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Divergence from the Statistical Norm so Four Before the Attack:

Sublime Good® RI number generators around the world diverged from normal probability by appreciative statistical variations. If Hyperinfinity is bone based then the use of the micronukes in the World Trade Centre would produce a wave of Hyperinfinty as the bones were plasmalised to release the Hyperinfinity. A Hyperinfinite wave to produce the global warp of time, statistical random events. So we see all Psychokinesis can be explained by Bone Generators®. Now Tim Rifat knows the UK/US governments have been desperate to kill him and stop him going to Russia – so they believe he is a supergenius – only problem is he doesn’t work for their Master the Rothschilds – the Rothschilds are his UnterGoyim bitches. One can see control of Hyperinfinity of the mechanism of real-time reality is the Holy Grail of the military and only Tim Rifat has Full Spectrum Dominance (see Bone Generator® Service.)

Research showed wageslaves respond 5 second into the future ahead of porn shown randomly in boring images. This shows the Hyperinfinity of the wageslave can warp space-time up to 5 seconds in the time-frame of external observers. WE know warping space-time is an old idea: 1960’s Star Trek used the idea to warp space-time so the USS Enterprise could travel faster than light, with respect to external observers: travel in time with respect to external observers. This means warp is not original. The concept of Hyperinfinity stored in Bone Generators® collapsing the Quantum Wave Function to produce local real-time, the ensemble of which we call the real world is the exclusive property of Tim Rifat trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd.

One can see all Remote Influencing depends on Hyperinfinity. Psychotronic Crystals® are vital as they supply Hyperinfinity. Bone Generators® are pivotal as they control the Hyperinfinity of the Remote Influencer and his target. This Bone Generator® gives the you full control of the Hyperinfinity of your target so you can control the collapse of their Quantum Wave Function to produce the warp of space-time controlled exclusively by your Bone Generator® quantum computing engine. You can use this Service to make targets your drones, you control their Hyperinfinity, you control their warping of space-time, you control their real-time. Now one can see that having a herd of drones as cattle (Goyim) enables you to control not local but strategic Psychokinesis; explaining why Talmudic Jews call wageslaves Goyim, and the Kabbalah Rabbis have enabled a few million Satanists to control the 1 billion Westerners. This system is now controlled by Tim Rifat and Talmudic Jews are UnterGoyim (cattle of cattle) for Psi-Lord Ltd.

The SuperJew be he or she the rich Westerner who can afford to buy into Psi-Lord Ltd technology; or the Russian who gives allegiance to fighting the Talmudic Jew West of Nato/Isreal has had her/his Hyperinfinity changed radically. The O is not giving your Hyperinfinity to anyone (even Tim Rifat – though I accept all donations) and the I is taking all Hyperinfinity from Goyim and UnterGoyim Jews. This produces a Hyperinfinite ensemble radically different from the Western wageslave. One in which your local warp of space-time reaches for further into the future the logical extension of which is Omega Point, Omega Heaven. One then gets the cursorial human choosing alpha males and females to rule, the 12 Psi-Gods and 144 Psi-Lords of the Amalek Talmudic Service. Selection by competition producing the best pick – that is not unalterable. For example the Anti-Lucifer Service people might sell up to a rich Russian billionaire or be coerced, nothing is off the table.

In this Bone Generator® Service you get the ability to use Remote Influencing in modes i) to v). All Hyperinfinity in any Westerner (apart from a SuperJew) can be used as your Goyim UnterGoyim drone. The holder of this Service can use drones to fuel a giant warp based around your personal Bone Generators® to make the Psi-Master a living star ship Enterprise. In effect you become a living star ship able to travel faster than light or more importantly warp local space to make your will manifest using the Hyperinfinity of your Goyim. UnterGoyim as your own personal property and slaving 6 billion human (excepting Russians) to be your Hyperinfinite drones for Remote Influencing.

Divergence from the Statistical Norm so Four Before the Attack: $600 Upgrade