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Death of Israel, Zion Service: Sequestering Samael, Physical Force of Israel.

The Zionist Empire run from London by the Rothschild Zionist Satanists and from Israel, their own privately run country are the heart of the Anglo Demonic Reality: Britain+Israel: America is just the Zionist Golem, a slave race to be used as cannon fodder. The 60th Anniversary of Israel on May 8th 2008 was supposed to give male spirit (VAU) of Satan (6) to the state of Israel, , Zion (10) of the physical Kabbala, hence 6x10 = 60 years, a most important date, in fact the most important. The 60 denoting physical (male) domination of all the world (6 VAUx10, YOD). The planned attack on Iran could not occur until after this date. Bush visited Israel to become the prophesised Gog of the Land of Magog, Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal, the Great Dictator of the Anti-Christ, presented to him by the Satanist Triad of: High Priest of the Sanhedrin (the ones that had Christ murdered, Chief Babbi of the Holy Temple of Judaic Satanism and, the head of the New Jewish Congress the body to take over world government after WW111. On the 11th January 2008 with Blair (Britain’s ex-Prime Minister, soon to be the EU Satanist Great Dictator) went into Zedekiah’s cave in Jerusalem for a Satanist Great Dictator). Great Satanic ritual as prelude to Israel’s 60th Anniversary.

This Service reverses that ritual, destroying Israel, Zion and the physical (Hyperinfinity) of all the Archon evil on Earth, giving it in part to the Psi-Master. This is beyond the power of a mere Psi-Master so the power of Total Intent got the Zionist Archons to do it to themselves. This was done by getting them to be too sure of their power by declaring war on the Chinese Empire and attacking the Chinese in Tibet by use of the CIA run Dalai Lama, then a massive sacrifice ritual on Burma and China by use of the Western Australia NSA and HAARP facilities, to butcher 100,000 to maybe 1.5 million Burmese, +50,000 Chinese, on or around the Anniversary of Israel’s 60th birthday. Unfortunately for the Zionist Satanist the Psi-Lord reversed the ritual and dumped negative female energy, the energy of the Archon dark energy matter hive Insectile queens: Lilith on the physical Israel and the Zionist Empire: once for Burma,; once for the China earthquake. This meant the Psi-Lord could dump the lower He (female Satanic energy) and upper He (female Kabbalistic Shekinah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth energy) in its negative form on Israel and Zion. This is Hebrew Satanic Gematria is 60 years of Zion, Israel – 5 (the number of the lower He) – 5 (the number of the upper He) which gives 50 the number of Samael the Kabbalistic God of: death, assassination, espionage, now sequestered by the Psi-Lord to kill Israel and the Zionist Empire, as well as all it’s: dictators’: power, parties, military… as well as the Archons ruled by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and their race the brown energy matter Satanic race of the chosen people of evil, the Zionists. This Bone Generator® give you the power of Samael to destroy, kill, assassinate, poison and apply the trade craft of espionage to pulling down your enemies; simply applied by adding poison with the right hand Bone Generator® and pulling energy using the left hand Bone Generator® from the map of Israel/Zion.

As the Burmese, Chinese attacks using the Australian Haarp/Tesla weapons came from the Earth’s position for Archon CF Pulsars (in this megaverse) global Assemblage Point, you can also use this Service to kill them. Also as the Burmese, Chinese attacks were to steal male (VAU) energy value 6 in Gematria this gives 6+6 = 12 or the |12|² powers of China, now reversed to be the |12|² powers of Zion, Israel, so you can use the left hand Bone Generator® on a map of Israel, (Jerusalem) to upload these Zion powers and download them into your dream using the right hand Bone Generator® to any target of your choice, to make you rich, powerful, influential.

Death of Israel, Zion Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.