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Change Your Life For The Better Bone Generators Service:

The Illuminati know that the assassination of a prominent world figure can change the history of a timeline so it branches in a different direction. Also the non assassination of a prominent figure causes the timeline to branch in a different direction. Hitler’s death by the SS led by Hedrick due to Hitler’s Jewish Rothschild heritage led to Nazi timeline 1, while conversely Andropov’s escape from Rothschild assassination led to the Soviet timeline. Kennedy’s and Diana’s assassination by the Rothschild CIA/MI6 led to the death of the American timeline and British timeline of the Rothschilds, hence the rise of Russia and China. The rise of the Russian Chinese timeline due to two non events, the failed multiple assassinations of Vladimir Putin by the Rothschilds/Berezousky and the failed Tianman Square revolution organised by the Rothschilds… Now the election of Obama and his planned assassination by the Illuminati change the world by stirring up black Africa against China is the plan. One can see that only two things really change history life and death. In far future science: RVScience this is called the Killing Field. When a human dies their gap opens and they align with the emanations outside their energy bodies creating a starburst of energy of such proportion that if it is linked with the Awareness of the mass mind diverts history. It destroys quantum superimposition and allows new quantum superimposition to be carried out so the Illuminati can cut old ties and bring in new bindings. The mass sacrifice of 911 was supposed to bring in the Rothschild one world government but has instead galvanised Russia and China to block Rothschild domination as Putin is alive and China is not a Western puppet state as planned.

Now you may ask what bearing has this on the Western wage zombie caught from birth to death in a prison designed by the dark energy matter parasites that control the Illuminati. It means that the only way the slave can change her/his life is to use the Killing Field, the energy of death to divert the timeline to change their life for the better. This has been the way the Rothschild Illuminati have gone from Jewish ghetto lowlife to Masters of the West, ritualised assassination as part of a black ritual to move the timeline to become the Rothschild timeline. One can see the 911 mass sacrifice as the means to bring about the Rothschild timeline the only future for humanity. Unfortunately for the Rothschild Illuminati two can play that game. The death of the two Rothschild Evelyn… (see was used to destroy the Rothschild timeline and the assassination of the Zionist Bhutto ended the pathways for the West to win WW111. Now all timelines lead to a One World Government run by the Russian and Chinese, every new death of the Rothschilds by remote killing makes the situation worse and worse for the Illuminati as they are dark energy matter walk ins and the death of a Rothschild by remote killing destroys Archon power.

to change your life in any way you need to use the Killing Field (not by assassinating anyone) by linking up with any past or future death be it the Maharishu Guru of Transcendental Meditation, or the suicide of film stars, pop stars (Brittany Spears looks like a good candidate) and use your left hand Bone Generator™ to suck in the Killing Field and the right hand to project it at your life path to change your life for the better. You visualise the change you want, such as winning the lottery, getting the dream job, dream partner, big break and use the only way of branching your life to a new path, the Force of the Killing Field. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord used the death of the Zionist Bhutto to destroy the Rothschild War on Terror and forth coming events in Pakistan will show the truth of this as the Zionists lose Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran… leading to the immolation of Europe. One can use this same process to get rid of any obstacle in your life by using the Bone Generator™ to use the Killing Field generated on the News be it a mass shooting by American loony tunes in High Schools, Colleges, suicide of over paid non talent such as film stars, pop stars, the death of monarchs such as Elizabeth 11 from terminal cancer… Once you have this Killing Field magnified by the mass media you use it as a laser to cut the timeline that binds you to poverty, dead end jobs and then quantum superimpose your quantum superimposition created by piggy back Quantum Wave Function to act as a new life path for you. Hence the need for Bone Generators™ to get you lots of energy and the Build Your Dream Service to perform the Quantum Wave Function so it manifests in the right way free of opposition.

Change Your Life For The Better Bone Generators Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.