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Anti-Satanist Bank of England Bone Generator™

The Rothschild Illuminati Satanists took over the Bank of England in reward for funding William of Orange’s takeover of England after the Illuminati puppet Oliver Cromwell died. As a privately owned central bank the Rothschilds have run Britain since then but money control has just been the tip of the iceberg.

Not only did the Rothschilds want to control money but they wanted to dump the karma on the public in return for getting the keys to heaven. Having your cake and eating it. One can see that the Archons could not build their heaven Aeons without the Rothschild’s Bank of England to steel the heaven power from the wageslave. Only a Psi-Lord like Tim Rifat could design a Bone Generator™ to sequester the power to print an IOU for anything you want, get the wageslaves to pay for it, dump the karmic debt for your evil excess on the wageslave and in return get their power to enter true heaven, use this power to make an evil simulacrum of heaven called the 7 Heaven Aeons Psi-Prison, then get the wageslave to make your Demons for you, instead of angels, a reverse of their 12 psychic powers, then get them to give you power over their fate, in return you give them your fate to burn in hell, so escaping (or so you thought – read Anti-Satan Service) the debt you accrued by your evil excess. Now to wrap this up in the Bank of England , to make it one giant Satanic engine for the Rothschild Illuminati is Satanic genius, Psi-Lord Ltd thanks the Rothschilds for their hard work now takes over all their occult power allowing them to work their infrastructure for Tim Rifat’s benefit.

To expand, The Bank of England is in Threadneedle Street. This is to sequester Christ’s Law that a rich man (the Rothschilds…) has as much chance of entering the Kingdom of Heaven as the chance of threading a camel through the eye of a needle. One can see the Bank of England as a Satanic Quantum Engine to evade this law by taking Christ literally. Place the rich man’s printing press (Bank of England) in Threadneedle Street to thread the needle. In occult law a camel has another name as a Babylonian Demon genre. If one wanted to pass a camel through the eye of the needles one would divide it into smaller parts and expand the eye of the needle, both of which are done (many obelisks have holes in their tops, the £20 bank note has a large eye of the needle on the back) and every time a wageslave uses a £20 note she/he enables a Demon (camel) to go through the needle gateway. Using them on the back of the £20 note we have: “The division of labour in pin manufacturing (and the great increase in the quantity of work that resulted”. Since the Zionist empire has conquered ancient Babylon (MOAB), it has now control over the Babylonian Demons subverted by Shekinah (Shock and Aure), the Satanist Spirit of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, so the Rothschilds have control over the camel ( (2 million Iraqis sacrificed to the camel).

They use the wageslave to thread the camel by using their banknotes, then add the pin manufacturing Sigil. It is a famous saying that you can put 7 million angels on the head of a pin. So not only do the Rothschilds set up a trade the manufacture of 7 million angels fed by their Grace and reverse it to get the wageslaves to pay for the manufacture of 7 million more camels (Demons of the Babylonian ilk) for every £20 used (camel threaded through Threadneedle Street). The use of fractional reserve banking for stealing heaven from the slave and getting them to mass produce 7 million Demons per transaction. All the obelisks are Psychotronic, the obelisks… to control your fate, so the thread in the note is an occult Hyperinfinity transfer Sigil to enable the Rothschild Illuminati to control your fate – rule the West.

This Service is a get out of jail free card for the wageslave. For those of you who have bought the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service, it is Upgrade B giving you all the powers above to use simply by using your left to take and right to weave, give IOU’s Bone Generators™ exactly as outlined above, a bargain for $200.

Anti-Satanist Bank of England Bone Generator™: $200 with Certificate