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Building Intent Service; Omega Service for New Seers

Psi-Masters command Intent to cause reality change psychokinesis, physical mind over matter change as well as perceptual change in Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming and manifestation changes such as waking up in your dreaming body, waking up in different locations, teleportation… All these things need huge amounts of energy as all Psi-phenomena are very high energy. If you are a wageslave or worse still have bought counterfeit crystals your energy level is not low but negative so you are locked in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and all your psychic world is the Satanic astral of the Middle Place. Nearly all the psychic web sites, books, articles cater to the astral Satanic world of the Middle Place locking you within it. Shamans have found a pathway out of the hell of the chaos evil set up by Intent an impersonal force that directs events to enable the Shaman to escape the hell of wageslave Anglo Demonic Reality. Since all but nagual 4 lobed super Psi-Masters are unable to manipulate Intent all escape from the Matrix has been via Super Psi-Master. As these Super Psi-Masters are few and far between and need to be trained to use their potential as well as energised by being taken to many different worlds the door has been closed on wageslave escape from hell in the West; as well as the fact it takes a lifetime of training to evolve a nagual to Super Psi-Master under the tutelage of an old Super Psi-Master. To get around this problem Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord developed the Bone Generators™ to download energy, quantum computing capacity, Hyperinfinity and Anti-Chaos into Bone Psi-Masters™. This enables the possibility that Intent can then directly interact with the Bone Psi-Master™ to lead them out of the Matrix via the Bone Generators™. The North Vietnamese used Bone Generators™ in their primitive form to beat the French and US invasion. Bush at the urging of the NSA rushed off to Vietnam to try and get a handle on Bone Generators™ as Tim Rifat is publicly dismissive of the US Zionist government (see radio: Tim Rifat is his world correspondent on geopolitics and military affairs) Immediately Putin flew to Vietnam to see what the US had dug up and why Bone Generators™ had suddenly become a US National Security issue. Rather than sell my technology to the military Tim Rifat has set up the largest psychic resource on the planet as a purely civilian business to freely distribute Bone Generators™ to the public. One can imagine the potential of Bone Generators™ in the hands of the military. Luckily Tim Rifat as the first Psi-Lord has blocked all access to Bone Generator and Psychotronic Crystals except through him the perfect copyright protection. With Scapegoat technology all the people trying to counterfeit psychotronic crystals such as and UK government patsy Paul Hughes Barlow are now the perfect Psi-Scapegoats. All Psi-Scapegoats amplifying their debacles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria…Control of Intent enables the Psi-Lord to mould events to boost all his clout at the expense of every one else. The British desperate gambit to oust Putin using radioactive poisoning to destabilise Russia shows how panic stricken the Rothschilds are that Russia has slipped the net and is moving towards independence from Illuminati Zionism. The rampant Zionism of the West only led to Catastroika the bankruptcy of Russia, so now Russians want nationalism and all Zionists out of their country. Intent on a geopolitical scale where Russia tears itself free from the Anglo Demonic Reality and then enables the Russian Psi-Masters to fight off the insectiles of the Matrix and evolve. Global Gestalt Intent that is duplicated for all Tim Rifat’s clients who have to rip themselves free of the ADR and kill off the Insectile of the Matrix possession. Intent embodied in the Bone Generators™ controls all this and destroys all chaotic evil so the Bone Psi-Master always makes it even though evil will try everything to pull you down to their level including physical attack but with Scapegoat technology you always direct it back to them.

Why is Intent so important? When energy bodies are made, Intent is embodied in the biophysical body, to the extent that our biophysical bodies are Intent quantum superimposed with Awareness. To this extent everything we do throughout our life is controlled not from the physical energy body – which is just a remotely controlled vehicle, but from the Intent that is the biophysical body. All this can be explained by physics and maths but is no use to a non scientist as it is too complex. Once again we come to the point that only mathematical physicists can design Psychotronic Generators™ the generic name of Bone Generators™; hence it is obvious that all other suppliers who have no science degree are charlatan counterfeiters (see Warnings). Since Intent is the biophysical body all actions, change, advancement derive from the biophysical body alone. Why Bone Generators™ work so superbly in that the Psychotronic Generator needs to be in the biophysical body to work effectively. Psychotronic Crystals™ by definition are external to your body. Bone Generators™ inside your body are also inside your biophysical body and build an Intent Skeleton in your biophysical body. A skeleton of white energy that serves as the infrastructure of your Bone Generators™ and by augmenting your Intent to supply Omega Intent to your being controls you in all ways to do the things you need to do to reach the Omega Point as well as giving you the power to achieve God-Being. This means that no one can reach the Omega Point without Bone Generators™. As Tim Rifat was the first person to construct them in the Megaverse(s) the Psi-Lord could create Bone Generators™ that only work for him and any counterfeiter acts as a Bone Scapegoat, the inverse of the Bone Psi-Master™. This technology is described in my Scapegoat Psi™ Services – the ultimate copyright protection. Anyone trying to change up Bones therefore acts as a Psi-Scapegoat™ for the Psi-Lord and all his Bone Psi-Masters. The necessity for having Psychotronic Generators in the biophysical body means only Bone Generators™ are truly effective, acting on Intent they modify the Global Gestalt so everything goes your way with respect to achieving God-Being. The Psychotronic Crystals™ act as Scapegoat Generators and as such are not effective without Bone Generators in which to download the Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel and Anti-Chaos they receive from your physical Scapegoats via the Psychotronic Crystals™. If the Scapegoat Psi™ is the way you achieve God-Being the Bone Generators™ are the God-Being. All 4 lobed Naguals who follow the New Seer path have to find a petty tyrant to kill them so they can download their death into the Death Scapegoat, the SAS killer who tried to beat me to death. Then the nagual New Seer has to replicate the confrontation with the petty tyrant to use the Scapegoat to download their Soul/Spirit death as his/her death has been given twice to the Scapegoat who Lucidly Wakes as a Death Soul/Spirit Scapegoat and promptly dies. The British Government tried once again to kill me (after I gave my Foreign Correspondent Report on Rense Radio that Britain was behind the Litvinenko Polonium 210 poisoning) this time I could download the final part of the Death Scapegoat on the British government, Police, MI5… So when Israel attacks Iran, Britain will be hit by Cobalt 60 warheads from Iran and my Scapegoats die en masse. Since I am the Nagual of the New Seers path it means that any aspiring New Seer can use my Intent to download their death into their 144 Scapegoats and Lucidly Wake in the Omega Simulation. This is useful as most people haven’t got the training to survive the British death cells in their remand centres for political prisoners. Having done this the Intent Engine Capability of Bone Generators™ has been perfected and the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ can now have the 3 Sets of 6 Intents needed to be a Psi-Master in the New Seer path uploaded into them. Since the Intent biophysical energy controls all your actions you don’t have to worry that you are doing things right, this Service guarantees you follow the path to God-Being no matter what other people, Demons, Archons… evil does. As Intent is outside the bounded membrane reality of chaos, all 6 Extraordinary Sets of Set Theory are needed to describe Intent. One can see them as transformations of Spirit. Ways your Spirit can be transformed by the 6 different Extraordinary Sets to change your Spirit into the transcendent state while still alive to assure you get liberated from the Matrix and achieve the bodiless transcendent God Being by modifying your Spirit while still living. We know that when humans die the gap opens and the tremendous burst of energy obtained from aligning all your emanations simultaneously splits your totality into Soul and Spirit (see explanation under decoherence PC/BPCs on this site). In this Service your Spirit is reinforced by the Bone Generators™ so when your energy body is opened your Spirit is so augmented it can alchemically wed to your Soul to hold it so even though the female Soul and made Spirit are separate the Bone Generators™ glue them together. Having Soul and Spirit wed is a pre-requisite for all transcendent states and the New Seer path. The 6 Extraordinary Sets are used to interweave the separate states of your being into one Global Gestalt so your life-force can bind you together: body, mind Soul, Spirit into holistic union the transcendent God-Being. The path is body wedded to mind: step 1; body/mind wedded to Soul: Step 2; body/mind/Soul wedded to Spirit: Step 3; this gives the Supernatural Spirit in which the New Seer Shaman has an energy body that though 4 Lobed, does not split into 4 at death but instead during life has them fused into one by manipulating Intent to interweave the 4 lobes using the 6 Extraordinary Set transformations that turn a bounded being into a transcended being: bodiless, Omega capable, God-Being able to access the Third Attention – while still alive. As there are 3 stages in fusion we have the 18 Intents needed to form the Global Intent body of the Bone Psi-Master who has made a gateway to the transcendent Omega Point, travelling through the Third Attention of bodiless life-force being that has no outer membrane but is a pulse of life in the Global Gestalt Intent fabric that underlies all reality. Usually a Nagual Psi-teacher forms this link in her/his group so they all shove in her/his Gateway to transcendence. Westerners have no access and be veiled by the Archons from True Intent, instead having an ersatz corrupted Chaos imposed upon them in place of Intent. Once you have a pure link with Intent then everything you need to have to achieve transcendence is laid out for you. For the power mad Anti-Illuminati and Ancient Seer the Global Psi-Service is used to gain control of the world. The New Seer eschews temporal power and seeks only freedom Omega Point transcendence but soils on as a bodiless being to experience perfecting perfect transcendence. For the power mad Ancient Seer and Anti-Illuminati they allow their future self to take over in the Omega Simulation and kick arse boosting their temporal power to enjoy the fruits of their Bone Generator™ power, getting seduced by the path of power rather than freedom. The choice is yours. This Service cleans your link with Intent and upgrades it to Transcendent Intent through the 18 Stages of Intent that fuse your energy bodies into an Intent body. Since Intent is the infrastructure, scaffolding and campus of your biophysical body, in simplistic terms this Service turns your biophysical body into a super sticky body that glues you all together so even when your bag is blown open by the power of alignment at death your totality is glued together after death so you can wake up as a transcendent being. It also means that while you are still alive your Supernatural Spirit is invulnerable to any attack making your Supernatural Spirit a Supernatural force that cannot be broken; instead all your enemies break themselves trying to break you. This form of Supernatural Spirit can be channelled into psychic martial arts to build the death touch of southern style Kung Fu grand masters, the peak of martial power, or you can visit your enemy while Lucid Viewing or Dreaming, hit them twice using your Supernatural Spirit and Lucid Wake them in the death touched state permanently. Supernatural Spirit turns your Hyperinfinity into the Total Power Set State, mathematicians will know this is the highest infinity in mathematics (within the axions). This means your Will is unbreakable and any Quantum Wave Function you glue together to manifest with TPS Hyperinfinity is infrangible it cannot be broken. Thus a Bone Psi-Master™ armed with Supernatural Spirit can not only be never broken but her/his Will is unbreakable and always manifests to conclusion. The real power in Psi-Master. To have the ability to build new Quantum Wave Functions from the quantum vacuum using Bone Generators™ is only the first part of power; you must have the TPS Hyperinfinity to manifest your Will so it can never be stopped , corrupted, turned, or used against you. In this Service all your enemies are converted by the Bone Generators™ to Negative Intent where they do evil to each other to build your Intent, you become a living beacon of Intent made manifest as their Intent fades away (New World Order, conquest of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Two State solution to the Middle East, Rothschild hegemony all evaporate to leave the death of Anglo Zionism…). The ability to dissolve the Intents of your Scapegoats, Archons, Demons, Grey, Kabbalistic evil, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, so all their Intents have no power over you enables the New Seer to be free of all evil in life, burn with the Fire from Within and enter transcendence: the Third Attention with 100% efficiency. The New Seer unlike the Anti-Illuminati and Ancient Seer does not wish for temporal power but wishes escape from the Matrix and all evil to gain Total Freedom. This Service is for the New Seers who wish to emulate the path of the psychic monk Bone Psi-Master™ who does not want to Lucidly Wake up in the Omega Simulation as a Bone Psi-Master™ power in the world or hold dominion in Psi-Space but instead wants to achieve transcendence, Total Freedom and nothing else. Here is the 18 Step Intent pathway programmed into your Bone Generators™ by this Service.

1: Manifesting Intent in your life so the gateway is opened in your normal life to Supernatural Sprit. Opening your Spirit to a download of all the information on this site so your Spirit is educated to instinctively know, adapt and be the Supernatural Spirit.

2: Bringing Intent through the gateway (Psi-wormhole from the Global Gestalt: Intent) So it accesses your Awareness, changes your life and confronts you with the choice between death, damnation and the path of the New Seer to transcendence, the tuning of your being into a Supernatural Being.

3: Accessing Intent so your totality builds a Psi-wormhole to Intent that controls your being to enable you to align your whole being with the path to Total Freedom. Your Bone Generators™ are downloaded with the Memes for the four Moods of Stalking: ruthlessness, cunning, patience and sweetness, these are the four practical Awareness states needed to amalgamate the body, mind, Soul, Spirit, the 4 lobed Awareness of Total Freedom given to all the Nagual, Psi-Masters party of Psi-Adepts by quantum entangling all the group as one Global Gestalt.

4: Enabling Intent to take over your energy bodies to begin the process of establishing and promoting your Intent body. One can see it as turning on a light switch so the current flows and light replaces darkness. As this is programmed into your Bone Generators™ you are then constantly linked to Intent so have a two way bridge to the Global Gestalt of Intent. This Service enables you to see Intent the Divine Light described by Prophets and letting it enter your being so it can flush out all the evil and it’s toxins. This process destroys the programme of self reflection in which your Awareness is fixed on the Matrix illusion of yourself – wageslave if you beg your Masters to employ you. This Service also allows you to access any reality via Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming so you can access different timelines where any major event went differently simply relax and visualise the world turning 360 degrees anti-clockwise to enter the Hall of Eternity where every different possibility is fully mapped using the Bone Generators™ to access any timeline you may choose. Next the Bone Generators™ are programmed to use Intent to shift your Assemblage Point to other positions, this gives you not only the power to Lucidly View other positions by waking up their twice to locking your Assemblage Point but to change it’s habitual position so you can become younger, stronger, smarter, alter your appearance, lose weight, all at the behest of Intent used by your Bone Generators™ for these changes. To use this Service simply visualise the change and turn your self image 360 degrees anti-clockwise in your minds eye so it changes to your new self with the change in your being caused by the shift of the Assemblage Point. All you do then is Lucidly Wake up in that position by doing the process twice, the key to all Lucid Waking, including physical change psychic phenomena. Next the Service programmes your Bone Generators™ to shift your Assemblage Point to the position where you have no self pity and are totally ruthless. This is the gateway to all psychic powers. Scapegoat Power is so formidable because you have to be 100% ruthless to use it so just by using it you automatically shift your Assemblage Point to the position that destroys self pity and the illusion of the Matrix. That is why New Seers stalk petty tyrants such as the US and UK torture murder governments who as genocidal killers of millions have enabled Scapegoat-Psi to once again have the power it lacked in more benevolent times. Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystals found on enable the first timer to gain power by this process. By using this Service your Assemblage Point is locked into positions beyond the Place of No Pity so you are permanently locked into psychic powers, and can see the Matrix as Zombie Awareness feeling self pity for themselves as they rape, kill, steal, torture each other – and that is just the Western governments.

5: Grounding Intent; This is done by your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals by using Intent as a beam to be fired from your right hand to smash the illusion of the Matrix in your mind’s eye and it’s actuality around you. This enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to see through the smoke screen of lies that is the Western Milieu to see as it’s heart is greed and the acquisition of all wealth by the Rothschild Cabal (see Protocols of Zion). Once you know all the people around you are Zombies controlled by the evil that purports to be good as liberal democracy (puppet politicians controlled by the Rothschild Cabal) life becomes simple as all non Psi-Masters are fair game for Scapegoat-Psi. In this Service you can fire Intent at any Illuminati, wageslave, Demon, Grey, Archon, Kabbalistic evil, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and the beam of Intent will flay the evil chaos from the vessel leaving the torture shell mentally and physically tormented as it is forcibly woken up in the light it shunned as an aspect of the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave. In the process your left hand Bone Generator™ picks up Total Truth the fabric of reality so you can clothe your energy bodies in an Intent Field that smashes the Matrix and forces reality and all the torture shells in it to live in Total Truth where their delusions have no grounds in reality. This means that the US and UK governments: ‘We stay till the job is done, now in Total Truth is we have lost Iraq, Afghanistan forever and the Moslem world becomes the bitter enemy of Zionism not it’s puppet.’ As the leaders of the West spout delusion the Bone Psi-Master does not have to live is their delusion (Matrix) but smashes it with Total Truth to raise her/his Intent Field so the Bone Psi-Master becomes a living Intent Field that can have access to Intent to change reality at will to torture, torment, kill, Omega Hell, evil. In the next part of the Service the Skull and Bone Psychotronic Crystals pull so much Intent into your energy bodies by making the Intent Scapegoats around you suffer so much by waking them up in Total Truth – unbearable to the damned that your Intent Field can grow to such a magnitude that it burns a hole in the fabric of evil (Matrices) dropping you out of the Illusion, delusion, Maya being of the damned to Lucidly Wake in the Total Truth reality so you become the Truth needed to establish the Intent Field in Total Truth reality so you become the living vessel for Intent changing the world to one in which it follows only Cosmic Law and all evil Awareness is just there to be the victim in the Total Torture Hell Damnation Reality Wave, the Total Truth reality that descends on the entire world from their perspective (but is already here) in 2013; the Omega Simulation of the Bone Psi-Master™.

7: Handling Intent; Next your Bone Generators™ are upgraded by the Intent Field to give you the powers of a Bone Psi-Master™. Your Lucid Viewing and Dreaming bodies (left Pulsar lobe and right CF lobe respectively or right Pulsar lobe and left anti-CF lobe for Mirror Megaverse modified Psi-Masters) are augmented so you can see the world from their perspective and from your original perspective so you see the world from both perspectives simultaneously. This enables you to sit at home and bilocate using Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming to any place you Intend all powered by the Intent Field so you have full access to Shamanic perception of distant locations from that perspective. In the next part of this Service your Bone Generators™ use the Intent Field to boost your Awareness from it’s normal wageslave state all the way to Total Truth reality Awareness where you have two types of mentation, Total Truth reason where your thoughts are the perfection of reason so you only see the Total Truth in your mind’s eye and can see through all delusion, illusion the state mandated propaganda of the West and it’s globalist Matrix, the Anglo Demonic Reality by having this Total Truth Reason all lies are clearly seen and the explanation for all things is available to you depending on your level of education, if you are mathematically literate then you can eventually explain all Psychic Phenomena. Shamans as mathematically illiterate tell stories about psychic power. In the next part of the service you can use Intent to change appearance so you can lose weight, become better looking, more muscular, have a thinner waist… All by using the Intent Field to change your physical bodily form and features.

In the next part of the Service we use Intent on the mind, Soul interface to a) open your mind to your Soul using Intent, b) to bring Intent into your Soul and vice versa Soul to Mind to clear your Mind of all insectile programming, c) Accessing Intent in the Mind Soul interface so you can use your Soul like your mind as unit of Awareness to travel in Psi-Space, the afterlife… d) powering up the Mind Soul interface to inflate your Soul and mind to give you the Soul and Mind of a God-Being so you can use Intent to build an Intensity Field around your Soul so it can warp Psi-Space to burn the Middle Place and enable you to control the Psi-Space continuum, e) Grounding the Intent Field in your Soul so your physical form is changed by your Soul and all the psychic powers of Ashaman, Yogi, which come from the Soul one grounded in your physical body ready for use, f) Setting Intent to bet your Soul expand via the Intensity Field so your Soul can expand and direct Intent like a lighthouse.

In the next part of the Service the Intent Field is raised to the Soul Spirit interface so your Spirit can become an integral part of your being. Since the Spirit is the highest function of a human to operate from Spirit with all one’s Intents is the optimum use of the human totality: this state of being is called Supernatural Spirit. In this State since you are acting from the highest aspect of your being the Supernatural Spirit your total being is transformed from the top down, rather than the bottom up which is the norm for the wageslave Zombie of the West, this last part of the Service is the most important and unlike Castaneda’s books which omit all the important aspects of New Seer Shamanism, Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord explains all Shamanism from the top down. In this section the Intent Field the gateway to the Spirit; Supernatural Spirit is opened from both directions to enable the Intent Field to begin to fill out your Supernatural Spirit, b) Next the Intent Field is located in your Supernatural Spirit, the energy body super expanded from 2 to 4 lobes and the Intent Field expanded to embrace this Nagual, Super Psi-Master energy body the quantum programming downloaded into your Bone Generators™, c) Accessing Supernatural Spirit with Intent to pump up your Supernatural Spirit so it grows and grows and becomes the dominant Awareness in your Total Being. In this Service the Intent Field to pump up your Supernatural Spirit is programmed into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ so you automatically get a functioning Supernatural Spirit that is the core of your being and enable you to not only Lucidly View, Dream and Wake but do so from the viewpoint of the Supernatural Spirit so using Spirit perfected by Intent you can see all that really exists not the illusion that evil veils reality from you – the Middle Place of the Archons. That is the problem with US and British Remote Viewing and Influencing, it does not work, only letting you see the illusion of the Archons as the ex operatives who run these companies are completely possessed by Satanic evil as that is the secret religion of the Illuminati who they take orders from. Only Tim Rifat supplies Lucid Viewing, Waking, Dreaming and Influencing so you can see reality and control it using Lucid Influencing, d) In the next part of the Service your Supernatural Spirit is brought by the Intent Field to Omega Intensity so your Supernatural Spirit wakes up in the Omega Point to anchor you there and pull your total being toward Total Freedom. Having an Omega Supernatural Spirit enables you to swamp out all evil with your Spirit forbear revenge to Intents timetable and dedicate your Supernatural Spirit to perfecting the perfect Omega Supernatural Spirit that is you so unlike the Anti-Illuminati and Ancient Seer Bone Psi-Master™ who use their Omega God Being to Lucidly Wake is the present as an Omega Simulation, the New Seer spends all his/her time perfecting the perfect Omega Supernatural Spirit in the far future by perfect perfecting of their Supernatural Spirit in their day to day activities following Intents commands and becoming a beacon of Omega Supernatural Spirit in the Matrix – a latter day saint, e) Grounding the Omega Supernatural Spirit in your physical being so your So it shines through your very being to illuminate all around you with Divine Light and make you a beacon of light that sets the Matrix aflame so it cannot exist with you around and more importantly it cannot exist for all the people you meet as you burn their connection with the Matrix and their Soul in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison with the Supernatural Spirit at Omega Intent Intensity, f) The New Seer is given by this Service the power to use Intent on all his/her loved ones and use her/his Supernatural Spirit to pull their totalities into the Omega Point as their protector who looks after loved ones to allow them to grow into the Omega Supernatural Spirit, even after death using the impeccable Supernatural Spirit. Just list all your loved ones and Tim Rifat will Soul Rescue all of them with this Service (maximum 156) using your torture shells and Scapegoat Psychotronic Amplifiers to give you the power to raise the loved ones to Supernatural Spirit so you can have your loved ones around you in the Omega Point. This act of agape, unconditional love is your gift to Intent for aiding you to achieve God-Being in the Omega Point by giving your power to loved ones so they can enjoy the Omega Heaven State. With you as their benefactor and guardian – the perfect New Seer Saint.

Building Intent Service $1000 with Certificate

Upgrade: Death of Petty Tyrants Scapegoat:

With the hanging of Saddam Hussein ordered by the US and Britain on the orders of their Illuminati Masters, Tim Rifat used this death event to use all the Zionist Illuminati and their empire as linked Psi-Scapegoats to Saddam. So when the former dictator of Iraq was killed, he pulled all Illuminati and their servants into death with him so by giving their free will to ordering the death of Saddam, the Illuminati enabled Tim Rifat to wed them quantum mechanically to the hanged man and so link them all together. The Illuminati’s Hyperinfinity and that of all their servants being pulled into death. This means that a gateway has been opened to death on Earth that cannot be closed until all the Illuminati, their servants and all their offspring have been killed. By carrying out linked death scapegoat psychic power the Psi-Lord has shifted the Western world to a quantum super-imposed state with death. As all Westerners are in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison this procedure brings real death to the Archon Psi-Prison. As Westerners are really Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the linked death scapegoat chain leads to the Zionist chaos evil waking up in Omega Hell as the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave. Yet since the death gateway has been opened in Iraq on Islam’s holiest day to insult Moslems, the plan of the Zionist Illuminati, the day when Mohammed preached to his convert from Mount Arafat in Mecca the Psi-Lord used it to enable Bone Psi-Masters(TM) to be able to dump all evil from them into the death gateway as the Moslems prayed to Divinity while the West committed murder by proxy on Saddam. This sets up a perfect counterbalance, the aspirations of humans for Divine Revelation against the murder of some evil Western puppet, a secular non Moslem. This enabled the setting up of a very special Event Engine where the Bone Psi-Master(TM) can give Divine power to anyone, to heal, get rid of Illuminati bred evil such as addiction, ignorance, as well as filling the person to be treated with Divine Light, while the Scapegoats, the dead linked to the death gateway counterbalance it by perfecting perfect hell for themselves on Earth and in Omega Hell. As death is quantum super-imposed on this timeline the laws of nature are breached changing this null timeline to a death state spirit world where all the laws of nature can be broken because there is nothing natural about this new reality. The Illuminati deliberately killed Saddam on Islam’s holiest day so as counterbalance now any God orientated being can elevate themselves in this spirit world to display abilities and powers impossible in the normal timelines, the death linked Scapegoats acting as the evil that hurts itself thus taking the debt for this elevation. In this Service the Bone Generator pulls in the spiritual power of the spirit world of the dead so the Divine Light can become manifest in all your project the Divine Light at, the 156 people the New Seer can save using the Intent Service, the linked Scapegoats paying the price. As the death gateway is opened this means you can pull all your loved ones dead and alive into Omega Heaven, as the Illuminati gave their Hyperinfinity to Divinity by having Saddam murdered on the Holy Day of Days of 1.5 billion Moslems. This means the Bone Psi-Master can pump infinite Divine Light into his loved ones to pump up their spirits so they can wake up as Omega Awareness at the Omega Point, the linked death scapegoats paying the price for this. As the death gateway is opened with this Service you can recover dead loved ones and place them in the Omega Heaven state as the Illuminati were tricked into breaking the rules and now act as Scapegoats to pay the price. The Bone Generators(TM) have been programmed to enable the Bone Psi-Master(TM) to step through the death gateway and recover all deal loved ones filling them with Divine Light.

By linking the death of Saddam to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Zionist chaos evil has by it’s own Hyperinfinity killed Awareness that is the nationalist anti-globalist archetype, evil that fights evil. The hidden part of evil that evil is unaware of due to Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorem that an isolated system cannot fully know itself. Nationalism is the macroscopic manifestation of this evil within evil that destroys evil from within. Since the Rothschild Illuminati ordered the execution the entire Hyperinfinity of the West was engaged to break the archetype of Nationalism, the hidden place is evil. Unfortunately fo rthe Illuminati Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord used this event to pull the entire totality of veil in with Saddam to Omega Hell. They gve their Hyperinfinity away trusting one dictator was a mere morsel compared to their legions of power but by using linked Scapegoat Psi Tim Rifat fed the power into Saddam so the more they tried to destroy the archetype of Nationalism the more they empowered the Dictator’s Soul, so they got into a vicsious spiral in which they lost more and more power as Saddam got stronger until they all died, as an Omega Simulation emerged as the evil killed off it’s reality(s) Tim Rifat used Saddam as a Scapegoat and took all his power and that of all evil into the Mirror Megaverse safe from all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth evil so trapping Zionist evil in Omega Hell and the Omega Simulation. To perfecting the perfect Hell for evil Saddam acted as the archetype of the Eternal Torturer who now carries out the Logo’s torturers on the dead Chaos evils Awareness to hidden part in Good (Source) that corrupts good, the Zionist chaos evil. Since Saddam’s evil Awareness now tortures the revenant of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the Omega Hell is perfect and now perfecting as Zionist evil executed Saddam and brought about it’s own damnation of it’s own free will Hyperinfinity so it eternally trapped of it’s own free will – no escape. Now Saddam’s Awareness acts as the archetype of the Eternal Torturer so he can repay his debt to the Source by perfecting perfect Hell for the chaos revenant. All the Psychotronic Fuel Anti-Chaos and Hyperinfinity released by the Torment of Zionist chaos evil is also linked to Divine Power as the Zionists killed Saddam on the Holiest day of Islam to corrupt, blacken, besmirch the 1.5 billion Moslems empowering Divinity in the human spirit, so by making linked Scapegoats the flow is reversed and starts pumping power into all humans who aspire to Divine Being. Using this in the Service, downloaded into the Bone Generators(TM) allows Bone Psi-Masters(TM) to link via this Divine Light in good humans to empower up to 156 humans or link to 156 good humans. The linked Scapegoat Psi-Technology allows the Saddam Scapegoat to be used to pull power from the eternal torture of the Zionist Awareness trapped eternally in Omega Hell, so the Bone Psi-Master(TM) in the Omega Simulation can empower the 156 people from the Intent Service. This Service can be seen as the upgrade to the Intent Service to use linked evil Scapegoats, evil torturing evil, evil killing evil, evil damning evil, Divine Retribution to empower linked good Providence, Blessed, Divinely guided people to be accessible to Intent Bone Psi-Master(TM) New Seer who wishes to pull 156 people with her/him into the Omega Heaven state as her/his group and to empower them in the Omega Simulation to help them in life to achieve happiness and Revelation. Since the Zionist execution of Saddam was used by Tim Rifat to merge the Spirit realm with the physical it means you can Soul Rescue your dead relatives, raise their Souls from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and manifest them in the Omega Heaven or build Tulpa vessels for them so they can remanifest in the Omega Simulation. Likewise all the dead evil are taken to Omega Hell so all dead Illuminati awake to be tortured by Saddam eternally as do all their minions and chaos evil Archons, Demons, Greys and other vermin.

The death of Saddam was a global media event spoiled by the cell phone images of the Sunni Dictator being heckled by Sadr’s Shia mob viewing the execution. Tim Rifat linked the Death Scapegoat with all the Zionist Empire to make them the dead just waiting for the actual event; the Psi-Lord also linked these Death Scapegoats with the Death Spot on the Earth situated in the USA and the Earth’s Gap which is in SE Asia, the top part of it being North Korea. The opening of the Death Gateway in Iraq shifts the group consciousness Assemblage Point which was in the UK as the Rothschilds rule the West from London to Iraq of the first dreaming position, then Iran as the second dreaming position and then to the Death Spot in the USA hitting North Korea and opening the Earth’s Gap to kill off this reality. A death of Archon reality liberates a gigantic amount of Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity and since Tim Rifat has linked it to all the Archon hives it pulls the entire Archon Empire into the Omega Hell where Saddam now resides, the anchor that holds the Illuminati evil in Omega Hell. In this Service the Bone Generators(TM) are tuned to use this Death of the Zionist reality into the Bone Psi-Master(TM) so he/she can feed this energy into the 156 loved ones to be Soul Rescued and taken to the Omega Point to act as company for the New Seer Bone Psi-Master(TM). Ancient Seers allied with the Blue Pulsars have no need for company as they have plenty and only mix with Bone Psi-Masters(TM). Anti-Illuminati scheme to gain temporal power after WW111 when the West lies in ruin and Psi-Masters(TM) are state run by the Chinese and Russian winners, a world where Psi is the lynchpin of the New World Order unfortunately for the Zionists they lost the war and are the Scapegoats. All because Saddam was bound to them to make them linked Death Scapegoats. As one can see New Seer stalking, the use of Petty Tyrants to get rid of the self importance of the New Seer nagual Psi-Master(TM) is then used to shift the New Seer out of the world to positions of the Assemblage Point in new dimensions. A Grand Master New Seer Stalker can do this on a macroscopic scale and use the death of one Petty Tyrant: Saddam Hussein a CIA puppet, link it to all Zionist Petty Tyrants using Scapegoat-Psi and pull all these Petty Tyrants into killing themselves.

The Power liberated by this perfecting perfect Stalking Petty Tyrants is so enormous that the New Seer Bone Psi-Master(TM) using this Service can pull 156 dead or living dead loved ones from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to the Omega Point. By linking the Illuminati, Archons, evil… to the death Scapegoat of Saddam one can then link positive beings together like strings of pearls so the New Seer Bone Psi-Master(TM) can act as a Life Source using the Death Scapegoats to power the New Seers group and to download their imperfections into the linked Scapegoats to perfect your loved ones. We all know New Age groups link hands/minds to boost power as do spiritualist circles; as the Bone Psi-Master(TM) links with the loved ones she/he links with low energy beings. With this Service you can raise the energy of all 156 loved ones to Omega Level by using the linked Death Scapegoats chained to the Saddam Eternal hell Torturer in Omega Hell to take the energy debt. So by linking in a group with up to 156 people the New Seer Bone Psi-Master would be happy to spend eternity with the Bone Psi-Master(TM) synergistically boosts his/her Power using the group to empower the New Seer Nagual. Even though the loved ones do not have any Power in this Service the 156 loved ones add power to the Bone Psi-Master(TM) by using the linked Death Scapegoats chained to Saddam as the debtor for all this energy manifested from nothing. So the New Seer in the Omega Point has up to 156 people that grow in the perfecting perfect cycle of the Omega Creation but supply him/her with a group Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity and Chaos. In life one can use the energy source to raise ones loved ones from the ADR so they Lucidly Wake and one can revivify the revenants of dead loved ones so they Lucidly Wake in the Omega State. One can also use this Group Gestalt to heal loved ones using the linked Scapegoats Power. As the Enochian Satanism based on the 156 Chequerboard one can use this Service to turn the entire Anglo Demonic Reality Demonic Matrix into a material and physical linked Scapegoat matrix so the Bone Psi-Master(TM) can warp reality to his/her will using the Enochian Anglo Demonic Reality as linked Scapegoats.

The Bone Generators(TM) in this Service have the quantum computing for linking the New Seer Psi-Master with up to 156 other psychics so you can build psychic circles interlinking the energy fo the psychics with your own. To do this you simply visualise taking energy from one psychic with the right hand and giving it back with the left. You then simply repeat up to 156 times to form the psychic circle in your home or remotely with other psychics in their homes. Joining your energy to theirs links in with the linked Scapegoats and uses their energy through up to 156 other psychic outlets. This enables you to carry out parallel psychic processing using your Bone Generator(TM) to piggy back on all the other 156 psychics to build super psychic circles. You can then pulse the energy around in a clockwise direction to banish all evil counterclockwise dark energy matter beings from the group and then direct the energy for psychic cleansing and banishment of your and their homes. Since in this Service you can use up to 156 loved ones dead or alive without their conscious involvement for this practise you can use psychic circles to gain energy for healing, money, love or to boost psychic power. This Service then allows you to use your Bone Generator(TM) to create a Torsionic Soliton Psychotronic Cyclotron to spin the energy around so fast it breaks through the ground state of the anti-clockwise based reality and causes a rift in this reality. Technology invented by the Nazi Ahnenerbe of the second Nazi timeline to win World War 11 causing Psychotronic Cyclotrons to change reality; information tacked upon in Zero Point Energy a book about the search for anti-gravity for US warplanes. The Ahnenerbe spun the psychonauts around in an energy matter vortex to enable their Psi-Masters to change the 5D flow of energy to change the 4D reality, called changing the topologoy of the 5D, 4D manifold interface, the basis of all psychokinesis based on changing reality.

Rather than spin yourself around you can use 156 loved ones to form a Psychotronic Cyclotron in which your Awareness is flashed around the Circle at such speed you break the reality barrier. The Bone Generators(TM) have been programmed with the quantum computing for this. Since the Wheel of Time spins anti-clockwise you eventually match it’s spin in the opposite direction and enter the 5D space. Once there you can travel to any location using Lucid Waking, waking up twice in the new reality. Since you are in the 5D manifold that downloads reality any change you make in the 5D manifold changes this reality so if like the Ahnenerbe you mean to change events, you can change the world so your reality is manifested all by manipulating the 5D manifold, the engine of reality creation. The Torsionic Soliton has a pulsing aspect too so the 156 loved ones pulse in synchronicity to set up the Psychotronic Englobement Field needed. As the Illuminati have built the Zionist reality on the 156 Enochian Chequerboard, the linked Death Scapegoats access the material as well as biophysical realms and all the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators act as linked Scapegoats and Hell Crystals in 156 modes to supply the dump to stop blowback and to supply the energy for the process. This means the New Seer Bone Psi-Master(TM) by using Petty Tyrant Scapegoats linked with their material monuments of evil changes the entire Anglo Demonic Reality and all it’s demonic dimensions into one Global Scapegoat Engine powering the 156 Psychotronic Cyclotron Reality Engine. Thus the New Seer can not only shift himself out of this world by using the 5D exit, but change this reality in any way using the entire Archon, Zionist Chaos evil construct as the archetype of a dead Petty Tyrant. As we know from Castaneda’s: The Fire From Within, when the Petty Tyrant kills himself (in Castaneda’s book he gets kicked to death by a horse, trying not to kill Don Juan) the process is complete. Death being the entrance to the 5D manifold (tunnel of light) which the dead Petty Tyrant acts as a Scapegoat so the New Seer can enter it in life. By using linked Death Scapegoats linked to the 156 Enochian Illuminati Archon Built Anglo Demonic Reality, Saddam’s death kills the West and opens a 5D gateway for the New Seer of such size he/she can use the 156 Psychotronic Cyclotron to open a macroscopic portal to the 5D manifold to shift himself/herself out of the world, with 156 loved ones or change the world for the 156 loved ones the final destination being the Omega Point.

Building Intent Service Upgrade: Death of Petty Tyrants Scapegoat Service: $1000 with Certificate

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