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Double Retribution Bone Generators® Sequestering Sheol for Talmudic Jews Service: the end result of the Abraham Ritual.

The Psi-Lord has sequestered the Satanic Spirit of Israel: Samael; has also sequestered the Talmudic wormhole to dump Goyim in the Satanist Hell of Sheol reserved by the Talmud only for Goyim and non pharisaic, Sanhedrin Satanist Jews. The wormhole is in fact a Triangle of Art as all Jewish Satanism is based on the Supernal Triangle of Shekinah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Thaumiel, the Jewish double headed Demonic God of Evil, defined as Amalek and Samael). The gateway to the Jewish made hell of Sheol has the Satanic trinity of Samael; The Angel of Vindication Duma gentiles his victims enmasse, death in eternity for Goyim – a real nice Jewish devil, Abaddon, the lowest of all hells and the man (Goyim) cast there is lost through all eternity, because it has no door to escape by. In Gematria Samael is 50; Duma and Abaddon are the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth evil in its guise as the Beast, Leviathan the tormentor of Souls from which the body of Thaumiel is made, as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is female it’s number is 5 + 5 the Upper and Lower H. Together this gateway to Jew made Hell, Sheol is Gematria is 50+5+5=60. So one can see why the 60th Anniversary of Evil was so vital to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as it opened up the gateway to the inescapable Hell of Sheol; the Zohar states most Souls only spend 12 months in Hell the time it takes for their animal Soul Nephesh to escape the dead body.

All the Psi-Prison technology of the Archons has been to improve on Sheol. The 60th Anniversary of Israel was to make the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison Abaddadon, inescapable by its Goyim prisoners. To do this the Triangle of Art of the Three Mothers: Shekinah… are Aleph (Air); Mem (Water with it’s heavenly form Earth) and Fire (from the heavens); so the Tesla/Haarp attack on Burma (air) and China (Earth) by the Australian/NSA superweapons is to be followed by Fire from the heavens on Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria… This will link the Supernal Triangle of above with the Sheol Triangle of below so the Talmud law: kill the Goyim by any means possible, ‘Choshen Ha’ mishpat 425:50; ‘Everyone who steals the blood of the impious (non Jews) is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God,’ Yalkut 245c; ‘Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.’ Zohar, Shernoth; ‘Even the best of Goyim should be killed,’ Soferins; Rule 10. The Chinese as good capitalists and non Christians were the best of Goyim so the best sacrifice to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth.

As the SuperJew and Great High Priest of Sanhedrin the Psi-Lord read the fine print and found Israel is only protected from Duma and the consequences of Evil by the sign of the Covenant on the understanding that it is preserved in purity. Unfortunately the invasion of Jerusalem gave legs to the Serpent Lilith so broke the Covenant. This allowed the Psi-Lord to vivisect JOD the stolen male energy above to its real components the two 5 of the Lesser and Upper He (YOD=10=5+5 of He+He). As one has seen in the Death of Israel /Zion Service this poisoned He was dumped on Israel to reduce the 60 to 50 the Samael poisoner turned against Israel… (60-5-5=50) The Psi-Lord has repeated this process on the Samael of Sheol by subtracting Duma and Abaddon (50-5-5) to give 40 in its Anti-Chaos form for all Israel and Talmudic Jews. This is the number of resurrection and renewal (the Ascension of Christ occurred after 40 days). So the Psi-Lord could dump all Israel and Talmudic Jews past present and future in Abaddon Sheol and sequester Duma and Abaddon to serve the Psi-Lord. This Service allowed the Psi-Lord to put all Zionists, Satanists…. in Omega Hell, Anti-Chaos Abaddon and turn their Matrix into Duma: Angel of Vindication against all its creators and servants to create Omega Hell on Earth.

This Service allows you to direct Duma and Abaddon to take any target to Hell so their life turns to shit and their Soul is locked away in Abaddon Sheol, before the Psi-Lord dumps them in Omega Hell and the Omega Hell Simulation. As you are adding to the punishment of Evil by adding a Jew Satanist purgatory created by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth before the real hell of Total Intent. Controlling Abaddon and Duma to hunt down and persecute Satanic Jews inverts the system to make the Archons weapons turn against them which is the basis of Psi-Lord Ltd Anti-Satanic Bone Generators®

Use is automatic but you can control Duma using this Service as if it were a robot and build you own Abaddon prison for all your enemies.

Double Retribution Bone Generators® Sequestering Sheol for Talmudic Jews Service: the end result of the Abraham Ritual. $300 with Certificate