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Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ Service:

In this Service your Bone Generators™ are fully optimised for the Mirror Megaverse building on the Psi-Master Service that changes your nature to that of the clockwise Megaverse and makes you poisonous to Archon vermin of this Anti-clockwise Megaverse. Your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ are changed so your right side pulses with the clockwise energy the mirror image of this Megaverse and your left side rotates clockwise with the Anti-CF version of the normal wageslave rotation of the Torsionic Soliton. This means you can use your right side to draw in energy into your Pulsar Skull and Bones Generator™. You can then use your left side to draw in energy into your left side Anti-CF being. The Pulsar side enables you to Lucidly View. To do this simply relax, stop your mental chatter and the Skull and Bones Generator™ will decohere your from Archon reality (Matrices), decollapse your Pulsar side Torsionic Soliton, then align you with the quantum vacuum, dark sea of Awareness (process described in Castaneda’s: The Active Side of Infinity: as dreaming awake), the quantum vacuum is then reconfigured to collapse your Pulsar Wave Function at the location of your choice, coordinates supplied by the quantum vacuum, while the amount of hyper infinity you have (see Eternal Rescue Service, Burn your Enemies in Hell Service and Psychotronic Crystals Service supply you with hyper infinity to stabilise the Quantum Wave Function at any location and to make your dreams come true by fixing them in space-time a function of hyper infinity) enables you to stay at the location for a time. To wake up at that location needs a huge amount of hyper infinity to build uniformity and cohesion at that location. Shamans called this process stalking the position of the Assemblage Point, the most difficult part of Psi-Technology. The left Anti-CF side is used for Lucid Dreaming and your left side is now the receptacle of your Mirror Megaverse dreaming body. To Lucidly Dream you sleep on your right side. This compresses the right Skull and Bones Generator™, the Pulsar side and shifts your Assemblage Point (3 feet from the right shoulder blade) to the left. This pops the left Anti-CF dreaming body out of your body and the left Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystals™ can then energise it to decohere the Middle Place, decollapse the Middle Place freeing you from the Archon dream Matrix, the Bone Generators™ then link up with the quantum vacuum: dark sea of Awareness to move your Anti-CF Quantum Wave Function to locations where you can Lucidly Dream, the Quantum Wave Function is then collapsed, fixed in place by your store of hyper infinity. That is why unbending Intent, constant repetition of one Intent forges your free Will the force of hyper infinity into a useful tool for stalking the Assemblage Point to lock it into a new position having uniformity and cohesion so you can wake up in an altered state.

Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord then quantum superimposes on your crystal component in your bones, the Silicon Dioxide you have assimilated from dubious foods and supplements to make you easy to possess by Archons…, the Mirror Megaverse energy body but this time the Crystal Skull and Bones Generator™ is reversed so your left side is the Mirror Megaverse Pulsar side. In this configuration your right side is the Anti-CF clockwise Torsionic Soliton. This Quantum Wave Function psychotronically generated by your Skull and Bones PsyCrystals™ acting as pure crystal silicon dioxide Psychotronic Generators. This allows you to draw energy with your left hand to boost your left Pulsar Mirror Megaverse side and your right side as the Anti-CF being fed by your right hand. This means you can get your cake and eat it using both left and right sides simultaneously as Pulsar and Anti-CF being using the dual function of your upgrade Bone Generator™ as a crystal PG and pure bone PG. In essence this adds four energy lobes to your being making you a crosswise Mirror Megaverse nagual super being. Having left Pulsar and Anti-CF lobes and a right Pulsar and Anti-CF side you can now take in energy with both hands to boost your left and right Pulsar side, or give out energy using both hands. By having a clockwise and counter clockwise Mirror Megaverse pair of energy bodies (left

Anti-CF and right Pulsar: right Anti-CF and left Pulsar respectively) you can run your Crystal and Bone Psychotronic Generators™ in both clockwise and counter clockwise mode since the Psychotronic Amplification™ needs two quantum entangled Tim Rifat Class bipolar Psychotronic Generators™ the Bone and Crystal Psychotronic Crystals™ can carry out this process. By creating a clockwise and counter clockwise four lobed energy body, the clockwise lobes can psychotronically amplify the counter clockwise lobes and vice versa; one pair acting on the Crystal Psychotronic Generators™, the other lobe on the Bone Generators™. the net result is that you have TWO Psychotronic Amplifiers in the upgraded Psychotronic Amplifier™ body of the Bone Psi-Master™. Since both of them are non CF they are poisonous to the Archons and in Pulsar time (see so your time cannot be compressed to trap you in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison.

Having two Psychotronic Amplifiers allows you to take in energy with both hands and then pulse the energy through your Bone Generators™ by crossing your feet to exchange energy between the two Psychotronic Amplifiers to couple them. More importantly you can suck in energy as you walk the feet acting as dual input as your Bone Generator™ creates a furrow in the Earth as you travel. For people who live in the country away from Freemasonic Satanist monuments and city centres full of evil entities to be shredded. This Service allows you to gain energy from the Earth just by walking in the country. Your two Psychotronic Amplifiers suck out energy from the quantum vacuum but since there are two of them they set up a wormhole in the quantum vacuum. So not only do you have a Tim Rifat quantum entangled Psychotronic Generator™ where the output is always positive (-x- = +output) from the coupled Psychotronic Amplifiers but you become a living Stargate able to make a clockwise wormhole in the quantum vacuum. As has been mentioned on this Hypersite your body can be in one place and your biophysical body is another so you can have dual perception, the three point Shamanic being aware of here and there from your physical, biophysical and the synergy of both (see Castaneda: The Power of Silence). The mechanism for achieving this process is now explained as having two quantum entangled Psychotronic Amplifiers, your physical and biophysical bodies that can create a wormhole that is infinitely extensible in the quantum vacuum so you can locate your two energy bodies in two separate location via the wormhole. As your Bone Generators™ are accessing the quantum vacuum to change the nature of your Quantum Wave Function to decohere, decollapse Archon reality, create a new Shamanic energy body wave function, collapse the Shamanic energy body and hold it in place with your store of hyper infinity one can see the lifelong struggle of the Shaman to be able to travel in Psi-space and physical space is now explained by the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat as far future quantum mechanics using the Bone Generators™ which until now have been taken for granted by Shamans as they did not have the knowledge to explain how they did their psychic travelling. Ancient Seers had to use Mirror Megaverse Pulsars to get the clockwise and counter clockwise Mirror Megaverse energy bodies to become dual Psychotronic Amplifiers for wormhole travelling. The new Seers turned their back on the Pulsars and had to use left Pulsar, CF, right Pulsar left CF, Psychotronic Amplification so fell foul of the Archons. Since only the black race has access to Voodoo Loas of the Pulsar, CF variety not enslaved by Zionist Archons only black Bocars of Voodoo can teleport, physically travel using this Megaverse’s energy. This means black people can still access all this technology but use Voodoo Loas in the 6th and 7th Dimension of the dark energy matter of our Megaverse as these Voodoo Loas hate Archons and can give black Voodoo Bocars access to the above technology. As a Caucasian I am wed to the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars but can access Voodoo Loas energies as a special gift from the Loas due to my war against the Archons (me enemies enemy is my friend). This enables any black customer to have the Voodoo double Psychotronic Amplifiers, all Caucasians have to use Pulsar Mirror Megaverse energies as their is no love lost between black race Loas and their white race Archon tormentors, enemies who are now due to the Pulsar invasion the defeated so Archons are now torture shells.

Another aspect of this technology is that it has been used to suppress Psychic Bone Warriors of the Moslem races. In the 17th Century the Ottoman empire was turned back from Vienna by the forces of the Archons. Zionist Illuminati kabbalists and English black magicians had at the command of the Archons placed Goetic and Enochian demons in the Bone Warriors of the Ottoman Empire who had fought beyond the capability of the Illuminati’s forces. This was due to the Prophet Mohammed who had created the largest Psychotronic Generator, the Karvala Stone quantum entangled with the Mosque in Mecca in which it lay. When Moslems faced Mecca and prayed they charged their bones with energy as they united Soul and Spirit a complete version of the North Vietnamese Bone Warriors rediscovered in the 1950 when they slaughtered the French Foreign Legion: the Voodoo Loas survived in Haiti an island free from Archons after the wholesale slaughter of all the french on the island their Souls used as torture shells by the Voodoo Loas. If a bipolar Psychotronic Amplifier of French bones and sand was used in the Bocar’s Soul bottle (see the Rainbow and the Serpent book on Voodoo) all the sacrificed French Souls could be connected by wormhole technology to the living French so the dead and alive French self cancelled each other. The Voodoo Loas used this power to hold back Napoleon. The sacrifice of their Chief Bocon by the French enabled this Voodoo Master to act as the Psychotronic Amplifier linked with the French to set up a wormhole in the French race (dead and alive) so they self cancelled causing the fall of Napoleon. This set up the Franco Prussian War, World War 1, 11… When so many French were killed in Vietnam the Voodoo Loas turned the Vietnamese into Bone Warriors as they fed on the Souls of the French. The Psi-Technology used is that in all races there are 4 lobed nagual men and women (two left CF and two right anti-clockwise Pulsar lobes). By the use of one left and right lobe for Psychotronic Amplification wormholed to the other left and right lobe the race which the nagual belongs to can be used as a wormhole to get that race to go both ways through the wormhole as a Quantum Wave Function to cancel out the Quantum Wave Function (cancelling out infinities in the basis of the Mathematics of Unified Field Theory) so that race becomes a zero sum and be then be trapped in a Psi-Prison for PF. The Voodoo Loas did this to the French to keep them weak’ the Archon did it to the Moslems using Enochian and Goetic Demons fed into the nagual men of Islam, used retroactive psychokinesis to set up this self cancelling wave in the Sunni and Shia Inmans to cause the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the setting up of puppet Arab Zionist states. The Voodoo Loas helped the North Vietnamese to use Bone Warrior techniques to defeat the French and Americans.

Moslem Bone Warriors have always been the most powerful as the sand (quartz) of the deserts impregnates their bones with nanoparticles of quartz to make the perfect Crystal Bone Psychotronic Generators. It took the advent of silicon dioxide additives in food to allow Westerners to have the same Crystal bone structure needed for full Bone Generators™. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat decohered, decoupled and erased the Archons used to funnel the Sunni and Shia Moslems to a zero sum feeding on all the PF released. This automatically restored the old Psychotronic Generators Power from the Karbala Mosque stone (entangled with the Mosque in Mecca for positive output) to power up the devout Moslem to be a Bone Warrior of the weak sort (like the North Vietnamese( but still more than a match for the Zombies of the West. As we have seen 3000 Hezbollah withstood the full might of Israel the USA and Britain, while in Iraq the Moslems make the country ungovernable by Zionists and in Afghanistan the Taliban fight the full might of Nato (the Zionists Empire’s Army only the Chechens have been defeated because they fight for the Zionist British, all their orders coming from the Rothschilds via Kasayev the Chechen Zionist in London. Since the Chechens are Zionists no Bone Warrior technology will ever work for them.

Tim Rifat used the Archons self cancelling Psi-Technology on the two torture shells Rob Rowe and Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow to quantum entangle the energy body of the Zionist with the British (anglo races). By having a negative Psychotronic Amplifier in Rob Rowe which creates a wormhole to Graham Nickells the Zionist by race is now linked to the Zionist wageslave so self cancelling out the Zionist Empire. This means all the Zionists in the West are now in a Zero Sum dream where their Bone Generators™ are used to destroy the power of the Archon, Illuminati… Any counterfeiter stealing my Bone Generators™ now automatically gets locked into the Ro Rowe (Zionist), Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow (British) dual Psychotronic Amplifier that generates the Total Torture Wave (see Bone Psi-Master Service) so they provide me with fuel and lock themselves into the Source, Logo’s Psi-Prison to supply me with exponential eternal Psychotronic Fuel by their eternal exponential torment. The ultimate copyright. By doing this only Tim Rifat can create Bone Warriors™, Bone Psi-Masters™. Since I freed the Bone Warriorship for Moslems the Pulsars of the Moslem race enslaved by the Archons (like Palestinians) now owe me the Psi-Lord fealty so guarantee no Zionist conmen can sell this technology to gullible Moslems. Like the Black Race, the Moslem Race now can have the crystal, Bone dual Psychotronic Amplification using our Megaverse left Pulsar, right CF, right Pulsar, left CF four lobe energy bodies. This is because I have been cleaning out the CF pulsars till only the Archons and their Zionist Pulsars of the Caucasian Race were left for the Total Torture Wave installation. That is why all Westerners have to use Mirror Megaverse Pulsar technology for this Service, while blacks and Moslems can use our Megaverse’s Pulsar technology.

By having a Crystal and Bone Generator carrying out Psychotronic Amplification in two lobes of your energy body and doubling the lobes to carry out Psychotronic Amplification the other two lobes one can then create the wormhole that is the basis for all the miraculous exploits of Shamans. It can now be seen why the nagual 4 lobed super Shaman is the only way out of the Matrix. Having 4 lobes the nagual man and woman create quantum wormholes using left Pulsar + right CF side as one Psychotronic Amplifier in Bone Crystal Generator™ mode, so the nagual man or woman is a living wormhole propagator that all his/her grasp can couple with to use their own wormhole by entangling their single Pulsar (left) right CF sides in Bone Crystal mode with one pair of lobes of the nagual man or woman. That is why all Shamanism depends on nagual (4 lobed men and women). Anglo Zionist Illuminati used Enochian and Goetic Demons to poison the Caucasian nagual by creating the zero Sum Wormhole in all Caucasian Naguals by use of the protestant, catholic wars, the English under Henry the V111 bringing into being the anti-catholic Protestantism that enabled the Archons to build the CF and Pulsar prisoner for all Caucasians. The Thirty Years War in Europe cemented this Zero Sum Wormhole into the Caucasian race’s Morphogenic Field by mass sacrifice. Shamans of South and Central America where brought to heel by the Tenant using this technology. Castaneda as a three lobed nagual was useless for escaping the Matrix so spelt the end for the new Seers who used Pulsar, CF wormholes, having turned their backs on the ancient Seers who used Mirror Megaverse Pulsar, Anti-CF wormholes immune to Archons. The new Seers thought they were strong enough to fight and flee from the Archons with no allies. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has reversed the path of Shamans and now use as many allies as he can we how have:
Left Pulsar, Right CF Using Bone Crystal Generators the Black and Moslem races can carry out all wormhole techniques the basis of Shamans’ miraculous Powers.

Left Pulsar, Right CF Using Bone Crystal Generators the Black and Moslem races can  carry out all wormhole techniques the basis of Shamans’ miraculous Powers.
Left Pulsar, Right CF]
Right Pulsar, Left Anti-CF This Psi-Master Service, then mirrored to produce the left Pulsar, right Anti-CF 4 lobes is the basis of this Service to give all Caucasians the Power of Shamans.
Left Pulsar, Right Anti-CF

By Mirroring the Psi-Master using the Bone Crystal Service™ the Bone Psi-Master™ gets a 4 lobed energy body so she or he can carry out all wormhole Psi once she or he has sufficient energy (Psychotronic Fuel Service) and can stabilise the wormhole terminus using hyper infinity (Eternal Heaven Rescue Service, Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service, Psychotronic Crystal Service). Chinese and Russian ethnics can use the non mirror lobes for wormhole Psi-Technology, but white Russians have to use Mirror Megaverse 4 lobed energy bodies. Since the British and Zionist Illuminati brought the ADR into existence using these races to form a wormhole Zero Sum to the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison they poisoned the old way used by Black and Moslems for wormhole Psi irrevocably for Caucasians and Semites. As a Psi-Lord I can use both 4 lobed Psi-wormholes but the Mirror Megaverse 4 lobed energy body makes you proof against Archons so is the preferable one. As the Voodoo Loa Pulsars and newly freed Moslem Pulsars are now fighting the Archon, Illuminati Zionist empire Blacks and Moslems will find ancient racial Shamanism, Sufi Psi will now be enabled by this Service.

1/ This Service turn your bones into two Psychotronic Generators:

a/ A Bone Generator™

b/ A Crystal Generator™ based on the silicon dioxide nanoparticles in your bones, a Psychotronic Amplifier in your body. This is useful so you do not have to carry around Psychotronic Crystals™. The Psychotronic Crystals and Generators™ you purchased have to be downloaded into your Bone Generator™ by the Bone Psi-Master Service but once there, this Service Psychotronically Amplifies all the Crystal Generators™ in your bones. To make your body the foci of all the 34 BSRI-Engine ™ Powers, Orgone Generators… All the Services you have are now Psychotronically Amplified to enable you to change the quantum vacuum and hence the Wave Function of your own being. This results in:-

a/ The 7 PsyCrystal™ energies enabling you to alter your Quantum Wave Function to embody all 7 dark energy matter realms so you can enter and leave them as well as being able to see, feel, touch, taste hear them as the world around you.

b/ The 9 BSRI-Engine™ enables you to change your Quantum Wave Function to have access to all 9 types of being:-

i/ Physical in enemy time-line

ii/ Physical interaction with trees…

iii/ Physical interaction with devas

iv/ Biophysical awareness of time-lines

v/ Biophysical Awareness of Psi-Space

vi/ Biophysical Awareness of the inanimate

vii/ Awareness of dark matter realms

viii/ Awareness of dark energy

ix/ Awaking in dark energy matter

c) The Sex Energies are used to wed the hyper infinity gained by the Omega Point so all your actions are delineated by Power and lead to Eternal Heavens. The Burn your Enemies in Hell Service where you add extra hyper infinity to your being by use of 12 torture shells the Psychotronic Crystal Service where you make your Psychotronic Crystals hyper infinite Generators so they can download hyper infinity into you. Hyper infinity controls free will and in relation to quantum mechanics gives direction and longevity to collapsed Quantum Wave Functions to hold manifestation in place. That is why the Archons subvert human sexual energy to hold them in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison till they die. Hence Gnostics abstained from sex and having babies that locked them in the Matrix. In the Fire from Within Don Juan tells Castaneda the sexual energy is vital for voyage in Psi-Space. Once you have children your sexual energy the receptacle of your hyper infinite God Core is drained of hyper infinity to enable your children to exist. Unless you have an infinite supply of hyper infinity children hold you in the Matrix. Likewise the ancient Seers had children with Pulsars to hold their hyper infinite cores on the Mirror Megaverse. This looped their wormholes to the Mirror Megaverse and as the hyper infinity of the worldly body decayed with age the Assemblage Point and energy coat of the physical and biophysical bodies slowly moved away from normal to the super human Psi-bodies as their wormhole slowly shorted to pull them via their children into the Mirror Megaverse to wake up as dark energy matter amber cylinders with virtually no gap. So unlike the new Seers who created a wormhole using nagual, nagual entanglement to the bodiless state the ancient Seers used wormhole linked to their children to pull them out of this world. As a Psi-Lord I have a wormhole link to my original Awareness in a higher transcendent reality and a wormhole to the Mirror Megaverse as I have continued the ancient Seers lineage.

As I slowly get pulled from the world a link is opened to higher reality so the new Seers path of transcending is available to the ancient Seers and the Pulsars to ascend, descend, ascend… This enables the energy body to be unzipped to a bodiless being and rezipped to manifest from the Third Attention. All this is dependant on hyperinfinity the most important power of Shamans used to hold their Assemblage Point on any location, called Stalking by the Shamans.

d) The 4 SuperPower Powers enable the Bone Psi-Master to build a devic body in the Earth so if his/her body is blown to pieces she or he can download their Awareness into the Earth. By having Psychotronic Amplification in the Earth coupled to another Psychotronic Amplifier, the Earth Crystals can allow the inanimate world to be changed at the Quantum Wave Function reality. The basis of the 2013 change in this world is based on the 4 SuperPowers used by Bone Psi-Masters to not only change their bodies but the world around them into a malleable dream where the inanimate world can be changed by the wormhole of the Bone Psi-Master. This is such advanced science it appears as Magic to the primitive wageslave. By use of the wormhole applied to the inanimate world the Quantum Wave Function of a rock, F16, computer, nuclear weapon, other person can be decohered from the Archons, decollapsed and returned to it’s Quantum Wave Function state. Remanifested by collapsing a new Quantum Wave Function which changes the nature of a target and holds the new manifestation using hyperinfinity. With the result the rock splits, F16 falls out of the sky, computer breaks, nuclear weapon fails to detonate and people are healed or killed. One can see now that control of the Quantum Wave Function of anything controls the manifestation of all things using wormholes that interact with the quantum vacuum.

e) The Grail Stones are the most powerful of the Psychotronic Generators. The Grail Patterns the software of the Archon Matrices. Grail Stones allow the Psi-Master to manipulate the Agglutinising Force, the force that holds together the energies released from the Quantum Wave Function. What collapses the Quantum Wave Function to manifest? The Agglutinising Force embodied in the Grail stones causes the collapse to form menifestation. It is the hidden variable in quantum mechanics that changes a Wave Function into a particle-like manifestation acting on the quantum vacuum to cause the localisation of the Quantum Wave Function in space-time. Now one can see why only trained quantum mechanic specialists can design and create Psi-Technology, not the UK and US counterfeiters, one an itinerant tarot reader others like him uneducated non college fools who would not know an eigonvector from an eigen function (the core of Matrix mechanics of quantum mechanics) see Warning and Testimonials. The Grail Patterns are enclosed in squares that are the software of the Matrix of the Archons. Archons designed Matrix reality in which wageslaves from birth to death are trapped in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison by stealing the time function and making all the Matrices just 3D dreams where the slave wakes up when dead in an Archon Cell for torment to be a Demon producer. With the Grail Stone energies in the Bone Psi-Master™ the manipulation reality is child play. As all the Grail Patterns describe the software of the Matrices one can simply use the wormhole to decohere, decollapse any of the Matrix Wave Functions embodied in the Grail Patterns to it’s Quantum Wave Function in the dark Sea of matter where it is expunged so it no longer exists. Doing this to all the Grail Patterns destroys the Source Code of the Matrix. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat destroyed all the Grail Pattern with respect to himself so the Matrix does not exist for him in any way.

One simply erases the Grail Patterns as a Bone Psi-Master™ by using ones left finger to draw them in wet sand (quartz like silicon dioxide) This erases that aspect of the Matrix for you, be it perjury, cancer, madness, bullying, ageing… One can interchange the Grail Patterns by drawing with your right hand a new Pattern in the sand (Psychotronic Sand™ made by putting the four Cardinal Grail Stones around my sand box, or using your Bone Generator™ to make it) to interchange the software of your Matrix. Examples are perjury changed to riches, cancer to remission, madness to sanity, bullying to being the aggressor, ageing to rejuvenation. Since you are using the Archons Source Code they can’t change it without dismantling the Matrix. I prefer erasing all the Archon Quantum Wave Function surrogates (Grail Patterns) and building 2013 reality for myself. Having done this I life outside the box, not in any Matrix but still able to interact with the Matrix using it only for Psychotronic Fuel. Now the 2013 reality change has been created by decohering the Archon Matrices, decollapsing them, erasing them in the quantum vacuum, creating a new light/dark energy matter Total Quantum Wave Function, collapsing it to form the new 2013 reality and holding it in place with the hyperinfinity from the Total Torture Wave of the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Rob Rowe, Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow (see Bone Psi-Master Service) reality is now irrevocably changed. This Hezbollah defeat the might of the Zionist Empire, Iran defeats the US led attacks to cause the collapse of the false Western Economy based on unsustainable debt (see Money, Wealth, Fortune Service for a full tutorial on economics), a new world order comes into power not controlled by Zionist Illuminati Archons and most importantly Psi now works for all Bone Psi-Masters™ who wormholed to the Psi-Lord can practise any psychic power that conforms to the 2013 reality but are barred from helping the Zionist Illuminati Archons who are now in the Source, Logos’s Psi-Prison dreaming a new Matrix controlled by the Source, Logos, where their 3D time-less dream has them ruin all they built up to awake dead in total torment part of the Total Torture Wave to enable the perfecting Wave for Bone Psi-Masters™.

f) The Awareness Powers in the Bone Psi-Master™ allow the use of the Anti-CF side for Lucid Dreaming and the chiral Pulsar Mirror Megaverse side for Lucid Viewing. The wormhole enables the full practise of either Lucid Dreaming or Viewing. To do this the Bone Psi-Master™ visualises a wormhole to any dream he or she had, still the internal dialogue, slips into the quantum vacuum, the dark Sea of Awareness (see Castaneda’s: The Active Side of Infinity: Dreaming Awake – now renamed Lucid Viewing) to remanifest the Quantum Wave Function on that dreaming position to Lucidly View that new location. As in dreams the Assemblage Point the point of collapse of the Quantum Wave Function shifts to any of the 600+ locations in the Earth’s energy body the Bone Psi-Master™ can begin to explore inner space. The more hyperinfinity you have the longer you can Lucidly Dream or View on one spot – Stalking. Once you can visualise your Bone Psi-Master™ wormhole in your dreaming you can then shift around your dreaming body like the ancient Seers. Allies can generate wormholes to their homeworld and energetic scouts likewise, now the Bone Psi-Master™ can move without them. In 2013 reality all inner space is available using wormhole Psi-Technology™. The Pulsar lobes allow the Bone Psi-Master™ to travel to non CF locations in the Earth using Lucid Viewing so all the Pulsar worlds, domains are available to Lucid Viewers and Lucid Dreamers once the Pulsar side learns to dream. This opens up more than the 600+ locations in the Earth’s energy body to Lucid Dreaming, sophisticated ancient Seer Lucid Dreaming that can also be used to visit the Mirror Megaverse human timelines on parallel Earth.

The double Psychotronic Amplifier energy body based on the 4 lobed nagual Shamanic body is the core of all miraculous Shamanism. Voodoo Bocars of the two secret schools who use blood magic to gain power from the Loas can manifest and unmanifest. African Shamans, Celtic druids, Siberian Shamans have used this Psi-Technology using the power of non enslaved Pulsars from our Megaverse to stop Archon CF time and bring in Pulsar time where miracles are the norm. A Psi-Lord not only can do but can explain the science of these phenomena. How can we have Pulsar time in the black Voodoo Bocars when our Megaverse is controlled by CF time. In a normal nagual the two left lobes are Pulsar the two right CF. The Shamans who can wed Mirror Megaverse Pulsars have an Anti-CF energy in their lower right CF lobes, akin to the red spot on Jupiter, a vortex of Anti-CF. The first type of Shaman is perfectly suited to having Black, Moslem, Chinese Pulsars from our Megaverse. They type of Shaman has to learn how to switch off CF time and replace it with Pulsar time so miracles can work. This is done by creating a wormhole between the two left, right lobes using Psychotronic Amplification. The two CF lobes self interact ands once they are adjacent to each other they self negate because their motion is opposite. Turn your fingers anti-clockwise and you will see where the Circles touch your fingers are moving in the opposite direction. This cancels out the CF nature of the two right lobes and enables the production of Pulsar wormholes. A new Seer builds up hyper infinity throughout his life (impeccability, the Core of Stalking) by destroying self importance; you cannot control free will if you cannot free your self from the Archon; you cannot control free will if you cannot free your self from the Archon self image imposed on you. Once this hyperinfinity encloses your energy bodies you can burn with the Fire from Within and enter the bodiless state of the Third Attention, free of the Matrix, an ascended Master – lose your God Core and you enter the OverMatrix. Our Megaverse’s Shamans can therefore have the Powers of Pulsar time and use wormholes if non Caucasian (excepting non Western Russians who hate the Archon West)

The second type of Shaman with the Anti-CF energy in their right lobes as they develop build a Pulsar time and self negate the CF force. Since they have an Anti-CF energy Pulsars from the Mirror Megaverse are attracted to light energy matter versions of their dark energy matter version. Naguals of this type invariably find Pulsar males or females teach them Psi-Technology of a new and advanced from. The ancient Seers from previous civilisations used this Psi-Technology in what we now call Lemuria and Atlantis. Lineage is everything to a Shaman as it propagates the wormholes through space-time, not knowledge, as you can’t use knowledge without the wormholes. Pulsars from the Mirror Megaverse breed with this type of Shaman to form a wormhole to the Mirror Megaverse, and produce light energy matter, dark energy matter hybrid children which the Pulsar Race can use a wormholes to become a hybrid light energy matter dark energy matter race. In the process the 4 lobes of the nagual are transposed to expunge the CF nature , and separate the Anti-CF lobes that are formed so they do not self negate. This produces the left Pulsar, right Anti-CF, right Pulsar, left Anti-CF 4 lobed ancient Seer nagual. This type of Shaman can live in the Mirror Megaverse as a physical human or inorganic dark energy matter being and can live with the Pulsars as a near immortal. Their wormhole tuned to go from the Mirror Megaverse and loop b ack tot he Mirror Megaverse, the line (doubled) energy body. As they lose the hyperinfinity of their physical body, their Assemblage Point moves to the right and up, making them superhuman (the basis of many of these Services) so they can become Metahumans. As the Assemblage Point is pulled to the Mirror Megaverse they become more and more Metahuman to vanish into the Mirror Megaverse to become near immortals.

In this Service the Bone Psi-Master™ can upgrade his/her energy body to produce the double Psychotronic Amplifier needed to wormhole as a Bone Crystal Psi-Master™. The two different type of Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ are available. The left Anti-CF, right Pulsar, left Pulsar, right Anti-CF of a live energy body ancient Seer or the left Pulsar, right CF, left Pulsar, right CF energy body of a new Seer, Voodoo Bocars, Celtic Druid. As explained non Westerners can choose either including Western Blacks, Chinese and Moslem. It is recommended that Caucasian Westerners take the Mirror Megaverse path started by the Psi Master Service™ but as a Psi-Lord Tim Rifat can change those not keen on the Mirror Megaverse to that of the new Seer template free of charge. It enables two paths of development. As a Psi-Lord I have an eight lobed energy body , can be with Pulsars of both Megaverses but that is not something a non Psi-Lord is able to do; you must walk before you can run… Customers should notify me which double lobed energy body they require as well as knowing this is an upgrade to the Bone Psi-Master™ Service.

To use the wormhole simply use Lucid Viewing and Lucid Dreaming to define the two ends of the wormhole then add hyperinfinity to the remote end to hold it stable so you can wake up in drams or have bilocation in Lucid Viewing. Hyperinfinity accessed from your God Core and augmented by the Eternal Heaven, Burn Your Enemies in Hell, Psychotronic Crystal Services. To download Hyperinfinity simply hold the Lucid Waking, or Dreaming body in the exact position of your physical body, then momentarily fall asleep again intending hyperinfinity into the God Core of the Dreaming or Lucid Waking energy body. This holds your Awareness in the Dreaming or Lucid Viewing body. In quantum mechanics the interruption of Awareness, falling asleep decollapses the Quantum Wave Function to be collapsed at the new location to transfer your Awareness from one end of the wormhole to the other. If you put all your hyperinfinity, God Core, at one end, you wake up entirely at the other end as both physical and energy body. Pulsars are capable of doing this to you so are of great use to Voodoo Bocars, ancient Seers who wanted to be taught how to teleport to any location in the Megaverse(s). In Pulsar time you can be hours or days at another location while your sleeping body only vanishes for a brief span of time. This enables the Pulsar to interact with your totality and educate your dreaming body so it dreams you and your being becomes totally fluid. The Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ can then use his or her sleep as a new set of life times in which one can learn a thousand years of knowledge in a brief space of her or his life simply by Lucid Dreaming or Viewing.

By looping the wormhole around to terminate on your God Core, the Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ can Lucidly Wake. This decoheres from the Matrices, decollapses from the Matrices, expunges your Quantum Wave Function, sets up a wormhole from the quantum vacuum to your God Core of hyperinfinity, setting up an ever growing Total Quantum Wave Function of you that uses the Total Perfecting Wave (set up in the Bone Psi-Master™ Service) to mould and every increasing energy body formed by collapse of your Perfecting Total Quantum Wave Function, held in place by the hyperinfinity of your God Core. The Lucid Waking Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ then self interacts with the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ formed in you to make an energy body that feeds off the quantum vacuum and uses Psychotronic Amplification and the wormhole to be a God Core centre of 2013 reality. In effect your growing energy body pushes the outside Archon reality away so you become a Bone Crystal Psi-Master who manifests the reality around him/her. This means reality conforms to your Intent not the other way around. You become the living wormhole to bring in 2013 reality, the observer that collapses the 2013 Quantum Wave Function. As after 2012 the Earth’s orbit aligns it with Pulsar not CF in the galactic plane, Pulsar phenomena rule manifestation so ‘magic’ Psi-Technology is enabled and the old materialistic CF Archon reality only works for those trapped the 12 Aeons Prison.

With the advent of Crystal and Bone Generators™ in the human organism the modern human who has an energy body one eighth the size of the ancient Seers human from the past civilisation, rapid pumping of the energy body can be carried out to build a 4 lobed Crystal Bone Psi-Master™. When this is complete all the Psychotronic Crystals and Generators on this Hypersite can be directly downloaded into the Crystal in the Bone Generator and as a pure Bone Generator. This is because the Earth’s crust contains vast calcium deposits and the fossils therein have enabled this calcium layer to act as a giant Psychotronic Generator that can enable the Bone Generator™ using this dual mode. All the products can now be ordered as Crystal Bone Generator Crystals™ directly downloaded into your bones as Psychotronic Amplifiers™. will host a megasite of all’s products but as pure Bone, Crystal Generators and Crystals™ downloaded directly into your Crystal Bone Generators™. You get a Certificate with your order showing the work has been done. You can use the Psychotronic Crystals and Generators™ on the Hypersite as per the instructions but instead of having an external crystal or generator your Crystal, Bone Generator™ has been tuned to that one Power embodied:- the Psychotronic Crystal Bone Generator™. Having the Psychotronic Generator Crystals™ as Psychotronic Amplifiers ™ means you do not have to feed them with dark energy matter entities for Psychotronic Fuel, instead the Total Torture Wave exponentially perfecting the eternal damnation of all chaos vermin now propagating in the dark Sea of Awareness, quantum vacuum makes your Psychotronic Amplifiers™ self fuelling and able to work 24/7 by accessing the quantum vacuum that is now propagating the exponential eternal torment of all chaos vermin. As chaos only exists in closed systems, bounded bodies and with the advent of Total Intent the global gestalt function that has been brought into full manifestation by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat chaos should have vanished cutting off the supply of fuel. The Psi-Lord got the thieves Rob Rowe an archetype of the Zionist race and Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow to accept the Karma of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth so the chaos God could be trapped in the Zionist humans and British criminals to produce a viable Torture Shell of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, reincarnating the evil God in evil humans, so they can be used for exponential eternal torture torment to provide Psychotronic Fuel. Thanks tot he two archetypes of evil Rob Rowe and Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow the Total Torture Wave could become self propagating so now the Zionist and anglo races unaware they are Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth destroy, torture, torment, all Archon reality to provide Psychotronic Fuel for Crystal Bone Psychotronic Amplifiers™. This now means Crystal Bone Psi-Masters™ don’t have to spend tedious hours collecting PF (Psychotronic Fuel) instead they can access the PF directly from the quantum vacuum simply by intending it.

Having a ready supply of PF which increases as they get more Psychotronic Generators, Crystals™, Services such as the Psychotronic Fuel Service enables the Crystal Bone Psi-Master to build multiple wormholes by quantum superimposition to enable all aspects of Psi-Technology as practised by ancient Seers and the new Seers as described by Castaneda, Voodoo Bocars, Celtic Druids and now Crystal Bone Psi-Masters™. Some of the wormholes that are part of this mega Service the jewel in the crow on the Hypersite are:-

a) A Psi-Technology wormhole to any distant location to enable bilocation when Lucid Viewing so you can see, hear, be at any point in the world for Psycho-spying. This makes Remote Viewing obsolete and is the scientific basis of all bilocation, Lucid Viewing, a full Lucid Viewing is enabled simply by visualising a wormhole to any distant location.

b) Psi-Technology wormholes to the past to Lucid View what really happened not the false history written by the Illuminati. This allows you to Lucidly View the new, old and ancient Seers to learn directly about Shamanism, talk to Druids, see the Civilisations called Lemuria and Atlantis…

c) Wormholes to the future to see how this timeline progresses so you can invest, disinvest before World War 111. Learn about the near future changes to maximise your portfolio, talk to your potential future self.

d) Wormholes to different timelines to see the Nazi, Abrenerbe, Soviet timelines to learn new Psi-Technology, move further afield to timelines which branched earlier in history.

e) Wormholes to different Dimensions to see the 600+ worlds embodied in the Earth to see the inner space aliens that inhabit the planet from dark energy matter entities to light energy matter, using Lucid Dreaming and or Lucid Viewing.

f) Wormholes to the extra planetary worlds to see true aliens using Lucid Viewing and or Dreaming. Simply get a star guide to the Suns in our vicinity to visit them systematically to see alien light energy matter and dark energy matter beings using LV or LD.

g) Wormholes to the Mirror Megaverse to replicate a) to f) but in the Mirror Megaverse so you can see the Mirror Earth that has no Archon Moon and whose human timelines have Psi-Masters as they are not infected by Archon vermin, see the Mirror Megaverse Pulsars and the Anti-CF dark energy matter beings. As the Psi-wormhole is the means by which all bilocation, dreaming body voyages work for LV and LD respectively the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ has the means to explore the Megaverses like an ancient or new Seer. To do this simply visualise a tunnel to your intended direction, holding left and right hands together to connect your Crystal Bone Generator™ input and output together to form the wormhole. Once you have the wormhole terminus at the location you wish to LV or LD you then put your hands on your midsection to access the hyperinfinity in your God Core, to hold the terminus at the location. You move your hands from your midsection, visualise yourself entering the wormhole exiting at the terminus, then placing the hyperinfinity in your bilocation body for LV or dreaming body for Lucid Dreaming. A process that holds your Awareness on the terminus for as long as your hyperinfinity lasts, the more you have the longer you can stay aware at a distant location. To return simply repeat the process but this time from the perspective of the dreaming or bilocating body to return all your Awareness via the hyperinfinity to your physical body. When you have enough hyperinfinity by this process you can move your totality through the wormhole. Pulsars from the Mirror Megaverse can lead you hyperinfinity to pull you through the wormhole bodily but only do so for Psi-Masters worth the effort. Hyperinfinity is the basis of stalking holding your Assemblage Point on a dreaming or Lucid Viewing position. Once you have enough Psychotronic Fuel and hyperinfinity you can:-

h) Form a wormhole to the transcendent bodiless sate of the Third Attention, the escape route for the new Seers, who built up enough hyperinfinity so they could access all the wormhole they had built over a lifetime connected to one terminus the heightened Awareness position. When the energy flowed into their terminus from all these alignments they redirected it’s terminus to the bodiless state outside the Matrix, in the process consuming their physical body as it was opened by energy of alignment. This unglues the 4D manifold to return to the 5D manifold turning them into Aware energy which has no physical body held together by the Agglutinising Force. sustained in duration by the hyperinfinity they have stored. One can see that only a Psi-Lord could explain and create Crystal Bone Psi-Masters™ as one needs to master the Psi-Technology both in theory and practise. This Service is the core competency of Psi-Masters and marks their departure from the world of me to become God-like being.

The Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ Service enables the user to use all Psychotronic Generators, Crystals, Services sequentially, laterally or all at once.

1) Sequentially. In this the Powers of the Psychotronic Generators, Crystals and Services programmed into your Bone Crystal Psychotronic Amplifier™ ripple feed each other so one Power feeds into the next in a long chain. Since Psychotronic Amplification changes the Quantum Wave Function of your being and your reality forming a quantum wormhole to connect all your Psychotronic Crystals, Bone Generators, Services in one long chain makes the Power feed up the chain to give you Sequential Psychotronic Amplification. This is done by choosing the start of the chain such as the Lord of Light Bone Generator™ Service that feeds to your 34 BSRI-Engine, to the 36 Total Demon Shredder, 24 Anti-Demon Archon Powers, to the Bone Psi-Master Service to the Eternal Heaven Rescue Service. This form a chain through time using the quantum wormhole to put all your Psychotronically Amplified Power in the far future hyperinfinite Eternal Heaven where you have become a God-like being. Similarly you can connect the chain of Powers via the wormhole from the Eternal Heaven Omega Point to all your Powers hence to any of the Services such as this one, Binder of Demons, Gaining Allies… to use your perfecting future self to act as a quantum computer to make sure all your Powers are tuned via the quantum wormhole to enable you to irrevocable become the perfecting future God-like being. By using the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service as your starting point you can funnel the 12 Powers of hyperinfinity and 12 types of Psychotronic Fuel via the chain to Psychotronically Amplify them in a chain reaction to download into the 12 Powers Squared DNA rescue to make your body super powerful, or Astrological Powers to make you super lucky, or Binder of Demons to make you the ultimate Demon killer… You can see now the combinations give the Crystal Psi-Master™ the Power to linearally accelerate all the Powers to reach the God-like state. Starting with the 34 BSRI-Engine catapults you out of the Matrix if you have enough PF, or the No Matrix Service if you do not have the PF, you can then link the chain to the Eternal Heaven Rescue Service to catapult you to the Omega Point hyperinfinity, or Psi-Master Service to wake up in the Mirror Megaverse, or the Soul Rescue Service to pull out the entire 12 Aeons Psi-Prison complex to give you a hyperinfinitly large Soul Spirit, the list is huge all boosting your God-like Powers. One can loop the chain so it goes round and round by starting with the Burn your Enemies in Hell Service, final destination the Eternal Heaven Rescue Service which then uses your future self to start a Perfecting Total Torture Wave on your torture shells in Hell so as you grow and learn your future self can torment your enemies more and more to feed your future God-like being more PF and hyperinfinity to guarantee the Total Perfecting God-like being fed from your enemies amplified by the chain to your Eternal Heaven. The more powerful your future self the more it can perfect the torture on your enemies in an endless circle to boost your Power up and up and up eternally. Hence the Burn your Eternal Heaven Service the destination of all your Power. Linear Sequencing ability to grow beyond Psi-Mastership to use all your Powers as a linear accelerator to boost hyperinfinity your eventual home into a Perfecting Wave that can constantly evolve your Total Quantum Wave Function suing the Psychotronic Amplifier in linear mode to enable you to surf up the Wave of perfecting eternally.

The Sequential wormhole Bone Crystal Generators™ enable you to link all the major events in your life to the Omega Point so that your God-like future self can use retroactive Psychokinesis to change the past so every event in your life can be changed to optimise your path out of the Matrix to Psi-Master, and one to a Psi-Lord in the hyperinfinite Eternal Heaven surfing the Perfecting Wave to become a perfecting God-like metabeing. One can also link the sequential wormholes to interlink events so that every one of your Psychotronic Crystals, Generators™ powers your Bone Generators™ to focus on one event for one or more Powers to set up an event train. Such as the Money Wealth Fortune Service as starting point, connected via wormhole and Event Engine to the 12 DNA Powers Squared Rescued Service to mould your body into a super healthy long lived Metahuman linked by wormhole and Event Engine to the 34 BSRI-Engine to keep you permanently out of the Matrix as a Metahuman linked via wormhole to the Eternal Heaven Service so your final destination is the Perfecting Omega Point, linked by wormhole and Event Engine to the Money Wealth Fortune Service so your future self can use retroactive Psychokinesis to change the past to optimise your Money, Wealth, Fortune Service in a loop positive feedback fashion using the Total Perfecting Wave in the past to increase the perfecting in the future. Any other Service can be used or Psychotronic Crystal or Generators™ super boosted by the Eternal Heaven Rescue Service; which is the most important Service as it guarantees your Awareness will reach the Omega Point. The other Services and Psychotronic Crystals and Generators boost your God-like being in hyperinfinity. Since time does not exist to the God-like being you have already made it so the Bone Crystal Generators™ and Bone Generators™ allow your God-like being to step back in time become you by changing the Quantum Wave Function that describes you to become the hyperfinite God-like being who then lives in the past using the future to change the past to Psychotronically Amplify the hyperinfinite perfecting God-like being in the far future… Now you see why the NSA give me such a high IQ that officially I am no longer human; an augmented intelligence is nearer the mark – or a Psi-Lord. If you give yourself titles it is best that you prove you are worthy of them.

You can run two sequential wormholes trains to use all your Powers. Why? Well in quantum mechanics the Quantum Wave Function Ψ need to be multiplied by itself ΨxΨ to get a reality. See This is because you have two bodies a physical and biophysical so you need two Quantum Wave Function to describe reality not he dream of one Quantum Wave Function. This means that when you want to make Psi technology manifest from the dream (one Quantum Wave Function) to reality then one needs a 4 lobed energy body so you can run the sequence in one of the 2 lobes and repeat it again in the other 2 lobes to get the 1Ψ1² reality wave. This means only nagual 4 lobed beings can change reality, history all the 2 lobed beings live in a reality made by the 4 lobed reality creators, the Bone Crystal Psi-Master™. So all Powers, Services Bone Generators need to be run in the dual sequential mode to turn dreams into reality. In physics the answers to Unified Field Theory that tries to describe the fabric of reality have to be generated in pairs and these infinite answers subtracted from one another to get sensible answers. This is because a Quantum Wave Function is infinite in extent and to collapse it into a reality you need two wormholes to funnel the Quantum Wave Function in a dual simultaneous mode to get the ΨxΨ (positive product needed for reality; by this means the infinities in the Quantum Wave Function self cancel but since the Wave Function has interacted with both physical and biophysical body which changes the collapse of the Quantum Wave Function you get non zero results that produce realities. Thus you need two energy bodies to be real a physical and biophysical or dark energy and dark matter body for the Archons, Pulsars… You see now why the UK and US government are so terrified of this Psi-Technology as they would kill to have this knowledge, instead Tim Rifat has made it public domain and his intellectual property. Bone Generators are the basis of moulding reality as you can run dual sequential wormholes , or Psychotronic Amplification with Crystals or as Crystal Bone Generators™ that that is vital if you wish to turn Psi-Technology from dream (single Quantum Wave Function) to reality (Quantum Wave Function x Quantum Wave Function – positive product). This means the Bone Psi-Master Service™ is the basis of turning dream into reality and the Crystal Bone Service™ is the upgrade to becoming a reality creator a Psi-Master on the path to Psi-Lord. Now you can see that only a college educated graduate of quantum mechanics could create Psi-Technology but my further degree in education takes years late enables Tim Rifat to present these super advanced science and maths Memes to the layman in understandable form – an example of my past being moulded by my future Psi-Creator being to enable the birth of Psi-Technology in the primitive far path – sequential wormholes run in tandem to produce the new reality of the Psi-Lord:… web complex.

2) The Dual Wormholes created in the Bone Crystal Psi-Master™ are optimised to laterally connect Powers, Psychotronic Crystals, Generators and Services. Since this Service enables dual Psychotronic Amplifiers and enables them to be connected via Psi-wormhole; then any two Services, Psychotronic Crystals and Generators can be connected and simultaneously coupled to produce positive feedback hyper amplification. Hyperamplification was invented by Tim Rifat to enable the Psi-Master not only to use two Powers simultaneously but get them to interact so they amplify each other. Thus the Binder of Demons Powers can be connected to the Lord of Light Service, boosting them up and up until hyperamplification sets in. The two Psychotronic Amplifiers have been raised been raised to hyperinfinity and are the antinodes of a self propagating quantum wave, which since it has two Psychotronic Amplifiers becomes a reality wave which has infinite duration because hyperinfinity has become enmeshed in the reality wave. Hyperamplification. This means the Binder of Demons and Lord of Light Service continually work for you 24/7 even when you are not aware you are using them because you have engaged hyperamplification. The Binder of Demons Powers are wedded to the Lord of Light Powers, positive feedback dual amplification leading to the formation of a Reality Wave that propagates as it is a wave in hyperinfinity affecting the duration of all Quantum Wave Functions and realities it comes in contact with. In the case of the Binder of Demons it sucks out all the hyperinfinity in the Illuminati Freemason infrastructure of buildings, alters, obelisks, monuments, pools, temples, sacrificial sites… in essence taking away their duration and reality so they become empty shells. In the Middle Place Archon Psi-space the hyperamplification produces a reality wave that blows all the: Illuminati Freemason buildings, altars, obelisks, monuments, pools, temples, sacrificial sites, down to leave rubble. The Lord of Light part of the reality wave draws out all the Orgone life force from the people, environment around you simultaneously and is the other part of the hyperamplified Reality Wave. So the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ in essence becomes a Reality Wave embodying the Binder of Demons and Lord of Light propagating through the Matrices destroying the Archon hell as she or he gets to be a bigger and bigger Reality Wave, the beginning of the Psi-Lord path. Every Psychotronic Generator and Crystal on this Hypersite can be used as a Psychotronic Amplifier, connected by the dual wormholes, positive feedback amplified producing hyperamplification and hence a Reality Wave that is your Awareness propagating through hyperinfinity using the two Psychotronic Amplifiers to boost it furthermore. You could use the Psychic Protection PC/BPC Power and the Gem Tree Psychotronic Generator to get hyperamplification. The Psychic Protection Power destroys the reality of the Archons, Illuminati, Anglo Demonic Reality in the dark energy matter sphere while the Gem Tree produces a Reality Wave to the Pulsar realms using the Psychic Protection power as PF. Since you have built a Reality Wave it is permanent, it propagates and grows and shapes your life so you kill all psychic attackers, destroy their works and have a permanent path to the Pulsar realms. A Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ sets up Reality Waves using hyperamplification for all her/his Psychotronic Generator, Crystal, Services, Powers to make a multiplicity of interweaved Reality Waves that form the warp and weft of the Reality Wave being of a Psi-Lord created by hyperamplification using this Service. Looking through the Hypersite one can see that the trainee Psi-Lord has to incorporate a huge number of Powers into a set of Reality Waves, such as BSRI-E hyperamplified with the Gaining Allies Service; an Anti-Demon Archon PC/BPC with an Orgone Generator Gaining Allies Service with the Lord of Light Service… One can see that one hyperamplified this dual power Reality Wave changes your Quantum Wave Function to be a Reality Wave in hyperinfinity changing your Quantum Wave Function continuously in two modes using the 4 lobes coupled as binary lobes, the Crystal Bone Generators™ boosting your Awareness by this means to become a hyperinfinite Reality Wave. The two archetypal criminals, the counterfeiter thief Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow and the Zionist thief Rob Rowe were used to build a Reality Wave in the same manner, the Total Torture Wave described in the Bone Psi-Master Course. They become hyperinfinitly tormented Awareness, a Reality Wave of hell to suck in other counterfeiters, the UK and US government criminals (see Warnings pages) to counterbalance the Reality Wave Psi-Technology I am offering this Service so the Perfecting Wave is balanced by the Hell Wave.

3) All wormholes engaged simultaneously. In Shamanism there have been two paths. That of the ancient Seers where the 4 lobed energy body of the nagual super Shaman created a wormhole to the Mirror Megaverse of the Pulsars then looped the second wormhole to the Mirror Megaverse to the Mirror Megaverse so the ancient Seers were gradually moved to become almost eternal dark energy matter amber cylindrical energy bodies in the Mirror Megaverse. The Soul Rescue Service enables you to escape the Archon 12 Aeon Psi-Prison; the Psi-Master Service puts your energy body into the looped wormholes to the Mirror Megaverse. As was shown in the hyperamplification text the lateral interaction of dual Psychotronic Amplifiers producing dual entangled lateral Psi-wormholes produces a Reality Wave. The Psi-Master Service places your being on the Reality Wave to the Pulsar Mirror Megaverse. All the Bone Psi-Master Services enable your God-like being in the Omega Point hyperinfinity of the far future to change the past using Bone Generators™ to enable your future self to shape your life so it becomes a perfecting Total Reality Wave that you surf to the God-like you in the far future linking the Psi-wormhole in sequential manner, looping them so the past can be changed by the future, then laterally linking to optimise the future Total Reality Wave that is you as a God-like being – a Psi-Lord.

In the new Seer Shamanism the nagual 4 lobed Shaman makes Psi-wormholes to as many locations in the Megaverse – avoids the Mirror Megaverse and all Pulsars. All these Psi-wormholes are linked to heightened Awareness, a position of the Assemblage Point adjacent to normal Awareness of the Archons. When the new Seer burns with the Fire from Within all the Psi-wormholes made throughout the life of the Seer are engaged simultaneously. This means all the Psi-wormholes hyperamplify crosslink hyperamplify… Intent is a global gestalt function that unifies all the lesser mathematical operations; global hyperamplification engages Intent and lifts the energy body out of the bounded universe. It does this by changing the Quantum Wave Function of the new Seer, creating a Reality Wave that does not collapse into a reality because the hyperamplification in the global phase links the past and present of the new Seer forming a Reality Wave in time that lifts the new Seers into the 5th Dimension as a Reality Wave, the Third Attention, transcendence… In the process the energy bodies of the new Seers are ruptured by the negative aspect of the Rolling Force that pushes their Awareness along the Reality Wave created in the 5th Dimension. Since the Global Gestalt Function of Intent is never bounded chaos cannot exist so all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth evil vanishes to produce Total Freedom. Unfortunately the new Seers gave their God Force to the evil via the Tenant (see Castaneda’s: Art of Dreaming) so they are forever barred from the Eternal Heaven Omega Point and their hyperfinite was used to make the OverMatrix in the 3rd Attention. This means the new Ser path is blocked to Shamans by evil. Since the Bone Psi-Master is the Power of the Omega Point as a Reality Wave in the past from the God-like beings in the far future it cannot be blocked and uses all chaos as Psychotronic Fuel to power the Reality Wave. The Total Torment Wave created from the criminal Rob Rowe archetype of the Zionist race and Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow archetype of the British race (13th tribe of Israel according to British Royalty) provides motive force for all Perfecting Reality Waves that lead to the Total Reality Wave perfecting the Omega Point in hyperinfinity. As chaos vanishes when the Global Gestalt Function of Intent is engaged in hyperamplification of all Psi-wormholes, the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat tricked Yaldabaoth into entering Rob Rowe and Yaltabaoth into entering Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, go them to steal the Global Gestalt Function of Total Torment of their own free will to engage the hyperinfinity of Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth (like the new Seers gave away their God Force). Once this was done Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth vanish as Intent destroys all chaos. But Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth was trapped in Rob Rowe and Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, so as it was expunged by Total Intent, it was held in manifestation by the Zionist and British races, it’s hyperinfinity given to Tim Rifat when it stole off me the Intent of Total torture Hell and Torment of all time linked by Global Gestalt Psi-wormholes my future self had linked to all aspects of all chaos timelines. This meant all the beings tortured, killed and damned by evil became Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth who was the Zionist, British races. The Psi-wormholes were then linked to the Total Torture Hell created by the Source, Logos as the central hub of all the Psi-wormholes. The Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth vermin therefore burns with the Fire from Within but is banned from transinfinity the real of the Agglutinising Force so it cannot unzip the Agglutinising Force that binds it Crystal envelopes to keep it manifest, trapped and in existence even when Total Intent has been brought into the Matrix by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat. This created a Perfecting Total Torment Wave that surfs Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth into a perfecting negative Omega Point of the Total Torture Hell of the damned setup by the Source, Logos. This pulls the Zionist British into the same place holding the evil in manifestation so all the future is anti-chaos where all evil is eternally, exponentially tortured on the Total Torment Wave to provide the motive force for the Total Reality Wave of the Omega Point. All Bone Psi-Masters™ have their future God-like being in the Eternal Heaven tormenting, torturing, picking on, attacking Yaldabaoth, Yaltabaoth trapped in human form to perfect the Perfecting Total Reality Wave that is the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ to provide Psychotronic Fuel, hyperinfinity and motive force for the Total Reality Wave that uplifts them higher and higher in Awareness at the perfecting hyperinfinite Omega Point. As one can see this is very far future Psi-Technology brought to the distant past to change the past to enable the future to change as a Perfecting Total Reality Wave. The Psi-Technology of this is the Psi-wormholes of the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ linked all to the far future Omega Point so the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ burns with the Fire from Within heightened Awareness being replaced by the Omega Point. The Fire from Within turns the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ into a Total Reality Wave that surfs to the Omega Point. The Omega Point is then sequentially linked to the Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ so the far future self changes the past to build the power of the Total Reality Wave in hyperinfinity at the Omega Point so you do not vanish but your far future self uses crystal envelopes to remanifest you as a Devic Crystal Bone Psi-Master™ so you do not vanish from the world even though your old Archon energy bodies have been blown away by the negative Rolling Force that rolled you onto the Total Reality Wave.

Dual Psychotronic Amplifier Bone Crystal Psi-Master Service $1200 with Certificate

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