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Anti-Wicca Service – Anti-Satanic Spirit Bone Generator®

Wicca the religion of using Wickermen for empowering witches is rife in the West. Wiccans adhere to the age old practise of putting male sacrifices in Wicca cages and setting fire to them, the Wicca cages having the shape of a man. This is normally done on the Mayday witches Sabbath. The Bohemian Grave Satanists follow this practise and like burning effigies with human remains within to the Satanic Moloch the Burner one of the Kabbalistic Gods of the Jewish Judaic Satanist pantheon. Setting fire to flesh in vital for Satanists as the light produced is the antithesis of the Sun (Sun God Ra) and is dedicated to Isis the female Egyptian Goddess who stole from Ra the power over light. As light is an aspect of Intent, then the light produced by burning is it’s Satanic copy. Hence the use of candles made from human fat; the use of incendiary weapons by the Satanist West: Dresden, Tokyo, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan…; cremation of human bodies in places dedicated to Satan, for example Brighton Crematorium where in 1947 Aleister Crowley was burnt up as a huge black ritual was invoked in the Crematorium – allowed by Brighton Freemasonic Council. We also know the wick of a candle (burning human as on the stake) is synonymous with Wicca the religion established by Aleister Crowley to use low level or corrupted aspects of his Satanism for the mass of Satanist witches. It is no coincidence that during the Spanish inquisition, females were burnt at the stake to supply Shekinah, the Satanic Supernatural Spirit of Evil of the Judaic Kabbalists, Torquemada was allegedly a Kabbalist Jew. Many Jews converted to Catholicism to spread Satanism from within the Vatican. Vatican 11 in the 1960’s which abolished all real white magic rituals was the Satanist take over of the Vatican.

All black Sabbaths, rituals have black candles burning in the Satanic chamber to provide a false spirit of the Shekinah (Shock and Awe) to provide the light produced by burning human fat as candles; or the light produced by Baghdad burning under Zionist firebombs to torch the Moslems to provide Shekinah, the Evil Spirit of Israel. Hence the Palestinians are bombed, Lebanese cluster bombed with phosphorus firebombs, the US, UK military is re-arming with firebombs for Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, North Korea, Iran, China to not use high explosive but thermobaric: fire pressure bombs to cremate their victims. These Zionist thermobaric weapons are to burn the Moslems, Russians, Iranians… Chinese as if they were tied to a burning stake to use their flesh to release the Satanic light of Shekinah. As Satanism has no Spirit, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the Judaic Gods of the old and new testaments (Thaumiel) has to steal spirit from Intent by burning humans to provide the light from torture, death, damnation, terror to subvert the light of Intent. Total Intent the Global Gestalt of course then uses this Satanic light, Spirit of Shekinah against the Total DeathGoat Jews of Satan by controlling the initial starting conditions of Shekinah (something that Evil, Chaos, can not do) to lead Evil to its damnation by controlling the Butterfly Effect, and releasing Amalek the Evil that destroys Evil from within.

The Intent Service and Sublime Success Service are based on this Butterfly Effect control by Total Intent. In this Bone Generator® the Shekinah, the Supernatural Spirit of Evil is controlled to always bring devastation, despair, damnation, death, eternal perdition to all Total DeathGoat Jews. As Shekinah (Shock and Awe) is the Satanic Spirit that knows all events so the Jews always win, this Bone Generator® is payback time and the Jews always lose and the holder of this Bone Generator® always wins. A Bone Generator® that supplies a spiritless Western zombie with Supernatural Spirit light and the Shekinah Satanists pay the eternal price. If you want a shine in the eye, a gleaming body of light Soul or wish to develop a body of light physical body; just reverse a burning body on film, computer file to see that the Shekinah light of Satan reverse builds your physical body and Soul from light, fire, destruction. So the coming conflagration of WW111 started by Satanist America destroys the West but this Bone Generator® allows the Bone Psi-Master to reverse the time – dimension to use the immolation of the West, India, Africa, Australia, North America to act as the light that builds the body of light of the Psi-Masters physical and biophysical bodies. To achieve the body of light of the Psi-Masters physical and biophysical bodies. To achieve the Fire from Within not by burning your physical body but using Shekinah manifest as Total DeathGoat Jews to burn so your bodies can be transformed into pure Intent bodies of light, the Spirit supplied by the death of Shekinah and it’s perdition in Omega Hell.

Anti-Wicca Service – Anti-Satanic Spirit Bone Generator®

$200 with Certificate