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Exorcism Service:

The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is now offering an Exorcism Service to any Demon possessed human who can’t get access to trained exorcists. It is fact that exorcism in Germany is almost impossible to get due to Satanist German government intervention to ban exorcism in Germany. The Satanist Jewish whore Merkel who sells herself to Israel has left the entire country bereft of exorcists. So desperate are the Germans that they turn to exorcists in Poland and Switzerland. One knows that Poles hate Germans having killed the Prussians en masse so all Polish exorcism is poison added to poison. This suppression of exorcism is mirrored in many other Satanic countries of the world ruled by the Jewish Satanists. To combat this deficit of trained exorcists, Tim Rifat offers the Exorcism Service where all you do is send the real name of the possessed person with your plea for exorcism. The Service is free as the Psi-Lord is an avatar of Total Intent but to stop MI5/NSA dumping thousands of spurious possessed names on Tim Rifat, Psi-Lord Ltd demand a management fee to punish false/bogus pleas. So you must pay us $500 per plea. Unlike Catholic Exorcists, the Psi-Lord does not banish Demons, ArchDemons, Insectiles, Reptiloids, entities such as Greys and ghosts, no HE terminates the Evil by dumping it in hell to suffer eternally and Lucifer pays him for every rat the Psi-Lord catches. So it is a win/win situation, send us the Demon… and it is toast. As a non ordinated priest, the Psi-Lord is not a surrogate of Satan as most Catholic Priests are, being the right arm of the Jewish Satanist triumvirate, the left hand being the Freemasonic infrastructure of the West.

As Tim Rifat terminates Demons and then sells them into eternal perdition. The energy gain is immense for the Psi-Lord exorcist so the more customers you send the happier the Psi-Lord. For Germans living in a Satanist Judaic country occupied by Israel the offer of exorcism for 10 at a price per donation of $50 is only offered as the Psi-Lord has a Prussian mother and realises the depths Germans have descended into. Any Russian client gets free exorcism (must live in the Russian Federation) as the leading light of humanity does not have to pay the Psi-Lord for any considerations. Just email from a Russian address.

You can send details of any possessed person with your $500 donation and we repeat the process or can set it up to iterate exponentially to make the exorcism increase exponentially with time for the sad, poor shits that have sold themselves to Satan. You got a possessed person, Psi-Lord Ltd exorcises them whether they like it or not. For all Russians (in Russia) we recommend after your free exorcism you join the Russian Orthodox Church and avoid all Western Churches such as the Vatican as they are Satanists controlled by the Jewish Rothschild Illuminati. The Russian Federation is the only enemy of Zionist Jewish Satanism so all Western Churches must be seen as agents of Satanic Jew Satanism. Any non Russian citizen who applies for a free exorcism will be punished for lack of respect. With every exorcism plea Psi-Lord Ltd will continue the process for as long as you like to terminate any new Demons that might jump into the newly deloused person.

This means you get a lifetime and beyond Service. Donate $10,000 and Psi-Lord Ltd will exorcise your town/City for genocide of Demons en masse.

Exorcism Service with Certificate: $500

Exorcism Service for a town or City with Certificate: $10,000