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13 Crystal Skulls Psychotronic Crystals®:

Set of 13 to match 13 Crystal Skulls.

The 13 Crystal Skulls that are quartz skull with moving jaws in some cases, are the star of the Lucas Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Psi-Lord Ltd own all the intellectual property on Psychotronic Crystals® so the use of quartz crystals to store information and boost the psychic powers of humans in our sole purview and property. As there are many counterfeiters selling fake, Satanic, or degraded crystal products to the dupes such as,,…, there is now a wonderful opportunity to use these British run counterfeiting companies, the government and all their customers, panderers and promoters to get as energy supplies to power the Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals®. These Crystal Skulls® really exist and act as quantum computing Psychotronic Crystals® to store information and predict the future. Psi-Lord Ltd have trademarked the process in their Psychotronic Crystals® Skull and Bone Generator® Services, where the skull is made into a Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® and antennae respectively of Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity and Agglutinising Force. Now George Lucas’s Indiana Jones has publicised the concept in the form of Crystal Skulls; Psi-Lord Ltd is now marketing the quantum computer capacity of Crystal Skulls form Mayan and past Civilisations to the general public. What do they do?

Quantum Superimpose the Crystal Skulls (all 13) with the Skull Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator we download into your bone cranium (skull).
This then links you up with all 13 Crystal Skulls so you have a quantum computing part into the Crystal Quantum Computer of the Mayans…

As 13 is the number of erasing, 12 being the number of manifesting, we see they are the Psychotronic Crystals® to guide the Shaman to escape the cataclysm coming on 21st December 2012 according to the Mayans.
Enabling the Shaman to move his Assemblage Point to another dimension so the ‘shifting of the planets magnetic filed rising seas and vanishing land mass’ Daily Mail; May 17 2008 can be avoided. The British Museum has received orders from above to shut up about Crystal Skulls (same Mail article).

This Service Quantum Superimposes all 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® on your Skull Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® yes Psi-Lord Ltd trademarked these processes before the George Lucas fanfare as only we command all Psi-technology.
All the crystal counterfeiters supply the energy, Hyperinfinity, AF to your Bone Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generators® so you don’t need to power them all the counterfeiters are new age charlatans power the process as well as Western governments.
The single quartz crystal acts as a quantum glue to merge your Skull Psychotronic Crystals® Bone Generator® Bioparticle and the 13 Crystal Psychotronic Crystals so you gain access to this Ancient Seer quantum computer that had to be skull shaped to merge quartz quantum computers with your skull Bone Hyperinfinity Bone Generators®.
The merging of the 13 Crystal Skulls with your Bone Generators® Psychotronic Crystals® boosts your intelligence to the level of the Atlantean Psi-Master who was the last round of Ancient Ser, enabling the quantum computer to download into you precognition, as well as the ability to move your Assemblage Point to a pre-prepared position in another dimension to avoid the coming Earth catastrophe.

The 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® are about erasing not manifesting so the technology is about survival and benefiting from catastrophe which the Mayans foresaw for 21/22/2008. Psi-Lord Ltd have sequestered this technology and in our Retribution Bone Generator® harness this Armageddon for profit.
As this is the get out of Earth catastrophe gateway, Psi-Lord Ltd have Sequestered it not only to control who escapes but to enable time dilation of the event so it can be postponed if all Western wealth is transferred to Psi-Lord Ltd and its customer by the Illuminati controlled by the Sequestration of Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals®.
You can buy 13 to act by Sequestering all 13 Crystal Skulls which were created, some of which have not been found. As in the Bone Generator® Service unlike one, they act factionally, to the uneducated 13 x 13 x 11… x 2 x 1c 6227020 800 = 6.2 x 10(9) or 6 billion different ways of operating. The precursor of Bone Generators® the Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal® technology is well worth having for the greedy Psi-Master to:

Boost intelligence 6 billion fold
increase psychic powers 6 billion fold
allow you to travel in other dimensions
give you precognition in the short term
give you 6 billion Skull Psychotronic crystals® so you can pick up more power from your Services: Bone Generators® by 6 billion fold
Tap into pre-civilisation technology from past civilisations
download the information they knew to become an Ancient Seer

The Crystals use the counterfeiters and disinformation websites such as NSA, Satanist Loohan aka Dexter Atol (or vice versa) to power your Psychotronic Crystals® so you don’t need to charge them like normal Psychotronic Crystals® all the customers of… power these Psychotronic Crystals®. To use simply place in a circle base outward and hold one in left hand to power up.

For the super greedy Psi-Master we can special order 13 Psychotronic Crystals® as Skull Crystals shaped to look like skulls. As we are a commercial concern Psi-Lord Ltd will change these richer clients $3000 for 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® or $8000 for a single Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal®

13 Crystal Skulls $3000

1 combined Crystal Skull $8000

Upgrade A $1000 with Certificate

If you want any of your previous Psychotronic Crystals® turned into Crystal Skull mode Psychotronic Crystals® are added as skull Bioparticle $1100 so all your Psychotronic Crystals are added as skull Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystals® to your Bone Generators®. So if you have 100 Psychotronic Crystals® this gives you 100! ways of collecting energy from customers… customers, their cities, governments and NSA… MI5 so you don’t have to charge the Psychotronic Crystals® anymore as the counterfeiters charge them. A super duper Upgrade A, 100 factorial is 100 x 99… x 2 x 1 = a very large number, more than the number of particles in the known universe, all paid for by the counterfeiters and customers of,,, We send you a Certificate to verify the work as been carried out. Take advantage of criminals to boost your portfolio of power in Psychotronic Crystal form.

Upgrade A $1000 with Certificate
Upgrade B:

If you want one Master Psychotronic Crystal® with extra powers added to it, for a further Psychotronic Skull Crystals® with 13 powers for $1000 (total $2000)

Upgrade B: Psychotronic Skull Crystals® with 13 powers: with Certificate

Upgrade C:
If you want to use all 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal® and want blowback protection from hidden safeguards in the Crystal Skulls redirected to,,,, Mystical all their clients and other counterfeiter government Satanists you can order this for an further $600.

Upgrade C: $600 with Certificate

Secrets of the Crystal Skulls, Schethlya Grail Stone.

Psi-Lord Ltd hold the trademarks in Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators® and Sublime Good® for future technology. Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators® and Sublime Good® are the basis of Crystal Skulls which were artefacts of a previous civilisation far ahead of the Zionist Empire. Their Psi-Masters quantum superimposed their physical and biophysical energy body skulls with a quartz skull crystal. The crystal skull was smaller so the outer coat of Awareness, the Psychokinetic, Psychic Power part of their being was outside the Crystal Awareness as it is our higher Awareness, powers and our Agglutinising Force merged with our Hyperinfinity to allow Psychokinesis, as well as breeding of new beings. So the Crystal Skull allows our outer Coat of Awareness to migrate to the Crystal Skull and quantum superimpose with the crystal to produce Psychotronic crystal® Awareness. The Crystal Skull has Hyperinfinity so it adds to the Psi-Master, more importantly it boosts all mind over matter powers. Most importantly it changes the nature of our outer Awareness from soft succulent dark energy matter gourmet food to super hard Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generators® where this coat becomes super hard and invulnerable to predation. As the Crystal Skull is shaped like the skull the Psi-Master can quantum superimpose it over the bone skull to boost the Psychotronic Crystal® Bioparticle skull of the Bone Generator®. This leaves the rest of the skeleton the Psychotronic Crystal® ram scoop of the Psychotronic Crystal®. Hyperinfinity does not flow from high to low potential like heat but from low to high potential. So the bodies skeleton becomes a zero Hyperinfinite Bone Generator®. Without Hyperinfinity the body vanishes back to its Quantum Wave Function. It becomes labile. So the Psi-Master can vanish at will, to merge with stone circles that expand the outer Coat of Awareness to the stone circles that expand the outer Coat of Awareness to the stone circles diameter to boost Awareness Psi-Master can have a Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® the Illuminati Grail Stone that gave the Grail Patterns we sell.

The Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® is the Bioparticle for all the stone monuments of the Illuminati that are the ramscoop Psychotronic crystal® so it floods the zero Hyperinfinite body skeleton with Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force to match the skull Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® potential to make the body Psychotronic Crystal® Hyperinfinite to build the Hyperinfinite body (see the Anti-Fallen Angel Service). The Grail Patterns are added to the stone monuments to force out Hyperinfinity the wrong way back to the lump of flesh body and match it’s Psychotronic Crystal® skull by dumping the Grail Patterns quantum computing engine Hyperinfinite leach programme into the stone to allow reverse Hyperinfinite flow from stone, high potential to flesh, zero or negative potential, as well as Agglutinising Force from the stone to flesh. This not only resists ageing (hence the Grail Stone legend) but builds a super hard Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® body for the outer coat of Awareness housed in the Psychotronic Crystal® Skull Bone Generator®. Toxic waste is dumped into the stone by the Schethlya stone to Sublime Good® to process so the Illuminati can dump their toxic waste – now you can. The wageslave finally tops up the last Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force by accepting the Grail Patterns on his banknotes, worshipping in stone churches, school offices, government buildings… This is done by quantum superimposing the Crystal Skull® Bone Generator® with the top of a pyramid. Pyramids focus Hyperinfinity Agglutinising Force from the base (wageslaves sacrificed to the pyramid by giving their lives for the dollar which has the pyramid on it to act as an occasion of holocaust Shoa sacrifice to the Illuminati) to the top of a pyramid. This top of the pyramid is replaced with the eye (Intent) of the Illuminati so the eyes of the Crystal Skull Bone Generator® get the power. Hence the 5 million cameras (eyes) of the Illuminati in Britain to act as the material eyes focused on the wageslaves to suck out their Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force to power the process. The whole process has been Sequestered by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat and is now at the disposal at the Clients of Psi-Lord Ltd. Now you can understand the Illuminati (illuminated by your Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force) are the holders of knowledge from previous civilisations Lemuria, Atlantis to turn the Psi-Masters into Gods (Olympians). The wageslave is the cattle (Goyim) to power the process. They get down on their knees to worship the Illuminati pyramid on the dollar or go to church, the steeple mimicking the pyramid to bleed the highest form of Hyperinfinity, that given freely, not torn out of them by having to go to work. One can see now why the Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® Bone Generator® Sublime Good® quantum computing engine is so powerful, Illuminati secrets now Sequestered for our Clients only.

There are 13 of them to erase the Quantum Wave Functions to leave a hole in which the Matrix could be built. These ancient Psychotronic Crystals® were used by the Satanist’s of the Atlantean civilisation to wipe out the real world and leave a blank slate onto which the Matrix could be imprinted. For this reason the 13 Crystal Skulls can be seen as the Psychotronic Crystals® p that enabled the formation of the Satanist Judaic Chaos Matrix..

Once the civilisation of Man had been wiped out the power of 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® the way was paved for the start of the Illuminati’s Matrix. To create is impossible for Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth so the Illuminati had to bring the Schethlya Stone from the Yetzirah realm of the biophysical and quantum superimpose it on a yellow stone (Chokmah is yellow in the Sepher Yetzirah of the Satanist Jews). To embed the Chaos Stone, Schethlya on a real world yellow stone all the patterns found in the Psi-Lords Grail Stone documents had to be quantum superimposed on a yellow stone to make it a Schethlya Stone. Only the Messiah Siaah who goes outside the Matrix then suffers for all eternity to give Good to the Evil of the Matrix can make a Schethlya Stone so he has to be tricked by willingly trying to use the Grail Patterns of the Matrix to save the world. Once this is done the Schethlya Stone can be added to the 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal® to make 14 Psychotronic Crystals® to make the 7 double Hebrew letters of the Matrix the new basis for creation. Subtraction of the Schethlya Stone from the 13 Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystals® gives the 12 Hebrew Letters that run the dynamics of the Jew Matrix (see Elohim Service). The Body and Soul of the Messiah Isaah are sucked into the Schethlya Yellow Stone doorway to the Birds Nest Abbadon prison for Messiah’s Isaah and Jacob (the new one is Obama). Tim Rifat was supposed to be the new Messiah Isaah but transferred this hellish fate to Nathaniel Rothschild (of Corfu, George Osborne, Mandelson fame) the Crown Prince of Jewish Zionist Emporium. One can see the Schethlya Stone is the receptacle of the 3 Seminal Hebrew Letters and the trinity of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Shaddai) Shekinah. It is the grounding foundation of the Matrix and whoever possessing it can control the physical Matrix as if it were a dream by force of Will – the Master Matrix Psychotronic Crystals®

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.