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Anti-Jewish Tarot Satanic Coven Bone Generators®:

The Zionist Matrix (yes, Zion is the Matrix – so one can see why the film Matrix put out by the Jewish Zionists proclaimed the opposite to the truth – Orwellian doublespeak) is the 6 Kabbalistic Trees, 3 up 3 down (the Qlippothic Realm of Shells) called the Sephirotic Trees. As we have 6 Kabbalistic Trees we need 6 Covens of Satanists to be the cell of the body of Satanist Zionist Matrix Western society. Hence MI6 the occult spy police of the Rothschilds, set up by Dr. Dee the original 007 in Elizabeth the Firsts reign, he began the Ipsissimus who created Enochian magic the basis of the British Empire – Western society. MI6 stands for Matrix Infernal 6 (Sephirotic Trees). As there are 13 Satanists in a coven this gives 6x13 Covens per Matrix Infernal 6, which adds up to 78, the number of Tarot cards in the standard Tarot deck. As we have seen 13 is vital to the Jewish Tarot Matrix, so to produce a real world Matrix you need living Satanists to act as the walking, talking Tarot Cards. This explains why California has half a million witches many of whom will be Satanist cells of the Rothschilds.

That is why the Rothschilds own Nappa Valley in California as their American centre of Satanism. The wine valley is dedicated to Pan the Goat of Mendes, Bachus Lord of the Vine, wine. The vine has special significance in the Zohar as it is the instrument by which Man, Eve is corrupted. Noah the Magus of the Jews tried to break its hold over the Israelites. This is because the wine quantum superimposes the lowest two underworlds of the dark energy matter dimensions on the person, not as with the Shaman by turning into a tree and travelling there, but to allow those denizens to travel here and possess the body of the wine drinker. That is why Tim Rifat never drinks wine or wine derived liqueurs – only beer. The Satanist witches therefore are involved with wine growing as it allows the drinker thereof to be possessed. Since the deal was to allow 200 million of these dark energy matter entities to possess human vessels after WW11 and the rise of the Rothschild One World Government. This means 200 million Moslems (Amalekites according to the Rabbis) need to be exterminated to provide the Hyperinfinity for the use of these wine drinkers. The termination of Iran and Pakistan, with Afghanistan by the fallout from the nuclear destruction of Iran should provide a good 200 million dead Moslems for this purpose.

In this Bone Generator® the Psi-Master gets the use of all worldwide Covens for use to power the elevation of the Psi-Master to Master Matrix Keeper. A supervisor in the Jewish Tarot Matrix. So all the Satanist Covens act as your cells in the cells of your Matrix body to provide a Supernatural Spirit body in the Jewish Tarot Matrix, Middle Place. Think of it as a superhero or villain in a giant computer game that can enter any level, can be individual ### in you; or can travel to any location to do anything in the Matrix, or spread out like a ghost in the Internet to flow into every Internet user to make any wine user your personal bitch. Instead of putting Tulpas this Service allows you to possess any wine user or and Coven member in the world with you. So you get the ability to possess like the 7th and 8th level underworld Supernatural Spirits craved, any of the above.

To use the Service just think of a Satanist or wine drinking bitch, flow into them by injecting ‘you’ with your right hand Bone Generator® while sucking the bitch dry with your left hand Bone Generator® .

It’s as easy as that!

Anti-Jewish Tarot Satanic Coven Bone Generators®:

Limited Edition, limited to 12 only:

$600 with Certificate