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Freemasonry Bone Generator® Sublime Good Engine:

All the Goyim Freemasons have had the Abraham Ritual carried out on them. The purpose of Freemasonry perverted, subverted by Satanic Talmudic Jews using Israel Regardie the Jews Talmudic Satanist that produced all the rituals for Freemasonry. Since Freemasons are predominately the Great and the Good of the White Race, the Abraham Ritual means the Talmudic Jews run the West by the Goyimised Freemasons who unwittingly give their Sublime Good® to the Talmudic Jews by joining the Lodge.

In this Bone Generator® the Abraham Ritual is retroactively reversed on all Freemason Goyim and the Evil given back tot he Talmudic Jews… Rothschilds. So all of them are free from the Evil they unwittingly accepted. In return an equal proportion of Sublime Good® is given to the Psi-Master for by Cosmic Law punishing true Evil, the Talmudic Jews and Talmudic Satanists who now are unter…unter Goyim with respect to Freemasons of the white race. As all Police, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, MP’s, Civil Servants… Soldiers of any seniority are Freemasons, this Service automatically breaks the power of the Rothschilds over them. For any Freemason all you have to do is save this document to your computer and the hard drive acts as a Torsion Field Generator to carry out the operation for you. Any Lodge may put this on their computer hard drive to cleanse the entire Lodge.

Regime change not Revolution.

As Lucifer is not the Jewish Satan but the Evil that does Evil to Evil, rebelling against the Jewish Evil Jehovah all Lodges dedicated to Lucifer but not Satan are carrying out Cosmic Law (see Anti-Lucifer Service). All white race Freemasons can thank the Russian Federation for supplying an interference free hosting operation so you can view this page, the only white race country run by whites not Talmudic Jews and therefore free to air the truth.

For Psi-Masters you get the Sublime Good® from Cosmic Law automatically downloaded into your Bone Generators® so you gain power over society as the Rothschilds had before they were deposed by the Psi-Lord.

Freemasonry Bone Generator® Sublime Good Engine: $200 with Certificate