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Anti-Rothschild, Israel, Satanist Service:

The Rothschilds as leaders of all Satanist Illuminati (open sources on Internet) and their state of Israel, Satanism incorporated into a country (Internet common knowledge) control all the good things in the USA, UK, Europe…. West. In this Bone Generator™ Service the Psi-Master sequesters their black magic (see Anti-Black Magic Service) to reverse retroactively psychokinetically through all history and timelines (plus dimensions controlled by generic Rothschild Satanist) to dump all the bad things on them and get all the good things for the Psi-Master. This service can be seen as the temporal adjunct to the Anti-Black Magic Service to get you not occult power but riches, lovers, houses, cars, possessions… money at the expense of the Rothschilds and Israel their Satanic country that runs, owns all the West.

When a black magician invokes Demons to drive people mad, ill, change events to make him rich, loved, powerful the witch draws a circle inscribes it with occult symbols and set up his altar at the North point of the Circle. The Satanist then reads the invocation from Kabbalah, buggers, rapes and has fellatio with a baby, slits it’s body with his Athame knife and eats the flesh of the dead baby. A triangle of art is drawn outside the circle in which a specific Demon is invoked by use of colour, scent, minerals, occult, astrological… specific Demonic Kabbalah names to manifest using the stolen life force of the baby. As Demons have negative energy bodies and biophysical bodies made from light energy matter and dark energy matter the -x- = +ve space like Demon can produce physical real world change to gain any physical thing quickly so needs lots of dead babies, or wars, inquisitions, abortions… to keep it young, charge and active. This explains the Satanist West of paedophile torture murder Satanism, endless war against the third world from Nicaragua, Chile to Iraq and the death clinics of the abortionists. The Rothschilds took this further and had the double Demonic invocation in which the triangle of art was done twice the Second Triangle of Art inverted to make the Satanic Star of David Hexagram. So as they invoke Demons for world domination, the upside down triangle of art enables the Demons to possess the Rothschild slaves, all of art enables the Demons to possess the Rothschild slaves, all Westerners. In this Service you draw your power circle anti-clockwise to make it anti-chaos, then clockwise to draw energy from the Rothschild, Israeli Demons. You then at the north point outside the Circle draw the Star of David hexagram by inverting the two triangles to make an Anti-Star of David to revoke the Rothschild Israel Demons to infect them with Anti-Chaos to drive them mad to destroy Rothschilds, Israel in the process freeing Westerners from possession by Zionist Demons and enabling you to command the Demon you revoke to give you money, love, horses, possessions… at the expense of Rothschilds, Israel. Using the power of Zionist Satanism to make you rich and powerful using their own infrastructure of Satanism Lists of Demons: Goetia, Enochian, Abramelin, Lam, Jin, Lords of Karma… can be found on Satanist websites (see Warnings) so you can revoke all the Demons made by Rothschilds… from Bahphamet to Lucifer to make you rich and free humanity from possession.

To install as Psychotronic Crystal Ware™ simply copy the Certificate 156 x to your hard drive (169 if you have Anti-Coven Service) and add your commands to the Demons by email yourself, see my Remote Influencing by use of Internet Service.

Anti-Rothschild, Israel, Satanist Service: $ 600

The Anti-Rothschild Israel Service sequesters the entire black magic of the hexagram, Star of David, Seal of Solomon… so you get the power to influence temporal reality and make people see what you want in their minds eye; the power of the Illuminati now with Anti-Chaos to drive Demons and Illuminati mad the power of the Anti-Illuminati. The genius (diabolical) of the hexagram. One is to manifest the Demon conjured up by the Satanist by making it space-like-able to create physical harm…; the other triangle is to manifest in the target the Demon in time-like form to possess the mind, biophysical body of the target. Once the initial energy has been supplied to create the Demon by slaughter, cannibalism of babies, children by the Satanist (Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, WW1, WW11… Satanist temples) the Demon which is a -ve physical and -ve biophysical light or dark energy matter entity dumps it’s energy debt on it’s quantum superimposed time-like form in the mind, biophysical body of the target making the targets’ body and Soul less positive and more negative to feed the Demon positive energy for real world effects as the target goes mad (Iraqi, Afghans, Americans, British…) A superb self transferring energy process which also is added to by all hexagram using, wearing Satanists such as all occultists, all Israelis and Jews who then spread their evil dream via neo cons and Satanists. All the power, demons are controlled by the Rothschilds whose symbol is a red hexagram.

Tim Rifat has reversed the process so all the power cones to the Psi-Lord each triangle of art now sequestered by Bioparticle and Psychotronic Crystal of the Bone Generator to enable you to draw your hexagram as explained and sequester the demons and all the damned to do your bidding. The damned being all Westerners as Israel, Zionists own all the West. Just direct their Demons to destroy evil, Satanism, themselves as they do your bidding to supply the Anti-Demon with the positive energy from the Satanists to keep space-like so it controls the Anglo Demonic reality for only you as the Satanists are driven mad and time-like so all their plans become pipedreams. Since the Anglo Demonic Reality is one giant demonic form you can use the Anglo Demonic Demon like an evil genii to do your bidding simply by carrying out the ritual above in the process destroying all Illuminati works, plans… as your drive them and their demons to self destruction. As an adjunct to the Anti-Black Magic Service you can download hexagrams onto your hard drive, Seals of Solomon or any occult symbol to carry out the above as Psychotronic Crystal Ware™ producing Torsion Fields of the power above by copying 156x to your hard drive (169x if you have the Anti-Coven Service) use with the Internet RI Service to spread it through the Western big brother computers to carry out your ritual all over the West. Invent, mirror the hexagram, Seal of Solomon… occult talismans to fully sequester the Zionist Empire and command your ArchDemon on the Internet by sending Remote Influencing emails which contain your commands (erased prior to sending after copying to your hard drive) to plant your Remote Influencing ArchDemons on all Western computers that record emails.

Explanation of Service in detail:

The Double Demonic Invocation is the forte of the Rothschilds. The hexagram, Star of David… consists of the triangle of art pointing South to possess wageslaves with the same Demon that is manifest in the north facing triangle. It takes space-like positive phase space from the wageslave to make space-like positive phase space from the wageslave to make space-like positive phase space so the Demon’s instant becomes reality while it gives time-like negative phase space to the Western wageslaves so all their Intents become broken drams. Tying the invoked Demon to continue as long as fed by Western wageslaves and increase in power as the wageslave is devolved by Tavistock mind/body degradation programmes, because the more negative the wageslave becomes the more positive and powerful the Rothschild Demons hence the total mastery of Rothschild power in the West.

The whole process is simply science from the realm of dark energy and matter. Only the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat has the power to reveal all the Illuminati secrets and reverse, sequester them for his or her clients. The physics, mathematics of the Illuminati are:-

Dark matter bodies always negative: Dark energy bodies negative for Demons

Dark matter bodies always negative: Dark energy bodies positive for some entities

Since Demons are so short lived they have to be made by the Illuminati from babies, children, then use the hexagram double demonic ritual to keep them charged as they deplete the wageslave.

Other dark energy matter entities such as Lan, Crowley’s grey interdimensional beings need priests, nuns, and black magic as explained in the Anti-Black Magic and Supernatural Spirit Service for the negative quantum superimposition for space-like temporal power. Remember Crowley opened an interdimensional gateway for Lan dark energy matter beings so the British Satanists could gain world domination. There dark energy matter being quantum superimpose with the wageslave so we get:-

Dark matter body (-ve) of Demon x dark energy (-ve) Demon x human physical -ve x human (Tavistock) soul-ve = positive space-like temporal output for Demons so they control Anglo Demonic Reality.

Wageslave is -ve body x +ve human Soul (suppressed insectile Tavistock Rothschild possessing Demon) = -ve time-like output so wageslave has no real world power.

For Rothschild Crowley Lam entities

Dark matter body (-ve) x dark energy +ve Lam x priest, num negative flesh x priest, nun positive Soul gives positive space-like temporal power for Lan Grey, reptiloid interdimensional predator.

Priests and nuns on their own are negative flesh x positive Soul = -ve time-like output so the Western churches have no power to do anything but support Satanism by default due to their impotence.

One can see the importance of Rothschild Satanism was using the double demonic invocation of the hexagram and to generalise it to all the West by trying the Demon in with money so all the wageslaves were possessed dispossessed of money, wealth, fortune as the Illuminati were made rich by their Star of David Demons. Quantum superimposing Demons on wageslaves as they also manifested them in the world to do the Rothschild Illuminati’s bidding to give them temporal power as they took al power away from the gayim, non Zionist in the process possessing their minds to render them into the servile Satanist zombie wageslave of today.

Since the West is built from double demonic invocation, Psychotronic Crystal Ware™ can be installed in your hard drive twice, 156 x 2 = 312 times to use the Star of David for Anti-Chaos hexagram Torsion Fields 169 x2 = 338 times if you have the Anti-Coven Service. Also if you have the Internet Remote influencing Service you can double up the emails sent to use the Rothschild Satanist system in Anti-Chaos, Anti-Illuminati mode.

As another upgrade you can think of the Star of David Hexagram building Demons when one triangle points north, possessing humans with the other triangle pointing south to disempower you and drives mad possesses the Demon so it destroys all it’s built as you take all it’s power and dump debt of power on it.

Turning the hexagram so the upper point points west, lower point east forces the Demon Anglo Demonic Reality to time-like dark energy matter so all the Illuminati works fade away, while you the God Being at the east gain space-like power to manifest your God Being. Mirroring the first example allows you to feed off the Rothschild Demon making as you feed off it so the Demons build your reality and possess humans for you and all the Illuminati are sequestered.

Mirroring the second example allows you to use Demons to possess the Lan interdimensional, insectiles reptiloids, greys to do your bidding, reverse all the Illuminati Satanist’s works and get the power fed to you as the God Being so as a Psi-Master you can control any Satanist extradimensional.

Remember for demonic invocation with triangle of Arts:-

East is the God-Being position

North is the Demon position

West is the extradimensional position

South is the human wageslave position

That is why the Rothschild symbol is a red hexagram, red shield the north position of the hexagram, Demons incarnate.

Sublime Good Upgrade A $600

This Service is also designed to be used with the Grail Stones and Grail Patterns. Place the Left Wand of Horus at the south point of the hexagram, right Wand of Horus at the North. This reverses the Satanism by giving the Psi-Master the Agglutinising Force stolen by killing babies… deagglutinising the Demons the Illuminati created. The Cardinal Grail Stones are placed on the other 4 points of the hexagram in North, West, South, East order the North being placed on left upper hexagram point to drain Lan dark matter entities, left bottom to drain possessed Illuminati vessels, right bottom to drain the Agglutinising Force from all the human Satanists and their wageslaves, upper right to drain the New Age, Church, nuns, priests that support Satan with their evil is only ignorance, English simplified Mass for the Masses, Exorcism banned, Extreme Unction is no use as we don’t have Souls to save…

To use the Grail Patterns simply place each Pattern in the Grail Stone Hexagram to burn the Agglutinising Force of the machine code of the Matrix to give you the power of the Agglutinising Force in the matrix. To use as Psychotronic Crystal Ware™ simply download onto your hard drive and copy 156 x 2 or 169 x 2 if you have the Anti-Coven Service or put as triangles: Normal, Inverse, Mirror if you have the Anti-black Mass Service. Once can see that Psi-Lord Tim Rifat’s mastery of Illuminati knowledge has enabled him to sequester all black magic Illuminati occult to produce the Anti-Illuminati Anti-Black Magic, Occult, as well as the Psychotronic Crystal Ware™. All the charlatans (see Warnings) copy my work but never copy my Anti-Satanism as they all are UK/US government Satanist disinformation sites. Tim Rifat is the only Anti-Satanist as his work allows anyone to sequester all the West.

You can’t stop Satanist practise but you can reverse it to destroy all Satanists.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.