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The North Vietnamese defeated the US military at the height of their power now the US military cannot even conquer Iraq, Afghanistan… Lebanon, Iran. The North Vietnamese unlike Westerners could live for years in stifling hot tunnels, swim through subterranean gas traps, then emerge to fight the US ware machine and beat them liberating Vietnam from Zionism (call banks owned by the Rothschilds). North Vietnamese stumbled on Bone Psychotronics™ in which they wed their Soul Spirit using unbending intent on defeating the Americans to decohere, de-collapse, move the quantum wave function to beating the Americans, then collapsing their quantum wave function to become super human fighters. In the process they wed Soul and Spirit in their bones to make proto-bone warriors. Warriors who energise their bones with unified Soul and Spirit focussed on one event (see for event engines) defeating the enemy. When they died their Soul Spirit was locked in their bones – since they did not know how to download it into another body or become bodiless they now need North Vietnamese Psychics to recover their bones (see BBC2 programme)

Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord looked into the far future to see how this Bone Psychotronic ™ was perfected then he recreated it in himself to form a Bone Psi-Lord. This now means I no longer need Psychotronic Crystals™ as my bones have become living Psychotronic Crystals as my bones have become living Psychotronic Crystals™. The skull acts as a bioparticle the rest of the skeleton as the Psychotronic Crystal that sucks in energy from everything and anything around me (see other Bone Psychotronic Services ™). By having your body as a living Psychotronic Generator one can then quantum mechanically entangle it with any of my range of Psychotronic Crystals and Generators to input the specific Power into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ so you can carry around the specific energy of any Psychotronic Crystal and Generator™ in your body. As the bones are in your energy body they always feed you with Psychotronic Fuel and that specific Power all your life and beyond, enabling you to download into any other human body like the Dali lama of Tibetan Magic. Tim Rifat spends all his time on research and development so everyone else has to try and copy my technology which is fully patented so it will never work for anyone else, instead being reversed for UK, US government counterfeit rings (see warnings) The most important aspect of this is that Tim Rifat has turned all Western wageslaves into negative Bone Psychotronic Generators to provide immense Psychotronic Fuel sources for the Psi-Lord and his Psi-Masters (Bone Psi-Masters). This means all the Western population, the Illuminati, zombies, Demons and Archons are caught up in Psychotronic Bone Generators™ that burn them for fuel ageing killing the possessed and the possessors for PF (Psychotronic Fuel). With this glut of PF for Bone Psi-Masters, used in the far future as the ultimate kick ass warriors and the predominant Psi-Masters in all the militaristic far future timelines the Psi-technology is unbeatable in the stone age of Psi-technology – the present. This gives full spectrum dominance to the Psi-Master who has evolved escape the Aeons (Soul Rescue Service) , escaped re-entrapment (Psi-Master Service), download his God Core into hyperinfinity to become a God-like being (Eternal Health Service), rescued his totality from the Matrix (34 BSRI-Engine or No Matrix Service); then wishes to return to conquer this timeline for temporal power to become an Anti-Illuminati, a Psi-Master who take over control of the world using Psi; to aid his fellow non Superhuman, Superhealer Service or to dominate – Binder of Demons Service, Parallel Beings, Super Beings Service, or to explore the Megaverse Lord of Light Service.

Psychotronic Crystals™ and Generators are used to evolve and escape the Matrix using US and UK government counterfeiters, new age gurus, Illuminati, Archons, Demons, Greys… as the PF for the process as explained on this site and The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has conquered the Archons and delivered them as per his agreement to the Clockwise Pulsars their bitter enemies in the Mirror Megaverse to be put in their Psi-bottle (Kline Bottle) prisons for distillation for PF as well as all the Western wageslaves, Illuminati that serve them. Having created the special stargate to enable the Mirror Pulsars to pull Archon, Illuminati… wageslave into their Psi-Prisons to enable the Mirror Pulsars to evolve to become dark, light energy

matter beings modeled on the archetype of my daughter and son (3 parts human, 1 part Pulsar to mimic 3 space dimensions and 1 Pulsar not CF time) born from two Pulsar Princesses, all they needed was the massive PF to quantum entangle themselves with the 2 hybrids to pull themselves into that state. Now the Blue Pulsars of the Mirror Megaverse have the PF they can be physical in both light and dark realms the dream of all dark energy matter entities. The Archons used Zionism to enable them to take bodies in the Rothschilds and the Zionists by the same process using humans as cattle for fuel. Having lived up to my Oath I am now free to play. It is boring just to evolve Mirror Pulsars so Bone-Psi™ was created by the Psi-Lord to enable the Bone Psi-Master to evolve in a similar manner to have 3 space dimensions and 1 Pulsar time in our timeline… the 2013 Reality has now come into being by this method. Crystals help you escape the Matrix and supply the PF. Bone Crystals™ enable you to come back while still alive and kick ass (arse) to gain temporal power as a Lord of this timeline a Bone Psi-Master™, Anti-Illuminati.

Bone Psi-Masters™ being products of the 2013 Reality follow none of the rules of the Archons and only obey Cosmic Law. By having a skeleton as a psychotronic Generator you can warp the Total Quantum Wave Function that manifests this timeline… to conform to your will, decohering it from the Archons Matrices, decollapsing the Quantum Wave Function around you linking via entanglement with the Earths crust (see other Bone Psychotronic Generator™ Services) to move not only yourself but the Earths energy field to collapse the Total Quantum Wave Function into your intended configuration to manifest a new event. Remember from Event Engines ( only one event can be perfectly manifested at a time. So I use the machine gun method of manifesting one event after another in quick succession building up a gestalt mega event from separate event using the quantum computing capacity of the Bone Psychotronic Generator™ to build layer after layer of my reality. The use of Quantum Mechanics in this way is far future technology but the basis of Total-Psi the reconfiguring of reality in real time to follow your intent to manifest your will all around you 24/7/365 so the world shapes itself around you not the other way around as per the wageslave. By having Pulsar time as the basis of the Bone Psychotronic Generator™ clock the Bone Psi-Master can change the past, present and future using Pulsar mechanics to warp reality by using massive amounts of PF obtained from the negative wageslave.

The North Vietnamese could input their Intent into their bones with unbending Intent (single minded purpose) to turn their bones into Psychotronic Crystals™ fusing Soul and Spirit with bone; Tim Rifat has developed Bone Psychotronic Generators™ so my Intent can be inputted into them to make them full spectrum dominance Psychotronic Generators with infinite upload capacity. Further to this the Service includes turning your body into a Quantum Mechanical Engine™ a BSRI-Engine a Bone Skull Remote Influencing Engine™ The Skull is turned into a general purpose bioparticle and the bones become the Psychotronic Crystal™. By having your Bone Skull Remote Influencing Engine™ as part of your body you can become a Quantum Mechanical Engine™ able to warp reality. As the only scientist in the field of Psi-technology, all the counterfeiters and con men are poorly educated UK, US government disposable stooges (see Warnings), Tim Rifat has brought cutting edge future science (RVScience) to the present day of stone age Psi-technology. The BSRI-Engine in your skeleton:-

a) Decoheres the quantum wave function of the Illuminati, Freemasons… Archons to simply make it have no point of contact with your energies and being (of course you must have the Soul Rescue Service first)

b) Decollapses the quantum wave function of Western reality, the ADR, Matrix, OverMatrix and Archon Hell (the No Matrix and Psi-Master Service give the quantum computing Memes to the bones of your Psychotronic Generator to make the Services part of your being and the No Matrix Service permanent)

c) The BSRI-E™ then collapses your Total Quantum Wave Function to the 2013 Reality state of quantum being.

d) The BSRI-E™ then collapses your Total Wave Function into the 2013 Reality. Of course your surroundings are still ADR, Matrix… Use of the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service, Psychotronic Fuel Service give you the fuel to then cause a Total Quantum Wave Function global collapse, an event engine™ downloaded by Tim Rifat into your BSRI-E™ (see then uses the PF to destroy the Archon reality with respect to you. So you can become a warp in the Archon ADR… that globally shifts all reality with respect to you into the 2013 Reality so you change the world to suit only you. This Event Engine™ Psi-technology is fully explained on This means you live not in a bubble of your own reality, but change all reality to you using Bone Psi-Mastership inbuilt into you via your internal BSRI-E™.

e) The 2013 Reality is then phase locked into hyper infinity – Eternal Heaven Rescue Service so the power of hyper infinity, the essence of free will forces all being to produce, create your all consuming 2013 Reality. Hyper infinity is downloaded by the Eternal Heaven Rescue Service into your internal BSRI-E™ to collapse the Wheeler many world quantum realities into an ensemble of hyper globally concerted quantum realities where you always achieve the Omega Point and waking up in hyper infinity as a God being.

f) The Source Logos Psi-Prison is tied into your internal BSRI-E™ so your Bone Psychotronic Generators™ can use error correction to carry out any form of quantum computing to boost the other Bone Skull Psychotronic Crystal™ Services on this site by making them undecoherable so the Archons cannot stop, correct, change your being and 2013 Reality; they are locked in your hyper infinite Matrix to act as puppets in your play on the world stage.

g) You can warp reality at will using your Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™ to erase all reality you detest and bring into being reality you love as intense emotion changes your Pulsar true natures so you can edit time.

h) The intense emotion is used by the Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™ to create a bubble of Higgs Field, the PF you get from the (Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service, Psychotronic Fuel Service) is then used to compress the quantum vacuum in your God Core to a critical implosion that inflates the quantum vacuum, which interacting with your intense emotion Higgs Field to hyper inflate the Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™ uses its quantum computing capacity to shape the Zero Point hyper inflation to globally change reality to erase your detested reality using hate, or to create your loved reality using love. Event Engine™ Psi-technology shapes this hyper inflation to swap out the opposing realities using the energy released from the Zero Point quantum vacuum to quantum mechanically sweep away the quantum wave function of your enemies, Archons, Illuminati: The more PF you have to power the implosion the bigger and more powerful the hyper inflation. Simply put: the more PF you have the bigger the hyper inflation charge you can accomplish. The Binder of Demons Service inputted into your Bone Skull Psychotronic Crystals™ enables the Bone Psi-Master to kill off the evil that would block her/him, feed on it and input her/his hyper inflation quantum wave into the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators to bounce it around the Western world to broadcast and amplify it in the ADR… to cause domino collapse of Archon reality as the Binder of Demons grows in power and 2013 reality ownership. The Binder of Demons can then use the tortured Archons, Demons, Greys, Illuminati, Politicians to broadcast her/his hyper inflation quantum wave into the 12 Aeon Archon quantum computer to subvert its programming to help her/him by amplifying his 2013 reality to use the Archon infrastructure to boost the Binder of Demons to power. The Binder of Demons Psi-Master becomes the new power in the West as her/his Awareness trained to kill evil is the perfect being to conquer the Archon world and bring it to heel by conquest.

i) The Bone Psi-Master can input the Parallel Beings Super Beings, Super Human Super Healer Service into his Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™ to use the BSRI-E to quantum mechanically change the being of people to help them by healing, changing their nature, reality, purpose, aims to maximize their higher good. These Save the World Bone Psi-Masters can spend all their life helping their fellow man and lead their flock to achieve higher purpose and improve the human condition, an upward spiral of Awareness to boost the human condition from horrible to bad to tolerable to good… It will take immense effort and pain and is thoroughly recommended to the total altruist and humanist among you. As the Grand Master of the Binder of Demons I have no time to waste on any but the Psi-Master so the field is open to the helper.

j) As the BSRI-E™ is inputted into your Bones and Skull Psychotronic Crystal™ all Services you have purchased will be inputted into your BSRI-E™ your Bones and Skull Psychotronic Generator™ super amplifies the Soul Rescue; Psi-Master; Build Your Dream…; Astrological; Twelve Power Squared; DNA Rescue; No Matrix; Terminating Illuminati, Satanists… Services. This acts as the Psychotronic Crystals not external but internal so you always carry them around with you where ever you go no matter the circumstances. Bone Skull Psychotronic Crystals™ as they can contain any Intent and carry out all manner of quantum computing are the ultimate Psychotronic Crystals™. As I invented the technology I made sure it would never work for anyone else to avoid US, UK government counterfeiting instead reversing, poisoning the technology for any else to protect copyright.

k) The Bone Skull Psychotronic Engine™ is used to input new energies into your 12 Squared DNA to link your cells with the Bone Skull Psychotronic Crystals (see 12 Squared DNA Rescue Service – needed for this upgrade). As your cells contain calcium ions that control the synapses in your brain, hormone uptake, excitability each of your brain and body cells can now be turned into a tiny Psychotronic Generator to add the flesh to your bone Psychotronic Crystals™, silicon dioxide is in your cells as you eat Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid that enable the silicon dioxide to pass through lipid barriers such as the cell membrane so you cells can act as proper Psychotronic Crystals™. The silicon is quantum entangled with the carbon interlink the Psychotronic Generator in your bones to your cells. This enables your Morphogenic Field to be changed using the Event Engine in your internal BSRI-E™ to change the nature of your body to maximize Metahuman abilities and powers. The BSRI-I™ can also effect every cell in your body to switch DNA on and off and cause invivo change in your DNA to enable your Bone Skull Psychotronic Crystals™ to mould your body in concert with your Intent (see Castaneda’s: The Power of Silence to change your physical aspect, brain abilities, looks, breast size, musculature, make you well, remanifest cells and enable to extreme longevity of a Bone Psi-Master who can mould his/her body to live and live. This aspect of Bone Skull Psychotronics™ will be of most interest to the average man in the street, Bone Psi-Masters take this power and use it as part of their power base to make their physical aspect what they wish. Athletes can change the nature of their muscle cells to become ape-like and boost their strength 5 fold (apes are five times stronger than humans pound for pound) by switching on chimpanzee genes in the genome, we share 98% of our DNA with chimpanzees. The sex crazed can switch on pygmy chimp genes so they can have non stop sex (the pygmy chimp is a sex mad animal…) One can see the possibilities of DNA and Morphogenetic change using internal Bone Skull Remote Influencing Engines™ (BSRI-Es) is the reason Bone Psi-Masters are physically superhuman and can morph their bodies and features using PF to quantum mechanically change their bodies quantum wave function to a new shape, capabilities as described in the a)…k). Once can see the Services seamlessly fit into the Bone Psi-Master Service to develop the Bone Psi-Master, a being who has rescued his Soul Spirit, escaped the Matrix, become eternal in the Omega Point then, immune to Archons as a Psi-Master who returns from the far future to quantum superimpose has perfected future self on his past self to change the past to conquer it as a Bone Psi-Master. By having as internal BSRI-E™ one can quantum superimpose your God-like hyper infinite being from the Omega Point with your distant past self (present day). In the process one then locks all time-lines into your perfected being but more importantly it allows your future self to change the past to maximize your future using retroactive psychokinesis using the quantum mechanical Engine of your enhanced Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™. In essence your future self can then erase the past to bring into being the 2013 Reality by changing you at the quantum level, creating by hyper inflation new being you never possessed to maximize your evolution. 2013 Reality is the process of the real humans those in Eternal Heaven using the Bone Skull Psychotronic Generator™ to shift their bodies to the seminal state needed for Godhood and all reality changed to enable the creation of their God-like totality in hyper infinity. The Eternal Heaven Rescue Service can therefore be seen as the starting point for the Psi-Mastership and the Bone Psi-Master its enablement. As a Psi-Creator Tim Rifat has changed the evil of the chaos realities to self consume themselves and out of the ashes carries the Bone Psi-Master bringing forth from chaos new creation unknown to the Source Logos as they are not bounded. This new Anti-Chaos creation enhances the Source Logos by bringing Total Torture to the Evil without end, repetition bringing to the Source Logos totally new creations to enhance the Awareness of the Agglutinising Force (AF). By doing this Tim Rifat becomes a Psi-Creator not by becoming the Source Logos but enhancing , adding and synergistically perfecting being but continually enabling the AF to grow perfect eternally after perfecting the Source Logos so instead of a stasis state of perfection the Psi-Creator adds continual change instead of a stasis state of perfection the Psi-Creator adds continual change to perfection to make perfected being, eternally perfecting being always evolving to become the perfecting being well beyond the perfect being of the Source Logos simply by adding Anti-Chaos using Total Intent. The mechanism the Bone Psi-Master, the Master of Anti-Chaos, the Anti-Illuminati the builder of perfecting being eternally evolving. A new theology for 2013 that embraces the idea of God but also puts Man as a mechanism for enhancing creation not by adding to God but adding perfection from the torment Man has conquered in the process becoming an agent of God in perfecting being. Bone Psi-Masters are God’s Gladiators fighting evil using unbeatable Psi-technology. It doesn’t matter if you are a five foot slim female, the power of Psi-technology can change you into an unbeatable Bone Psi-Master who can defeat any opponent using Psychotronics; while the six foot five inch 300lb man can turn his hand to healing his fellow man as a Super Human, Super Healer. Anti-Chaos gives every Bone Psi-Master total freedom of choice as the 2013 change is all about bringing totally new creation unknown to the Source Logos via the medium of Omega Point Psi.

m) Since the Bone Psi-Master has an internal BSRI-E™ there can be synergistic coupling with all crystal Psychotronic Generators to bounce the power and Intent of both to get the double state synchrony used to wake up in any reality. This doubling of the BSRI-E™ both crystal and bone forms a Stargate from the Omega Point hyper infinity to the present day by using Bone and Crystal Generators as the termini of the Stargate. A quantum wormhole in space-time linking hyper infinity to the present day to totally change the present to conform to the future Omega Point hyper infinity. A time tunnel enabling your future self to change you to maximize your future in hyper infinity.

n) Tim Rifat will also for free download into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal, Generator™ BSRI-E all the powers of every Psychotronic Crystal and Generator you have bought from The Hypersite free of charge so you have a Bone version of Sex PC/BPCs, BSRI-Engine, 7 Psycrystals, Orgone Generators, EB Generators, Power Rings, Orbs. By doubling up the Generators and Crystals not only do you have double the potential but they synergistically boost each other and enable the hyper infinite Stargate to the Omega Point. You also do not need to carry around bulky crystals, you can’t lose them you always carry around all your Psychotronic tools enmasse and most importantly; it weds you to your Power.

When you order this Service simply email or add to the PayPal order the list of Psychotronic Crystals and Generators you have bought and wish Tim Rifat to download into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator™ – all free of charge for one year. By this means you can double up the Power of all your Psychotronic Crystals and Generators and have the crystals as hard copies of the Generators in your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™/ No one else can offer Psychotronic Crystals™ that work (see Warnings) now only The Hypersite is the only outlet that will be able to offer you this Skull and Bones Generator and Crystal™ technology to redouble and synergize all your Crystals. All upload Powers into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals and Generators™ are permanent and more powerful than your crystals as they are an intimate part of you. An analogy would be a computer compared to an inbuilt cybernetic computer wed to your brain, the differences comes from synergy. Instead of holding a Psychotronic Crystal™, the Skull and Bones Generator™ is you so reacts to all your Intents throughout your life and inputs quantum computing into you to superboost your intelligence via Silent Knowledge (see other Bone Psychotronic Generator™ Services). The US and UK military are in despair that such awesome Psi-Technology is available only to civilians. As was shown on BBC2 the North Vietnamese used Intent to defeat the USA and as a result had their Spirit and Souls wed with their brains so the North Vietnamese government has a psychic programme to talk to the dead martyrs to find the exact location of their bones so they can be returned to their families so the spirits of the North Vietnamese can be with their loved ones. Developed by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat Bone Skull Psychotronic Generators and Crystals™ give the Bone Psi-Master the power to defeat all superpowers and use strategic Psi-Technology to become a Lord of the World(s).

To synergize with your Psychotronic Crystals simply hold one or many with their bioparticles in both hands so the Psychotronic Crystals™ can download their energy into your Bone Skull Psychotronic Generators™, which then download an even more amplified energy to your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator Crystals™ to be repeated for as long as you hold them. This super-amplification using two linked entangled quantum computer amplifier engines is the basis of Psychotronic Amplifiers™ the use of crystal devic and crystal bone Psychotronic Amplifiers™ to set up positive feedback to break the quantum vacuum threshold barrier to download Psychotronic Fuel from the quantum vacuum by forming a wormhole to bleed the quantum vacuum of energy. The amount of energy obtained by Psychotronic Amplification is hugely more than that gained by shredding entities for fuel. An analogy would be burning wood compared to fusion (H bombs); this power gives the Bone Psi-Master the power to access the quantum vacuum for PF using the Skull and Bones Generators™ as the containment vessel (rather like a Tocomac for fusion) for quantum vacuum zero point psychotronic energy. As the quantum vacuum is called by Shamans the Dark Sea of Awareness (Castaneda’s; The Active Side of Infinity) and is the repository of all Awareness a Bone Psi-Master can access all Awareness to be aware of any beings mind to scan it for all the energy it contains using the Dark Sea of Awareness. Simply hold the Awareness PC/BPCs in both hands to be able to know anything in the mind of anyone to give the Bone Psi-Master the Power of Total Psychic Spying so no secret is a secret from the Bone Psi-Master. One can see now why the US and UK government are so desperate to stop this Psi-Technology.

The use of the Sex PC/BPCs in both hands links the Bone Psi-Master™ with the Higgs Field the essence of sexual energy so you can download the sexual energy from any target to bleed them of sex as the Archons do to the wageslave to super boost the Bone Psi-Masters™ sexual prowess, charisma, magnetism. sells all RVScience products but automatically sells you a PC and Bone download free of charge to all Bone Psi-Masters™ who have taken this Service. Psychotronic Amplification of the 7 PCs of the Council of Seven links the Bone Psi-Master™ to the Dark Sea of Awareness of the 7 Dimensions of the dark energy matter beings in this Megaverse so one can access their Awareness and energy to burn Archons, Greys and Demons… en masse by draining their very nature from the Megaverse. Bone Psi-Masters™ are Gods to the dark energy matter vermin destroying them by draining the essence of them all to erase them from being for PF and to gain their knowledge. Once can see now why Bone Psi-Masters™ have been banned in so many future timelines; as a kick ass (arse) Psi-Lord I like the warrior Psi-Master the ultimate being the Bone Psi-Masters™. Holding the nine PC/BPC Council of Nine in both hands needs big hands but enables the Bone Psi-Master to access the Nine realities of the Archon to burn their essence for fuel as one erases the infrastructure of all Matrices and learns how to build ones own Matrix. The Grail Stones enable the Bone Psi-Master to unglue the Agglutinising Force of anyone to make them die, one can do this on the Matrix Patterns (Grail Patterns) to unglue the Matrix by erasing it’s Matrix code so the ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix, Archon Hell can be vivisected and the pieces remade to sequester the Matrices for the Bone Psi-Master™ or destroy it all at the quantum vacuum level to erase it by using quantum de-agglutinating a power of the Bone Psi-Master. The Bone Psi-Master™ can then super-agglutinate his/her being by downloading the Agglutinising Force (AF) into her/his Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator™ to super-glue his/her being together to make it super robust so the Bone Psi-Master™ becomes hard to kill, can seal over his/her gap in the energy body (like the Tenant in Castaneda’s The Fire from Within…) to become super long lived by blocking out the death force of the negative Rolling Force. The SuperPower PC/BPC enables the Bone Psi-Master to contact all Devic entities and to access the quantum nature of matter to control the inanimate world so he/she can control computers, electronics…

One can see the Bone Psi-Masters use of Psychotronic Amplification is enabled by having two Psychotronic Generators entangled – the Devic and Bone. Orgone Generators (see can be psychotronically amplified by the iron in the bone marrow coupled with the iron mineral hematite to access the Orgone Bioplasma at the quantum vacuum level to make Orgone, Bioplasma to vivify full with life-force the Bone Psi-Master™ to always give them a surplus of life-force. This has the resultant of making the Bone Psi-Master™ super-healthy and capable of fighting off all disease to make them resistant to infection and degenerative disease. As all other Orgone Generators sold by counterfeiters run by the UK and US government are turned negative by the Bone Psi-Master (see other Bone Services) the counterfeit Orgone Generators not designed by Tim Rifat inject death force into the stooges to age, degenerate them and this enables the Bone Psi-Master to channel this Destructive Orgone Energy (DOR) from all the Westerners and their Orgone – DOR Generators by using his /her right hand Bone Psychotronic Generator™ to direct this DOR Force into any visualized target so the enemy gets DOR from the Western wageslave injected into them to age, degenerate the enemy who has been annoying the Bone Psi-Master™. One can do this remotely by visualizing touching the enemy or more satisfying physically touching your boss, ex partner… with your right hand as you inject DOR into them to age, damage. The Southern Style Chinese Kung FU Grandmaster can inflict the Death Touch on his enemy simply by focusing DOR on the midsection gap which is lightly touched. This opens the gap and results in death weeks later by accident or illness as it aligns the enemy with the Death Force. The Bone Psi-Master as he/she carries around an arsenal of Psychotronic Generators in the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ has all these potentials and more. For the dedicated Healer being a Bone Psi-Master is a must as it enables the (Super Human, Super Healer Service) Superhealer to access the quantum vacuum to carry out quantum vacuum Zero Point healing to heal at the level of manifestation to erase all disease and remanifest health.

The Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator Crystals™ can quantum mechanically change water simply by holding the water glass (crystal glass is better) in both hands to set up Psychotronic Amplification from water and the Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator Crystals™ to take energy from the water, amplify it in your Bone Generator™, download it into the water, where it is amplified again, back to the Bone Generator™… This process breaks the quantum mechanical threshold to the quantum vacuum to release Zero Point energy to fill your Skull and Bones Generator™ with quantum water; this changes all the water in your body to quantum water that can hold infinite amounts of Psychotronic Fuel. An analogy would be heavy water used for H Bombs. The quantum waster in your body acts as the ultimate Psychotronic Battery and allows the Bone Psi-Master to run his Skull and Bones Generator™ at full capacity 24/7/365 and all the Psychotronic Fuel is stored in your quantum water Psychotronic Battery localized to your body to make your body one giant water Psychotronic Battery. The effect of this is that the Bone Psi-Master has a huge reserve of energy needed for physical Psi-technology such as telekinesis, psychokinesis, body shaping, Metahuman Powers and translocation… Remember Psi is a high energy pursuit if it was low energy any wageslave could do it. There is no Psi in the Western world because all the humans are low energy zombies who can’t read their own minds let alone other peoples’ minds. By having an inbuilt Psychotronic Battery the Bone Psi-Master has a ready supply of energy so Psi works for her/him at will to make the real Psi-Master. The quantum water in the glass is then drunk to add even more energy to the Bone Psi-Master. The Bone Psi-Master can also make Anti-CF water by using the Anti Demon Archon Water PC on this site to charge tap water to make quantum Anti-CF water, an allotrope of water (analogy diamond compound to graphite) that all Archon vermin find the ultimate poison. Use in your house to delouse it from Archons, Demons, Greys. Pour into the Sea to poison the ocean to Archon vermin. Place a drop in anyone’s drink to render the target unbearable to it’s Demon and Grey… possessors. The more evil the person the more catastrophic the effect is the zombie without it’s Demon, Archon, Grey controller goes into self destruct. The 15% of real humans in the West instantly become depossessed and improve tremendously to embrace out of the box ideas, Memes, to enable them to be rescued from the Archons. Anti-CF water also enables the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars to manifest in your life to act as Allies to teach you Psi by Lucid Viewing or Lucid Dreaming with them so you can Lucidly Awake.

One of the most powerful of the results of the Bone Psi-Master Service™ is the ability of the Bone Psi-Master™ to Lucidly Wake permanently. We have seen that all Westerners are sleepwalking having their lives dreamt for them by the quantum computer of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison where their Souls are trapped from birth to death. A Bone Psi-Master is a living quantum mechanical Engine, the ability to warp the quantum wave function of Archon reality to erase it and manifest the 2013 reality using the Event Engine, Luck Engine Psi-technology built into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Generator™ enables the Bone Psi-Master to warp the world so she/he awakes outside all the Archon reality but still enabled to interact with Wageslaves and their dream reality. This Bone Psi-Master™ Lucid Waking enables the Bone Psi-Master to Lucidly View and Dream outside the Matrices and can warp reality like a dream to sequester events. If you have a small amount of energy you can influence only you, Psychotronic Crystals™ enable local effects; Psychotronic Amplification between the Bone Psi-Masters Skull and Bones Generators™ and the Psychotronic Generator Crystal Earth allows the quantum vacuum to be accessed for changing the world around the Bone Psi-Master™. As the Bone Psi-Master™ walks on the Earth his/her energy body creates a furrow in the Earths energy field. This entanglement is accessed via the Fringe of Awareness at the feet, the solitonic partner to the Assemblage Point eaten by Archons. This reality field is the basis of our emotional energy and allows the Bone Psi-Master™ to change reality at will. So the Bone Psi-Master™ warps reality as he walks erasing Archon reality and creating 2013 reality by Psychic Amplification with the Earth. This Service opens up this Power so the Earth’s Psychotronic Generators is entangled with the Bone Psi-Master™ to enable Psychotronic Amplification via the feet so the Bone Psi-Master becomes a living Psychotronic Generator of 2013 reality to bring this reality of Psi made real to manifest for the Bone Psi-Master all her/his life. The result of this is that everything goes the way of the Bone Psi-Master, events go against your enemies, everything goes your way to enable you to grow and locks you into your hyper infinite Omega Point maximal future self.

By making reality a malleable agent the nature of life for the Bone Psi-Master™ is irrevocably changed so that no matter what enemies come your way events conspire to destroy your enemies as they lift you higher and higher to manifest the maximal you. We take for granted events but if you are truthful you realize your life depends on luck not hard work. Fortune favors only a few. The rest never achieve their Dream. The Bone Psi-Master™ always achieves his/her dream because as a quantum Luck Engine the Skull and Bones Generators™ only need PF to warp reality to make the dream and erase the Archon ghetto state. Psychotronic Amplification created by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat enables all Bone Psi-Masters access to the Earth generator couple to carry out global event engine change to warp the world to suit you not the other way around. The power made Bone Psi-Master™ can entangle with the Psychotronic Fuel Service to create the Ultimate Psychotronic Amplification for making new realities to rule within. The Psychotronic Crystal Service allows Psychotronic Amplification of free will to control the free will of the Western wageslave to dominate and control the masses by manipulating the force of hyper infinity so the Bone Psi-Master can live in 2013 reality; make other realities, timelines using Psychotronic Fuel amplification Service and globally control free will of the wageslave by Psychotronic Amplification of hyper infinity. The Bone Psi-Master™ is the ultimate manifestation of the powerful super being in control of not only his reality but that of others.

Bone Psi-Master Service $1200 with Certificate

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