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Cursing Zionist Satanists Bone Generators:

A: Cursing Zionist Satanists for thought crimes Bone Generators™

The Anglo Zionist vermin of Britain jailed 5 Pakistani schoolboys for looking at Jihadi websites for up to 3 years, then had to release them 2 years later when thought crime the text of the 2006 Anti-Terrorist Act was deemed illegal by the Court of Appeal. Many Holocaust is not history but holy Kabbalistic religion and it is heresy to in any way discuss the holocaust except in their clearly defined fantasy. We all know the killing of millions of Jews 1.5 million according to some revisionists falls far short of the 30 million plus Russians killed by Evelynde Rothschilds bastard Georgian Stalin the Jew (Daily Telegraph… countless other sources). Now since the Satanist Jews of the Greater Brethren run all Western business, academic, politics, police, military, education, medicine… one can use this Bone Generators™ to put any curse you want onto any Zionist, Satanist you want so you can give delusions, paranoia to all people who behave in the state of Israel, the Western Jew klepocracy of the money markets, western banks, the war on terror… Or drive mad anyone who believes the Zionists will win the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China… Or any Zionist Satanist who harbours any ill will to you, bullies you, seeks to rob you (IRS, Inland Revenue, State Tax Dept…) Or suicidal depression on any scumbag who wants to piggyback on your success like work colleagues, rival businesses, ex partners… One can see that the ability to curse your enemies just because of the thought crimes they harbour against you is an invaluable tool for the Bone Psi-Master who wants to inflict harm on those targets that harbour any kind of ill will toward him/her. A bargain at $200. To use simply download mortal disease curse into your enemies with right Bone Generator™ hand and upload their sanity, intelligence, intuition, psychic powers with your left hand Bone Generator™. Satanists have always used black magic to curse their enemies, now with the Anti-Satanism of Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord any Bone Psi-Master can curse any Zionist, Satanist, wageslave, zombie using their own system against them. The curse can’t bounce back to you as the Scapegoat of the British Government is sued to take up the blow back from all madness curses attached to Thought Policing, crimes, Memes created by the British Government in their 2006 Terrorist Laws to police all thoughts of the British population – only state mandated thoughts being allowed – now the Court of Appeal in London has stated thoughts cannot taken as crimes, this after the police have arrested thousands of people using these thought control laws. Now the Bone Psi-Master can use thought crimes against the scum bags.

A: Cursing Zionist Satanists for thought crimes Bone Generators™ $200

B: Torturing Zionist, Satanist, wageslave zombies… Bone Generators:

Satanists torture their victims, British Army torture squads kick boxed Iraqis to death in Basra, CIA torture centres in Afghanistan, Iraq, Poland, Rumania… Cuba, routinely torture then kill Moslems. The US, Britain have killed millions in Iraq, Afghanistan… So this Bone Generator™ allows the Bone Psi-Master to use thought crimes, the target: hates you, has robbed you, stolen your partner, hurt you, spoken ill of you… as hooks to attach torture curses to any class of targets that think the thoughts you have targeted (all Anti-Westerners excluded), so you can add a torture curse that dumps into them all the torture done by Westerners into their energy body – that will cause a few aches and pains. To do this dump the torture curse using the right hand Bone Generator™ and upload all their health using your left hand Bone Generators™. Remember you can target all scum bags with thought crimes against you so you can get millions at a time-mass marketing of Bone Generators™ and mass market health upload to you. A bargain at $200

Torturing Zionist, Satanist, wageslave zombies… Bone Generators: $200

C: Curse Zionist, Satanist, wageslaves zombie to death for thought crimes against you: As the western torture states kill millions for thought crimes: Iraqis, Afghan dissidents, (100,000 microwaved to death by MI5 every year), this Bone Generators™ allows you to curse any target group of thought crimes against you so they die before their time in a painful way such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes…

Curse Zionist, Satanist, wageslaves zombie to death for thought crimes against you…. Bone Generators: $200