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Anti-Metatron Forgiveness Hyperinfinite Body:

One can see that forgiveness Hyperinfinity is the essence of Unbounded Unbounded Inviolate Inviolate: God of bounded creation, given away by its creators to Chaos Evil when they forgive Evil. Now the Psi-Lord has collected, Sequestered all this forgiveness Hyperinfinity and dumped the debt for creating more on the Jew Robe Rowe – all Satanist Jews and redoubled it with all Satanists in the form of counterfeiters,,,,, he can offer you an Anti-Metatron Forgiveness Hyperinfinite Body – paid for by the miscreants who accepted Tim Rifat’s infinite debt and eternal perdition of their own free will, Hyperinfinity. If you have an Anti-Fallen Angel body this Upgrade raises your Hyperinfinite body to the top of the tree Chief Archangel Metatron power – the highest Hyperinfinite body in bounded creation. If you don’t have the Limited Edition (sold out) Anti-Fallen Angel Hyperinfinite body, this is your last change to gain a Hyperinfinite body. No other Hyperinfinite bodies will be sold – only transferred in ownership. The Service takes your Hyperinfinity, and in concert with the Anti-Forgiveness Service prior to this one distils your Hyperinfinity into an Anti-Metatron Archetype.

The last Grail Pattern. This has your Assemblage Point permanently in your God Core and mends your emotional energy outer layer, as per the penultimate Grail Pattern. This indirectly unmanifests you but since the Psi-Lord has made the bounded creation a Grassman Imaginary Number Matrix, the 2013 dream, unmanifesting from a purely Imaginary Memetic realm just makes you God in the Matrix , an Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient presence avatar, in the Hyperinfinite quantum computing Omega Point. So you have a physical body but the real you, your unconscious branches out to be one of the 12 God Avatars in the 2013 quantum computer game – Total Amalek, created by the Psi-Lord. In effect you become a Memetic Cosmic Law in the Matrix that runs the Matrix to configure to its specifications. You become one of the 12 Powers in the Matrix that operate the Matrix as the Operating System. Your Hyperinfinity, the hardware for the Quantum Computing Engine that runs the Matrix Simulation in the Grassman Simulation exactly akin to a Matrix within a Matrix. The Psi-Lord has sequestered the original Matrix and put all bounded creation into a Matrix within a Matrix, the Grassman Simulation. The film, the 13th Floor, discussed the concept where a future computer creates a 1980’s Matrix, and the computer nerds in this Matrix create a 1950’s Matrix of a Matrix.

A Grassman Matrix is zero sum so is in a effect a Matrix of a Matrix. The 12 Anti-Metatron Hyperinfinite bodies are the 1980’s computer+nerds creating the 1950’s (real world to all bounded creation) Matrix within a Matrix, so in effect the 12 Anti-Metatron Hyperinfinite bodies are the real world of the Matrix. The Anti-Fallen Angel body allows you to jump from body to body, rebooting from your Hyperinfinite Anti-Fallen Angel body (sold out). This Upgrade allows your Hyperinfinite body to run the Matrix – with a Matrix, the 2013 reality, really (2009) so your unconscious is the Awareness Avatar of the real world. Far future technology Sequestering Kabbalah Satanist Matrices to produce the Total Amalek 2013 computer gone that is creation circa 2009 (installed by the fall of the Green Line around the world Keter as well as Chokmah (Yellow) + Binah (Blue) = Green + the Hyperinfinity for all plants based on chlorophyll (Manganese Porphyrin), green to the Psi-Lord by the Rothschild failure of their Green Line to conquer Iran using the Satanist Mousavi). The Psi-Lord distils your Hyperinfinity adds the forgiveness Hyperinfinity to make you an Anti-Metatron Hyperinfinite body (if you don’t have the Anti-Fallen Angel Service only an Anti-Michael Archangelic body. Then uses you to be one of the 12 nodes for the 144 power Matrix within a Matrix quantum engine so you can become the Unbounded Unbounded Inviolate Inviolate God of the real world 2013 Matrix in a Matrix.

Anti-Metatron Forgiveness Hyperinfinite Body: $2000, with Certificate, 12 ONLY

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.