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Anti-Illuminati Healing Service:

In my twenties I used to run healing workshops; healing has a problem in that it drains the healer of energy. Reiki is supposed to use universal energy to heal, like spiritual healing, laying on of hands, radionics… Since all humans are in the Matrix, this Matrix veils humans from universal energy so all of them use their own energy. Worse still the ill people are riddled with parasites, Demons, Archons, Greys, werevermin, damned Spirits… so the healer gets covered in filth and infected unless they are a perfect channel for universal energy. As all healers are in the Matrix they cannot be perfect channels… To get round this insurmountable problem of healing yourself, the Anti-Illuminati uses surrogate healing. In this Service the Anti-Illuminati can choose 12 healing scapegoats for every patient. These are connected to the ill patient by the special quantum wormhole downloaded into your Bone Generator™ by this Service. These 12 scapegoats act as illness dumps for the patient so you simply transfer the Demons, Archons, Greys… to the scapegoats. Then transfer the contaminated Morphogenetic Field of the patient to the 12 scapegoats to rid them of the disease field. One can then reverse the flow using Psi-wormhole Bone Generators™ in this Service to put adaptive energy, Orgone, Soul and Spirit energy to build the patients physical and biophysical quantum probability waves. Hyperinfinity from the 12 scapegoats provides the duration, longevity, so the cure lasts. All without draining the Bone Psi-Master™, only the 12 Archons, wageslave, Illuminati suffer to perfecting the Total Torture Damnation Hell Wave. The Bone Psi-Master™ by erasing evil from worthy – patients in perfecting the Total Reality Wave, weeding out the evil and helping the good; the purview of the Bone Psi-Master™ on the path of the Anti-Illuminati. Why always 12 scapegoats? Firstly these are the 12 Powers stolen from you when the Archons process you for the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison.

In terms of far future science (RVScience) the Agglutinising Force (AF) that holds the quantum probability wave collapsed by Hyperinfinity into a Reality Wave has to be glued together by the AF to stop it radiating out and attenuating. The six extraordinary Sets of Set Theory control the AF. Only trained mathematical and physicists can therefore by Psi-scientists (I used to teach college physics and maths). That is why UK government stooges like Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow who haven’t even got a high school diploma are forced to be criminal counterfeiters and occult garbage purveyors (see warnings) . The six extraordinary Sets have two Sets which are equivalent so only 5 Sets exist in bounded reality, the Matrix, ADR… anything enclosed by a membrane. The two equivalent Sets are not equivalent in unbounded reality, transcendence, ascended states, the Third Attention, Omega Point God-Being so we have 6 Sets. Now in M theory the physics of the extraordinary Sets we have Branes, universes, the 12 scapegoat process gets two universes, the biophysical universe of the chaos evil and it’s physical universe, unzips them to transcendent status, then mutually annihilates them by colliding the Branes to produce the gigantic energy to create the Omega Point. Since we need 6 extraordinary Sets x2 to mathematically map the Omega process 12 Power, scapegoats, Services are the microcosmic equivalent of this Omega technology. In healing we collapse the evil biophysical and physical field holding the patient in torment using 12 scapegoats to set up a Brane Destruction Engine inputted into your Bone Generators™ to edit local events in the Omega Simulation. In essence you use the BDE in your Bone Generator™ to erase the patient in ill form and reboot them as a healthy patient, just like they were a corrupted program me and you re-install an uncorrupted copy. Having quantum mechanical representations of all beings in the Omega Point quantum computer a transinfinite Psi-Creator in the real of the AF, using Tim Rifat’s far future God-Being merged with the AF and Global Gestalt allows quantum computing of all realities using perfected God Cores of a Psi-Lord as the hardware for the Omega Point. Since all humans have quantum computing as part of their energy bodies if developed and perfected God-Beings Psi-Lords are possible. If a Psi-Lord quantum entangles with transinfinity the realm of AF, Hyperinfinity, Intent, the Global Gestalt and converts chaos to anti-chaos then the perfect God Cores can then perfecting Total Reality Wave using anti-chaos to produce the counterbalance. Anti-Illuminati healing is a subset of this Global Process.

Anti-Illuminati Healing Service $400 with Certificate