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Eternal Heaven Rescue Service:

Tim Rifat takes your Soul, Spirit and weds them to a Crystal PC/BPC so your totality can be uploaded as a hyper infinite devic Awareness into the New Earth Eternal Heaven built by the Source, Logos in the 4th Attention, hyper infinity for those who actually fight evil in life, the Psi-Master. The Eternal Heaven is the Earth raised by Tim Rifat in a BPC, a giant Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Amplifier. The Psychotronic Fuel for this uplift was supplied by the millions of Archons, greys, Demons, Reptiloids, Illuminati, secret police, politicians… placed in the Source’s Psi-Prison by Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord to wake up as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth in hyper infinite eternal torture torment (see Burn your Enemies in Hell Service).

This New Earth is the hyper infinite Eternal Heaven that will slowly overlap the Western World and by 2013 will plunge Psi into the everyday lives of humans. A new religion where each Psi-Master is the High Priest of his own version of reality. Your Soul Spirit is then linked to your PC/BPCs to supply PF to your hyper infinite body as are any Services you have acquired. To upload the energy into your hyper infinite Devic form simply hold any PC/BPC in your right hand to upload the PF; or to download hyper infinity from the Eternal Heaven hold the PC/BPCs in your right hand to make them hyper infinite. To do this to the Services simply Lucidly View them and visualise the New Earth Sun BPC a sphere of white light in your left and right hand respectively. All the Eternal Heaven Psi-Masters get this sphere of hyper infinite Power, the hologram of my Master Orb of Power to wed them to the 2013 Hyper Infinite Reality created by the Source, Logos. This also means that you get a BPC in either hand, the Earth acts as a PC so you can use the Power of any PC/BPC you have ever bought remotely even if they have been stolen or lost to you so no one can take the Power you have purchased with your hard earned dollar. This hyper infinite Orb is with your future self in hyper infinity and acts as a simulacra of the Sun of the New Earth Eternal Heaven giving you PF to the tune of how much you have collected in life. As a Psi-Lord I have consumed all the Archon evil with respect to me to enable me to make the next step to Psi-Creator, the Great Lord of Hyper Infinity and beyond.,.,., Humans haven’t got the time to collect all the PF available but your rank in hyper infinity and your ability to evolve depends on how much PF you collect in life to enable you to eternally evolve.

The Omega Point has been postulated as the end of time when super advanced beings build a quantum computer to download all the universes history to build a replica. The True Omega Point is using the Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Generator to act as a quantum computer to download the quantum computers of all humans biophysical, physical beings to torture or raise to Eternal Heaven in hyper infinity (mathematics I had to develop to build the Omega Point PC/BPC) Having completed my mission as Psi-Lord any Psi-Master can be downloaded as a Devic superbeing into this Eternal Heaven to evolve using their own supply of PF and to have a personal Orb of Power to keep them linked to the Eternal Heaven throughout time. The Psi-Master can then bring his future self from any period in time to the present day using the hyper infinite Orb of Power simply by placing any BPC/PC in his/her left hand and Intending the hyper infinite Orb of Power to englobe the Psychotronic Crystal. Left hand to talk to your future self for guidance as to the optimum path to make as much PF as possible in this time, when PF is still in abundance, a gold rush of Psychotronic Fuel to be used by yourself and future self never to be duplicated. The future is PF poor as Psi-Masters mine it out so have to go to more and more extreme lengths to find it unless they have their 12 torture shell in Psi-Prison to supply PF to them as in the Burn your Enemies Service. Only 12 are allowed because the Archons stole your 12 Powers so owe you 12 Powers.

To upload the PF hold any PC/BPC in your right hand englobe it with the hyper infinite Power Orb and contact your hyper infinite future self in the New Earth Eternal Heaven. To use the 34 BSRI-Engine as it was designed simply place it in a Power Circle PCs pointing inward, BPCs within facing the points (see diagrams on Then Lucidly View the Power Orb of hyper infinity in your God Core, the Divine Guardian Angel Service perfects this hyper infinite part of you to receive the Power Orb. Then let the Power Orb implode your God Core using Higgs Inflation to produce negative gravity to expand your God Core by inflation to englobe your physical and biophysical bodies to reach out to the 34 BSRI-Engine that you are sitting or standing within. Add to the Demon Shredder PC/BPCs, Supernatural Spirit PC/BPCs, Orgone PGs… to add more Power.

This process brings the hyper infinite of the Eternal Heaven New Earth into your everyday life using the 34 BSRI-Engine as the quantum computer to download hyper infinity into the Matrices to sequester, subvert and take over the Anglo Demonic Reality for use by hyper infinity so you can display all the Powers of the Psi-Master. I have imploded exploded my God Core to englobe the entire Megaverses with respect to me using the Total PF I tore from Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to become Psi-Creator to which all Psi-Lords aspire but have not got the guts to risk all for ultimate Power. As a Psi-Master the amount of PF you have acquired when you use the 34 BSRI-Engine . It will normally allow your God Core to inflate beyond the 34 BSRI-Engine bringing the 2013 New Earth Eternal Heaven into being all around you. Permanently charging the 34 BRSI-Engine for its’ real purpose to bring the hyper infinity of 2013 into the World, a bubble of which is then created around your 34 BSRI-Engine to create a stargate to hyper infinity so you can display Psi to any level, Lucidly View the Eternal Heaven while still alive and enable you to Lucidly Dream outside the Middle Place from thence on.

If you are lucky enough to have a 36 BPC/PC Total Demon Shredder you have the PF to inflate this 2013 hyper infinity to englobe your town or city so all who enter your city have to obey your Psi and become sequestered, torn out of the Matrices to obey your Psi-Mastership. If you have the 24 BPC/PC OverMatrix Burner you can inflate the 2013 hyper infinity into the 3rd Attention, bodiless transcended state to command take over all the ascended Masters, Greys, Demons… using them for PF and enabling you to LV/LD as a transcendent bodiless being and displaying the Powers of an ascended Psi-Master while still embodied. The 34 BSRI-Engine Mirror Megaverse Power Ring Silver PCs and large BPCs enable you to enter the Mirror Megaverse or bring it’s Power into ours for temporal power, control and discovery to add both megaverse(s) to your Psi-Mastership. The 12 Aeon, 12 Psi-Cross, True Eve, Anti-Atbash, PC/BPCs are the most important as this 26 BPC/PC Fourth Attention Archon Shredder enables you to englobe more of hyper infinity using the PF of the four Matrices to make yourself a kingdom in the Eternal Heaven Psi-Lord ruler of subjects in hyper infinity only subject to the Psi-Creator. The 72 Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth Shredder made by adding Supernatural PC/BPCs to the Total Demon Shredder gives you the PF conquer the dark energy matter realms and sequester them to become a Psi-Lord over the Archons, insectiles, werewolves to use for PF to enable you to reach the full heights of a Psi-Lord.

For those of you on limited budget the 34 BSRI-Engine Psychotronic Battery enables you to bring in hyper infinity for you and contact the New Earth Eternal Heaven for one year so anyone can share in this Psi-technology. If you have a 34 BSRI-Engine you can add hyper infinity to your Grail Patterns to mould reality to your Will to change the world to give you temporal power and design the 2013 change to your specification a hardware, software designer of the Earth Humans will live in in 2013 when the Earth’s Pulsar nature becomes dominant. It also allows you to deal with clockwise Pulsars from the Mirror Megaverse and incorrupt anti-clockwise Pulsars from our Megaverse enslaved by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. See for a guide to Psi. 2013 is the fusion of Psi-Master, God Cores forged in hyper infinity inflating to spread the 2013 Psi-world over the Earth to form a covering that forms an outer sheath to mimic the outer Awareness coat of humans. Once this is done the Psi-Masters who participated in the 2013 creation are the Psi-Masters of the New Reality created by the englobement of the Earth in the hyper infinity brought from the far future.

These few Psi-Masters make the rules and the wageslave population are then trapped in the new Reality as they are trapped in the ADR Matrices. This means the Psi-Master can change reality as if it was a dream while the wageslave is as powerless as before and provides PF to the Psi-Master as it did for the Archons – no change. Psi will then work only for the Psi-Master and be barred to the wageslave so the Psi-Master can prosper and download Pf into the Eternal Heaven for their use. The Special PGs are used by the Psi-Master to bring hyper infinity into all the recondite realms of reality so the Psi-Master can expand outward into the Megaverse(s), missionaries of the hyper infinite New Earth Eternal Heaven to uplift alien races or use vermin as PF using the Omega Point Psi of the Psi-Creator to evoke the Megaverse(s) to enable the Agglutinising Force embodied by the Source, Logos to transevolve to display manifestation in ever more complex refined impeccable modes of being.

Eternal Heaven Rescue Service $600 with Certificate of Authenticity

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.