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Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master;

The entire West is a giant Psychotronic Generator build by the Freemasons to ground the Archon Total Quantum Wave Function. The Enochian chequerboard is the anchor that holds this evil Anglo Demonic Reality in manifestation. The Middle Place is situated in Psi-Space and consists of the streets, buildings of the Anglo Demonic Reality, all linked by the Freemasons to the actual buildings… By putting the Illuminati Freemason Middle Place in Psi-Space the Archons use it to filter out everything the Quantum Wave Function of the corrupted reality of the Anglo Demonic Reality. So all the psychics who enter Psi-Space walk through the Middle Place, a giant filter used to veil the real Total Quantum Wave Function from manifesting. Every generation a four lobed male is raised in psychic power to partially escape the Matrix of the Middle Place then reeled into be devoured to enable the Archons to develop the Middle Place using this new input of energy from the Christ-like psychic who gives his energy to the evil manifestation. When any psychic gives energy to any Illuminati Freemason structure such as fountain, church, government building, sports stadium, pyramid… the chequerboard ground state of the ADR (Anglo Demonic Reality) is strengthened to bind people more strongly to the ADR and to evolve the Middle Place using this energy.

An Anti-Illuminati only takes energy and hacks into the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator System to make himself one of the most powerful men/women in the world – a shaper of human reality. As we have seen in the Intent Service 156 people can be saved by sequestering the Enochian chequerboard. The Anti-Illuminati cares nothing for saving people but instead uses the 156 chequerboard to add groups of 13×2 Scapegoats and their conglomerations such as the NSA, NATO, Federal Reserve, IRS into the sequestered Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator to damn 156 Scapegoats and their realities to gain Hyperinfinity, Psychotronic Fuel and to produce Anti-Chaos so he/she can repeat the process. Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord knows all the secrets of the Illuminati and has reversed the system so the Power comes to him as the ADR, Matrix… is turned into Omega Hell from the Omega Hell Simulation. This process is an exact science as one appropriates the Illuminati system for oneself. First you visit 12 places of Illuminati power: Masonic Temple, government buildings; police, military hives, churches, monuments, obelisks, fountains, pools, altars, palaces, banking headquarters, media outlets… This locks your Illuminati reality into the Omega Hell in which their Scapegoat Saddam Hussein languishes. When you visit these sites you touch them with left hand to suck dry, right to add Anti-Chaos so you can start again. Using the Left and Right Wands of Horus respectively enables you to access these 12 sites remotely while at home, it being the process by which you move these 12 Illuminati Freemason sites to your work place so you can suck them dry in the comfort of your home. From the Kabbalistic Service one can see the Illuminati Gods are the evil of the ten Sefiroth and their double headed God, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Thaumiel) with the corrupted Source (Eve) Shekinah to give the three horned God of the Illuminati, evil ruling the world. Use that Service to invert the top of the Illuminati System. So the Kabbalah is in Omega Hell and you are the Omega Heaven to which all the energy comes as the evil Kabbalah is lowered deeper and deeper into perfecting perfect Omega Hell. Since all the Illuminati power is based on controlling the manifestation of the Quantum Wave Function they need people to be powerless and to give authority to church and state so they stolen Hyperinfinity can manifest the Anglo Demonic Reality, the Middle Place being the archetype and filter to keep out all non corruption so we get the shopping Mall hive world of the Western damned. The Anti-Illuminati loves this world as the Archon Illuminati have built Anti-Chaos to become a World Power. As the system is quantum mechanics we need to use the Matrix mechanics of Werner Heisenger to realise that the 12×13 chequerboard is in fact a 12×12 Eigen Vector and a single 12 column Eigen Value: The Eigen Vector controls the changes in manifestation, the Eigen Value describes what is manifest. Now the key to the Illuminati is that they build Psychotronic Generators in a line of city blocks, streets… to act as the Eigen Value of the Matrix Generator to enable the 12 Kabbalistic Chaos Gods to manifest as the Anglo Demonic Reality substrate. In the Kabbalistic Gods Service you are given 12 Anti-Kabbalistic God Negators made from Anti-Chaos that not only kill the 12 Kabbalah Gods but invert the power so it destroys the ADR, Matrix… as it empowers the Bone Psi-Master™. These 12 God killer weapons from that Service can now be placed on the 12 Eigen Value Matrix Generator sites in your city. For example Brighton is vital to the Illuminati as it is the base chakra of Britain, the Illuminati’s power centre, their country, the Assemblage Point of the Anglo Demonic Reality. A gigantic energy line comes in from the sea to the South and is met by a line of Freemasonic Psychotronic Generator buildings running East to West. This is the Eigen Value of the giant Kabbalistic Enochian tarot Psychotronic Engine of the Illuminati that controls the sex and violence breeding and murder, genocide (Iraq…) of the Anglo Demonic Reality. Along this East West line we have in close proximity: a spiritualist church, American Express EU headquarters, Health and Social Security, Law Courts, Probation Office, Police HQ, South East Area Command military bunker, civil Courts, Brighton University, statues, the Royal Pavilion a royal family palace, museum, Corn Exchange now concert performing arts centre, Bank Centre, MI5 regional headquarters, hospital, Masonic Temple, primary school, oldest church in Brighton on a hill over a sacred site, three graveyards including a giant city block mausoleum and the tax office. So we see credit, imaginary money starts the East preceded by a spiritualist church where they talk to the dead 12 Aeons Psi-Prison on Earth and the tax office meaning all human wealth, toil goes to the Rothschild Illuminati that own the banking system and the UK, US EU… economies and to whom all debt is accrued including your Soul. This Eigen Value line sets the manifestation of the Anglo Demonic Reality. All Westerners in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison never leaving it except to toil and give all their being to the Illuminati in the form of debt. Unlike other Eigen Value Lines in other Western cities this line is doubled up to 24 to allow the collapse of opposites, Crowley Tarot Book of Thoth Magic to block the entry of Voodoo Loa, Moslem Jian and Mirror Megaverse dark energy matter beings that can travel up the South energy line but are blocked from the Anglo Demonic Reality. Controlling sex, breeding and force, violence Brighton is the foundation of the ADR that is why Crowley lived here and why the Psi-Lord Tim Rifat was born here to sequester the Illuminati’s Power to create the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Lord that uses the entire Western Psychotronic Generator System in the physical reality and the Middle Place to destroy the Archons while it empowers Tim Rifat. The Matrix Killer Service is useful as it allows you to visit the 12 Eigen Value Freemasonic Centres in your city, kill the Kabbalistic god substrate, Goetic Demons that enslave humans, unblock the tarot demon barrier to the enemies of the Archons be they Voodoo Loas, Moslem Jinn, Mirror Megaverse beings… to aid you and to download the Anti-Enochian Quantum Wave Function and Hyperinfinity that wrecks the ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix Archon Hell. That is why British government counterfeiter, criminal stooge Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow bases all his counterfeit crystals on the Enochian System to lock you into hell and the conman counterfeiter Rory Mccafrey aka Aureum bases his crystals on the Kabbalistic evil of the Illuminati. In Brighton we have 24 Eigen Values because the Over Matrix is a 24 energy realm so the Brighton Psychotronic Generator also blocks humanity from the Third Attention, transcendence and the building of the Royal Pavilion tallies with the date of the New Seers fell to the Tenant.

Illuminati Freemasonic Secrets;

Quantum Mechanics is the most successful theory of science, 33% of the world’s economy is derived from it. Scientists declared that it only applies to the world of the very small what the Archons is the form of Illuminati have done is build the Middle Place in the biophysical Psi-Space to suppress all macroscopic manifestations of Quantum Mechanics except those sanctioned by their Satanism. So Psi, Magic, the Paranormal is blocked from working for all but the Illuminati by use of the Quantum Mechanical filter called the Middle Place. Freemasons build all the buildings of the West according to the street plans of the Archon Illuminati’s Middle Place to manifest their evil as the Anglo Demonic Reality. The Hyperinfinity to lock the Middle Place and it’s physical manifestation the Anglo Demonic Reality is given in three main ways.

a) Humans giving their Soul to work for the paper money printed by the Illuminati, in which they exchange their Hyperinfinity for paper tokens that are designed as occult Satanic contract to sell one’s Soul…

b) Westerners vote for Satanic politicians that have given their Souls to evil such as Carey and Bush, both members of the Skull and Bones Satanic Sect… By giving your free will, Hyperinfinity by voting to put evil in power you freely give away your decision making (see Centre of Decisions PC/BPCs on Hyperinfinity to build the Middle Place and the ADR.

c) Worshipping be it evangelical or new age by giving away energy and Hyperinfinity so your Hyperinfinity and energy can be leached by evil to build it’s creation. Anyone giving energy to new age practises will find the chequerboard infrastructure of the Middle Place and ADR strengthen and spread; the same goes for church worship. If you take energy and Hyperinfinity from new age practise and worship the Enochian chequerboard of evil fades as you become empowered giving authority to no one but your own Silent Knowledge, directly intuiting what to do and what and to do as our forbearers could do, unlike modern man.

The Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master uses the power of this Service to divert the Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity from a) b) and c) to empower him/her. In this Service you simply visualise all the energy Hyperinfinity from a) b) and c) being diverted by your Bone Generators™ to you every time you touch a Freemasonic monument. If you are lucky enough to have the Global Psi Service from the Omega Hell on Earth Service you can upload the Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity remotely so you don’t have to visit the Illuminati Freemason buildings, monuments, constantly. Luckily they are in plain view and easily touched on a regular basis. Since the key to the Illuminati Power is their Satanic architecture in Psi-Space: the Middle Place and the Cities… of the West the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master is sitting on a goldmine of power where ever he lives, unless he lives in the countryside far from any sacred site, if so the Global Psi Service is a must. There are three ways of stealing the energy and free will of humans because the three headed Chaos God of the Illuminati is fed, up held and worshipped by all Westerners a) charging up Yaltabaoth, b) charging up Yaldabaoth and c) charging up the Shekinah; The Corrupted Essence of the Source (corrupted eve energy see This then builds the 12 x 5 sided pentagons that from the macroscopic quantum energy lines of the planet according to the Russian scientists, the 12 coming from your 12 stolen Powers and the 5 being the number of the corrupted Eve (see The Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master has from this Service Bone Generators™ that not only upload Hyperinfinity and energy from humanity via a) b) and c) being sequestrated; this Service also uploads the Anti-Chaos negative three headed Chaos God weapon so you can project with your right hand a reversed oriflamme, the three pronged shape of the evil Kabbalistic God so it combines with the reversed oriflamme to form a six tired shape that burns the essence of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and the Shekinah. Since this is the essence of the Middle Place and the Anglo Demonic Reality application of the reverse oriflamme energy sets the Middle Place and ADR on fire so the Anti-Illuminati can burn a hole through the quantum mechanical shield to destroy the veil that stops Psi working around him or her. This then allows the Total Quantum Wave Function to shine through the burn hole to enable the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master to collapse the Total Quantum Wave Function using the sequestered Hyperinfinity to form the manifestation he/she wants. The energy gained from a) b) and c) enables the Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master to expand his/her energy body so more of the Total Quantum Wave Master to expand his/her energy body so more of the Total Quantum Wave Function can be manipulated for bigger and bigger reality changes. By this means the Psi-Master becomes a major power in the world. The Illuminati have lost all power so their conquest of Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran has failed and the age of Anti-Illuminati who control the world has begun at the expense of the ruin of the Illuminati. This is because the UK Psychotronic Generator in the physical world and biophysical space as the Middle Place as been wrecked forever for the Illuminati by use of the Matrix Killer protocols fed into their Illuminati Freemasonic control all the Archon Psychotronic Generator and download all their energy and Hyperinfinity. Now it has been poisoned by anti-chaos to supply even more energy and Hyperinfinity as the Archons… perfecting perfect their Omega Hell, Omega Hell on Earth Psi-Lords can now use this Service to share in the once in an age bounty. Let your enemy build their empire then come in and take it from them (good old American philosophy as seen in Iraq, Eastern Europe: Soviet Union, Iran…)

The Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master is the most powerful of the three types of Bone Psi-Master™ at this junction because we live in the End Times of the Kabbalistic evil: Archons, Illuminati, Demons… the West so the energy and Hyperinfinity are maximal. As we have seen the entire basis of Archon power is the control of the quantum mechanical world by filtering out all they fear using the Middle Place quantum filter and manifesting their reality by squaring the Middle Place with the Freemasonic Enochian grid towns, cities of the West. The streets run along the cardinal directions, in America we have the block system a giant Enochian chequerboard in US cities as in Britain to manifest the Archon Matrix, ADR… The Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master™ to use Lucid Viewing, Lucid Dreaming to enter the Middle Place to destroy it and sequester it’s power. You simply get a map of your target city, town, then use Lucid Viewing to enter the Middle Place. To do this you have found 12 Freemasonic sites in your city, town, touched your 6 Grail PCs and 6 Grail BPCs to each of the 12 Freemasonic sites. Remember if you have the Crystal Bone Psi-Master Service your Grail Stones PC/BPCs are automatically downloaded into your Bone Generators™ so you don’t have to carry heavy Grail Stones around, you are a Grail PC/BPC. The 12 powered Grail Psychotronic Crystals act like the six tired oriflamme devastator to kill the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth substrate of the physical world and Middle Place so you enter the Middle Place as sequestrator master not slave.

The basis of the Illuminati’s power is control of manifestation of the Total Quantum Wave Function to suppress all that is good (called the Paranormal Damping Field PDF) and manifest all that is evil. All Western cities… act as physical Psychotronic Generators in the manner of Tim Rifat’s bioparticles and the Middle Place is the biophysical Psychotronic Generator laid out like the cities… to hold the biophysical bodies (minds) of the wageslave, the aspect the Psychotronic Crystal acts upon to use as fuel. Psychotronic Generators used to control reality and the minds of those within it the infrastructure of the Matrices of the ADR, Matrix, Over Matrix and Archon Hell. The Quantum Wave Function needs to be squared (in layman’s language) to form the probability Wave of Manifestation so the Middle Place and it’s Freemasonic physical cities… act in this way. As was shown manifestation needs a |12|² 144 Power to encapsulate a reality and the 12 Eigen Values set the reality manifest, hence the 12×12² Enochian chequerboard our Psychotronic Generators so we need a 156 chequerboard for the Middle Place and Freemasonic cities… downloading the evil of the Kabbalistic Gods of Zion and the spreading of this evil worldwide through the Middle Place, Freemasonic cities… Psychotronic Generators. This gives us 4 Enochian chequerboards the 4 156 Matrix Operators. To complete the evil Archonic System of the Matrix we have a final 156 Enochian board, the Table of Art a Master Psychotronic Generator held by the British Illuminati, a physical table with 156 squares and linked to all their biophysical evil generators that acts on the 5th Dimension controlling the flow in the 5 Dimension to hold all Western wageslave Souls in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison from birth to death to final processing; bending the 5th Dimension around on itself so it cycles as a clockwise filed (CF) rather than flows as in real realities not occupied by the Kabbalistic Archon evil. This giant whirlpool of enclosed quantum reality is the Archon Matrix.

The Anti-Illuminati uses the Matrix Killer Service to download the master programme for destroying the Table of Art and Kabbalistic evil generators, simply by using Lucid Viewing to enter the 5th Dimension, visualising the Matrix Killer Service as a giant bomb and leaving it in 5D space. The Anti-Kabbalistic Service acts as a full spectrum dominance poison of Anti-Chaos to spread through all the Matrix to kill off all Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Shekinah manifestation: the entire matrix. A simple analogy would be an H bomb with a Cobalt casing that when irradiated turns into Cobalt 60 and kills of a continent with radiation. These two Services clean the Middle Place and Freemasonic cities by poisoning them with Anti-Chaos so the Archons, Illuminati… evil cannot use, survive their own Psychotronic Generator network in physical and biophysical space. This leaves the space to the Anti-Illuminati who can operate the Anti-Chaos poisoned Middle Place and Freemasonic cities to manifest for him/her all the things required for power and to act as a power source for leaps into Psi-Space.

A map of your city linked to 12 Freemasonic power sites can be transformed into your own Table of Art master control Psychotronic Generator to act on the 5th Dimension by placing the Cardinal Grail Stones around the map and holding the Wands of Horus in your left and right hand. The bioparticles of the Wands are used to utilise the physical Freemasonic city so when you walk around it you can use it’s energy. If you have the Global Psi-Service you can sit at home and Lucidly View yourself walking around the city or any city on Earth so it gives you Global Strategic reach. The Rose Quartz Psychotronic Crystals allow the Anti-Illuminati to walk around the Middle Place of his/her city… with the Global Psi-Service one can go into the Middle Place of any Freemasonic city, a map can be useful but is not vital as all Freemasonic work on the same principles, though won’t have the doubled Eigen Value sites of Brighton, just 12. We know all Western cities have a secret police HQ (FBI, MI5…) police, government centre, tax, civil, criminal court, military bunker, bank, credit card HQ, church/sacred site, palace/presidential palace… so 12 Eigen Value operators are available as well as the Freemasonic monuments, obelisks, pools, altars… that are in every Western Satanic Psychotronic Generator city… The key to usurping the Illuminati control of the entire Psychotronic Generator system in the use of Scapegoats obtained from the Scapegoat Service. You download them into the Freemasonic Psychotronic Generators™ simply by touching them with your right hand Bone Generator™. You quantum superimpose the stone of the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator with the Quantum Wave Function of the Scapegoat to totally destroy the Archon Kabbalistic power and turn the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators into Scapegoat Psychotronic Crystals whose only purpose is to manifest the Omega Hell on Earth for evil. Cosmic Law is such that if you help evil you must pay and if you torture, increase the torment of evil you are rewarded. Simply put if you give evil energy you are damned and if you are an agent of perfecting perfect torture damnation hell you gain the evil energy at their expense. The Anti-Illuminati follows the second precept and uses the entire Illuminati Freemason quantum mechanical Psychotronic Generator system to gain God-like powers not in the Omega Point but now in the present. As the Anglo Zionist empire is soon to fall when WW111 starts over Iran the window time is limited hence the dissemination of this high level information to maximise the profit of the handful of Psi-Masters who take the chance for power on a grand scale. As a Psi-Lord all humanity can be raised to this power level in the quantum potential state then instead of manifesting the God-like Powers put in Omega Hell so all their power comes to the Psi-Lord; this process mandates a handful will take up the offer, so the system is not altruistic but defined by Cosmic Law. In quantum computing all possible states can be simultaneously run and a Psi-Lord can bleed the potential of humans achieving present day Omega status only if they are offered the chance in reality and refuse it by Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Rory Mccaffrey aka Aureum… (see Warnings) a process which maximises the Psi-Lords share of the Anti-Illuminati power. The power from the Anti-Illuminati process of sequestering the entire Kabbalistic God Illuminati Freemason is so large one can build the Omega Point from this bonanza. To share in it this Service allows the Anti-Illuminati to download 156 Scapegoats in three classes, torture shells, torture Scapegoat organisations (such as the Federal Reserve, IRS, Bank of England…) and Scapegoat sites (such as Masonic Temples, government buildings…) to get a threefold set of Scapegoat Engines from the Enochian chequerboard infrastructure of the Matrix… They then self Scapegoat with each other to give the 3! combinations = 3 x 2 x 1 = 6 Scapegoat liberated forms of the Agglutinising Force that unglues the reality of the Matrix… and turns the world into an Omega Simulation, the energy is so huge it turns the Anti-Illuminati into the Hyperinfinite God-like Psi-Master who can use this world as a dream and learn to control it by directing Hyperinfinity to events he/she wishes to manifest and taking it away from events to be stopped from happening, technology used in my Starter Services such as Sport Psychotronic Generators on the mega site. As one can imagine the power to control manifestation on the quantum level for profit in the Anti-Illuminati’s stock in trade and gives the Psi-Master temporal power denied by the Anglo Zionist system that steals from it’s wageslaves as it damns them. The use of the six Agglutinising Sets can be taken further by using the Six Grail Stone Psychotronic Crystals and Bioparticles to download the Scapegoats into the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to link the 156 Enochian network, 6 chequerboards as described in the Matrix Killer Service, Anti Kabbalistic Torture Damnation hell, tarot killer, Archon killer and Goetic Demon Killer Services into the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators to get the 6 types of Scapegoat being collapsed with the Kabbalistic, Archon, Enochian, tarot, Goetic, Illuminati, black magician Scapegoats to destroy all they are and built as they are manifest in Omega Hell by their own Hyperinfinity. As you collapse opposites the 6 combinations of Scapegoats with 6 types of evil the evil is turned into a zero sum torture revenant that liberates all it’s Hyperinfinity and energy to Saddam Hussein, his headless brother in law to block all use of Bone Generators™ to Anglo Zionist evil, and the bathes put Supreme Judge to block all blowback to using Scapegoats are combined in the 3! mode to give 3 x 2 x 1 sets that are then combined with the 6 Scapegoats Sets and the 6 types of evil to self cancel by combining opposites to provide two modes of negative: Hyperinfinity, energy and Hyperinfinity, energy and Anti-Chaos even after the evil is exterminated and lost all it’s Hyperinfinity and energy, such is the power of Death Scapegoats who have completed the Omega Hell Process. Death is the Killing Field that stops the quantum potential manifesting except in the way death collapsed them. Hence the Death of Saddam… was used to kill the 3 headed Zionist God and bring in the Omega Hell on Earth for the evil of the Anglo Demonic Reality in an irreversible manner.

This is the process the Illuminati used to change America from the Land of the Free by killing the American Dream using the President Kennedy Scapegoat to turn it into the Zionist State of the Rothschilds, killing a Kennedy and his wife again to bring in the Bush led Zionist torture murder police state. Diana and the Moslem Dodi el Fayed were the Scapegoats used to start the war on Terror murder of Moslems by killing the Moslem baby in Diana’s womb and the Moslem father Dodi to kill Diana all Western sympathy love for Moslems and transfer this power to her former husband Charles head of the Order of the Garter, rulers of all Freemasons and lead of the 33 degree Illuminati and his Rothschild bride Camilla. Now with the death of the 3 Petty Tyrants Saddam… all CIA run, torture murders the Illuminati have symbolically killed their 3 headed Zionist God in the form of Saddam… the Scapegoat process sequestered by Psi-Lord Tim Rifat to change the world to the Anglo Zionist debacle that is WW111 soon to start over Iran. Since Saddam and his henchmen were the worst enemies of Iran, the Illuminati killing these death Scapegoats collapses the Total Quantum Wave Function with a Killing Field that blocks all victory by Anglo Zionism and forces all the quantum possibilities of Western Armageddon to manifest as of their own free will, the Rothschilds used their Hyperinfinity to kill the archetypal enemies of Iran, Islam and the blowback from the Diana and Kennedy killings is now manifest for the West as the firestorm of North Korean, Iranian Cobalt 60 nuclear strikes. cobalt 60 is the weapon of choice as the 12 x 5 ley line network of the Anglo Zionist empire’s black magic equals 60. With the off the scale energy to be reaped from the forthcoming war the neophyte can use Anti-Illuminati Services to jump to Psi-Master and even God-like being in a matter of months not billions of years as energy is the currency of Psi-Mastery and this event scenario is the one the Psi-Lord used to build the Omega Point so is the ultimate energy Source.

Anti-Illuminati Psi-Master $1000 with Certificate

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