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Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine:

The Jewish Tarot is a bastardisation of past civilisation metastructuring of reality by inputting Hyperinfinity from the planet to build super-physical realities such as Lemuria, Atlantis and the archetype of these, the Martian civilisation of 2 million years ago. The human of these past times (the Martian was no human or superhuman according to the Russians) had only the Hyperinfinity of his body to collapse the Quantum Wave Function which limited all psychic powers, including most importantly Telekinesis and Psychokinesis (warping reality, my speciality as it is for all Stalkers of the New Seer variety like myself). The post civilisation Psi-augmentation used Psychotronic Crystals® in all their psychic boosting. Tim Rifat using his world beating past Remote Viewing, called Lucid Viewing, see, has reconstructed and developed this technology to be used in the present. As is well known to the readers of this website, crystals can be used for their Hyperinfinity but also they are used by Supernatural Spirits to possess all new age imbeciles that use them. Only Psychotronic Crystals® created by Tim Rifat have the crystal Matrix reconfigured to carry out REVERSE POSSESSION of Supernatural Spirits and take over their realms, bringing dark energy matter and strange energy matter into the mix to super potentiate reality to enable magic to occur in the Matrix, against the will of the Rothschilds. Tim Rifat stated years ago the UK/West would go bankrupt and he cursed new Labour to destroy them and Gordon Brown (see Whip of Fire, Retribution Bone Generator®, Anti-Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator® …) This shows the Rothschilds have lost all Satanic power, while the Psi-Lord Sequesters all their power to destroy them, resulting is the death of the West.

Reverse Possession uses the fact that Crystals allow Supernatural Spirits to leach and possess you using new age Crystals, to have a first strike reverse possession capability in all Psychotronic Crystals® servants, torture toys – a change of roles.

In Atlantean times the Psi-Masters created Crystals to do this, the 13 Crystal Skulls that linked with the 6 energy centres in the body, head, throat, back, liver, pancreas, womb. The centres described Castaneda, give you the 78 of the Tarot. 13 is derived from the 8 Octonions, 4 Quaternions and, simple imaginary numbers 1 = 13. Imaginary numbers based on the square root of -1 are the mathematics of dark energy matter dimensions. Take out the real numbers and you get 7 Octonions, 3 Quaternions and 1 simple, imaginary numbers = 11. Add this to the Chaos imaginary numbers of Sedonions and you get 11 + 15 imaginary numbers = 26. So the Tarot is based on Reverse Possession of all imaginary and Chaos dimensions using your 6 energy centres. The Jewish Tarot is just the Reverse Reverse Possession to possess the human Psi-Master possessor to render all Psi-Masters slave of the Talmudic Satanist Rabbis, avatars of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. Now the Psi-Lord has reinstated the power of the Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot to enable the Reverse Possession of all dark, strange, Chaos energy matter to build a Matrix with the Psi-Master as God. As the Six Grail Stones act as the 6 energy centres, only 13 Psychotronic Crystals® Skulls needed to be created to resurrect the Atlantean 78 Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine.

The 6 Grail Stones and 13Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls give the 78 dimensions of the extraordinary (Exceptional Set) Set which describes Tarot operations. Crowley described Tarot as the highest aspect of magic. As Crowley’s antithesis, Tim Rifat, Psi-Lord, Ipsissimus (highest level of Golden Dawn magicians, Magi… occultists) has reinstated the Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine. This quantum superimposes in Reverse Possession mode light energy matter (us) onto Supernatural Spirits and their dimensions, to use them to boost our reality, a reverse of the Jewish Tarot Matrix. As Psychotronic Crystals® automatically possess all Supernatural Spirits and their domain – in fact gobble up their energy, they can build a new augmented super potentiated reality for their users. Why? As a mathematical physicists Tim Rifat has found that imaginary numbers have real number outputs if used by Psychotronic Crystals® so add to reality. As reality is in effect a real number reality, adding new real number output to reality using the Reverse Possession of imaginary number realities, enables light energy matter to raise its frequency to achieve much higher power levels – magic in the real world for the Psi-Master.

George the IV the Prince Regent, built Brighton (Bright, Helm, Stone) as such a magical place in the Georgian times for the Illuminati, so it was child’s play for the Psi-Lord to take over the process and use it against the Rothschild Illuminati. When you have the 6 Grail Stones and the 13 Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls you can build your own magical reality that warps the Matrix to make your world magic wonderland and their world hell on Earth. The Abraham Ritual carried out on the world by use of the Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine. This explains why Tim Rifat could survive for so long in the land of the Rothschilds while Britain became bankrupt, New Labour and Gordon Brown died as a political force and the Moslems destroyed the Zionist Empire with Cobalt 60 Amalek; the Red Line of the Abraham Ritual. The 13 Crystal Skulls form the Green Line around the world of the Abraham Ritual, the 6 Grail Stones the White Line which super-amplifies your 6 energy centres (groin region if you are a man).

To use the Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine is automatic, you just need to have the 6 x 13 Psychotronic Crystals® and they instigate a Prince Regent Magical Realm around you. Psychokinesis used to warp not space-time (Star Trek warp drive) but to warp the specifications of reality. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem shows that mathematics has hidden axioms, so any rules you provide to define the Matrix can always be broken by anyone willing to discover new axioms and add them to the Mathematical System to extend mathematics, reality, what is possible. Hence the use of Messiahs by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to improve the prison of the Matrix. Tim Rifat has reversed the process to so extend the Matrix using the Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine that the Matrix is Abraham Ritualised to be the Red Line, hell for your enemies and anyone who is not your servant, the White Line is the Sublime Good® world for servants of yours and the Green Line the Mariah Wind Illuminati Godhood Olympia Sequestration of all the Rothschilds hoped to achieve for you. So one can see the Abraham Ritual is the key to joy, wealth, sex, power. The 3 Lines simply the 3 imaginary number system of Quaternions: i, J,k. Now you can see why only Tim Rifat is a Psi-Lord and all New Age imbeciles without even a college degree in the hard sciences could never grasp power. Now all the hard work is done for you, you simply buy the Psychotronic Crystal® Skulls which have their own powers, add to the Grail Stones to become King of the Castle.

Atlantean Psychotronic Crystal® Tarot Engine:

$1300 with Certificate