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Burn your Enemies in Hell Service:

Tim Rifat takes the Soul of your enemy(s) from their Cell in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and takes them to the hyper infinite torture hell designed by the Source for the torment, damnation of all who of their own free will chase to go along with authority and uphold evil without any pressure or force, but because they like to do evil. The list can include any Westerner, your boss, ex spouse, business partner, someone who has wronged you (see my Warnings Pages for my growing list) police, secret police, government official, politician, prime minister, president, general, sports star, movie star, media celebrity, scumbag, lowlife… Just email your list of up to 12 targets and I will transport them to the Sources torture hell as I have done with all my enemies. They are then put in their Source Cell to be trapped for all eternity in hyper infinite Psi-Prison. Once there they experience at first hand all the tortures, torments… inflicted by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth on all living things but this time as the torture victim of every conceivable horror inflicted by the Archons and their god. Once they have experienced every possible horror at first hand they wake up in their torture Cell knowing they are really Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, your enemies being really a sleeping aspect of the Archon God it was unaware of but now is trapped within. Your enemy of course goes mad in the Megaverse of torture inflicted upon it but when it comes to its senses in the Sources Cell as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the enemy is returned to sanity so the torture can be inflicted again and again eternally to provide Psychotronic Fuel for the Source and the Logos as well as you. To charge yourself with this PF simply hold any PC/BPC in your left hand as you visualise your enemy(s) being tortured in the Sources Psi-Prison. This links that PC/BPC to your supply of PF from the torment of your enemy(s) You can charge all your BPCs/PCs by this method to make them hyper infinite so you can use them supercharged in life and hypercharged in the Eternal Heaven of hyper infinity open to a Psi-Master. This PF then can be used to change your life for the better and supply the PF to build a hyper infinite body which you can live in within the New Earth Eternal Heaven built by the Source in hyper infinity for Psi-Masters, the Omega Point. This Service opens up all your PC/BPCs to the ultimate PF and makes them and you hyper infinite so your Soul, Spirit and it’s Devic Body can become eternal and grow with an eternal supply of PF supplied by your enemies to you as you enjoy Eternal Heaven of the Source, Logos a reward for fighting evil. If you have bought a Soul Rescue Service, Psi-Master, Tulpa, No Matrix, Astrological… Build your Dream… you can download this PF into that Service to make it hyper infinite eternal and totally unbreakable, incorruptible and a total success. You can use the PF to make your Divine Guardian Angel hyper infinite so it is unbeatable and can lead you ever upward. To do this simply visualise the PF going into your Service to make it hyper infinite.

Upgrade (A) $600 Add 12 Certificates of the enemy burning in Hell, Tim Rifat makes them into anti-dollar karma tokens so all your karma is downloaded into your enemy to ruin them allowing you to do anything and everything as a Psi-Master and your enemies suffer any blowback or repercussions caused by your over zealousness or mistakes using Psi. This also increases their torture in the Psi-Prison as you add new tortures to their condition as you evolve to make more PF. To torture your enemy once you have the Anti-Karma Certificates simply visualise them in the Psi-Prison and hold any BPC/PC in your left hand to inflict any torture you visualise upon them for all eternity to add to their torment as you download the PF produced to add hyper infinite energy to your chosen BPC/PC such as a Sex PG…

Upgrade (B) $600 With this upgrade Tim Rifat overlaps the Psi-Prison on your chosen target to ruin their physical life for PF you can download into your BPC of choice to boost any part of your physical life at their expense, stealing their life to add to the bounty of your own. You can also specify your psychic attack you wish downloaded into your enemy so they suffer your specific Intents of harm, are cursed to your specification to provide PF.

A Tulpa will also be designed and downloaded into them to kill the Demons and Greys and add them to the Psi-Prison for PF and takeover their body to make them hurt, ruin, themselves to your emailed specification. Lastly their true Soul will be killed in the Psi-Prison so they are eternally locked in torture hell and can never be recovered so they suffer hyper infinitely.

Burn your Enemy in Hell Service $600 with Certificate of Authenticity

Upgrade A: $600

Upgrade B: $600

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.