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Anti-Shoa, Burnt Offerings Service (to boost your male alpha side to make you super assertive)

We know that according to state mandated truth Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Historians who wish to see how many really died have been jailed like Ernst Zindell… Michael Irving, in Germany, France… It is against the law to express any opinion, dig up evidence, or dispute by search that the 6 million Jew deaths in the Shoa, Burnt offerings to the Satanic god of the Illuminati, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth may have been far for less and that Hitler had no gas chambers and from 100,000 to half a million Jews died by typhus, starvation and firing squad. From 3 million to 10 million Germans were starved to death by the Allies after the war and the fire bombing of Dresden… killed more Germans than all the Jews killed in the war according to dissident historians. Iran had a conference on the real history of the Shoa that stated the 6 million Jew deaths was pure fiction. Psi-Lord Ltd does not wish to breach German Law or French Law where fact is illegal so takes the position that 10 million Jews died as adding 4 million on top of the Illuminati state mandated historical number makes us even more legal.

Now what is of interest to Psi-Lord Ltd is the fixation with 6 million. The Rothschild Jewish Satanist Illuminati devout Kabbalistic black magicians of the first rank – till Lucifer screwed them (see Anti-Satan Service). If the Shoa was a grand black magic Sacrifice to Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the burnt offerings being the Souls sold to Molach the Burner (worshipped at Bohemian Grave – see Alex Jones video), the 6 million in Gerematria, numerical, alphabetical black magic on the world stage. To explain the Kabbalistic Tree of Satanic Death (note life is composed of ten Sephiroth and has 4 levels, wageslave, demon, ArchDemon, Kabbalistic Gods of Chaos Evil, each level is 10x10x10x10=10,000. Beneath is the Yaldabaoth, Gehenna, hell Tree of Life that has 4 levels damned Souls (shells) Jews, demon ArchDemon, Kabbalistic Gods of Chaos. This is 10x10x10x10=10,000. Six is the number of VAU the Satanic male principle seen in Israel’s torture murder of Palestinians, the Anglo Zionist torture murder of Iraq, Afghanistan. Homeland Security Jackbooted paramilitary police… so the 6 million represents 6x1000,000 or 6 levels of the Kabbalistic Satanic Tree wageslave x demons x ArchDemons x damned souls x demons below, ArchDemons below to give us the energetic model for the Anglo Demonic Reality created by the starting of the state of Israel that is the epicentre of this evil. We can take it further in that the Crowley, Kenneth Grant, OTO shadow Kabbalistic Tree is the backside of the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, the Tunnels of Set the Egyptian God of Evil, a hidden but real part of the world as the real world becomes a Matrix of the Jewish Illuminati. Adding this we get the Shadow Kabbalah above which is 10,000 (10x10x10x10) and the Gehenna levels have their shadow which also makes 10,000. This gives us 10(16) or 10 quadrillion dollars as the magical number which means the Rothschild Illuminati have conquered the world by debt. The Jews have run up 1 quadrillion and WW111 can run up the other 9 quadrillion to bring in the Jew Satanic state of the Rothschilds. So one can see the Shoa burnt offerings started in WW11 and ended by WW111 (we also have 6 billion people 6x10(4)x10(4) Tree above and below), is the Gerematria black ritual of making the entire world one Satanic Kabbalistic creation of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. This Bone Generator┬« sequesters the entire Gematria Kabbalistic Shoa Burnt Offerings process to the Psi-Master causing the death of Israel by burnt offerings (radioactive waste Cobalt 60 or nuclear waste), the collapse of the dollar and defeat of the West in WW111 all wrapped up into one package. So your left Bone Generator┬« sucks in all the energy, Hyperinfinity released by the Shoa, Burnt Offerings and your right Bone Generator┬« dumps negative male 6 energy into the Jews… so they lose all masculinity with Westerners and you gain the 6 VAU male energy enabling you to have the physical force to kill, steal, torture with impunity of the Zionist as they suffer eternally.

Anti-Shoa, Burnt Offerings Service $200 with Certificate