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Ancient Egyptian Sorcery: Death and the Afterlife.

The advent of death reduces all humans to the same base equality. Egyptian Pharaohs went to extraordinary lengths to prepare for the afterlife. Shamans spend all their life tuning their Awareness to beat death. Psi-Lords transcend death. The Illuminati have taken all Westerners in the Psi-prison the 12 Aeon Psi-Hell during life and possessed them with damned human Souls and demons to define the end point of all Westerners. Why? We have seen the physical and biophysical fields of humans can be seen as quantum mechanical total wave functions acting as quantum computers. The physical fields are the morphogenic fields that control DNA ( specialises in the control of these fields) and, the biophysical fields control the mind and Soul ( specialises in the mind control, as this site is dedicated to the Soul) By defining the starting point and end point of the Soul as the 12 Aeon Psi-prison the Archons make sure that all Westerners upon death are sucked into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison as they are there already. To look at what happens to non Westerners not in the ADR let us look at ancient Egyptian knowledge. The ancient Egyptians recognised there were two types of Awareness after death, the Ka and Ba, Soul and Spirit. What the Pharaohs strove to do was conjoin their Ka and Ba, Soul and Spirit to become a vehicle for Awareness after death so they could propagate their Awareness long after death.

The Soul and Spirit are separated at death.

Humans are surrounded by a boundary layer, at death a small gap that feeds energy into our biophysical and physical bodies as we grow in the womb, the physical state of the umbilical cord, splits and ruptures the boundary layer releasing all our energy fields to align with the Megaverse all at once. The Rolling Force (see pushes these energy fields not anchored away to the strange chaotic attractor at the centre of the Megaverse to be shredded. these energy fields bound by the 12 Aeon Psi-prison are pulled into the Archon Psi-Hell to be processed to produce damned Souls – the Greys. This gives us the rate of the Spirit Soul respectively after death. Why does the total quantum field of humans split after death? As the only Psi Scientist, Tim Rifat constantly spends all his time on Psi research and development – that is why everyone else tries to steal, counterfeit or borrow my research and development (see Criminal Counterfeiters) Humphrey J Moses of Brown University in Rhode Island has split the quantum wave function of an electron in a liquid helium medium using a laser, research based on Ninthly and Saunders of Minnesota University. This means the quantum wave function of a particle can be cut in half or doubled depending on your viewpoint.

At death the quantum wave function of the human is split into Ba and Ka, Spirit and Soul by the rupture of the energy bodies. A laser is just raising the energy level of an electron but Theodore Kaluza a Prussian bettered Einstein’s General Relativity by extending the theory of gravity in 4 dimensions to 5 dimensions by including Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism. Einstein’s General Relativity is a special case of Kaluza’s General Relativity in which light is gravity in 5 dimensional space. One can think of the rupture of the human energy body as exposing the bounded system of a 4D quantum wave function to the 5th dimension, this splits the human wave function into two, the Soul and the Spirit. They go their separate way if the Soul is bound to the ADR 12 Aeon Archon Psi-prison. What happens though if the human Soul is free and not imprisoned in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison as found in Shamans, non Westerners and Psi-Masters?

Soul Spirit Fusion BPC/PC: Only the Tim Rifat class of Psychotronic Generator with two Psychotronic Crystals quantum entangled using higher dimensional superluminal connection can weld the human Soul and Spirit together linking the split quantum wave function of Soul and Spirit that occurs after death. The BPC takes the Soul and links it to the Spirit PC connecting them together during and after life. This Psi-technology is unknown in the present but was practised by the ancient Egyptians who used the mummification process and their associated artefacts to fuse Ba and Ka, Spirit and Soul. If you are free of the 12 Aeons Psi-prison using the 12 Aeon PC/BPCs then the Soul Spirit Fusion BPC/PC holds your Spirit against the Rolling Force so your Spirit is not rolled away to be torn apart by the chaotic strange attractor in the Megaverse (see Castaneda’s: The Fire from Within) This means that unlike the 34 BSRI-Engine used with the Rolling Force (Orbs) to break free of the matrix, you can follow the path of the death defiers, ancient Egyptian Sorcerers and keep your Awareness in the fused Soul-Spirit Fusion BPC/PC. Once fused you need to download your Soul-Spirit into a safe resting place that will protect and nurture your Awareness.

Cost $80 P&P + $40 Immediate postage

Like the Aeon PC/BPCs the Soul Fusion BPC/PC comes as two paired smokey quartz Psychotronic Crystals. To use you hold them in right and left hand, BPC, PC respectively. Then visualise your midsection opening and the Psychotronic Crystals fusing the energy liberated by your opening up to the Rolling Force. Repeated day after day to slowly top the immense energy released by you when dying. A body was weighed while alive then dead and it was found 2 grams of mass was missing. This equivalent to a small atomic weapon in energy yield. Vedic teachings-related to me by Russia’s former deputy psychic warfare supremo state that in the ancient past Vedic warriors suicide bombed the enemy by liberating this death force as an atomic bomb yield detonation. The Nazi Ahnenerbe Project brought some of these Vedic Souls to inhabit the SS crack troops and Luftwaffe. These Vedic warriors enabled the Germans to fight the Russians with fantastic efficiency that prolonged the war by years (events not known in the West, only in Russia) Since Germany was not in the ADR Psi-prison Hell until conquered by the Zionist West this Psi-technology was effective. So effective there are time-lines where Germany won the war. This time-line is the last bastion of the Archons – their last hiveworld in the human time-line array. Their bitter enemies the Pulsar dark energy matter races have smashed the Archon’s hives in all other time-lines. This time-line has now been broken by the Pulsar dark energy matter host and World War 111 will be the manifestation of the battle that has occurred in the biophysical, physical realms. The restoration of the Psi-technology of Soul Spirit Fusion also enables the Soul Spirit Fusion energy to be downloaded not in small quantum jumps as the Soul-Spirit Fusion BPC/PC works but as one total quantum jump. The result of this is according to my Russian expert friend a human yielding Hiroshima type atomic bomb yields. Once can see how this will aid Moslem suicide bombers if perfected to bring about their Caliphate a pan Moslem Union. By slowly downloading the energy of a small atomic bomb into a suitable receptacle the Soul Spirit Awareness could live centuries after it’s death on this stored energy. But what receptacle was designed to hold an atomic bomb yield energy – it would need a gigantic Psychotronic Generator. They were built and had gold covered surfaces and special capstones, they were called Pyramids, found in Egypt, South America and off the coast of India – the remains of the Vedic civilisation that had a large nuclear war (remember Psi can yield atomic weapon detonations. Modern man yields 2 grams of energy at death a Vedic Psi-Master much larger amounts as the energy body of modern man is a pygmy the bulk of his/her energy in the 12 Aeon Psi-prison Hell to charge the Archon infrastructure with energy)

The Pyramids are giant Psychotronic Generators the stone does not age or die; it is a true physical energy field unlike the human body that ages, corrupts and decays no matter what you do, a -ve physical energy field. By putting the Pharaohs prepared remains in the pyramid the Soul and Spirit could be fused by the Psychotronic Pyramid Generator. As the Pyramid was so massive the amount of pure physical energy it could generate was enormous allowing the Egyptian Sorcerers to create a positive version of the 12 Aeon Psi-prison Hell, a Psi-home for the Pharaoh in Psi-space where his conjoined SoulSpirit could live in splendour surrounded by Tulpas, soldiers, concubines, treasure, food and water… A self generating Psi-home in Psi-space for the Pharaohs SoulSpirit Awareness powered by the Pyramid Psychotronic Generator of huge mass with gigantic pure physical energy to power the creation of a physical field in Psi-space not just biophysical to have a Psi-home where the Pharaohs physical body was like the Tulpa and composed of physical energy not flesh. The Chinese emperor who built a huge tomb with terracotta warriors was building not only a Psi-home but a Psi-army so he could conquer Psi-space and set up an empire in Psi-space, the physical mass of his tomb supplied the energy for his physical manifestation in Psi-space, the terracotta warriors had physical presence due to their terracotta Psychotronic Generators. This is the Psi-technology appropriated by Illuminati Freemasons above the 33rd degree to build the Archon Psi-prison Hell of the ADR for their god Yaltabaoth in reward they were given temporal wealth and lost their Souls so the body of an Illuminati is just a vehicle for the damned spirit and demon of the ADR but is controlled by the Seraphim reptiloid dark energy matter entity (see David Lycke: The Biggest Secret for a discussion on the Seraphim serpent dark energy vermin that are in all Illuminati the Soulless damned.)

The problem with the Pyramid Psychotronic Generators like the Pavlita Generator and all other Psychotronic Generators except the Tim Rifat Class of Psychotronic Generators™ is that the positive physical energy of the Psychotronic Generator gets poisoned with time by the dark energy matter negativity around it and then generates negative physical and biophysical energy with disastrous consequences for Egypt and the fall of the 5000 year old Pharaoh civilisation, the fall of the Soviet Union… ancient civilisations such as Atlantis, lemuria… Only the negative dark energy matter Archons and their vermin can prosper on the negative output. That is why they built the ADR Psi-prison. Every Western city generates this ADR Psi-prison of the 12 Aeons because every Western city has been laid out on Freemasonic Illuminati lines to generate negative energy for the ADR and 12 Aeon Psi-prison . You will see countless altars, obelisks and pools all land on the ley lines between churches which act as the Psychotronic Generators of the Archon ADR, 12 Aeon Psi-prison like the pyramids, huge massive stone structures. The pools and altars collect negative physical and biophysical energy which is transmitted along the ley lines to the obelisks which pump damned human spirits and demons powered by the pools (for physical reality) and altars/memorials (for biophysical reality) to infect the human population and keep them in the physical ADR and bind them via the churches to the 12 Aeon Psi-Hell in life, taking their Souls (partially or completely depending on the human) This superimposition of quantum states is kept in effect by the Western churches built on every major power spot in the West to act as huge Psychotronic Generators now totally poisoned and negative to hold the West in the ADR.

The Tim Rifat Class Psychotronic Pyramid PC/BPC™ perfects the Egyptian pyramid PG by using the bipolar BPC/PC creation of Psi-genius Tim Rifat to make sure the pyramid always supplies a true physical field output. The pyramid need therefore not be huge as long as it is tapped into the largest rock full of physical (true energy); the Earth is the largest mass that directly affects humans so linking the Tim Rifat Class Pyramid to the Earth enables the small Psychotronic Crystal Pyramid to have output of physical energy in excess of any Egyptian pyramid. Since it has a quantum entangled BPC/PC to balance out the output you always get true energy and it never goes negative like all other types of Psychotronic Generator. Fluorine is used in the construction of the Pyramid as mind control is the basis of the West and the Fluorine atom is the key to mind control found in mind control drugs, water… As a scientist with an honours degree in Chemistry, Tim Rifat understand that certain atoms have key resonances that lock into certain intents, Fluorite locks into mind control and is the favourite poison of the Illuminati. The Pyramid PC/BPC serves as a perfect Psi-home for the Soul Spirit fused by the Soul-Spirit Fusion PC/BPC. The Pyramid PC/BPC holds the Soul Spirit in a perfect environment where it can grow and be nurtured. If your Pyramid PC/BPC is in a city it can feed off the Illuminati ADR to fill your Pyramid with vast amounts of energy. Each Pyramid comes with a smokey quartz PC/BPC that can be taken around the city and touched against monuments, obelisks, churches, government buildings to suck out the vast negative Archon energy in Western city building, turn it into positive output (-BPCx-PC=+ve output) The Pyramid that all the energy is channelled into can be placed in a secure secret place to hold your Psi-home rather like the Pharaohs but without the negative energy condition with time. As you gain more energy by this process you can expand your Psi-home. Rather like Dr. Who’s Tardis, the small Pyramid PC/BPC has an interior dimensionality dependant on the energy to use, the 12 Aeon PC/BPCs can supply mountainous quantities, the Psi-Master willing to build a Psi-home is in luck. Project your Soul Spirit from the Fusion PC/BPC into the Pyramid CP/BPC just by touching the points of the SoulSpirit PC/BPC to the base of the Pyramid PC/BPC to form the quantum entangled link. Then simply put the Pyramid in a place it will not be discovered to keep your Psi-home safe (remember if it is destroyed it destroys your growing Psi-home); then use the smokey quartz PC/BPC that comes with the Pyramid PC/BPC to feed it with energy by it’s quantum entangled link simply by touching it to churches, obelisks, monuments, sacred stones, altars, all the paraphernalia of a Western City to feed your Pyramid from burning the ADR physicality all Westerners live within. Place the Pyramid PC/BPC at your feet, hold the smokey quartz BPC/PC in your left hand and visualise the place in your Pyramid PC/BPC that is your inner sanctum. Then as you get more energy from burning the Illuminati West via the city you live in you can build the house of your dreams. As you get more PF you can expand the Psi-home to have grounds, then as you get more PF you can build a small country in Psi-space with both physical and biophysical components so you can live there for ages of time. This lost Psi-technology is now offered to you by the only Psi-Lord so you can enjoy the fruits of Psi billions of years before humans would normally have regained this Psi-technology a core secret of the Egyptian priesthood, Shamans and Chinese Seers,

Pyramid PC/BPC $140 Inc P&P plus smokey quartz BPC/ PC Immediate postage $40
By holding the smokey quartz PC/BPC and visualising in Psi-space the Psi-home you wish to build you can construct your Psi-home from scratch, all you need is the intent of your dream Psi-home. The more PF you feed into the Pyramid PC/BPC the larger the physical and biophysical Psi-space you can unfold into your own Matrix. Many ancient Seers became so enamoured of their Psi-spaces that they intended their totality there and vanished from this world (Castaneda: The Fire from Within) Remember if you want to have a large Psi-stronghold you need large amounts of PF. Energy is the key to building Psi-spaces to inhabit and corm to your Intent.

Once you have built your Psi-home in Psi-space in both physical and biophysical conformations you can populate it with Psi-servants, Tulpas (Tibetan magic creatures made from the visualised will of the sorcerer monk) Servitors (from the occultists), Biophysical augmented intelligences BAI’s; my personal acronym for these beings. All you need to make them is sufficient energy and the knowledge to make biophysical and physical Psi-servant. The use of PGs to construct power Psi-servants solves all the numerous problems associated with their construction and benevolent usage with respect to the Psi-Master. It is a problem with Psi-servants that they are prone to turn on their Masters unless created perfect from the beginning (Frankenstein myth…) As a Psi-Lord I am the expert in all Psi and when it comes to Psi-servants letting them be strong and your control benevolent, enlightened and based on the love emotion guarantees eternal service due to loyalty not compulsion. The Psi-servant PC/BPCs are:-

1: The Concubine Tulpa Psi-Servant. The PG generates a physical and biophysical construct that conforms to your male or female needs tailored to your dream of the perfect lover, dominatrix, master, sexslave, admirer. He/she is constructed from the energy in the PG which is self recharging. The PC/BPC constructs are concubine to your service your sexual needs in your Psi-home for all eternity. These sort of power levels are impossible to reach except by a Psi-Lord. Eternal life as a Pharoanic Awareness in a Psi-domain is boring as hell unless you get your every sexual desire gratified. Added to the 5 Kline bottle sex engine ( you can add the Awareness of a real human male or female to your Concubine Psi-servant to enrich the experience by knowing your concubine in the true Awareness of your favourite film/actor/actress… With Psi the Psi-Master has total power over multimillionaires/billionaires or Illuminati trillionaires. Power beats money any day! To use the concubine Psi-Servant PC/BPC simply touch the base of the Concubine BPC/PC to the BPC smokey quartz base of your Pyramid Psi-home and visualising the Concubine’s looks, as well as well as what real human Awareness you wish to add to the mix I have found the top film stars are useful concubines, their true Awareness can be taken from them so they are filled with damned humans/demons that can fill the void – so you can own the superstar of your dreams in the real. Once in Psi-space you can have sex beyond what is possible in the ADR Matrix, to touch, feel, smell, hear, see anything you wish to see as long as you have the energy. Having enjoyed the A list, try it yourself and find out what Psychic Power Sex is really like. Now I am betrothed to the Blue Princess the field is open to Psi-Masters/Mistresses to enjoy the fruits of my research as I have my hands full with he Blue Pulsar Princesses who are beyond human partners in their exotic tastes.

Cost $80 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage

2: Worker/Helper Psi-Servant. This PG generates a biophysical, physical being that aids you in anything you want. It can help you build a business, your dream, construct your Psi-home in Psi-space (the universal builder) mow your lawn in Psi-space, clean the windows in Psi-space, clean your pool in Psi-space, drive you around in Psi-space as your chauffeur…. the list is endless. The Pharaohs had PG statues made by the high priests for all the jobs/tasks they needed carried out in the afterlife. The BPC/PC enables you to have a universal handyman in your Psi-home to help out with any task you might wish to have completed. Hold the BPC/PC in your right hand and visualise the worker/servant you want and their function. Specialised Psi-servant to help you in gambling, business, relationships… are up to you to Intend, the list of variations is huge. The Psi-servant has physical and biophysical reality and it’s effectiveness depends on the energy you have. To input your Psi-worker into your Psi-home just touch the base of your smokey quartz BPC/PC with the worker Psi BPC/PC to place your Psi-worker in your Psi-Pyramid PG: Psi-home to work in your personal Psi-space. To charge the Psi-worker BPC/PC simply hold it in your left hand and touch the PCs to an energy source such as any of the Total BSRI-E PCs; Total Demon Shredder PCs; 12 Aeons PC/BPCs; 12 Psi-Crosses, True Eve, Anti-Atbash BPC/PCs or specialised Shamanistic energy BPC/PCs. Remember the more powerful your Psi-servant the more energy it needs. Unless you are a Psi-lord don’t be too ambitious. A Psi-worker can use RI, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis to make things go your way in every life situation and in Psi-space can help build your Psi-domain. The Pharaohs were buried with numerous Psi-worker Talismans.

Cost $80 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage

3: The Psi-Soldier BPC/PC enables you to have a Psychic Guardian designed by you to protect you in your Psi-home and in life. The Guardian can be any comic book character to tap into archetypes, your own design or a Psi-replica of a special force soldier. In the Psi-world as in the real world, it is a predatory universe and if you can’t defend yourself you are prey. Simply hold the Psi-soldier BPC/PC in your right hand to manifest your Psi-Soldier in Psi-space and the real world. You can use your Psi-Soldier on enemies so it’s RI, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis can hammer them. Or if you have the energy source such as a Total Demon Shredder BPC/PC complex you can make your Psi-Soldier a demon killer to kill and use the energy of the demons that infest the West, or the Greys that fill Westerners bodies. To upload your Psi-Soldier into your Psi-home touch the base the smokey quartz BPC/PC of your Psi-Pyramid home PG with the Psi-soldier BPC/PCs. Now your Psi-Soldier can defend your Psi-home against attackers to keep your Psi-space free from attack. To charge your BPC/PC Psi-Soldier PG just tap the base of the PC, with the point of a fully charged PC of the Total BSRI-E, Total Demon Shredder, 12 Aeon Burner PC/BPCs, 12 Psi-Crosses, Anti-Atbash, True Eve: BPC/PCs or other energy providing BPC/PC. As a tool PG the Soldier BPC/PC needs energy to function. They come fully charged but can be recharged or supercharged by the user. A soldier BAI can be sent to attack your enemies to cause mental or physical harm and is the military version of the Psi-Worker. The Psi-Soldier will target any Western or Illuminati controlled target (Not effective on Russian or Chinese targets) A very useful tool in business as you can set your Psi-Soldier onto competitors and their business, or competitors for promotions, partners… Since Psi does not exist in law, any degree of damage is available, a very useful too for the Psi-Master who likes to kick ass!

Cost $80 inc P&P + $40 Immediate Postage

The Illuminati have built obelisks over old water courses or near large stone pools and altars to the dead soldier. The obelisk acts as a transmitter for damned Souls – the Greys and the demons of the Seraphim – reptiloid that infest Westerners, according to researchers 92% of all Americans and nearer 100% in Europe, the heart of the Illuminati being in Britain. The altars to the slaughtered millions of Zionist wars links the obelisk with the 12 Aeon Psi-prison of the Archons. This acts as a source of the positive charge stone can give to spirits to make them manifest. The countless millions who honour/pray to the slaughtered soldier charge up the Illuminati altars with energy. This energy is reversed to make the negative from the Grey and Demon thrive on – energy offal. The stone pools of water acts as Orgone Generators and store bioplasmic energy that is turned into Destructive Orgone Radiation (DOR) for the vermin: Grey, Demon, Illuminati… As the Grey and Demon passes from the 12 Aeon Psi-prison the Illuminati altar acts as transducer between the world of the damned and the West. (The West in occult law is the gateway to the dead – the netherworld) The stone pool charges the vermin with negative bioplasmic energy so they poison the physical bodies of the Westerner they possess – like maggots in meat. The obelisk acts as transducer to link the ADR with the humans it wishes to invade it is a demon phallic symbol to soul rape the wageslave. Look at the obelisk and you will see a hexagram Star of David hole in the upper part of the obelisk. This tunes the obelisk to the Key of Solomon black arts to raise the 72 Goetia that are the demonic guardians of the Zionist Sanhedrin the owners of the West, Christ said it is as easy for a nonhuman to enter the Kingdom of Heaven as it is to thread a camel through a needles. The camel is occult speak for a demon and the needle is the obelisk, the Star of David, Israel’s symbol the hole in the needle, the rich man is the Zionist Illuminati Sanhedrin banker the Masters of the West – the kingdom of the dead (ADR, 12 Aeon Psi-prison) Tim Rifat the Psi-scientist has created a positive version of the Illuminati mass possession obelisk, the Tim Rifat Class of Mind Control Engine™ . This consists of a Kline Simulacra Bottle (Kline was the mathematician who discovered the mathematical topology of closed bottles open in higher dimension, since all Psi is high level mathematics and for future physics only Tim Rifat can offer you the real Psi-technology – that’s why all the criminal counterfeiters have to steal off me, they haven’t an original idea in their addled heads!) filled with spring water charged with Orgone Energy, a capstone BPC attached to the cork of the Kline Bottle that feeds off the ADR, 12 Aeon demonic altars in every Western city to drain the hellish altars so charge your BPC. The Kline Bottle drains the Illuminati stone pools in your environs (Brighton has it’s Illuminati demon projectors in the centre of town on the major ley line, underground river, next to the Royal Family’s Pavilion by the altar to the dead soldiers) The Obelisk PC shreds the Greys, Demons projected by the stone obelisks in your area to charge it with energy. This gives you a supercharged mind control engine based on the Tim Rifat Class of Paired BPC/PC, the only PG that works with no evil side effects. Only Westerners can use this technology as all Western cities have been built by Illuminati Freemason to construct the ADR, 12 Aeon Psi-prison (if you live in China or other non Western countries you are free from Illuminati Freemason evil) The Tim Rifat Class Mind Control Engine PG™ can be used by the Psi-Master to feed off the Illuminati Freemason evil of their occult demonic architecture (remember MI4 the thought police, largest British intelligence agency control all British architecture) Using the Illuminati Freemasonic PGs for PF one can power the Time Rifat Class of Mind Control Engine to power your Awareness with bioplasmic life-force from the Kline Bottle filled with Orgone charged water (an Orgone Generator) powered by the Illuminati Freemason stone pools in your country to fill your biophysical, physical bodies up with life force so they become huge powerful and manifest fed by the shredding of Illuminati Freemasonic evil. The BPC on top of the Kline Bottle not only allows the Kline Simulacra Orgone Water Generator to drain copious amounts of bioplasmic energy from the Illuminati Zionist Western infrastructure but to drain the stone altars that have all Western cities to the dead realm of the Archon 12 Aeon Psi-prison to tap into the power source of the 12 Aeon Psi-prison Engine of damnation to power your biophysical and physical Awareness as you shred the ADR and 12 Aeon Psi-prison for PF. This fuel supercharges your biophysical, physical bodies which are then passed to the obelisk PC that feeds off the Illuminati Freemason obelisk that possesses humans in the West via the Grey and Demon imposes Zionism via the Star of David hole in the obelisk as well as generating milieu for the 72 Goetic Demons that rule the West for the Sanhedrin Illuminati possession, mind control. By tapping into the Illuminati possession, mind control obelisks the Psi-Master can subvert the whole system and project his Awareness through the whole system to piggyback, subvert and corrupt the Illuminati obelisk Freemasonic possession mind control engine for the Psi-Master’s use. This is the most effective RI mind control system to use on the zombie Westerner as it is the system the Illuminati use to control their Western wageslave and therefore cannot be blocked.

The Tim Rifat Class Mind Control Engine™ uses the same principle as the Illuminati obelisk but subverts the Illuminati Freemason system so their strength becomes their weakness powering the BSRI-Mind Control Engine to project your Awareness over the West to use RI Mind Control to fulfil your wishes. Rather than fight the Illuminati system this Mind Control Engine subverts the strength of the Illuminati anchors to make it a weakness, a masterful re-direction of energy to boost the Psi-Master into the role of Illuminati puppet master and place the Illuminati into the role of puppet zombie like their wageslaves. The BSRI-Engine and the Tim Rifat Class Mind Control Engine™ are the pinnacle of Remote Influencing, the first uses the flow of energy from our world to the dark energy matter realm to power RI, the second uses the flow of dark energy matter vermin from their realm to our own to power RI. As the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has uncovered all secrets of RI Mind Control so the Psi-Masters can win in any battle against the Archons and Illuminati. To use the Obelisk, Kline Bottle BPC Mind Control Engine you hold the Kline Bottle with it’s BPC in your right hand and the fluorite Obelisk acts as the antenna to broadcast your RI to the West via the subverting of all the Illuminati Obelisks to super amplify your RI Mind Control message by piggy backing and subverting their system. Since you use the Illuminati Archon power they cannot stop or block it, the ultimate Mind Control RI system for the Psi-Master. Simply broadcast your thoughts such as give me money, sex, your obedience… the list is endless. The Tim Rifat Class of Mind Control Engine™ is the supreme instrument for Mind Control in the West as it feeds on the ADR, 12 Aeon Psi-prison to guarantee your RI. For those in business or politics, or sexual lotharios, salesmen, traders… it turns a millionaire wannabe into a true power, a Psi-Master. Having subverted the entire Illuminati Freemason evil, the Psi-Lord has opened the path to Psi-Masters and Psi-Adepts to use this the most closely guarded secret of the Illuminati Freemason for profit, power and sex…

Cost $240 for the fluorite Obelisk turned to burn the Zionist reality to power your Mind Control RI, a Kline Bottle to feed off the Orgone generating Illuminati pools and a BPC to burn the Illuminati altars to feed off the dead Western soldiers.

The Tim Rifat Class Mind Control Engine is the ultimate in RI for the discerning Psi-Master who already has a BSRI-E and wishes to add more power or the poor Psi-Adept who wishes to start his climb to riches and power. Since it uses the Illuminati, Archon, Demon, Grey, Western system it is unstoppable on all Western targets as this is the means by which the West is controlled. It enables the Psi-Master who has downloaded his Awareness into the Psi-home in the use of the Psi-Pyramid BPC/PC to control world events even after death as the Kline Bottle BPC, Obelisk PC appears a biophysical version in her/his Psi-home to enable control over the real world even after death as occurs in the ADR Psi-prison realm of 21st Century Western Man. After the Archons broke the divide between dead and living to control the West in now enables the Psi-Master to control the West even beyond the grave, since reverse necromancy allows the dead to control the living via the ADR, 12 Aeons Psi-prison, death increases the power of the Psi-Master over the living by subverting the Archon control protocols. Reverse necromancy means a Psi-Master can get more powerful through life as he/she ages and after death using the above Psi-Technology. It is clear now that the Illuminati Freemasons have built the physical infrastructure of the ADR an 12 Aeon Psi-prison of the West. With so much invested energy by the Archons in this demonic construct burning the Illuminati Freemasonic building blocks for fuel is the next obvious step.

12 Psi crosses available as double smokey quartz PC/BPCs available with the 12 Aeons PC/BPCs $1000 as one package

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