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Anti-Service Scapegoat Service:

In the Bone Generator™ Services you will notice that most of them (not the Mind-Bone Generator Services) have at least 12 Scapegoats to be used to download: energy, hyperinfinity, psychotronic fuel, debt, into evil Satanists. Benjamin Fulford the former Forbes bureau chief in Tokyo has revealed the Chinese societies of 6 million+ members have put the contract out on the Rothschild, Rockefeller… Illuminati Satanists. So the Scapegoat process has manifested in the ‘real world’ of the Satanist Matrix. Since Satanists are supposed to control the world and are now being listed for death (see the very fabric of control over reality has been lost. This enables the Psi-Lord to offer this new option to his Bone Generator™ Services in which each of the 12 Scapegoats a member of the Illuminati or a toady functionary enables the entire Matrix evil to be reversed and downloaded into each of the Scapegoats. Those of you who have been lucky enough to see the Directors cut of the film: The Butterfly Effect will know that parallel realities can run within one time-line. The chosen super psychic can choose the direction of not only him or her self but those around him/her by using retro-active Psychokinesis to change what he/she did in the past. This then alters how the time-line evolves: The Butterfly Effect. With the Anti-Service Scapegoat Service you download each of the total debts from all or one of your Bone Generator™ Services into all Scapegoats. They become Anti-Service Bone Generator™ torture shell Scapegoats, wrecking the Matrix, Middle Place, 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Kabbalistic Gods as they are the agents of unleashing the debt in 12 different ways upon the evil vermin. 12 Butterfly Effect parallel realities in which evil suffers in different ways. Sine the 12 Scapegoats are quantum computing parallel realities run by the Psi-Masters™ Bone Generator™ Quantum Computer these 12 different parallel worlds can be used to boost your Services 12 fold. This is increased as you can run all your Scapegoats simultaneously so if you have many Services you have 12x Services + Upgrades. Once you have 144 Scapegoats you have 144 Anti-Service Scapegoat realities so you can collapse them into one reality where evil suffers so your whole life runs to the good, success, freedom, unlike in the Butterfly Effect where the super psychic suffers the evil realities and kills himself at birth to improve the lives of his friends. Reversing this process you ruin the lives of the Illuminati to make your life a success. How? Now Benjamin Fulford has revealed the Chinese mean to hung down the Illuminati, the Moslems (1.5 Billion on Terror (Moslems), Russian is now being attacked by the Illuminati so Russians will kill Illuminati, Illuminati runt he world drug trade so the Columbia, Mexican drug cartels will kill Illuminati, Illuminati run the world drug trade so the Columbia, Mexican drug cartels will kill Illuminati to increase market share and stop the DEA at source, the Militia men will start killing Illuminati to free America… As the Rothschild, Rockefellers called themselves gods, they now are terrified and fear every moment as they are now under sentence of death so all their riches torment them as they know they will be hunted down (ideas spread). Benjamin Fulford has released a new idea to man kill Rothschild, Rockefeller to free the world from evil (the author for legal reasons must distance himself from this position) Once you have 156 Scapegoats you can alter reality in the 2013 mode using this Service to warp reality moment by moment and by using 156 Deathgoats use them after death as torture shells to warp psi-space so you can build your own reality.

Anti-Service Scapegoat Service: $600 plus Certificate

Anti-Service Deathgoat Upgrade: $200 plus Certificate