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The Right hand Awareness of the energy bodies is tuned to the Archons so it gets stronger through your life being spun, twisted into the black dark energy matter Soul you will need to a fully damned torture shell in the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison. This means strengthening your right side Awareness, your dreaming body holds you more strongly to the Archonic realms. In Castaneda’s: “The Art of Dreaming”, Don Juan states that all dreaming paths were set by the old Seers to go through the inorganic beings realm – the Archonic area. With the advent of the ADR in the 18th Century becoming a ‘super solid’ phenomena dreaming was blocked off from any non Matrix areas. I have been lucky enough to come from outside the Matrix so dreaming has never been subverted for me. For a Westerner all your dreaming is controlled by the Archons… As you build your energy you only get hooked in more. Lucid Viewing based on the left side Awareness if free of Archonic influence but since Westerners have their left side Awareness tuned into a Death Force to rupture their energy bodies all RV depletes your feeble stores. LV based on PGs does not but the subversion of a Psi-Master’s growing left hand Awareness energy by the Archonic Angel of Death, Samuel, is a terminal problem. The Anti-Death BPC/PC poisons the death Archon as it builds up your left Awareness.

In concert with a left Awareness BPC/PC (see This builds up your LV so you can see anything, anytime, anywhere ( It still leaves the problem of your corrupted right hand Awareness. The Anti-CF right Awareness Converter BPC/PC changes the spin of your right Awareness to that of the Blue Pulsar Nagual Queens; they have a right Circular Force Awareness but it is in total opposition to the Archonic direction, an Anti-CF right hand Awareness. Conversion of an ancient Seer’s right hand Awareness to the Anti-CF form took the time and was the choke point to achieving the line cohesion and uniformity as described in Castaneda’s: “The Art of Dreaming” Chapter One, Once the Line cohesion and uniformity set in the Psi-Master was free of the Archons and could step out of the world at will. Line energy bodies are thousands of times more powerful than normal ones so you need to have an immense reservoir of energy to achieve this. The US military’s top secret Psi-warfare programmed to create Warrior Shamans first envisaged by Major General Stubbleline (DIA) wanted soldiers able to step through walls, remanifest and kill the target. They were looking to achieve Line energy bodies but that is impossible unless you have the immense energy reservoir:- only PGs can give a normal person this Power, unfortunately all PGs poison quickly and degrade; only Tim Rifat Class PGsā„¢ work but I designed them to reverse all effects for any Western military user – as I created them I could set the parameters. Civilians have access to this technology as all they want to do is break free of the Archons and the Matrix.

The Anti-CF Right Awareness Converter BPC/PC shifts the phase spin of your Right Awareness to Pulsar Nagual specification so you can interact in dreaming with Pulsar Beings. Since they are outside the ADR, Matrix… your dreaming takes you out of the Matrix. When you die you wake up in your dreaming body and are led to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison by an Archon Jailor, Christ mentioned these stealers of Souls (‘gaining the world to lose your Soul’). The Anti-CF Right Hand Awareness Converter BPC/PC gives you a dreaming body that wakes you up outside the Matrix when you die. There is Psi-technology to revivify the dead Soul into an inorganic being perfected by the Blue Pulsars so even if you die – assassinated by Illuminati your Awareness can survive. Castaneda was kept alive after his death by this technology as he saved the Blue Scout, Pulsars live by promises and debts. If you have an Anti-CF right side you cannot be imprisoned in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as your dreaming body, cannot be trapped in a CF Psi-Prison, you just walk through the Psi-walls and escape. Since nearly all Psi-Masters escape death, but for normal people this death and imprisonment in a certainty. The Anti-CF Right Awareness Converter BPC/PC is therefore the most valuable PG a normal person can ever own as it guarantees they cannot be imprisoned after death, their Soul tortured and the final death of the Archons be inflicted on them to make them a Grey, damned Soul. To use keep in your right pocket, especially while sleeping for full effect to guarantee your Soul will be free forever.

Cost $80 plus $40 Postage and Packing.

The Rolling Force always hits our energy body gap (Castaneda: The Fire from Within) but it is the Archon Death Force using our Left Awareness as fuel that cracks our gap and kills us when we have totally suppressed our magical nature, psychic side but a life of remorseless Western materialism.

The Energy Body Protector BPC/PC is a smokey quartz PC/BPC with bioparticle. To use simply place over belly button, navel, to act as a barrier to the Archonic Death Force and negative aspect of the Rolling Force. Since Shamans who develop their Left Side Awareness cut off the Archonic Death Force from it’s fuel, it can’t use our Right Side Awareness as it needs that as a receptacle for our Awareness so we can be fully imprisoned in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison after/during life. Shamans have very long life spans and the ancient Seers are still alive today in the 6th Dark energy matter Pulsar dimensions. The Energy Body Protector BPC/PC shields your gap from the negative Rolling Force so your ageing is slowed down; the more you wear it near your midsection the more the shielding effect. The Anti-Death BPC/PC can be used in conjunction with the Left and Right Awareness BPC/PCs and the Anti-Ageing PC to boost your life span so the fate awaiting Western Man is delayed so you can enjoy your temporal wealth longer, a Psi-technology worth trillions to the human race.

Cost $80 plus $40 Postage and Packing.