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Destroying the Zionist Tarot by Implosion on one Tarot to Retroactively be the Matrix Middle Place:

In this Bone Generator® Service you choose one of the Tarot to implode the entire Tarot, Shadow Tarot, Jewish Tarot. As the world expert on Tarot magic the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has developed the Book of Thoth Tarot Magic of Aleister Crowley to its logical conclusion, the destruction of the entire Tarot to power the Psi-Master, the ultimate destructive anti-black magic, Evil doing Evil to Evil. The card chosen to implode the Tarot favours the Anti-Matrix with its characteristics, I favour the lightning struck Tower, Death, the Hanged Man. They form a Triangle of Art perfect to manifest Total Amalek the embodiment of Evil doing Evil to Evil. You can use this Service 78…88 times on the Tarot, Shadow Tarot, Jewish Matrix Tarot respectively so it is a Super Power Service. If you carry out the 3 implosions of Death, Tower, Hanged Man you have 6 combinations as the Bone Generator® operations are Non Abelian (A x B £ B x A). So you can subtract this Total Amalek Triangle of Art from the 78 Tarot to produce another variety of Altered Goetia: the Amalek Tarot Goetia, Amalek Shadow Tarot Goetia and Amalek Jewish Tarot Goetia; depending on which of the decks you apply the 3 fold Triangle of Art of Amalek to. This gives you 3 more legions of Goetia to add to your enemies. The implosion of the Tarot, Shadow Tarot and Jewish Tarot around Death, the Hanged Man and The Broken Tower in these 3 Tarot Decks simultaneously Supertarot implosion amplifies the Service and produces 9 Total Amaleks (akin to the 9 ring wraiths of Tolkien) can be used to eat, possess, kill, maim…. the Insectile Council of Nine of the Matrix.

Tim Rifat Psi-Lord Lord of Western Magic, Ipsissimum… has killed the Council of Nine with respect to himself so has taken over the power of the Matrix you can see that application of this Bone Generator® destroys all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth power over the Matrix and replaces it with Total Dominion by the Psi-Lord – regime change. The Mastery of imploding the Jewish Tarot is the key. You can use the power from the imploding Tarot, Shadow Tarot and Jewish Tarot perpetually because you can implode Tarot, then Shadow Tarot then Jewish Tarot or Shadow Tarot…. or Jewish Tarot…. This has nine variations so the Council of Nine, Nine dimensions of the Matrix… one retroactively changed so the Nine signifies an implosion of the Matrix ending when you do your Ritual. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord imploded the Matrix on 03/06/09 to extinguish its power over him. It’s death is eternal to the Evil therein while over with, with respect tot he Psi-Lord, so you can get infinite output forever from an event that has ended with respect to you. This Service can be seen as a black holing the Matrix using Tim Rifat SuperTarot Magic.

As the Council of Nine PC/BPC we turned to sucking out the Council of Nine applying this Bone Generator® to them gives you 78 – 9 = 69 = 3 x 23 = 3 x (22 + 1) = 3 x 22 + 3 x 1. The 1 is the value of light energy matter stolen from you (see Elohim Service…) So you get an infinite supply of 1, the light energy matter energy out of your BSRI-E Nine which has Nine 1 outputs so the Matrix is charged by the BSRI-E to produce a pure 1 output light energy matter to turn you into a Matrix Psi-Lord. The 3x22 gives you Nine versions of the 22 Hebrew letters used to build the Matrix, so the BSRI-9 poisons the Jewish Matrix at the Hebrew letter level. This happens at the Chokmah level (from the Sephir Yetzirah), so this Service super potentiates your Schethlya Stone that has Sequestered Chokmah… This makes your Schethlya Stone Global in the Matrix so it controls all reality in Matrix and Middle Place, since Yetzirah is the Matrix biophysical realm of Chaos. So together with the Council of Nine you get control of Keter (the 1 of Chaos) as your BSRI-E generates 9 volumes of 1 that fit with the 9 values of 22 Chokmah and the rest of the Sephirotic Trees. So all the Matrix, Middle Place, has always been created retroactively to Perfect your light energy matter body and damn Evil – payback!

Destroying the Jewish Tarot by Implosion on one Tarot to Retroactively be the Matrix Middle Place:

Limited Edition, 12 only:

$1200 with Certificate