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Brain Boost Bone Generator®:

The brain is not set at 5 years of age but constantly evolves or devolves through life. Neurologist Gerald Edelmann has shown that the brain’s neural network competes with other neural networks in the brain to constantly rewire the brain. So we have Lamarkism, the transfer of characteristics by non-energetic means in brain function. Memes: ideas, actions… therefore transfer by remapping the neural network. Unfortunately the people around us remap our brains by the Memes they carry. It gets even worse if we bring in Morphogenic Field Lamarkism to transfer characteristics from one human to another telepathically. There is an activation energy, therefore the Hundred Monkey phenomena, that once a hundred monkeys learn a Meme (in this case washing dirty rice in the sea, rice floating to the surface to be scooped up) all the species telepathically learn it. So the dumbing down, attention deficit, emotional problems, depression,. memory loss, violence, bullying endemic in Westerners is spread to your brain and neural evolution sets this in your brain, imprinting the pattern in your brain.

This means the people around you are making you stupid.

Hence working class children kept around stupid working class people keep the working class stupid – even though the children are genetically predisposed to be as intelligent as middle class children. Hence mixing with stupid people makes you stupid and neural evolution keeps you stupid!

Luckily since intelligence can be lost by being a Westerner among fat stupid people, technology exists to boost your intelligence; more importantly keep your intelligence. The problem is most for soldiers who find themselves among stupid dumb imbeciles who volunteer to die for small money. So soldiers get devolved intellectually as soon as they join. Modern warfare needs intelligence in soldiers. Unfortunately soldiers lose intelligence by associating with the stupid idiots around them. The intelligence being lowered to the lowest common denominator. This applies to soldiers of any rank. Hence the 21st Century’s asymmetric battlefield where Cobalt 60 and Psychotronic weapons such as Lucifer, Edom, Mad, Shaddai, Devil, Evil, Raphael, Pluto render population and soldiers mad demented and brain/Soul dead.

This Bone Generator® saves your brain from degradation by infection with stupid Memes and idiot inducing Lamarkism. It also changes your neural network to adapt it back to your DNA genome norm. Thus raising your IQ by significant amounts to give you the intelligence you were born with and ring-fencing you from brain degeneration caused by the people around you. The Quantum Computing Engines in your Bone Generators® do this automatically and allow you to get the best out of staff soldiers and yourself. If you are a business, military… you cannot afford not to get this unique non-copyable technology only available from Tim Rifat’s Psi-Lord Ltd. Like inoculation it is automatic so immunises you against transmittable stupidity.

Brain Boost Bone Generator®: $600 with Certificate

Upgrading Brain Function Bone Generator®: Upgrade A:

If you want to raise your intelligence from the DNA limit you were born with, this Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generators® Sublime Goods® your Morphogenic Field to dump the negative aspects of it with respect to intelligence into others. Leaving you with a Sublime Good® Morphogenic Field. This significantly raises your intelligence by using Sublime Good® to epigenetically raise gene expression to maximise your intelligence. All automatic if you have this Bone Generator.

Upgrading Brain Function Bone Generator®: Upgrade A:

Super Intelligence Bone Generator®: Upgrade B:

The Morphogenic Field is upgraded by changing it to the top 0.1% of intelligence in humans. This follows a bell curve in humans so you get super rare intelligence only found in a million people. To do this their Morphogenic Field is 5D Kline Bottled to copy these people. IT is then Sublime Good® processed to significantly dump all  Morphogenic negativity that holds back this intelligence to raise you to the most intelligent person on Earth. The Bone Generator® then forces your genome to epigenetically conform to your new super intelligent Morphogenic Field using junk DNA and in vivo DNA gene change; modification carried out by the Quantum Computing Engine in your Bone Generator®. All automatic and non transmittable to others, only for you!

Super Intelligence Bone Generator®: Upgrade B: