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Anti Paedophile Torture Murder by Anglo Zionist Satanists Bone Generators®:

The most popular mini Service Bone Generators® ever offered! The news has been full of child abuse, ritual murder in America by the US military carried out by Colonel Aquino, the Belgium governments paedophile torture murder dungeons – no one ever prosecuted, Jersey’s children home of abuse, Australian forced government abduction of all Aboriginal children for abuse…, ritual Satanic abuse of children in Scotland covered up by the police, Fred West the Gloucester Illuminati child procurer for Satanic sacrifice… It is part of the Zionist Empire that children, teenagers are ritual raped, abused, murdered as this is the origin of their Satanic power source.. So the first part of this Bone Generators® automatically frees all the tormented Souls of the sacrificed children and releases the life-force energy to the Bone Psi-Master dumping a never ending toxic waste, negative life-force into all the Satanists to eat their Souls like the hydrofluoric acid eats flesh to produce tumours leading to amputation. With this Bone Generators® you can use the right hand to give flesh rot of the Soul to any target and dump on them the negative debt for all ritual child sacrifice past, present, and future uploading from each target the sum total of energy released from Judaic Satanist sacrifice of children. One can dump into Israel the nation state of paedophile torture murder (just ask the Palestinians) and Britain the home of the Rothschild Illuminati Satanists, the sum total of debt accrued from child sacrifice and upload with your left hand Bone Generators® the released life-force of the physical aspect of the murdered children to make you physically younger and build your physical energy body so it:-

Becomes less material and becomes instead a physical energy body that you can change at will as your dreaming body.
You can use this physical life-force to make yourself younger, stronger, supernatural in your physical form.
Use it for shapechanging to change features, form, build, looks as you suck in energy
Use it to power the Body Augmentation, 12 Power Squared DNA Rescue Service…

The Jews were thrown out of England in the Middle Ages for ritual child sacrifice of non Jewish children. The Greater Brethren Judaic Satanists of the 13 Illuminati Families follow this tradition. All anti-Zionist websites have been branded paedophile sites by the Zionist lie mongers like the weasel-thal Zionists; it’s news to the world that Osama bin Ladin is a paedophile according to Zionist/Jews; the reality is that the Rothschild Illuminati are paedophile murders; America and the UK have slaughtered over 1 million Iraqi, Afghan children and poisoned those countries for future generations. Berezovsky the architect of Beslan is the most notorious paedophile murderer on the planet protected by the British Rothschild government. Why is it that Zionist Jews want to tie all anti-Zionist websites in with paedophile activities. Simply we know the Zionist Jews are the leading paedophile torture murderers on the planet as they comprise the 13 Illuminati Families of the Greater Brethren, so they are trying to use their enemies as scapegoats for their crimes. To no avail as the Psi-Lord has dumped all the paedophile sacrifice past, present, and future on Zionist Jews. The Talmud states Goyim girls under 3 and boys under 7 be raped by Jew and killed!

A more insidious reason for child sacrifice is that the Souls of children are used by the bocor, Illuminati not only as fuel for Demons but to bypass the protective Guardian Angel function of the races group mind, the archetype of the biophysical bodies of the race, be it Haitian, White, American, Polish…. Chinese, so the target can be fooled by the damned dead children’s Souls acting as carriers for the Illuminati weapon system. In a similar way viruses are used to carry new DNA into the body for gene therapy, the slaughtered children can be used as carriers to bypass the defensive mechanism of the targets biophysical bodies to insert new Demonic biophysical energies to change the nature of the target. So by slaughtering Iraqi children you can use them as carriers of wageslave – stupid bomb into the Shia, Kurd, Sunni group mind to turn Iraqis into Western zombie slaves controlled by the Illuminati. Similarly all the Palestinian Children shot, bombed and made ill, killed by the Jews act as surrogate biophysical Kabbalistic weapon carriers for the Israelis. Since sacrificed children of 1 specific race are used to bypass the Guardian Angel immune system of the target race to inset Memes, Demons, changes in nature, stupid bombs, slave bombs… Zionist damnation in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison; this Service allows you to free any child damned weapon system, attach your own weapon system to rule the child killer as you free the child and bypass the defence of the Zionist-Satanist to change their behaviour, nature, add stupid bombs, damn. Since they gave their Hyperinfinity to cause the torture child murders so are subject to blowback.

Anti Paedophile Torture Murder by Anglo Zionist Satanists Bone Generators® :

$200 with Certificate