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Anti-Psychic Damping Field Service:

the Harry Potter children’s books have publicised witchcraft, black magic and the occult to a worldwide audience of children and adults. Whether there is a hidden Satanic agenda to Harry Potter and or whether JK Rawlings in a UK government Satanist which has been publicised worldwide by Christian groups is best left to the moral majority. What can be proven is that the inclusion of these new/old, Memes, ideas in witchcraft, occult, black magic have lodged in children’s minds making them believe in these ideas/Memes. According to Christian groups this makes them easier to rope into Freemasonic Illuminati Satanism. Tim Rifat cannot comment for legal reasons. What can be said is that the Harry Potter phenomenon has weakened the psychic damping field so that witchcraft could be made more effective in the group mind/noosphere. The Psi-Lord has added Anti-Chaos to the Harry Potter field effect to kill off Satanism, witchcraft and black magic so the more children believe in the Harry Potter books the more Satanism is killed off by Anti-Chaos – the universal antiseptic for Satanism. Your Bone Generators™ are downloaded with the Anti-Chaos so you can use your right hand to sequester the group mind to kill off all Satanism via the minds biophysical bodies… of all the people who believe in witchcraft, occult, black magic. This kills the Middle Place where you live like fungicide, vermicide, herbicide… to make a null place in Psi-Space totally poisonous to Satanism. Since the Harry Potter books have made witchcraft the dominant dream of children the most energetic of the slave race of the Illuminati the net effect on the Middle Place is to eat it alive.

In the next part of the Service the left Bone Generator™ hand is used to pull in the Anti-Chaos sequestered dreamscape of witchcraft, occult, black magic, overlaid on Psi-Space controls the physical world this changes your milieu, environment to conform to Your will. For further effect you can download your Build Your Dream Service to flesh out your Anti-Chaos Middle Place in Psi-Space. The No Matrix Service can be added to make your new Anti-Chaos Middle Place totally new, unique and free of all evil. It is as simple as that. As the Satanists tried to boost their hold on the Psi-Space domain by promoting witchcraft, black magic, occult… through mass publicity; this Harry Potter phenomena sequestered by the Bone Generators™ allows you to create in Psi-Space and the world around you truly unique new reality from the Anti-Chaos sequestration of Satanism. Since Rawlings (who is a Satanist according to the Christian right -s see their numerous websites – Tim Rifat cannot comment for legal reasons and must distance himself from their view) has stated she is only writing 7 Harry Potter books the Psi-Lord could quantum superimpose his 7 Psycrystals on the Psi-Space of Satanism to bind it with the devic world so the 7 levels of dark energy matter can be now sequestered by Anti-Chaos giving you 7 floors to your unique new 2013 Anti-Chaos reality. It also allowed the 7 heaven Aeon Psi-Prison levels to be used as the double Deathgoat downloads to pay for the unique new 2013 reality you build.

Anti-Psychic Damping Field Service: $ 400 with Certificate