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Capstone of Pyramid Sequestration Info:

Full control of higher and Matrix realities on an automatic basis for the amateur Psi-Lord.

The Pyramid is the waveguide that forms the 5D to 4D Matrix process from higher to lower reality. Why is the Capstone of the Pyramid replaced with the eye for the Illuminati Pyramid? The eye filters the light of the sun which is yellow so all the emanations from True 5D Reality are blocked to only the visible realm of the Matrix all else is stopped by the Illuminati eye. The sun is yellow therefore to block out the 5D reality emanating from the sun, the Capstone to be a perfect filter to block all true reality so the chaos falsity of the Matrix can be quantum superimposed must be yellow. We therefore have a yellow stone cap to the Illuminati Pyramid to block all True 5D Reality and download Chaos reality to make the 4D temporal world. This yellow stone is the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal. The Grail patterns doused from the Merovingian Schethlya stone by Tim Rifat’s MI6 arch black occultist scapegoats, are the machine code of the Matrix put into the yellow stone by Elohim Chaos Sequestration. So the 5D collapse to4D Quantum Matrix is hijacked by the use of the Schethlya Capstone which adds the false Intents (Grail Patterns) to the bonded Pyramid delineated Talmudic Matrix of the West. Always held in the right hand as it directs all else.

One can see the gold Capstone, the Schethlya Stone can be allegorically called a gold ring, as the ring is the Torsion Field circles around the world of the top Sephiroth Kether. This gold ring is made famous by Tolkien in Lord of the Rings, derived from Wagner’s Ring Opera. By having y our own Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® that had Sequestered all Chaos Schethlya Stones and has the anti-version of all the Grail Patterns, the Psi-Lord blocks all the Intents of Chaos to negate all the Matrix and since the Schethlya Stone manifests the Middle Place, that is negated as well. Since the Eneed underworld beneath the Talmudic Matrix is the Qlippothic, Demon Kabbalistic realm the resultant of the Schethlya Stone, that too is negated. So one can see the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® filters the sun (yellow) of 5D reality and Capstone of the Pyramid, the template for Matrix formation, as it is the mould Chaos itself is filtered out and nothing is real – including Chaos. This means the possession of a Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® and the Pyramid Bone Generator® can produce within their 22 metre environs a totally controllable Matrix where possession of the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® enables them to directly input their Intent into the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® where it acts as the Capstone of the Pyramid Bone Generator® to give them complete control of all manifestation in the 22 metre space. If you have larger version that extends the range up to 256 metres the Anti-Pyramid Bone Generator® enables the power mad Psi-Lord to extend this range globally to encompass the entire Earth Matrix, Middle Place… Enneed underworld. The Orgone Bone Generator® when added to the mix allows the Psi-Lord to grow into the Eye of the new Illuminati Pyramid and travel in all the Ancient Seer realms of other dimensions without the need to be buried alive. More importantly she/he can take the quantum simulation with her/him so one can visit all manner of dangerous dimensions but the denizens of these dimensions cannot harm you as to them you area quantum simulation, which like a zephyr if harmed remanifests instantly – safe, effective, Interdimensional travel, all controlled by the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® allows the Psi-Lord to fill the Matrix with True Reality to torment all Chaos beings with new forms of damnation and to make the quantum simulation real for all lesser beings. It also enables the Psi-Lord to enter 5D reality to be in the real world. While all else are in the Matrix – Archon included and 6D reality to be a God-Being, God in the Matrix for goyim… Archons… For the wanabee Psi-Lord all the above Bone Generators® are automatic the control pad the Schethlya.

Capstone of Pyramid Sequestration Info: $600 with Certificate