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Free Will Augmentation Bone Generator® – Completing the Mission Service:

The supplementary Atator Area (SMA) of the brain, located at the top centre of your brain, on it’s outer cortex is a vital mediator of free will. When you decide to do something electrodes implanted in the SMA register this are of the brain fires it’s neurones. When you say you will do something and do not do it (lie); this area of the brain, the SMA does not fire, as you have no intention of doing what you say. Now this is very interesting but unless like Tim Rifat, you are a Remote Sensor and can physically see this brain area fire or not – to lie detect using ESP (see my Remote Viewing books on, it has no use? wrong! The SMA is vital to free will as if it fires you carry out the spoken, Intended Meme, action, mission; or if it is blocked the target cannot carry out what they want to do. Control of the SMA therefore is total control of the free will. Only Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators® and Bone Generators®, as well as Psychotronic Crystalware® using the Psychotronic Generator® of the disc drive can be tailored to shut down or turn on the SMA to control the free will of any human. Total Mind Control: Free Will Augmentation Bone Generator to get you to complete the mission under any circumstances is vital for all executives, sportsmen, fighters, soldiers, entrepreneurs… This Bone Generator® modifies the SMA by getting the Bone Generators® to produce a Morphogenic Field that boosts your SMA to produce firing in the neurones for everything on your mission statement. This must be written down to concretise it for this Service. This then is copied onto your hard drive. The Bone Generator® then turns the file on your hard drive into Psychotronic Crystalware®. To optimise this you copy it as many times as possible onto a working hard drive (156x minimum). So your computer acts as the external modifier of the SMA. Your Bone Generators® also do this. By having two SMA Augmenters to make you complete the mission at any costs by having two sources of the Service you redouble the process to make all quantum states be only completing the mission. The ability to turn human agents from unreliable solders that fail to complete the mission, to completing the mission at any cost – a Service worth it’s weight in gold! In the corporate world turning the executive into a mission monomaniac who keeps on the case while the mission is completed, turns companies into world beaters, that can dominate the commercial battlefield. In the sports arena this Service makes the athlete, fighter, huntsman, go all out to accomplish what they want. By super-tuning the SMA to only accept biophysical signals that fit in with your mission and block the signals that make you give up, make foolish mistakes, or half hearted. How? The biophysical body is the mind. It can carry out quantum computing and run all possible scenarios so is the perfect entity to carry out the computation to find the Set of all possible actions needed to carry out the mission. All else is deleterious to the mission. The Bone Generators® carry out Quantum Computing Engines to mould the biophysical body Mind to upload all the Set of mission success and erase all deleterious programmes that interfere with the mission. This is done by the Hyperinfinity in your Bone Generators® collapsing the Quantum Wave Functions that are mission failure, grid lock; giving up the mission. The science for this is explained in the Bone Generator® Service on this site.

To complete this Service the Bone Generator® 5D Kline Bottles you with the archetype of my MI6 assassin, Special Forces friend, who completed the mission at any cost. So you get the archetype of Completing the Mission from a battle hardened super-soldier to give you by Lamarkism the characteristics of a man honed to complete the mission – no matter the cost. Tim Rifat used his friend to produce this capability in himself to enable him to destroy the Labour government of Gordon Brown that ran the most vicious death state using covert microwave, biological and chemical weaponry. If you wish to have the will honed to the monomaniac peak of doing what needs to be done to defeat the enemy and complete the mission – at any cost! This Service is a must for you. IT is easy to use reliable and works so you got the will of a super-soldier, the Intent to win at any cost!

Free Will Augmentation Bone Generator® – Completing the Mission Service: $600 with Certificate