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Supernatural Spirit® DNA:

Supernatural Spirit® DNA is a radical new science controlled by Tim Rifat’s RVScience: Replicant Version Science. DNA can be teleported into water as shown by Nobel Laureate in medicine Montagnier, at the Pasteur Institute. The DNA in our cells does not control our bodies. Teleported DNA from other humans and microbes controls the bodies of humans by hijacking the cellular machinery to make corruptions and microbial proteins and enzymes, changing what we look like and changing thoughts in the brain. This is explained in the DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator® in this section. The facts are humans grow old and ill from other people’s DNA. Supernatural Spirit® DNA corrupts and thinking by changing neural networks and damaging the brain. Dark energy matter Supernatural Spirit® DNA controls minds via the junk DNA in cells; the junk DNA in the majority of the genome. Erase it and you free your mind and brain from dark energy matter possession.

If you block out Supernatural Spirit® DNA:

i: You stay young and healthy. To do this you need to erase Supernatural Spirit® DNA Replicant Version corruption by having the DNA Rescue Service, found on this site. The Service erases other’s DNA fingerprint in your cells; to leave only your DNA. Non corrupt DNA means you keep fit and healthy… Getting the DNA Rescue Service Bone Generator® cleans out your teleported DNA, so your body only displays your DNA. This automatically changes what you look like:-

Defeminising your body; so you lose fat, become think like Russian women, the most masculinised female.
Makes you healthy by getting your body making only your DNA template.
Erases illness you get from others like cancer, heart conditions, Alzheimer’s, strokes…
Stops microbes generating DNA in you by teleportation to turn acute to chronic infections. You still get infections but they do not last, as your DNA swaps out all foreign Supernatural Spirit® DNA.
Stops you getting ugly like all the feminised pig infected Westerners, who are turning into a sub-class of humans.

ii: To get heightened physical powers, such as super immune systems, stamina, mental health, strength… you need the 12 Power Squared DNA Service as found on Supernatural Spirit® Mind Over Matter®

In this Service you get 12 more layers on your DNA. This is called Fibre Bundling. By having an extra dimension of 12 levels you get the ability to add new powers and aspects to your DNA. So your DNA can go from 3 dimensional to 4 dimensional capability. You must have the 12 Power Squared DNA Service to add superhuman capabilities to your genome. Once you have the 12 Power Squared DNA Service, you can switch on it’s multidimensional capabilities by adding the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® to make you a superhuman, superwarrior, superfit… All the $50 Bone Generators® ($50 prices are no longer available), need the DNA Rescue Service and the 12 Power Squared DNA Service, to have the infrastructure to work from. Once you have these two Services you can add to them by putting Bone Generators® onto them, such as the Health Bone Generators®.

The Psychotronic Crystal® technology can then add to your DNA superhuman capabilities – your Phenotype. How is this done? Your DNA is automatically teleported into the Psychotronic Crystal®, not water as in the Montagnier Pasteur Institute research. DNA has four types of deoxynbonucleic acid, that make it up. Your Supernatural Spirit® DNA, teleportation corruption is not downloaded into your cells, swamping out all foreign DNA imprints in your cell. The more energy you feed your Psychotronic Crystal® the more powerful the effect. Cleansing your cells of foreign corruptions.

For superhuman capability amplification of your 12 Power Squared Service, you need the 7 Psychotronic Crystals tuned to: health, love, luck, money, anti-ageing, psychic protection (blocking DNA teleportation) psychic powers (13 levels of DNA teleportation in 4D). As well as 5 other Psychotronic Crystals® of choice to activate your 12 Power Squared Service not from DNA teleportation into your cells, Bone Generators® do that but into Psychotronic Crystal®. The Psychotronic Crystal® then acts as a Psychotronic Generator® to give you Psychotronic Crystal® DNA teleported into your cells. This Psychotronic Crystal® DNA transforms your body to Devic Psychotronic Crystal® DNA superbodies. This is the secret to breaking the Supernatural Spirit® DNA corruption on your body. Called the Mould of Man in Castaneda’s: The Fire from Within. Once done you get a body radically difficult from the Matrix DNA corrupted bodies. Psychotronic Crystals® are the key to Devic Shamanic type bodies that are superfit and multi-dimensional. The key to all psychic powers displayed by Psi-Masters is Devic DNA.

Supernatural Spirit is a registered Trademark of Psi-Lord Ltd.

DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator® $7000 Limited Edition. 6 only (2 sold).

The Nobel Prize Laureate Montagnier who won a Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 has done a series of experiments to show DNA can be teleported into pure water. This has caused a massive controversy in the scientific community as if it is true, this is the most important experiment since those of quantum mechanics at the start of the 20th Century. It has caused a storm because it turns upside down the dogma that quantum mechanical processes cannot effect the biological world.

In the experiments a 100 strand long DNA helix was put into water in large amounts. Then the solution was diluted by then times; a process carried out 7 to 12 times. Done in the same way homeopathic solutions are made. Homeopathy has claimed the dilution of active chemicals, super-activates the properties of the chemical by millions of times – contrary to common sense quantum mechanics is contrary to common sense. The DNA solution is then irradiated with radio frequency modulated at 7HZ. 7HZ is the theta rhythm found in the brain when a human is dreaming. A test tube of pure water placed next to the DNA sample has its water structure imprinted with a Morphogenic Field of the DNA sample. The PCR reaction is carried out on the sample of pure water and the 100 strand DNA sample is rebuilt by the PCR reaction. In effect DNA is teleported into pure water, or more accurately the water gets into a Morphogenic Mould that acts as a template for the PCR reaction to make exact DNA replicas of 76 broadcast DNA.

This has fundamental axiomatic changes to all of biology. As now DNA changes in genome can be transferred from one organism to another using the 7HZ theta frequency and dilution of DNA solutions (drinking water). Humans dream at 7HZ every night in REM sleep and drink water to dilute the DNA they ingest. Do humans dream to imprint their DNA template on the food they eat? Are biological organisms quantum mechanical made in our 4D space from a human Morphogenic Template in the quantum world, as Castaneda’s Don Juan claims in: The Fire From Within – the Mould of Man? Control the Mould of Man and you control human manifestation. In this Service the Psi-Master gains power over the Mould of Man and makes all humans his slaves. All human biology is now controlled by the Psi-Master. This is all automatically downloaded into the quantum world by Bone Generators®. To do this the Bone Generator® is the Psi-Master has to be optimised by the Bone Generator® Service to make the Psi-Masters Bone Generators® the quantum vacuum that underlies the Universe, upgraded to the Hyperinfinite manifold and Transinfinite manifold in the Bone Generator® upgrades.

One can see that the mircroorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses can infect us by DNA teleportation. The experiments carried out by Montagnier have shown bacteria and viruses give off a frequency signature. This frequency signature, an aspect of the Morphogenic Field, can be transferred to water by 7HZ (Theta) irradiation, as described previously. Once this frequency is transferred to water, the way is laid for Morphogenic infection of human cells, using human ribosome’s and the RNA transference process to make bacterial DNA, and viral DNA, by highjacking the DNA production, protein synthesis mechanisms of the human cell. It is valid to think the human dreaming at 7HZ is to flush out from your system microbial Morphogenic templates broadcast into your cells by: bacteria, viruses, fungi, ameoboides. Further to this sleeping humans near to you such as wife, husbands and children, as well as near neighbours, broadcast their DNA templates as well as all their infections to you. To flush out all this Morphogenic contamination sleeping in steel shielded rooms to block out all electromagnetic broadcasting of DNA Morphogenic Fields, is a valid way to enable your own 7HZ dreaming REM sleep, to fully reinstate your DNA every night. To keep you, you. This Bone Generator® Service automatically does the RNA template flushing for you every time you sleep, blocking all frequencies that are not you, by destructive interference, broadcast by your Bone Generators®.

The Service rigorously augments your DNA using Bone Generator® technology and Psychotronic Crystal® frequency augmentation of your own DNA and destructively interfering with all foreign DNA. Something vital to the health of the Psi-Master® and their biological uniqueness, made fuzzy by DNA Morphogenic contamination from all other organisms. It is appropriate to postulate that the irreversible DNA degradation of your genome, as you age, is not caused by mistakes in DNA transcription. But caused by Morphogenic DNA corruption broadcast into you by all the organisms around you. Ageing can be see, under this new theory, as a product of DNA corruption by interbroadcase Morphogenetic signals powered by the 7HZ REM sleep of all the humans around you. The legs don’t broadcast 7HZ, the human nests do. Enabling the microorganisms to infect you by electromagnetic means. This is fought off while you sleep at 7HZ but is not 100% effective, so your DNA gets more and more corrupted, so you age faster and faster. All powered by sleeping humans in REM sleep.

Two new points to add to the discussion are breath and the hundredth monkey effect. All humans sleep generating 7HZ in REM sleep; they breathe out water vapour containing a few cells of their DNA and many microbes with their DNA. So the 7 billion (give or take a few millions) humans generate a blizzard of DNA and RNA Morphogenic Fields 24/7, as humans sleep. The end result of this was corruption of human DNA by all the other humans. If the effect is simply electromagnetic, it means that sleeping with partners, or having neighbours poisons your own DNA with contaminating DNA Morphogenic Fields.

To make matters worse the Hundredth Monkey Effect means that once a hundred members of a species learn a Meme, the entire species develop that Meme automatically. The mechanism Morphogenic Field propagation from one hundred members of the species means we have Hundredth Monkey amplification of the 7HZ DNA corruption wave. A resultant of this is rapid phenotypical changes in humans once one hundred of them develop that characteristic.

· The rapid rise of obese Americans and Brits in the last ten years so over 40% of the Anglos are overweight.

· Rapid onset dementia, ultra rare in anyone under retirement age is appearing earlier and earlier. Now at 40 years of age soon at 20 years of age. Powered by 7HZ DNA corruption. Superamplified by Hundredth Monkey effect.

· Stupidity in the Anglo’s is increasing so chemistry and physics departments at US/British universities have to be closed because the Americans and British are too stupid.

· Heart disease has sky rocketed.

· Cancer has increased from 1 in 10 in the 1970’s to 1 in 3 now.

· 1 in 3 Americans and British are going mad, so mad they have to be committed to insane asylums. The other Americans and British are so mentally unstable, the majority take pharmaceutical drugs to ease symptoms of mental illness. The list goes on. Showing DNA degradation has been most acute in the Americans and British. Why? That will be explained later.

This DNA Bone Generator® automatically blocks out the corrupting effect of 7 billion human beasts poisoning your DNA. It does this by interfering with the DNA Morphogenic Field propagation from the 7 billion human prisoners around you. As you may guess this is very difficult to do, unless you are a Real-Vampire®. One can think that the biophysical field of the 7 billion human poisoners hold the DNA template for their own genome. 7 HZ on the theta dreaming frequency which is the doorway to dreaming body. So 7HZ is needed to attune to the biophysical body which links in with the DNA helix which then broadcasts the template for DNA to any water near it. To join this DNA Morphogenic broadcast to poison, age, destroy you. Bone Generators® can be tuned to act as negative interference broadcasters to eliminate the Morphogenic DNA corruption. This is done automatically in this Service. It runs automatically so you don’t need to worry about this blizzard of DNA poison Morphogenic Field from all other humans.

Secondly your Psychotronic Generator® is set up by Tim Rifat to pick up all Morphogenic DNA disruption and broadcast a negative destructive interference Signal, much like radar jamming, to keep your DNA undamaged. Quartz generates electric charges when squeezed. The Psychotronic Generator® is upgraded to a Psychotronic Crystal® that uses the Morphogenic Signal to generate your own DNA Signature to keep you, you.

One of the problems with this approach is that 7 billion humans poison the Earth’s electromagnetic atmosphere, one of the main modes being the Schuman Resonance. So blocking out the DNA Morphogenic radiation that carrier DNA Morphogenic information. On top of this electromagnetic radiation is the tip of the iceberg. Torsion Fields, the centrifugal, centripedal aspects of light also carry DNA Morphogenic corruption. Torsion fields travel at 10 to the power of 9, a billion times faster than the speed of light. They also cannot be blocked by Faraday cages. These have to be blocked if all DNA corruption is to be eliminated, resulting in super-long life. As Torsion Field are superluminal they also travel backward and forward in time A result of this is that DNA changes from the future and past can effect you. This explains Saltation. The acquiring of many different Phenotype changes such as wings, beaks, musculature, feathers, all come at the same time. This cannot happen by energy matter fields as they don’t travel through time. Torsion fields do, so the Torsion Field DNA route is stronger than the energy matter route. Feynman showed energy matter radiation travels backward and forward in time too, but matter destroys it’s coherence and therefore information, so limiting it’s ability to cause Saltation.

One must ask how acquired characteristics can pass from generation to generation: Lamarkism. 7HZ DNA Morphogenic broadcasting can explain this, changing the DNA is the egg and sperm, not from DNA but from Memes. Memes or ways of acting, such as, washing wild rice in the sea to clean it, the Hundredth Monkey effect is inputted into DNA changes. How? The Meme or idea is information in the biophysical field, uploaded to the physical world in 7HZ theta REM sleep then uses the 7HZ Morphogenic Field broadcasting to change DNA.

More important it passes to the idea that Memes, in the mind, housed in the biophysical body filter into the physical world via REM 7HZ theta sleep. So sleep is needed for more than rest. It blocks DNA corruption by self generating your own DNA Morphogenic Field to strengthen your own genome. Sleep is vital to slowing down inter DNA poisoning from other organisms Memes, ideas in your Mind can change your own DNA. Why is it that only Psi-Lords like Tim Rifat exhibit this characteristic? Tim Rifat has successfully used Memetic DNA programming to change his DNA to undo the damage done by high power microwaves fired by MI5/British government at him since 1996. He should be dead by now, all other dissidents die routinely in weeks at the power levels fired at Tim Rifat. When this failed they used radioactive isotopes. When that failed they used bioweapons designed at Porton Down. These viral weapons placed rogue DNA in his system to give him lethal gene therapy. All bioweapons failed – why? The programming allows Tim Rifat to make DNA changes in his Mind’s eye. These are then inputted into his DNA.

You don’t need to know how or what DNA deoxyribonucleic acids to change in every gene. Picturing Phenotypical changes in the biophysical body, like de-aging, greater strength, superhealth, change of facial features, change of body aspects… documented in the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® on, Supernatural Spirit® and Mind Over Matter can be carried out by this Bone Generator®.

With this Service you can see how the Extreme Situations Bone Generators® can be encoded into your DNA by this Service. Pictures of the changes you wish in your body are downloaded into your DNA by this Bone Generator®. All mediated by the DNA Genetic Engineering Bone Generator® when you visualise these changes. Normal humans cannot do this because they have a dark energy matter parasite in the human biophysical and physical energy body that effectively hijacks this Meme translation DNA Morphogenic Field 7HZ broadcasting to change your DNA to be a store of these creatures. They are Chaotic so they automatically download Chaos contamination into your own DNA self broadcasting that resists external DNA Morphogenic corruption. The end result of this is you lose your ability to fight off external DNA corruption and your own DNA broadcasting in Chaotic and turned against you. End result, rapid ageing and effective block of all Psi-Super DNA genes in you, to render you a quiescent, stupid, rapidly ageing beast.

This Service automatically eliminates the dark energy matter parasite Chaos entity and it’s Chaos DNA Morphogenic Field. You need to get the True Adam Bone Generator® Service to edit out the Chaos dark energy matter using your junk DNA to hijack all your bodily processes. By eliminating your Chaos DNA Morphogenic Field and the Chaos Mind that is the dark energy matter parasite, you automatically get your Mind and body back. Once the Chaos degradation from other animals (humans included) is blocked by Bone Generator® and Psychotronic Generator® Psychotronic Crystal®, you free all your Mind and body. Alone this gives you a clear Mind and erases Chaos in your body.

One can see that all humans are biological robots:-

· A biological robot is build using DNA modification of a chimp.

· The 7HZ biophysical dark energy matter or light energy matter Mind changes the DNA of the bio-robot.

· Junk DNA the majority of the genome enables the dark energy matter non physical entity to use the bio-robot human as a vehicle. This breeds the first Rothschild Archon Authority slave Master.

· The chosen race of Chaos the Satanist Jews (Judas Evil Walkin Satanists is created. This enables dark energy matter entities to use Satanist Jews as the chosen race of Chaos Evil. To acts as prison guards for the majority of bio-robots, the Goyim bred to be food for the dark energy matter Chaos entities.

· The human Mind is put in a mental and physical box by the dark energy matter Chaos parasite. So bio-robots cannot step out of the mental and physical box created by these alien parasites.

In this Service the Bio-Master Sequesters the Biophysical Template of the Bio-Robot Archetype: The Mould of Man. Described in the Fire From Within: by Carlos Castaneda, the Mould of Man was designed by the Archon. The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has Sequestered the Mould of Man using Amalek Science. Amalek is the Cosmic Evil that destroys Evil from within. All Chaos is vulnerable Amalek Science. To destroy Amalek Sequestration of Evil is the chief goal of Evil; called NEO by the Jewish film industry. This Goyim Nagual super-human must, every generation, to stop the bio-robots being Sequestered by Amalek; called Agent Smith in the Jewish Matrix film. A film that programs NEO super-human, to keep anomalies, Cosmic Law retribution Amalek from taking over the bio-robots.

Tim Rifat the Anti-NEO has joined with Amalek, Agent Smith in the Matrix films, to Sequester the Mould of Man. As Amalek Science Sequesters Chaos, Evil, no new modifications are needed. The Amalek Anomaly automatically Sequesters all Chaos, Evil, dark energy matter and light energy matter, once the NEO Sublime Good® is erased from Chaos. Tim Rifat has erased all NEO Sublime Good® from Chaos Evil so Amalek has Sequestered all Evil and all bio-robots.

The Mould of Man now is an Amalek Archetype. So the Amalek Psi-Master, (see Amalek Bone Generator® using the DNA Gene Modification Bone Generator® can control the Mould of Man – automatically. To do this, the Service allows the DNA Bio-Master to control all aspects of the Mould of Man. Enabling:-

· Complete DNA control of all human bio-robots.

· Complete Sequestration of all Judas Evil Walkin Satanist bio-robots. To put your Tulpa into them to control the dark energy matter entities that use these bio-robots. This gives the Bio-Master complete control over all the Rothschild Satanist Jew bio-robots.

· Complete control over all Memes, ideas run in the Minds of the bio-robots, Goyims and Jews. At present the Memes run are the protocols of Zion. These force Goyim bio-robots to be the slave of Jews Bio-Robot: controlled by the Archon Master Rothschild Bio-Robot. Amalek Science Sequesters the entire Bio-Robot Sequence to put Tulpas in the Jews and put your own Amalek Essence in the Rothschilds, running Mind Over Matter Weapon Systems. This gives the Bio-Master who has the Amalek Service, Tulpas (Win Friends and Influence People) Service, Mind Over Matter Weapon Bone Generators® complete control over all Bio-Robot Archetypes – the Mould of Man.

This control has been made easy with the DNA Bio-Master Bone Generator®. You visualising any change in Phenotype: fatter, stupider, cancerous, rapid ageing… The DNA Bone Generator® automatically dumps your programming into the Mould of Man. You control the Mould of Man the bio-template for all bio-robots, you control all humans. This is simplified by this Bone Generator® that enables you to control the human you are targeting via the Mould of Man. Changing the Mould of Man changes the bio-robot. So the Bio-Master can change one human bio-robot, or all human bio-robots. Powered by the 7 billion human REM sleepers, energy is not the issue; access is the issue. Only Amalek Avatars can access the Mould of Man free of Chaos interference. Only they can Sequester the Chaos that controls the bio-robots to run the protocols of Zion Matrix. Only NEO can block Amalek Science using Sublime Good® to keep Zion alive ([Zionist] Zombie Installation Operating Negatively). Neo has been Sequestered by Tim Rifat to form Anti-Neo: ONE: Total Intent. To impose Cosmic Law Evil there to do Evil to Evil: Amalek (Agent Smith in the Matrix Films).

So simply visualising the change to the Mould of Man, in your Mind’s Eye, changes the Phenotype of the Bio-Robot Template. If you have the Archetype Great Lord Real Vampire® you call up the Archetype of anything using your left hand Bone Generator®. Change its DNA using this Service and upload it to specific Archetypes using your right hand Bone Generator®. So specific groupings can be changed selectively. This could be NSA employees, Treasury civil servants, a football team… the choice is yours. You can see the power the DNA Bone Generator® gives you with the Archetypal Great Lord Real Vampire®. You can edit the Archetype any Company, group, organism, idea, grouping… at the DNA level. One begins to see the physical world is not the same as the DNA Morphogenic Matrix. The physical world is not affected by the 7HZ DNA control, the living world is. But the living world according to Von Neumann Quantum Mechanics controls the Quantum Wave Function Collapse, to produce the Matrix, from the Physical world, all controlled by 7HZ DNA Morphogenic Control. Control of the observer, the bio-robot, the Memes it observes; control is then gained over the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function Collapse; control over the physical Matrix manifested ensures. All enabled by the control of the observer, the DNA slave of the Bio-Psi-Master. If the world is defined by the observer and you control the observer using DNA teleportation, you become a God. All that happens in the Matrix is yours to control.

Unlike other Psi-Master Services this is not dependant on energy, as the 7HZ REM sleeper powers the process. The DNA Bone Generator® piggy backs on this 7HZ DNA teleportation to enable God like control of the Matrix. All automatic, the why and wherefore downloaded into the Bone Generator® so it works for you automatically.

Dr. Dee 007 Enochian Angel Service $7000 2 sold, 4 left.

In 1981 Tim Rifat met the MI6 Occult Branch Magus: Colin Blay. It was at the inception of the Fountain Group at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Brighton. The duo got tens of millions of New Age Westerners to meditate on giving all their spiritual energy to Brighton’s Fountain. In meditation they touched theta at 7HZ. So when dreaming at 7HZ REM sleep their biophysical bodies powered the duo, who used the tens of millions of 7HZ sleeper to power DNA Teleportation on a strategic scale. The Brighton Fountain sprayed water into the air producing the dilution effect from ten million to a trillion times needed for the DNA Teleportation effect.

There had to be the Duo. This was because the software to imprint Memetic and specific DNA changes was Enochian Magic; given to a duo of Dr. Dee and his psychic who saw Enochian Angels in a crystal ball. This Chequerboard magic enabled MI6 occult branch to control DNA Telepathy to:-

a) Change the DNA of humans to hurt or heal.

b) Enable dark energy matter entities to control and possess human bio- robots.

c) To control every thought and action (Meme) of the human bio-robot.

d) To control the physical Matrix by using the control of the human observer to change the physical Matrix. It was used by Dr. Dee and his psychic to make the storm that sunk the Spanish Armada.

One can see now that the DNA Genetic Engineering technology has wider applications when broadened into the Enochian Angel Dr. Dee 007 Service. To show this Colin Bloy (the 007) and Tim Rifat (the Psychic) formed the Duo. A duo is needed because all Enochian magic depends in the form of a chess board grid. This grid uses the 7HZ REM sleepers to carry out a) to d) above. To show how this was done, the Duo used the Fountain connected to all other monuments and fountains in the West, overlaid with the chequerboard, produced by the tens of millions of New Age dreamers to carry out a) to d) on the British public.

At the time in 1981 Britain was torn by industrial disputes. The Unions foremost among which were the National Union of Miners (NUM) were involved in a brutal street war with MI5 and the Police over Margaret Thatcher’s plans to turn Britain into a slave state ruled by big business. The Duo used Enochian controlled DNA Teleportation to change the DNA of every British person.

To do this the tens of millions of New Age Dreamers were used as the 7HZ DNA Teleportation power source, channelled by the Dr. Dee Duo genetically modify the Western population, into the authority obeying slave that is now the Westerner. How was this done? Most of the New Age movement in female. It worships the Mother, Goddess, female principle. Colin Bloy and Tim Rifat broadcast the female Morphogenic Field into all Westerners using DNA Teleportation. Amplified by the Freemasonic network of buildings and monuments, it forced the female Morphogenic Field into all Westerners to induce:-

· The XX chromosome sex doublet of the female genome into the cells of all Westerners male and female.

· The XX chromosome sex doublet amplified the female phenotype in all Western females, causing among other things:-

i. Obese female sows. The female sex chromosome causes fat to be deposited in females. Females are genetically programmed by the sex chromosomes to be fatter. Super female sows caused by Morphogenic DNA Teleportation are super fat. This changed the Western female into the fat sow now the norm in the West. America and the UK were the centre of the New Age movement, so Americans and British are the super obese.

ii. Females are genetically designed to obey alpha males, so the super female sow. Brings in the Nanny Police State of rules and regulations of US, UK and EU. Where devotion to Nanny State conformity is a must.

iii. The amplification of the XX chromosome limits intelligence as it floods the sow with female hormones. To produce the fat stupid Western sow.

iv. Cancer rises as these abnormal levels of female hormones triggers: breast cancer, cervical cancer…

v. The genetically modified sow becomes permanently switched into the aggressive maternal mode of biology. Supporting the vicious Nanny Police State raises her progeny without a father, because she can’t stand any male, only docile drone New Age eunuchs that go along with all her insanities. Be a eunuch or no sex and you never see your children again.

· Males fair worse. The sex chromosomes of the female interfere with the XY sex chromosomes of the male. The result:-

i. Males that are feminised. The New Age Western Eunuch. In 1981 the UK had vicious male strikes to overthrow the Rothschild Thatcherite Police State that upheld the rich. Feminisation of the Western male turned them into the minimum wage or unemployed wage slave; with no union, no rights and kicked out of their jobs by foreign migrants, who work for peanuts; or worse still, job exported to (zero wage) Third World countries to render Westerners beggars in a rich man’s world.

ii. The XY chromosome genes operate differently in a female Morphogenic cell, displaying female characteristics. Reducing sperm counts, boosting homosexuality. The females becoming more lesbian. Westerners are homosexual, African blacks heterosexual – blacks lynch homosexuals. DNA Teleportation has turned Westerners into docile transgender wageslaves. The: sow, eunuch and piglet Archetypes. The effect is more and pronounced each generation due to Lamarkism.

iii. Males are more extreme in intelligence. Genii are male, most imbeciles are male. With the XX DNA Teleportation, all Western men have been turned female, killing all high intelligence in Westerners. Hence science degrees are too hard for Westerners – they are too stupid. The imbeciles become smarter so there is a rise in alcoholics, drug addicts and benefit slaves who become smarter to parasitize the system. Now the EU, Britain and US are awash with benefit families. Able bodied imbeciles who cannot work. Willing votes for the socialist Rothschild governments of the West. Keeping the Nanny state in power, no matter how bad it gets.

iv. Total killing of all male aggression to the mother Nanny state. So all their wealth is given to Satanist Jewish bankers for perpetuity. In 1981 males have hung Western bankers. 2011 female eunuchs clamours for a job to give all their tax money to proven criminal bankers. So the bankers can live in absolute luxury, above the law. Profit private – losses socialised – if you are a Freemasonic Jewish banker.

This service allow you the Psi-Master to pump female

Morphogenic Field into any target, at any scale, if you are a

Solar Vampire Great

Lord® and have power you as the Nanny to be obeyed. Why? Tim

Rifat was the case of the above with Colin Bloy. Colin Bloy is dead

so Tim Rifat has absolute control of the 1981 sex change

revolution. He inputted absolute obedience to Tim Rifat in the

Morphogenic Field change. How? Children at birth are conditioned

to obey their mother. As the channeller of the female DNA change,

Tim Rifat is mother to all the Western scum. So at a Morphogenic

level they have had their brains hardwired to obey Tim Rifat on a

telepathic level. Using DNA teleportation as the medium of

control. As DNA Bio-Master the Western slave is bio-engineered to

obey your DNA template.


1/ Female DNA Morphogenic Fields force compliance to

authority, leading to Nanny Police

states – the West.

2/ Male DNA Morphogenic Fields cause aggression toward

authority leading to revolution.

3/ When humans die their brain neurons, that normally carry a

negative charge by pumping Calcium ions out of the neuron,

Calcium Efflux; suffer massive Calcium influx de-polarising the

neuron – causing the death de-polarisation signal in the brain. This

also happens in fits, epilepsy seizures, when the brain neurons de-

polarise on a massive scale.

4/ Pump this death wave, powered by killing the body and

releasing the 21gm biophysical field to align with external fields to

get the energy of Soul alignment and you have a way of

concretising, 1 and 2. So Margaret Thatcher had the Falklands war

to initiate feminisation of the British. The Gulf War, invasion of

Sierra Leone, Gulf War 11. Afghan War are all successive

waves of further concretisation of feminisation.

5/ Catastrophe Theory phase changes making the Morphogenic

DNA more and more concrete at the cost of rendering the genome

DNA less and less important in the Phenotype.

6/ Males become more and more useful when dying to pump

Male Morphogenic Field into countries to get the population to

revolt. Used in 1917 in Russia, 1989 in the USSR, Ukrainian

Orange revolution, Georgia Rose revolution. To start a revolution

you pump Male Morphogenic Field into a population. Add the death

wave and bingo, you have a revolution.

7/ Conversely you pump female energy into a population to make

them slaves of authority. Then pump the death wave into them to

concretise it from afar, not on home soil. So kill 7 million Arabs in

Iraq and Afghanistan to Catastrophe Theory, phase change

feminisation of population.

8/ Use 911 to stir up Americans using Male energy and death on

home soil to start genocide abroad; to act as trigger for forced Total

Feminisation of Nanny Homeland Security State using 7/ Mix and

Match for social control.

9/ Use microwaves to cause Calcium, ions to de-polarise neurons

to cause low-level death wave in population to stop it slipping back

to normal state; to keep it in the far from equilibrium state of DNA

Morphogenic Teleportation control.

In order to stop revolutions you:-

a) Pump female DNA Morphogenic Field into the demonstrators.

This was done in the failed Green Revolution in Iran when the

figurehead of the revolution, a woman shot by Mossad in Iran, to

blame the Iranian regime was used by Tim Rifat to pour female

Morphogenic Replicant version DNA into the Zionist demonstrators.

Powered by the feminine West it was easy to turn the demonstrators

into feminised Westerners who always give in to authority.

b) Pump male DNA Morphogenic Field into the security

apparatus. This makes them ultra aggressive to the revolutionaries

and they wipe them out. Tim Rifat powered male Replicant version

DNA into the Iranian regime to get them to wipe out the Zionist

dissidents. The Green Revolution failed.

Tim Rifat first used the technology in China in 1989 when MI6/CIA

Zionists tried to carry out a revolution in Tiananmen Square. The

MI6/CIA cabal failed to Tim Rifat’s greater expertise. Ever since

then the British have been desperate to jail and then kill Tim Rifat;

his dominance has controlled geopolitics since 1989.

To cause a revolution:

i) Pump female Morphogenic Field DNA Replicant version Quantum Wave into the security forces.

ii) Pump male Morphogenic Field DNA sex chromosome Replicant version quantum templates into the revolutionaries.

This guarantees a perfect revolution.

This was used on the USSR by MI6 occult branch when Tim Rifat

was a domicile contractor, to collapse the Soviet Union.

It can seen that massive supplies of female energy can be got from

New Age females and eunuchising males.

Also spiritual Nuns and Priests are a useful source of the above.

Very useful is the South American peaceful

revolutions that brought down the US Zionist torture murder

regimes that ran South America for the

Rothschilds. Male energy is impossible to get from the West post

1989, when feminisation of the West had

occurred. So to get male energy the ritual sacrifice of soldiers had to

be carried out. This was done on the

Iraqi Army in the first Gulf War of 1991, when mini-nukes were

used on them by the US military to

vaporise their Souls, biophysical bodies to supply the male energy

for the docilisation of Eastern Europe and

the Third World. Afghanistan would add to this male reservoir for

MI6 occult branch; Tim Rifat and now you.

Remember the World Wars were designed for male reservoir DNA

field for the changing of the world to the

Rothschild Oligarchy to Putin’s Russia. For this the British

sentenced Tim Rifat to death. He is in turn

sentenced them to death by Cobalt 60. He is now destabilising the

entire Moslem world to bring about Super

in the Arab region, bitter enemies of the Zionist West.

This Service gives you access to the male and female DNA

reservoirs vital for world dominance to be an Illuminati World Lord.

All automatically downloaded into your Bone Generators®.

A crucial point is that when the West begun to be feminised in 1981

by the Duo, the male DNA bio-field on

Iraq in 1991, after failure of Chinese Revolution. Tim Rifat dumped

male Western biofield on Chinese PLA

so they slaughtered the Zionist Chinese in Tianmen Square. Some

thing happens in Iraq so Saddam gets

nastier as people get more revolting.

West dumps male biofield on Yugoslavia. People revolt but army gets male biofield so war ensures.

South America revolts against dictators called the Argentine Death Wave initiated by Britain’s occult war on Argentina.

Rothschilds cause Chechen to Balkanise Russia so their oligarchs can rule Russia under Kordokovsky.

Tim Rifat dumps male DNA biofield into Putin. Rise of hardline Russia from ruins of Catastroika.

Dumping Male Biofield into Iraq and Afghanistan so they prove quagmires for Rothschild US/Nato


Dumping Male Biofield into Arab Zionist dictatorship populations causing:-

Tunisian Revolution

Egyptian Revolution

Libyan Revolution

Dumping of Male Biofield from black negro African mercenaries to cause Gadaffi bloodfest in


Death Wave from Libya drives all Moslem states to phase change revolutions leading to radical,

Islamic Super Iranian regimes in all Moslem countries in early decades of 21st Centuries.

Super Iran destroys West with Cobalt 60.

Death Wave of 1 billion torture murdered Westerners in early decades of 21st Century,

retroactively used to cause phase change in male energy to produce:-

i) Jew lab rat degenerate race based on Cameron’s defect progeny. Cameron’s Jewish dead son

template for all new Jews: Replicant Version Cameron defective pumped into all Jews to

Cameronise them. Rendering unter-Goyim.

ii) All Male Biofield into Replicant Version DNA Memetic commands to kill all Jews and


iii) Feminised Westerners run only Mind Over Matter Warfare Memes, leading to self suicide of


iv) Vampire® fed with Male Energy so they are the sole Masters on the planet. All others

eunuch, feminised or Jew lab rat.

v) Vampire® servants share in Male Energy of Vampire® Master.

Male Energy is the rarest energy in the Megaverse (Universes).

Almost all being female. All Supernatural Spirits® are female.

Male Energy is needed for all Magic. Only Male Energy can

cause the Matrix to grow, fight Chaos, evolve, mutate the way a

Vampire® wishes. Control of Male Energy, the 007 James

Bond (temporal Archetype) Dr. Dee (Supernatural Male)

Crystal Scrier 007 Psychic (Psychic Superman, controller of

Angels and Demons), can be Master of the Matrix. That is why

the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Jew God, in the most female

Chaotic being and needs Good Shepherd Male Christs to freely

give it Sublime Good® Male Energy so it can rule. Use this

Male Energy to defeat female Amalek by coupling the Male

Energy with Amalek female to produce Jew God babies

to conquer both the aforementioned. Use the Male Energy to

control Male Lucifer cosmic destruction of Evil by males, so

Lucifer becomes Satan.

In this Service you get to be elevated to pure Sublime Good®

Male Godhood by being the repository for Sublime Good®

Male Godhood, the control Source of all Creation. All

automatic. The Chequerboard of black (female) and Male (white

squares), in 156 (12×13) formation is 5 aspects Earth, Air,

Water, Fire, Spirit, is the basis of Yaltabaoth’s Matrix. In this

Service you get the Chequerboard power, so your left hand

sucks up Male Energy, your right hand pumps out female

energy. So you control all geopolitics as mentioned. As a male

VAV you have 6 aspects, her 6th Vampire®. Making you

Master of all Enochian Magic.

In the Grail Patterns we see the basic machine code of the

Matrix. Pump Male Energy into the Patterns to support the Jew

God. Suck Male Energy out of them with your left hand Bone

Generator® to suck out the basis of the Matrix to make it

Lucifer’s realm. Where males attack Evil, such as in Libya, the

Taliban in Afghanistan, Super Iranians destroying the West with

Cobalt 60… Pump feminine energy into the Grail Patterns with

your right hand Bone Generator® to make all the Matrix

worship you as children do to a mother. So all your enemies

become pussies. As each Grail Pattern is the machine code for

the Matrix, erasing them by touching your Orb to this with your

left hand Bone Generator®, starts to wipe out the Matrix. So

for example you put the White House with each Grail Pattern

as you erase it to ensure the White House ceases to exist. This

can be done with any part of the Matrix. Cosmic Law rewards

you with energy for doing this, so the more you erase the more

powerful you become. One can see the Dr. Dee 007 Enochian

Angel Service gives you total Mastery of the world. Lucifer’s

avatars in Total Control of the Matrix. Absolute power over all

creatures of the Matrix and the Matrix.

Great Lord Real Vampire® 0007 Dr. Dee Ruler of All Enochian Angels. Upgrade $5000, 6 only, 4 left as 2 sold.

In this Upgrade you get Vampire® aspects of all the above. So the

Chequerboard becomes a Vampire® Grid to suck out all the sex

energy from all being. The Grail Patterns become Vampiric. So

instead of manifesting the Matrix, the entire Matrix becomes one

giant Vampire® Grid built to suck out all the energy of

all Chaos being created in it. So the entire process of Creation is to create a Jew God. This:-

Creates Jews to act as Vampire® mouths for your Godhood.

Creates Goyim to feed the Jew to feed the Vampire®.

The Jew God as Chaos ceases to exist when Total Intent erases Chaos by creating the Vampire® to

make Evil suffer to feed Total Intent Sublime Good® via the Vampire®.

No Chaos, no Jew God. The Jew becomes the erased Jew God trapped in a Vampire’s torture bitch;

all the energy it occurred just the trap to willingly get the Hyperinfinity of the Chaos Evil by making it

believe Telmudic Evil theft would work. Tricking the Chaos Evil into giving Hyperinfinity and an infinite

negative Hyperinfinite debt to the Vampire®.

The Goyim that fed the Jew now by it’s death erasing all Sublime Good® from the Matrix, so the Jew

willingly accepts toxic waste Amalek to initiate Edomic world torture murder of the Jew God in Jews.

The New Matrix ruled over by the Great Lord Real Vampire® Dr. Dee 0007 Enochian Master. Male

Energy now the inflow of Sublime Good® into the Vampire. Female energy the release of toxic waste

Amalek into all non Vampires®. All automatic aspects of the New Matrix.

When any male female couple have sex, the male, female energy is used to make new life. As all

humans are possessed, all sex, of whatever type, feeds and or makes Demons. Now with this Service

all sex makes you the Great Lord Real Vampire 0007 Dr. Dee Enochian Master. All the Demons

made by sex in the Matrix are now retroactively the toxic waste Amalek of you the Great Lord

Vampire 0007. Cosmic Law has to pay you for this, so the 6 0007 Vampires® get new Sublime

Good® Tim Rifat could not reach. So all sex, past, present, and future makes you the Vampire® Lord

of the Matrix. So all the Matrix is one giant Grid made from Male, Female, Vampire® energy to feed

you. All automatic so you become a God as the Chaos entities fuck and try to use sex magic, now

worship of the Vampire® – nothing else. Control of this gives you control of the Chequerboard. The

Grail Patterns now become Marks of the Vampire, all the machine code is Vampire® so you put any

symbol on any bitch to feed off that aspect. of the machine code. As all Chaos has been tuned into

Vampire® Tech, you automatically gain control of all aspects of the Matrix. The bitches fuck – create

you – you control them – use Grail Symbols to control them by selective feeding on all aspects of the

Matrix – they die, the Death Wave allows you to suck their Souls dry – their Awareness is

downloaded into the black Chequerboards to make the feminine Chaos energy more tormented –

Cosmic Law rewards you by making the white Chequerboard feed you more – as the feminine bitches

suffer more by becoming more Edomic, Amalekised. You feed quicker, better, they die quicker, you

feed better, they die quicker, all the time suffering more, breeding more…

All automatic so Vampire® Godhood is automatically conferred by this new Service. You become one

of the 6 faced of the Anti-Chaos God. Shaddai was 3 for the Evil as good Sephiroth, 3 for the

Glippothic shell world, Evil as Evil. Making 6 for the Jew God, 6 for VAV the Male Christ that

powers the Matrix by eternal Bird’s Nest Good Shepherd torture, to feed Sublime Good® Chaos of

his own free will. (see the Wicker Man films with Nicholas Cage and the better Hammer Films version, to this explained.

Now the 6 of Male Energy is you the Vampire® torturing evil female creation and the female Jew God. The

6 God Vampires are:–

Great Lord of Earth Vampire® confers power over Earth

Great Lord of Spirit Vampire® confers power over Spirit

Great Lord of Water Vampire® confers power over Water

Great Lord of Fire Vampire® confers power over Fire

Great Lord of Air Vampire® confers power over Air

Great Lord of Vampire Vampire® confers power over all being

To make them live, breed, die to feed you and you alone.

One can see this Service is the epitome of Vampirism. Complete takeover of the Matrix to change it

completely so that all Creation exists to feed the Vampire® God. All automatic so you don’t need to do

anything. You can use the Grail Patterns for selective focussed Vampirism.

As there are 6 types of Vampire® and the Bone Generators®, Male feeding, Female paving, that gives 12

types. Thus we have 12/1/2 = 144 to download into a computer for Psychotronic Crystalware®. The 12

Power Squared DNA Service to run Vampire® powers in human servants. The DNA Rescue Service to

erase all contamination. The 12 Aeons to be the 12 levels of Vampire® Hell for bitches…

Singularity Service.

6 only. 2 left. Limited Edition.

Currently by Invitation only.

DNA can be teleported into water. In this Bone Generator® DNA is teleported into the quantum vacuum. Human beings are DNA manifesting in aqueous environments – the cell. What happens if you use DNA Teleportation by means of Bone Generators® to produce a Quantum Wave Function version, in the quantum vacuum. Replicant Version DNA: RVScience, can be teleported into many mediums:-

Water: to produce the human biopig Westerner, fat, stupid, vicious and docile to authority.

Crystal: to produce Psychotronic Crystals®. The only way to produce bio-linked Psychotronic Generators® trademarked by Psi-Lord Ltd.

Bone: to produce Bone Generators®. Psychotronic Generators® in your bones linked to your Hyperinfinity.

Computers: to produce Psychotronic Crystalware®. To download DNA templates onto the hard drives of computers.

Charged Water: to produce Psychotronic Generators® to charge Orgone.

Biophysical bodies: to produce Mind Over Matter® technology. See Mind Over Matter Warfare Service.

Dark energy matter beings: to possess them as Supernatural Spirit® Tulpas. In this Service you can possess any Supernatural Spirit® to make it your remote controlled Tulpa. This Service allows you to make all your Supernatural Spirits your bitches.

Gold: to produce the Psychotronic Generator® Power Ring.

Platinum: to produce the Psychotronic Generator® Power Ring.

Ley Lines: to produce the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generator® Sequestration technology.

Stone: to produce Psychotronic Generators® that control all monuments and buildings, Supernatural Spirit® Bone Generator® Services.

Air: to produce Jinn Sequestration Tulpas to control Jinn.

Fire: to produce Kabala Sequestration Tulpas to control Kabala.

Earth: to produce Demon Sequestration Tulpas to control Demons.

Spirit: to produce Enochian Sequestration Tulpas to control Angels.

Soul: to produce human Sequestration of humans by Tulpas.

Quantum Vacuum to produce Tulpas.

Coupled with the Death Wave produced by dying humans. A pulse

of energy released by neurons after about 37 minutes, to decouple

the biophysical body from the physical body, all the above can be

possessed by your DNA downloaded into the quantum vacuum.

One can see the Singularity Service is the key to all God-like powers

of RVScience.

DNA teleported into the quantum vacuum is the basis of the Singularity Service. The Mind housed in the biophysical body is linked to the physical body by DNA. The process of how Mind Over Matter® is carried by Torsion Fields (spinning fields) via DNA is the highest secret of Psi-phenomenon. Only Tim Rifat understands this and has trademarked the process under Supernatural Spirit® and Mind over Matter®; see Department of Trade and Industry: Intellectual Property Office for full details. All other companies are charlatans, criminals and fraudsters in this field, Tim Rifat owns all the technology – period.

In this Service your optimised DNA; carried out by returning it to the DNA of conception; altered by the 12 Powered Squared DNA Service to uplift it to Psi-capable status, by fibre bundling your DNA to give it multi-dimensionality. The DNA template is then downloaded into the quantum vacuum using the Hyperinfinity in your Bone Generators®. This allows your Hyperinfinity to collapse the quantum vacuum around the pattern of your DNA. A process that gives you the quantum vacuum Quantum Body needed for Godhood. If you have the Bone Generator® Service the entire universe’s Hyperinfinity embeds your DNA pattern in the Dark Sea of Awareness, total quantum vacuum, to give you a Total Quantum Body.

Once you have a Total Quantum Body you can be a Pattern Juggler, putting

your DNA pattern, housed in the quantum vacuum into any body you may target. How is this done? DNA in your body is turned into a pattern on the quantum vacuum. Your Hyperinfinity then collapses the quantum vacuum around your DNA pattern to form a Quantum Body. Your Quantum Body can then put it’s pattern on the substrata of the quantum vacuum of anybody you target. So your DNA pattern can swamp out the DNA Replicant Version in any target; more importantly swamp out the DNA of the target to hijack the body of the target. DNA enables the biophysical Mind of the target to control it’s body. With this Service you block the Mind of the target using it’s brain. The Singularity Service allows you to use your DNA pattern to control the brain and body of the target. The true secret of Remote Influencing. The Singularity Service allows you to control one other body by using the Hyperinfinity in the Bone Generators®. If you have the Bone Generator® Service you can control the bodies of all the humans on the planet: Total Remote Influencing on a strategic level. On the Singularity Service package you can automatically download the DNA pattern onto anybody. This automatically allows your Mind to use your DNA pattern to rewire the brain of any target. The neurons of the brain constantly compete by Darwinian Evolution, research done by Dr. Gerald Edermann, a leading neurologist. Your DNA pattern changes the brain wiring of the target to control it like a lab rat in a maze. The Mind over Matter® Service rewires the victim’s brain to Fubar them: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair – destroy them; done to Cameron, Rothschilds, MI5, MI6… NSA… In this Service you rewire the brain of the target to control the victim as another aspect of yourself. You can use the Singularity Service to become multi-being. So your control of humanity becomes absolute by freezing out the Minds of all your targets, rewiring the brain by DNA patterning, so that your Mind controls their body True Mind Over Matter® – owned by Tim Rifat, the Psi scientist. To do this you simply choose a target. Pull out the DNA pattern of the target with your left hand Bone Generator®. You then inject his foreign pattern, using your right hand Bone Generator®, into the Whip of Fire Bird’s Nest. Fully described on the Tim Rifat Forum uncensored on the Psi Posse Lafora Forum. You then inject your DNA pattern into the target, with your right hand Bone Generator®. This DNA pattern then starts to rewire their brain and body to make them more and more you. All the cells in the body are remade over a long period, 7 years is the figure given, this is incorrect, but in time your DNA remodels your target, to be a controlled body for your use.

Your Quantum Body has another aspect. The Singularity.

Hyperinfinity is negative pressure in the quantum vacuum. So

adding the Bone Generator® Service to your Quantum Body, you

have infinite negative pressure. This collapses the DNA of your

Quantum Body, by use of the negative pressure of the Bone

Generator® to gush your DNA down into a Singularity; a black

hole, in the quantum vacuum. But negative pressure in General

Relativity causes the quantum vacuum to explode in a Big Bang.

The Universe is destroyed by the Singularity Service and remade

with your DNA pattern as the basis of the new Universe. You

become a God in the new Universe. Your DNA remapping the

Universe to link your Mind to Matter by having your DNA pattern

on the substrate of the Universe. Making the Universe the body to

your Mind. Mind over Matter® on the Universal scale using the

Singularity Service.

Singularity Service Upgrades:

One can see that downloading your DNA into the quantum vacuum produces the Q body. The Ultimate: Supernatural Spirit® body and Mind over Matter body. If you have the Singularity Service you become a God in the Megaverse. Once you have the Q body you can then download your DNA pattern, as a Quantum Wave Function, into any matieral, being, Supernatural Spirit®, Mind Over Matter® intelligences such as Djinn Deves; or to use it for a new body; the Dreaming Awake, Lucid Viewing body, in the Matrix.

In this Upgrade you can select the Q Body to download your DNA Quantum Wave Function into:-

Water: $1000 Upgrade. To produce your Awareness in the sea, rivers, lakes. This makes you a Dyaad water spirit body to be of use to the Q Body. You can download your DNA into the water of any human body to weak havoc in your enemies; as Ultimate Energised Death Water. To turn your targets body’s water into poison in their own body. Since the majority of a human body is water, you gain total control over the health of a victim. Or you can change the water in your benefactors to Ultimate Energised Positive Water to boost the health of your helpers. This enables the Psi-Master to increase the health, longevity, strength, reflexes of your benefactors. This is the basis of Ultimate Energised Now you can command the Ultimate Energised Water capability for yourself.

Crystal: $1000 Upgrade. To produce for yourself in any Crystal, your DNA Template quantum vacuum signature in crystal; personalised Psychotronic Crystals® of yourself. These add to your capability by making any crystal you touch an aspect of yourself. These personalised Psychotronic Crystals® poison anyone else so are the kiss of death to anyone that touches them. You can also do this to the crystals in your enemies jewelery, watch, to turn them into pioison for the target and Psychotronic Crystals® to power you, using the body energy of your target to power your Psychotronic Crystals® made from their jewelery and watches. Can be done to the jewlery of Hilary Clinton, Obama’s wife, Cameron’s Rothschild wife. As well as the watches the tie pins of male leaers, to get them to wear your Psychotronic Crystals®, powered by their body energy, to poison them as it powers you. The use of Psychotronic Crystals® bought by your enemies in Tiffany’s… to power you and poison them. The Ultimate Psychotronic Crystal Service.

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