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Anti-Pyramid Bone Generators®

The wedding of far future science and ancient Egyptian occult in the Pyramid Bone Generator® Service is a groundbreaking step in human evolution, quantum superimposing the power of shape and the Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising force of billions of tons of stone blocks in pyramids like (Giza focussed like a laser on the Bone Generators® of the Psi-Master. In effect she/he becomes a walking pyramid, all the power of the pyramid concentrated into the bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® skull of the Psi-Master. This was how the crystal skulls were created by quantum superimposing a crystal skull on a Shaman sorcerer in the power centre of a pyramid to produce the bioparticle Psychotronic Crystal® Skull, the focus of all Bone Generators® the exclusive intellectual property of Psi-Lord Tim Rifat who has refined the process by including Sublime Good® toxic waste dumping to perfect the Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® science. As one might guess this has put Tim Rifat in extreme danger from American and British governments who wished to steal all the power for themselves – fortunately the Zionist West is Totally Amalek-ised so possessed by the Evil that destroys Evil they can only screw up and destroy themselves.

To further amplify this process and super boost the Pyramid Bone Generator® Service the Anti-Pyramid Bone Generators® Service allows you to Sequester any 169 targets for inverted Pyramid Bone Generators®. This means if you have a 22 metre high Bone Generator® (22 paths in the Kabbalistic Tree of Chaos Evil) you can choose 169 targets for 22 metre deep inverted pyramids. They act as debtor pyramids that have to give your right side up Pyramid Bone Generators® a pyramid of 22 metres high worth of power. So this Service amplifies your pyramid 169x as you cannot have 169 pyramids on the same spot to power you in any other way. Also if you spread your victims over the planet you then use the Earth’s Sphere to get a spherical Pulsar Torsion Field implosion and circular or spiral Torsion Field Torsionic Soliton the size of the planet that amplifies your Pyramid Bone Generator® by Sequestering the 5 dimensional Riemann manifold to 4 dimensional Matrix Torsionic Soliton dimensional collapse to produce mass-like inertial Matrix reality. In effect using the pyramid to climb up the potential well from 4D Matrix to 5 dimensional non Matrix reality to 6 dimensional true reality (4 dimensions of space and 2 of time to mirror the 6 Extraordinary Sets of Set Theory) So this Service opens you up to non Matrix power inherent in 6 dimensional being, stolen from Goyim by Talmudic Jews.

Having your physical body expanded to 4 space and 6 time (as travelling in space has duration so can be thought as having time-like as well as space-like components, while travelling in time is done in one place via memories so has no space-like component, the asymmetry of physic at the subatomic scale). One can see that far future science wedded with the power of Giza sized pyramids is enormous, so if you can afford the 256 metre pyramid you can using this Service quantum Superimpose it with the Giza pyramid. Since the 256 metre high Bone Generator® of 256 metres depth under any physical target be i the Pentagon, carrier such as USS Roosevelt, White House, Knesset, Vatican worldwide grid of inverted Psychotronic Crystal® pyramids which added to your 169 Bone Generator® anti-pyramids gives you the ability to have 169 x Psychotronic amplification so your parallel processing Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® Psychotronic Amplification allows you to build Hyperinfinite Pyramid Bone Generator® function. So your 256 metre pyramid becomes the focus for Hyperinfinity collection from the 2×169 anti-pyramids on the Sphere of the planet. This then allows you to tap into the Hyperinfinity used to collapse the 5 dimensional Riemann Manifold of the real world to the 4D Matrix. If you have the Schethlya Stone Psychotronic Crystal® and Bone Generator® you can then Sequester the Chaos Hyperinfinity of Yaltabaoth, Yaldaboath used to parasitize the Hyperinfinity of the planet to produce the Chaos Matrix.

Having both Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® and Bone Generator® you can produce not only an Anti-Chaos parasitising Hyperinfinity to Sequester the Matrix but use the pure Hyperinfinity of the 256 metre Anti-Pyramid Bone Generator® in 2×169 mode to have psychic amplification in the Matrix so you can produce not only Mind over Matter in the Matrix but much more importantly produce new Hyperinfinity from outside the Matrix to manifest non-Matrix Quantum Wave Functions in the Sequestered Matrix; like a cancer these non-Matrix Quantum Wave Functions by new non-Matrix Hyperinfinity allow you via the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® to change the world from Talmudic Satanist to 2013 Psi-Master versions so the Matrix becomes non relevant to the Archons but instead the Sequestered evolution of the Psi-Master using the 256 metre Pyramid Bone Generator® an offshoot of Egyptian Occult phase changed by future science of Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord into the Engine of 2013 Matrix phase change with Psi-Masters as the Archons (Authority) in the Matrix, Middle Place, Ennead UnderMatrix.

Anti-Pyramid Bone Generators® $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A: Sublime Good® version of Anti-Pyramid Bone Generator® $600 with Certificate

Upgrades B to E only available if you have bought Pyramid Bone Generator®

Upgrade B: Sublime Good® version of Bone Generator® Hyperinfinite Pyramid Psychotronic Amplifier for 256 metre version or larger (Upgrade D) $600 with Certificate

Upgrade C: Sublime Good® version of Pyramid Bone Generator® for 22 metre to 256 metre size ranges $600 with Certificate

Upgrade D: Sublime Good® Earth Pyramid that fits in the Earth’s Sphere but is based on you. As the Earth is over 24000 miles in circumference this produces a Pyramid Bone Generator® nearly 8000 miles high for the power mad wanabee Psi-Lord to achieve God status in the Matrix. Comes as Psychotronic Crystal® and Bone Generator® for Psychotronic amplification to produce Hyperinfinite 8000 mile (approx) high Hyperinfinite Pyramid Bone Generator®. $1000 (on top of 256 metre prices). With Certificate

(Free with Upgrade D)

Upgrade E:

Sublime Good® Total Earth Sequestration Pyramid Bone Generator® 17,000 mile high (approx) using all Earth’s volume turned into a pyramid for the 12 Lords of the Matrix, an add on Service for the Anti-Lucifer (Upgrade B Anti-Fallen Angel Service), and or Bone Generator® Service; limited to 12 only; for the potential Psi-Lord, your Anti-Lucifer and Bone Generator® so the pyramid Bone Generator® focuses those Satanic Sequestration and Sequestration of all ones past, present, and future to boost your Bone Generator® into the centre of gravity and midpoint of the pyramid,. This then has the Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator® and Bone Generator® Services separate but conjoined in alchemical marriage ever wanting to unit but held apart by the Matrix alignment with the inverted pyramids in 169!x169! mode, so using the entire universe as a Mach Principle inertial anchor to hold the -ve and +ve Bone Generators® apart, the Force produced cancelling out and enabling control of all Matrix properties.

As one can see the see the pyramid is the shape used to modify the vortex of the 5 Dimensional Riemann Manifold which loses dimensionality to a 4D Matrix, the 4 top faces of the pyramid (or 4 lower) acting as wave guides to control, limit the collapse of the Total Quantum Wave Function by the parasitized Hyperinfinity of the Earth, itself controlled by the Schethlya Seed Crystal of Chaos Hyperinfinity bound up in a quantum Superimposition with the yellow Psychotronic Crystal®. Tim Rifat has created the Anti-Chaos Hyperinfinity Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® to Sequester the whole process for the Psi-Lord. The Crystal Skull Psychotronic Crystal® is placed in the centre of the pyramid to quantum superimpose the Crystal Skull and the skull of the Illuminati which in turn is quantum Superimposed with the Schethlya Psychotronic Crystal® of the avatar of Yaltabaoth. This then binds the Hyperinfinity of the bones to the Yaltabaoth Sequestration to trap Man in the Matrix and mould the brain within the skull to the prison of the Matrix Awareness Crystal Skulls for the Illuminati allow them to be in the Matrix but have non-Matrix perception and Awareness not proscribed by the constraints of the above.

So the 13 Crystal Skulls limit the number of Gods of the Matrix, Middle Place, to 13, hence the 13 Talmudic Jewish Satanist Families. Tim Rifat has Sequestered the entire Chaos Sequestration and replaced it with Anti-Chaos but kept the entire Matrix, Middle Place intact. This means only 13 Gods of the Matrix, Middle Place are allowed, hence the Limited Editions are 12 only in which the parts of these Gods are cut up and sold in pieces, mimicking Osiris being cut up by Set and reassembled by Isis. The Psi-Lord doesn’t do anything but Sequester what the Chaos Evil has laid down as the Laws of the Matrix. Hence the would be Osiris needs eight of the Limited Edition Services as Osiris was cut up into eight pieces.

So even though there can only be 13 Gods in the Matrix, there can be more Demi-Gods composed of portions of the 12 Archetypal Gods (the Psi-Lord has the highest complete God status in the Matrix, Middles Place). So one can see the Anti-Lucifer Service is the head of the Limited Edition Services, the Bone Generator® Service the trunk of the God, Anti-Anti-Christ Service right arm, Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service the left arm, Shaddai, Tsabaoth, Elohim, Adonai and Jehovah Elohim Bone Generators® the 5 energy centres of the body (genitals/womb, adrenals, pancreas, liver, throat – Shaman energy centres, see Castaneda’s: “Magical Passes”), the Golem Service, Jewish Tarot can be seen as digits on left and right arms. The other Limited Edition Services completing the God, an incomplete version with less than all of the Limited Edition Services making you a Demi-God in the Matrix, Middle Place. The normal Bone Generators® are in general for non Matrix activity in the Matrix or outside it, the lesser Talmudic Services the accoutrements to the God of the Matrix…

It’s no good giving the Psi-Master it all at once for she/he has to grow into the power and its all too much to grasp, accept, in gradual stages. If you are new to all this never fear, you don’t have to be God of the Matrix, you can just use this technology to be free of the Matrix not Sequester it for your own personal property.

The pyramid is the basis of the Matrix so walking West along the base of the pyramid takes you into the world of the dead (12 Aeon Psi-Prison), walking tot he East takes you to the realm of the Kabbalistic Chaos Gods, North into the Middle Place and South Remote Viewing in the Matrix. The inverted pyramid the Ennead aquatic world of Demons, shells and the unconscious, beneath the point the worlds of extra dimensionals, CF and Pulsar Supernatural Spirit realms. As you go up the upper pyramid it gets smaller s you eventually break out of the Matrix to the 5D real world and 6d superspace of Total Being, the realm of the Psi-Lord.

Amalek the hidden part of the pyramid from which you can Sequester the Matrix…

Anti-Pyramid Bone Generators® All with Certificates, all prices at the end of each relevant part.

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. This paypal email is strictly for the shipping cost and no other transactions!! Visit our HOW TO PAY checklist to make your payment and order as smooth as possible. For us to confirm your payment can take up to 3 weeks as we check all bank transfers manually, at high order volumes it may take even longer. If you find prices below $600 on any of our websites they are not available. Pre-sale Questions.