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Far Future Bone Generators® Remote Influencing:

To gain total Mind over Matter by Phase Change of the Matrix.

The key to all Mind over Matter including Remote Influencing is Hyperinfinity. Tim Rifat has exclusive intellectual property right and trademarked the only way to use it: Bone Generators® the body’s store of Hyperinfinity – another concept discovered by scientist Tim Rifat; BSc DP Ed. So if you see on any other website any of our trademarked material you know you are dealing with criminals (see warnings). No US, British Remote Influencing company has any rights to own effective Remote Influencing, Mind over Matter as Tim Rifat has exclusive intellectual property rights. This may seem unimportant but if you deal with thieves you know any thing they sell is worthless or at worst Satanist NSA mind control DVDs…

Hyperinfinity enables all Remote Influencing through the reservoir thereof – the Bone Generator® (see Bone Generator® Service). In this Service we take further the 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator® that allows Replicant Remote Influencing. This is the ability to make anyone you, dump all your toxic waste on them by use of Sublime Good® (another Tim Rifat registered trademark) Engine Bone Generators® upload all the Sublime Good® from them as well as carrying out the following Hyperinfinity transactions:-

Psi-Master Bone Generator® contain H100 used 5D Kline Bottle Replicant Remote Influencing one target (politician, banker, general (…asshole)) who has Hi, so the Psi-Master has 100x more Hyperinfinity (H) than the target – may be much higher. The Replicant Remote Influencing downloads H100 into target and uploads H100 in exchange using Sublime Good® Engine Bone Generators® in 5D Kline Bottle mode plus the targets Hyperinfinity Hi. This gives the Psi-Master H100 + H100 + H = H200 (in Sublime Good® pure form) plus Hi (impure Hyperinfinity from target).

Here comes the nasty part! As the upload is non-Abelian and non-associative the H100 + H100 + H, is not the same as H100 + H + H100, so the order in which the 5D Kline Bottle uploads the Hyperinfinity H matters and the two different ways are H200 + H (imperfect) and H101 (imperfect) + H100 perfect Sublime Good®.
The 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generator® also can do the above but in multiplicative form so the results are H100x100xHi (impure) + H100xHi (impure)xH100 which are different.
These 4 resultants of Replicant Remote Influencing are Non Commutative (AxB≠BxA) are not interchangeable because Hyperinfinite Operators cannot be added in any order and get the same result, the order of any mathematical operation gives a different form of Hyperinfinity.

So after the use of Replicant Remote Influencing the target who was made self by use of 5D Kline Bottle Bone Generators® making the 5th Extraordinary Set equivalent to the 6th Extraordinary (5th becomes 6th Extraordinary Set) so the target becomes non self, loaded up with your toxic waste to suffer alone for your joy. The Talmudic Chaos Magic. But you can refine the process. The target lives in a 4D Matrix that you have changed from 4 Hchaos 4 Hyperinfinity Spaces to your cancerous H200+H, (imperfect); H101 (imperfect) + H100; H100xH100xHi (impure); H100xHi (impure)xH100. This gives you a 4H space, a Matrix you have created a bubble of your reality in the 4H Chaos Matrix centred around the seed Psychotronic Crystal® of your target.
The 5D Kline Bone Generator® repeats the above process for any target so you can build up a portfolio of 2, 144, 5000 -> 6 billion targets. The Bone Generator® in automatic. As all the targets have been manifesting the Matrix using their Hyperinfinity in 4Hchaos Mode, processing populations enables the Psi-Master to change the Matrix to his own Matrix 4 Hspace – your interpretation of the Matrix where the assholes generate the reality you want simply by existing and carrying your toxic waste debt.
Your can use Tulpas to process populations to make the process easier.

This Bone Generator® works on all Supernatural Spirits who are not permanent active events of the Psi-Lord (as well as being totally loyal for eternity). So the 200 million supernatural chaos devils promised the Earth by the Illuminati can be your bitches spreading the above process in tot he Middle Place, Ennead underworld and Pulsar, CF dimensions at will.

Far Future Bone Generators® Remote Influencing: $600 with Certificate