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Christians Stolen Legacy Bone Generators:

We should know that all Western society is based on a deception that leads Westerners into becoming the toxic waste dumps for all the Satanists and criminals like: Paul Hughes Barlow, real name Graham Nickells of a disinformation counterfeit operation of my products, Services… (see Warnings). This is because all Western society had it’s basis in Christianity. The premise is stunningly simple a Jew was the son of God, was tortured to death by the Romans at the behest of the Sanhedrin (money lenders) Council of Jews, the ancestors Satanically of the Rothschilds and 12 other Satanic Illuminati families, died for all mankind’s sins (evil) past, present, and future and set all mankind free. Now as explained in this website Scapegoats, the archetype being Christ can be used to dump all evil we do and the blowback onto the Scapegoat.

This means all mankind were freed from their karmic debt created in that lifetime or dumped on them by damned Souls and Demons so whatever they did the Christ Scapegoat paid the price. Since this has shaped biophysical reality then it means any person can do what they like as long as they dump their evil on Christ. If they don’t dump their evil on Christ but seek forgiveness by going to Church and letting the priest tell them what penance they need to carry out then they reverse the Scapegoat process so they become the Scapegoat. Much worse their infinite debt relief via Christ which can then transfer this persons infinite Scapegoat account to Rothschild Illuminati Satanists who can use that good Christians Scapegoat debt relief account to dump their evil into so the Illuminati can do infinite evil and the Christ suffers for them by transference of the Scapegoat account from Christian to Satanist via the means of the Church. Worse still the Christian chooses to be a Scapegoat for the Church by doing penance so enabling the Archon dark energy matter parasites to transfer them to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison where the Christian, Westerner can be used as a Scapegoat for evil because they were tricked out of their birthright: to use Christ as a Scapegoat.

As society becomes less Church dominated as in most Western countries voting was used as a surrogate of this process to enable the Illuminati to steal the Westerners infinite Scapegoat dump in Christ. How? By, of your own free will, Hyperinfinity, voting to give permission to a politician to make you a Scapegoat. How? Via tax, VAT, Council Tax, State Tax, Police persecution (mainly on drivers), enforced vaccination, enforced prison for children called education in the public system, menial jobs (enforced prison for adults), old peoples homes (enforced prison for the elderly). One can see the entire Western democracy is based on only one concept, to steal the infinite Christ Scapegoat legacy of each wageslave, then to turn them into Scapegoats so their 12 Aeon Psi-Prison place of retroactive Psychokinesis. Only Psi-lord Ltd uses Scapegoat technology. Why? This is because we are the only power on Earth that is trying to restore the birthright of all mankind to have the capacity to do anything you like and dump the evil on the Christ Scapegoat in the process freeing Westerners from 12 Aeon Psi-Prison only by abrogating the Scapegoat made of them so they pop back into reality, free from the Psi-Prison.

A Psi-Master is free from all guilt, conscience and worry as she/he knows the Scapegoat Christ will suffer for all her/his evil. A bonus is that since the Sanhedrin (Rothschild Illuminati group of old) ordered the torture murder and have done everything in their power to manage the Christ Scapegoat via the real Christ principle via Satanic funded Churches, governments to act as a Satanic toxic waste dump, when the real Christ principle is re-established the Rothschild Illuminati get pulled into the process and become Total Deathgoat Jews that act as eternal Scapegoats. We know Christ rose from the dead and his Scapegoat suffering ended, so it is fact that it was transferred to someone else. Who? The Illuminati, who now have to suffer as Scapegoats, Deathgoats and worse, Christ’s scapegoat debt being transferred to them as they tried to steal it from Mankind. Also counterfeiters, Satanic outlets such as, Mystical, stole my products and sold them as their own so the Psi-Lord has included them and all their customers in the transference of Scapegoat from Christ to Illuminati and their stooges. This means now all Bone Psi-Masters™ can re-acquire this invulnerability to evil and the ability to do anything without karma as Christianity promised just from this simple Service.

Christians Stolen Legacy Bone Generators: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.