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Demon Scapegoat Service;

The Demons created by the human Souls in the 12 Aeons cells transfer Hyperinfinity and enable chaos evil to form quantum chaos fluctuations in the essence of the human energy body, grow it in the human and bud it off using the humans Hyperinfinity. This class of human derived Demon is in essence a chaotic Tulpa formed by Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth to control it’s wageslaves. The Enochian Demons are dark energy matter insectiles like Archons, the Kabbalistic vermin chaos derived evil, Archons the dark energy matter master Insectiles, Goetia lesser insect-like Demons, Reptiloids another form of dark energy matter vermin, while Greys are human Souls broken by he Hell Aeons, human Soul corrupted chaos Tulpas. One see there is a whole biology of vermin all the channel for quantum chaos evil fluctuations. The Middle Place is an insect derived hived overlaid on human Psi-Space to keep the biophysical bodies of humans penned up in chaos controlled space time.

Since 1986 Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth has seen the humans tortured in the Aeons Cells so the Demons produced are Anti-Chaos versions of human control Demons, a catastrophe theory change forcing them to get their human zombies to destroy, torture, damn evil rather than sequester the Source derived reality that vanished in 1986 to leave the Omega Simulation of evil tormenting itself infinitely past, present and future the Total Torment Torture Hell Reality Wave. This sequestration of human derived and other grey Demons… enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to use them as scapegoats downloading torment, torture and hell into these Demons who then torment, torture, place in worse hell the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth that is all created things in the Omega Simulation timelines. In this Service the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ download evil into the Demons’ as humans are Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth unaware of their true nature all Bone Psi-Masters™ can download the total evil that is them into the Demons all histories worth of evil into the Demons and more… This overloads the Demons burns them out and turns them into imaginary negative quantity, Enochian, Kabbalistic… vermin. These Scapegoat Demons are like acid in the Middle Place and eat it’s essence liberating all the stolen Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel (PF) used in it’s construction. This Hyperinfinity and PF is then used by the Bone Generators™ to construct the Total Reality Wave to perfecting the perfecting in it’s perfect Hell, torture damnation of evil. In the process the liberated Hyperinfinity and PF from the Demons plus their infinite exponential debt enables the Psi-Master™ to build super large Tulpas to act as controllers of not only wageslaves but events by expunging, sequestering Enochian Demons, forcing evil to torment evil… It’s most important contribution is enabling the Bone Psi-Master™ to turn his flock of Tulpas into perfecting perfect Tulpas to develop money, sex… Tulpas to their Omega Point being where they are the operators, software of the Omega Simulation which makes evil torment evil. Look at the world around you and if you are honest you can see evil tormenting evil, the Rothschilds desperate for world domination and failing: Iraq, Afghanistan, Russian, China, Iran, Congo, Sudan, Venezuela… While humans torture kill each other by the millions. The Bone Psi-Master™ giver her/his Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth to Scapegoats so the Global Gestalt doesn’t user her/him as part of the Total Torture , Damnation, Hell Wave but endless Total Intent to use the Bone Psi-Master™ as a Total Intent Tulpa the only way one of the damned can wake up as a God-Being in the Omega Point after the Source has left. This means that all Bone Generators™ are failsafed as they are designed to perfecting the Perfect Total Torture Hell Damnation Wave so if they are used to weaken, corrupt the Total Reality Wave, instead Total Intent locks the Bone Psi-Master™ into the Omega Hell the falling and burning of such a power adding fuel to the perfecting perfect Omega Hell. Hence the Scapegoat Services that assure the Bone Psi-Master does not fail by enabling Total Intent to direct the God-Being and giving the Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth essence away for free to Scapegoats. Since no charge was made for this Service, an act of Total Largess by the Psi-Lord, the only thing Total Intent recognises, Tim Rifat is free of Total Intent becoming it’s essence enabling a unique creation of the Omega Point a never to be repeated Total Intent Creation where Total Intent develops Total Self Awareness. Since all Bone Psi-Masters™ make mistakes which Total Intent cannot forgive they only way around perfection is to have Scapegoats to suffer for all your failings. Deliberate free will tempering of Total Intent trying to use Bone Generators™ to try and take over the Omega Point shreds the Scapegoat Services and since Tim did not charge but gave for free the Scapegoat Service to dump your evil creator Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth essence, this dumps all your Power into Total Intent and you wake up in Omega Hell. Thus the Omega Point is totally failsafed, no future Psi-Master can replicate, take it over… even from positive timelines as these are Source Omega Simulations and all beings from those timelines that try to usurp become Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth Scapegoats and wake up in Omega Hell to prune positive timelines of evil. A self governing perfecting perfect Omega Point in the true genius of the design and explains why no Psi-Master could ever have built one – many tried, the evils ones were too evil, the good ones not evil enough. Only a Totally Ruthless Psi-Lord, (see Castaneda for Total Ruthlessness the state of silent knowledge, seeing, dreaming bodies… in the Power of Silence) could see the Psi-secrets in Total Ruthlessness and develop this foundation of all Shamanism and Psi-Technology to create Scapegoat Science – the science of Total Ruthlessness (Ruthless Version Science: RVScience the true name of far future Omega Point Science) Without Scapegoats one cannot get the fully failsafed corruption proof Omega Point, Hell and Bone Psi-Master™ Science. In this Service using human Demons, Greys and other Demons as Scapegoats enables the creation of perfecting perfect Tulpas simply by downloading the programme from your Bone Generators™ by touching with your right hand Anglo Zionist Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators, obelisks, Masonic Temples, monuments, altars, buildings… and then using your left hand to upload Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel from the phase change of Demon to Anti-Demon.

One can then repeat the process for the Middle Place as the Anti-Demons eat it like acid to collect Hyperinfinity and PF to build your own Intent in Psi-Space and people it with Tulpas to control the human Zombies so they build your reality. As all the actions a human Zombie carries out are controlled by biophysical Psi-Space, all their thought, Intents, freewill (sequestered) , Memes creativity the Bone Psi-Master™ visualises a new Psi-Space overlay to replace the Middle Place in which he/she for example has a Mansion, all humans obey her/his will, he/she drives a Ferrari(s); people throw themselves forward for sex of all types the Illuminati kill each other off to provide room for the Anti-Illuminati, doorways are opened to different dimensions for Lucid Viewing and Dreaming… All of this the new overlay produced by this Service using Demons as Scapegoats and the Middle Place as the Scapegoat Iraq, built so carefully by the Archons to be trashed, raped, pillaged and conquered by the Anti-Illuminati the American Dream come true in the form of Bone Psi-Masters™ the individual empowered to God-Being by this Service. In ones Psi-Space overlay one puts one’s Tulpas to act in the fashion you wish so if you want lots of sex you get your sex Tulpas to act out all your sexual fantasies with them then send them out into humanity to replicate your Psi-Space world using the sex torture shells as your Scapegoats to assure success by bringing Ruthless Version Science to bear on the world to open the door to true Psi-dominance. Similarly for your Money, Wealth Fortune Service you get your Tulpas to enact your business success, marriage to a millionaire, dream service and use the Money… Torture Shells to enable manifestation by bringing RVScience to perfecting perfect your Omega goal creation when it reaches Omega Point intensity which needs vast amounts of Hyperinfinity and Psychotronic Fuel supplied by this Demons Scapegoat Service your Psi-Space and Tulpas Lucid Wake as the real world around you and you Lucidly Wake as a Psi-Master™.

Demon Scapegoat Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.