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Anti-Satan Service:

(To actualise all Psychotronic Crystals and Bone Generators(TM))

Satanism is a worldwide phenomenon with 2million adherents in the USA alone. Saanism is built on the pyramid selling scheme in that all the good things, money, women, girls, boys, mansions, power go to the 13 Jewish Illuminati Families of the Rothschilds, Sterns, Goldsmiths, Oppenhimers, Bronsteins, Rockefellers… with no trickle down to the lower levels. Satanism calls the 13 Jewish Families the eye of the Illuminati Pyramid seen on the Satanist dollar bill. Satan has given power via human sacrifice to the Rothschild Jewish Illuminati (see my radio programme: Good and Evil) Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord as Avatar of Total Intent, the Global Gestalt, the Force that runs everything including Satanism has now been ordered to command all Satanists and has done so. How? Well we all know Satan is the ultimate liar, master of treachery. From the Anti-Fallen Angel Service one can see Satan has to obey Total Intent, no-one escapes Total Intent. So as Illuminati to Total Intent as the ultimate torture shell Scapegoats: Total Deathgoat Jews, in return Total Intent does not exterminate Satan because Satan goes with the plan of Total Intent and supplies the damned Jews of the Greater Bretheren for eternal torture in the Omega Hell (see Service) to act as the fuel source for positive creation, their torment acting as the toxic waste dump and fire to heat non damned creations such as the Ahnenerbe, Russian timeline… As Satan has double crossed the Rothschild Illuminati at the last stage of their plan for world domination they will lose WW11 and the anointed capital of their Jewish Upper Bretheren 13th Tribe of Israel London will be destroyed by nuclear attack and fallout. The British Royal Family and upper classes intermarried with the Rothschild Jews of Satan so all the Royal Family are Rothschild Jewish spawn the upper level of the Illuminati Pyramid the eye. From North Mythology Odin the King of the Gods gave one eye to Total Intent for Omnisentience, simililarily Satan has given this eye in the Illuminati pyramid to Total Intent to save it’s life Satan can then find more damned in the future to keep the Omega Hell well stocked with Total Deathgoat Jews. By totally giving in to Total Intents of Total Intent in this timeline in Total Intents debt collector and having received the eye of the Illuminati Pyramid of Total Deathgoat Jews, placing it in Omega Hell for all eternity (a one way irreversable process) of Total Ruthlessness now offers the Satanists of the pyramid one last chance to escape the Rothschild Jew’s fate, join Satan and find as many Satanists as possible to trade with Total Intent you escape, they end up in Omega Hell. How do you do this?

The Burn Your Enemies in Hell Service does this. You find 12 Satanists you go free: One proviso; they get you first you can’t do it to them after. First come first served. As for Chinese and Russian Satanists who are supposed to serve London and the Rothschilds to win the WW111 for the US, Nato Satanists, you make sure the Zionist Empire is totalled and you can be the new Anti-Chaos Illuminati, 1 billion Westerners is a lot of Total Deathgoat Jews with Russia and China the New One World Government. If you want to be top of the Pyramid their are 36 places (see Anti-Dollar Illuminati…) all tradeable, therefore invaluable. In this adjunct Service your Bone Generators(TM) you can start to download all the temporal, Satanic, monetary… power that the Rothschild Jewish Illuminati got from Satan and now has been repossessed by Total Intent to claim your stake of the One World Government Anti-Anti Christ timeline that came into being on Christmas Day 2007 when the Rothschild Illuminati became the Christ Scapegoat of all mankind, dark energy matter Pulsars… Satanist so you all get one last chance at their expense, the Sanhedrin ancestors of the Rothschilds killed Christ the money money lenders of the Temple, so now you can get a share of the Illuminati pie. To use you simply download this Service in to your Build Your Dream Service to actualise it using the Rothschilds…. power (warning counterfeit Services on Mystical satanic counterfeitors…) to manifest your Dream at their expense – simple as that! As well as all Crystals and Bone Generators(TM).

Anti-Satan Service: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.