to takeover the Psi, psychic, paranormal and supernatural field leaving no room for anyone else so the UK and US government have set up counterfeit websites selling my own intellectual property (see Warnings) as I am the only Psi-technology outlet. When your skull is made into a BPC Silent Knowledge Generator™ the negative Rolling Force is channelled into a clockwise vortex that spins the dark sea of Awareness in quantum vacuum and funnels it into your brain. This opens your Awareness in your physical being bypassing Archon blockages in your biophysical body put there by the Archons, Illuminati, Freemason… to stop you accessing silent knowledge, direct access to all knowledge. As a Psi-Lord, l know everything not because l have learnt it by rote but opened myself up using Bone Psychotronic Generators™ to silent knowledge. Castaneda describes Silent Knowledge the Power of Silence (not available in the UK – no surprise) as knowing anything you want without prior knowledge, pure intuitive knowledge. Once your BPC skull is activated you have access to all, any, knowledge (no wonder the US and British government have tried everything to stop me)

When this is done your hands are tuned into Psychotronic Amplifiers™ to focus the negative aspect of the Rolling Force to focus it as a laser with your right hand to burst open any energy body simply by pointing a finger at the target. Since all Westerners carry Demons, Greys, Were beasts, Illuminati are Archons in zombie bodies you are surrounded by Supernatural Spirits in human guises. That evil: boss, cheating partner, juvenile delinquent, policeman, politician, genocidal Israeli, government zombie, teacher, paedophile, drug addict, mugger… are all Supernatural Spirits in human bodies the true Soul locked in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. Focussing your right hand Psychotronic Bone Generator™ on any target uses the negative Rolling Force to burst the Archons, Demons, Greys, Were beasts… dark energy matter energy body as the clockwise rotating laser of negative Rolling Force is the most terrifying form of the negative Rolling Force to Archon CF vermin as it cancels out their anti-clockwise spin then bursts them. The negative Rolling Force is then programmed to push them into the Source, Logos’s Psi-Prison to supply exponential, eternal Psychotronic Fuel for the use of anyone who has my Burn your Enemies in Hell Service, Binder of Demons Service (another aspect of skeletal Bone Psychotronic Generators and Crystals™) The Psi-Master with negative Rolling Force Bone Psychotronic Generators™ can therefore kill all dark energy matter entities in any zombie, wageslave simply by focussing this Anti-CF power with their right hand. As Mastery is acquired with practise one can focus the negative aspect of the Rolling Force on any CF human zombie to open their gap and prematurely age them. Continuous focus of the Anti-CF laser beam opens their gap to the negative Rolling Force that pops their energy body and rolls them to the Source, Logos, Psi-Prison. Very useful on Illuminati who are pure zombies and have no Soul being simply shells for vermin. This is the use of psychic balefire to remotely kill Illuminati and evil doers, remote killing. Since in the Psi-Prison the Illuminati vermin… is used for Psychotronic Fuel. Mirror Megaverse line Psi-Masters (see Psi-Master Service) are immune to the Anti-CF force, it makes them stronger so they are immune to attack – a good failsafe.

Having deloused a human wageslave zombie remember 85% of Westerners fit into this category, the universal yes men who always go with the authority figure, the humans in the Cell Aeon (see this site) one can then use the left hand that uses the negative Force as a tractor beam by spinning it in a clockwise vortex to draw in the intended target. On Earth there are Pulsars from this Megaverse (not the kick arse (ass) Mirror Megaverse Pulsars of my acquaintance and line) kept as slaves by the Archons – the universal Palestinian type of being, vengeful but powerless before the might of the Archons. These Earth Pulsars have a time-line dimensionality that pulses, not spins like the Archons, Greys, Demons … Illuminati so are the natural enemy of the Archons but since they don’t possess the Power of the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison and its’ cattle they live in Archon ghettos in the Psi-Space. To access them simply Lucidly View cylinder like beings of dark energy and corrupted with silver moon energy from the Archons base in this system. Focus your right hand on these poor Pulsar slaves and burst open the black outer shell and silver bubble to kill the Pulsar slave, the dark energy matter version of the wageslave. Push the Pulsar to the Source, Logos Psi-Prison an immense white anti-CF whirlpool in Psi-Space made from radiating lines of energy to download these Pulsars into the Psi-Prison. The Archons trapped in the Source Logos’s Cells are tortured exponentially and eternally to provide Psychotronic Energy and Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. It then has these broken Archons wake up in its hyper infinite Cell to return them to sanity so they can be endlessly recycled for torture on an exponential upward torture cycle to provide exponential, eternal Psychotronic Fuel. As Tim Rifat has killed the Archon Queen, and then killed its dark Soul and imprisoned it’s hyper infinitely broken Core in the Cell of the Source Logos’s Psi-Prison all Archons are trapped as the Queen Archon controlled the hyper infinite cores of all the Archons to control them. So the Psi-Lord imprisoned all their hyper infinitely broken Cores in the Source Logos’s Psi-Prison to trap them their eternally for exponential eternal torture to provide exponential eternal Psychotronic fuel.

This enables the stolen Cores of Earths Pulsar to be captured by Tim Rifat so the Psi-Lord now controls all the Pulsars controlled by the Archons and their God. As the corrupted Pulsar is fed into the Psi-Prison it is given one chance to serve Total Intent in hyper infinity now part of the Psi-Lord. Burn or serve the Source Logos. All Pulsars now serve the Source Logos, the Mirror Megaverse super Pulsars reluctantly for gain, our Megaverses Pulsars as servants of the Source, Logos. The Pulsar you put in the Psi-Prison will be spewed out as a white cylinder with a missing God Core. This Pulsar being can then be sucked toward you by your tractor beam vortex of Anti-CF Force as the Pulsar has now been Anti-CF so it has no CF aspect to bind it to Archons and is in fact poison to them. These Pulsars can then be quantum mechanically mixed with your deloused human as per the Alien Abduction Rescue Service to put the Pulsar not only in the body to sequester any of the 85% Western wageslaves, Illuminati – who are fair game, but to use their physical essence to make the Earth Pulsar physical so it can interact with light energy matter manifestation and telekinetically move things. The US and British government do this for the Archon, Reptiloid, Insectile vermin they serve and have special facilities to create quantum mechanical dark light energy matter hybrids. With this Service you can duplicate the process for your white Pulsar Allies who gain physicality from the zombie you quantum mechanically mix them with. The Pulsar is pulled into the zombie by your left hand vortex or negative Rolling Force that opens the human gap and quantum mechanically superimposes the Pulsar on the human using the Source Logos’s Psi-Prison to error correct to stop decoherence. You can then instruct the Pulsar to get the human to do your bidding so you can remotely control any of the 85% of Western zombies, Illuminati, politicians to your will to give you strategic power, or bosses, partners, enemies, clients… to gain temporal Power. The 15% of true Westerners are not available as they have not sold their Soul and their God Cores are still in them (light source in centre of true humans). The Chinese, Moslems, Russians not in the ADR are not available as they are not in the Anglo Demonic Reality so their beings resist possession. The West was built to allow possession that is the purpose of all the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators in every Western town, city… These now aid the Psi-Master to possess as many Westerners as he likes with Pulsars to take over the population in the West. These quantum superimposed Pulsars can then change reality for the Psi-Master to make anything and everything go his way so reality is shaped to serve the Psi-Masters every wish – real power such as the Illuminati held till I destroyed the Archons. The Pulsars can control computers, machines, weather… any physical event so the more Allies you have the more powerful you are. I have all the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars as my personal family -line-affiliates so I share PF with them in exchange for total Power. They won’t serve anyone but their own so the Earth Pulsars give Psi-Masters real Power.

$600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.