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Blinded Illuminati Eye Bone Generator™

The Illuminati carry out giant Luciferian rituals to subvert the Sun power based on Isis poisoning the supreme sun God RA and blackmailing him to give her complete power over RA by use of his secret name he had to reveal or die. The Psi-Lord has permanently blinded the Illuminati eye rendering it a deflated husk by using Total Intent to reverse the Zionist Satanists attempts to blind one by use of infrared lasers and millimetre/microwave masers, pulse transmitters. Now the Illuminati eye is blinded irrevocably its ability to control the Satanic Spirit quantum superimposed on the angel trapped in some transgenic chimps is forever ended. In Gnosticism the demiurge Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Ialdabaoth, Iatabaoth – Thaumiel the Jew double headed God of Evil, new, old testament) imprisoned fallen angels in transgenic chimps (bodies of clay), the imprisonment only worked when the Intent/Spirit was exchanged for the Satanic Spirit of the demiurge. The eye of the Illuminati pyramid is the Satanic eye that directs Satanic Spirit and controls it. gives the path that was followed to burn out the eye of the Illuminati by directing Total Intent, the ultimate light of Total Spirit to blind, burn and devour the Illuminati eye. The top of the pyramid of Satanism now has an Anti-Chaos Eye that directs Satanic Spirit in all the damned be they the Rothschilds, lieutenants like Buffet, slave functions like Bush or wageslaves like the captains of corporate Zionism down to the GI cannon fodder, walking sacrifice to Satan.

In this Bone Generator™ your right hand projects Anti-Chaos to blind the Intent, eye, Awareness, control of your target be it one of the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati families or the government arsehole who is trying to persecute you (IRS, Police, NSA, Homeland Security…) so they lose total control over their faculties, Awareness, powers to command Intent, link up with Satanic Spirit… Your drive them mad: self destructive, criminally stupid, criminally insane (the starting point for Western intelligence – an oxymoron deviants) simply by flicking poison from your hand into their eyes (remotely, not physically – as this is illegal and counter productive). All of modern Satanism is based on Isis deriving from Blatavasky. Sekhet the Egyptian Goddess who got her possessed snake to bit the Sun God Ra to poison him. Then she blackmailed the Sun God (Intent) into giving her his real name (Intent) so she could control Intent. Unfortunately for Satanism Total Intent controls all Suns and their Gods (Awareness). So one name does not control Total Intent. As Isis is the basis of Shekinah, the Jewish female Satanic Spirit it controlled Intents by this means in this system. Unfortunately this Satanic Spirit run up a debt with Total Intent and Lucifer traded Isis, Shekinah’s name with Total Intent when the Rothschilds and the other 12 Satanist Illuminati were sold into Omega Hell in return for Lucifer’s continued freedom and franchise to double-cross Evil to get it to enter Hell of it’s own free will (Hyperinfinity) to act as fuel source for first order non Chaos timelines Shekinah/Isis’s Intent was used to attach Total Intent’s debt to Satanic Spirit – the so called Total Deathgoat Jews, the chosen race possessed by Satanic Spirit now the toxic waste dump for Lucifer and his cohorts.

Those Satanists that follow Total Intent for Intent (Light) by doublecrossing true believers in Satan (Lucifer’s Evil mask, facade, altar ego so he can practise the long con on Satanists). This means that not only can the Bone Generator™ cut all connection between the target and Satanic Intent, so they are powerless but with the right you can download your own Intents into any target to control what they do, download Awareness into them so they think and see what you want them to (as the Psi-Lord does with all Western remote viewers, influencers – so they can’t find anyone or anybody unless it is allowed by the Psi-Lord) turning Remote Viewing into Remote Mind Control by use of made up mind movies that show the Zionist wretch a world view carefully selected to enable the Psi-Lord at every move. Proactive mind control by psychic disinformation. Also the Western psychics, remote viewers, newagers act as beacons of transmitted Intent from the Bone Psi-Master enabling you to destroy the enemy via his psychics, remote viewers, remote influencers. The left hand Bone Generator™ sucks the juices out of the eye of Evil so you can see like an Illuminati – hidden Evil, control it, direct it and control the infrastructure of the pyramid.

This is a perfect adjunct to the Anti-Fallen Angel Service.

Blinded Illuminati Eye Bone Generator™ $200 with Certificate