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Divine Guardian Angel Service:

The spirit in man resides in the God Core, the centre of the energy bodies (see In life 85% of humans give their divine spirit God Core away to get along; the other 15% of rebels are worn down by life but it takes the 5 Hell Aeons to break their Soul but not their Spirit. This means the Spirit of these rebel Westerners flies free after death and is not consumed by the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth: The Eagle of Shamanism. Instead this Spirit returns to the Source from whence it came and adds to the being of the Source. A spark of these true humans survives their consumption by the Archons. This means that this Divine Spirit is man forged by life can return to that person to pull that true human toward the light and the Omega Point – the New Earth rebirth in hyper infinity created by Tim Rifat in the 4th Attention for Psi-Masters; created by killing off the Archons and taking control of hyper infinity, the 4th Attention. Dead relatives who were broken in the 5 Aeon Hells can also be retrieved by the Divine Spirit, Guardian Angel created from your Spirit returning to the Source since there is no time only change in the Agglutinising Force which Tim Rifat controls having terminated Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth your Divine Guardian angel can be returned to you in life to guard, help and lead you on a path that circumvents your chaotic timeline and enables you as a Psi-Master to be led by your own Spirit to a path that inevitably leads to you gaining your highest potential.

The Service consists of taking your God Core, returning it to the Source then bringing your Divine Guardian Angel back to your energy bodies centre. Since the God Core is your hyper infinite centre, the area concerned with free will; completely changes your life. This is because you get a free will that is now totally unbreakable by the Archons. A free will that always forces you to make the decisions that lead to you reaching your highest potential (see Decision Centre PCs on A free will, Divine Guardian Angel that forces you to always do right for yourself so you become impeccable. As this God Core is the Master control of the real you, you put y our perfected Spirit in control of you to lead you to the light of the Source from which it has come.

For a Psi-Master this means that you become one with Intent your free Will made cosmic so the Megaverse(s) always follow your Intent as you have wed yourself to following Cosmic Law and you become Master of the Universe created for you (your final destination the Omega Point). As you no longer have a corruptible God Core you can no longer be coerced by the Archons for possession and damnation.

Tim Rifat then links your Holy Guardian Angel to link up with the Psi-Master, Soul Rescue and Tulpa Services to enhance these three Services so you become a permanent Psi-Master, Soul Rescued and your Tulpas become hyper infinite like your Divine Guardian Angel Spirit. If you have taken the No Matrix Service the Divine Guardian Angel Service locks you out of the Matrix forever by perfecting your hyper infinity – the unbreakable Spirit of a true human perfected in the Source. The Divine Guardian Angel is then expanded by inflating your God Core using Higgs Field inflation to expand this hyper infinite Core to encapsulate your physical and biophysical energy bodies to form a hyper infinite energy form that can survive death and be reconstituted at the Omega Point by a Psi-Lord. This Divine Guardian Angel Spirit God Core hyper infinity changes your physical body to make it super hardy, resilient, flexible but incorruptible by Greys and Demons. Your biophysical body becomes super solid so you are impervious to Demons, Greys… A pathway is made in Psi-space for you to Lucidly View the Source so you can have direct contact with the Divine via your Divine Guardian Angel and receive not only blessing in Spirit but tangible help to enable you to receive your highest potential by direct communion with the Source of

unconditional Love that can perfect you so you can be eventually downloaded into the Omega Point. Your Divine Guardian Angel wards you from the Demons, Greys… that are the wageslave driving your enemies mad so they destroy themselves and make your true friends appreciate the light in you and enable them to follow in the path you have paved to Divine Light.

Divine Guardian Angel Service $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.