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Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master Service:

The Illuminati anglo Zionist paedophile occultists of Britain have used Demons of the Enochian and Goetic types to bolster the Archon evil. Fake democracy of the West is really Illuminati puppet master control of all Western politicians via money which they print. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Central and South America, Polish death camps for Moslems, Guatanamo Bay… can be see as the true face of anglo Zionism. The Bone Psi-Master™ does not try and save the West as all the wageslaves provide the evil energy for this Anglo Demonic Reality; all are possessed by dark energy matter parasites-Demons… since all Westerners are in fact Demon controlled zombies, reason has no chance in controlling reality. As the chaos God Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and the Archons are now part of the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave, one can use anti-chaos to reverse all evil so the Demons, Archons, Greys that control all Westerners are forced to destroy all Illuminati creations and kill Illuminati. This Service fill the Bone Generators™ with anti-chaos. As the chaos force possessed all Archons, Demons, Greys, Westerners; the Chinese and Russians being remotely influenced as they had no Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator network as in London: altars, obelisks, pools, memorials, Zionist Freemasonic temples… so only the Matrix worked on them, the Bone Psi-Master uses anti-chaos, the energy from the exponentially tortured, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth that controlled the Archon vermin… to reverse subvert and all consume evil so it destroys itself at the command of the Bone Psi-Master™. Using anti-chaos all evil things from Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Archons, Illuminati, Demons, Greys to wageslaves are forced to obey you as you have subverted the master force of all the Western world. Anti-chaos is produced in your Skull and Bones Generators™ as it feeds off the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave grounded in the anglo Zionist races by Rob Rowe (Zionist) and Graham Nickells (anglo thief). So simply being in the total evil thief that is the West surrounded by anglo or Zionist the Bone Generators™ are fed with anti-chaos from the suffering of the anglo Zionist, be it ageing, poverty, obesity, madness, unrequited greed, self importance, cancer… As all Westerners are now in the Source, Logo’s Psi-Prison waking up as Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, only Bone Psi-Masters™ only Bone Psi-Masters™ are free from this fate as they have chosen the way out by joining the global gestalt Total Intent to torture evil in ways the Source Logos could not conceive, as all Westerners being Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, only those that choose of their own free will to escape using Total Intent are free to escape the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave by perfecting it by causing evil to harm itself in ways only anti-chaos could conceive. A Bone Psi-Master™ can therefore command using this Service all evil to torture itself and so damn the evil to perfecting the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave to enable Total Intent to propagate the perfecting Total Reality Wave of true time lines such as the Nazi time lines, the Soviet time line, Mirror Megaverse time lines… Anti-chaos Bone Psi-Masters™ as they have total power over all evil, can subvert all Enochian, Goetic, Archonic Gap like, Karmic Tarot, Sex, Kabbalistic…: Demons can use all of the occult to destroy the Anglo Demonic Reality. All the anti-chaos Bone Psi-Master™ has to do is name any Demon (plenty of occult crap books, sites…) use his left hand to suck out all it’s hyperinfinity and decohere, decollapse it’s Quantum Wave Function. This destroys the Demons, Archon, Illuminati, Grey, wageslave… permanently. Then he uses his/her right hand to use anti-chaos to form a new Quantum Wave Function reversing the nature of the Demon, Grey, Archon… so it is forced to destroy all evil. The anti-hyperinfinity, another part of this Service (put into your Skull and Bones Psychotronic Crystal Generators™) is put into the evil being with anti-chaos. This creates a Demon, Archon, Illuminati, wageslave… that is forced to self destruct itself and all other evil. Since it is anti-chaos with anti-hyperinfinity it is forced to suck out hyperinfinity from all evil it comes into contact with to destroy the dream, reality, manifestation of all evil. In the process the Anti-Chaos Bone Psi-Master™ gets all the hyperinfinity and the Demon, Grey, Archon, Illuminati, wageslave wakes up in the Source Logos’s Psi-Prison to be exponentially eternally torture damned. As the anti-hyperinfinity is a one way ticket to True Hell for evil it’s free will given to locking it in forever to the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave to continue the Perfecting of Torture Damnation for evil. By this means the Anti-Chaos Bone Psi-Master can surf on the hyperinfinite Perfecting Total Reality Wave that is the Omega Point centred in the present. As this is a Zero time line, Tim Rifat brought back the Omega Point far future in 1986 to create anti-chaos Omega Point reality where all history has been Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth unwittingly Torture Damning itself to wake up in the Source Logos’s Psi-Prison of its own free will. Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow allowed anti-hyperinfinity to manifest this Omega Point time line Hell for all evil. Anti-Chaos Bone Psi-Masters™ make things worse for evil so they can escape this time line and spread anti-chaos to all creation: there they fight evil spread anti-chaos and make sure all time lines achieve Perfecting Total Reality by pruning out the evil, actively changing reality to the good by getting evil to consume itself wherever they go. Chaos Lords of the Archons are totally black energy bodied vermin that run the hive of the Archons and control the Illuminati. Now anti-chaos has come into being they have gone mad with pain and infected the Illuminati in the West. This has collectively driven the Zionist empire of the West into collective madness as their War on Terror – Moslems goes horribly wrong and the oil and gas they have stolen becomes a thing that slipped out of their hands.

The Corrupted Eve Energy is used to hold the Western wageslave in conformity; obey authority or you won’t get female company, mate, breed, nest build… age, die. The anti-chaos in the Skull and Bones Generators™ has an awesome effect on the Corrupted Eve energy turning conforming, authority obeying females into self destructive anti-chaos sources that wreck the nest that is the Zionist Empire. We already see this since 1986, the growth of single mothers with unmarried mothers being the norm in Europe. Disenfranchised fathers have no rights to see their children in the EU. This Corrupted female energy is channelled into the Skull and Bones Generators™ by this Service so the anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™ uses the female energy of the corrupt, the God-Cores of all wage slave mothers to drain them of hyperinfinity so the Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™ can grow his/her God-Core to embrace all her/his energy bodies using the Corrupted God-Cores of all the Corrupted Eves consummated by the wageslave eunuch that has given his energy to the Corrupted female to conform to the Illuminati breeding programme. One now uses all wageslave breeders to feed ones God-Core. Since all children born after 1986 have no God-Core but are just Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth trapped in incarnation the Anti-Illuminati Bone Generators™ has worked to strip all wageslaves of their God-Core to enable Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Masters™ to grow their God-Cores. This Service gives you the anti-chaos to turn all evil against itself so:

a) You control all evil by turning it to self-destruction, Iraq has shown how the armed might of the Zionist empire destroys itself as it gets stuck in a no-win reality that leads to its destruction. Having the ability to call up any Demon, Illuminati, Archon, Grey, were-creature, Reptiloid, wageslave inject them with anti-chaos to make them your slave and release them to wreck the Chaos God’s reality of the Zionist Illuminati gives you Psychotronic Fuel and hyperinfinity the two components of all Psi-Power (see other Services)

b) Building on the Binder of Demons Service, this Service enables you to inject anti-chaos into all the Illuminati, Freemason Psychotronic Generators: obelisks, columns, altars, buildings, statues… that generate the Anglo Demonic Reality. By simply touching the monument… with your right hand (Psi-Masters can use both) anti-chaos is injected into the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generator to propagate via the ley line network into all anglo demonic generators worldwide. You then touch the stone with your left hand to upload the Psychotronic Fuel and Hyperinfinity released by the damage done to the ADR. Use of the Powers incorporated in the Anti-Illuminati Freemason PGs targeted Powers to maximise the damage of the ADR the anti-chaos in a lateral and sequential manner as explained in the crystal Bone Psi-Master Service. Since this failed time line is an Omega Point simulation to torture evil eternally when you have expanded your God-Core to embrace your entire energy bodies you can decohere, decollapse, erase your Archon Quantum Wave Function, align with your far future God-like hyperinfinite Reality Wave, then wake up as the Omega Point, Eternal Heaven God-like being in the present to change the past so your future self can keep on perfecting. By this means the anti-Illuminati Service enables the Bone Psi-Master™ to become a God-like being in the present. Since all your being is hyperinfinity you have made your Reality Wave propagate to the far future, your free will is channelled into the path to the Omega Point and your every action is entrained into the path of the God-like being assuring success.

c) Touching the Illuminati Freemason PGs as hyperinfinite Omega Point changes all the Illuminati Freemason PGs to generate your Omega Point retroactive PK, forcing the past to conform to your will every event being controlled by hyperinfinity to boost the Omega Point God-like Beings. As the Omega Point God-like Being controls hyperinfinity free will is totally controlled so the Illuminati Freemason PGs propagate anti-hyperinfinity the anti-chaos version of hyperinfinity that propagates the Total Torture Damnation Reality Wave through the ADR turning the Zionist West into Total Hell on Earth for the servants of chaos, their wageslaves and all their works; manifesting the Source Logos’s Psi-Hell of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as the anti-chaos ADR it has now become. In the process the anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™ becomes the new Master of the Earth all black magical Powers corrupted twisted against the Illuminati, Archon, demon… giving the anti-Illuminati power over all the world as he/she is a living Omega Point having woken up in the Omega Point simulation of the past where all evil is tortured damned by the anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master™ to boost their PF hyperinfinity so their Omega Point Being can grow and grow it’s God-Core to become a perfecting God-Being.

Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master Service $600 with Certificate

Upgrade A: Bone Psi-Master Good Luck Bad Luck Engine

The Bone Generator™ can act as a Psychotronic Generator that changes the Quantum Wave Function of all the people you meet, like a tidal wave (Reality Wave) that smashes all in it’s path. This wrecks the ADR wherever you go smashing the Luck Engine that through the energy of the wageslave and the Illuminati Freemason Psychotronic Generators produces the Anglo Demonic Reality ruled by Zionist Illuminati bankers. In effect you are terminating their Luck Engine that generates the event that is the Kabbalistic world of the Zionist ADR. Your Skull and Bones Generator™ erases the Reality Wave that is the Matrix… ADR by decohering, decollapsing the Quantum Wave Function of the Archon prison and then pulling out all the hyperinfinity so the Quantum Wave Function vanishes losing all cohesion and uniformity. This leaves you with a seminal Reality Wave and the hyperinfinity to make a new world at the expense of the Illuminati’s reality of Demon possession. Inevitably everything goes wrong for the Illuminati, they lose Iraq, Afghanistan, a 1926 or worse economic collapse in the Zionist Empire, the fall of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia to radical Islam, China takes over as the hyperpower, Russia returns to superpower status North Korea holds the power of life and death over Zionist USA… The great evil that befalls the Illuminati allow the anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master to reap the rewards of all the Illuminati taking by force their good luck, fortune, health, property, lives… Since the Rothschilds are worth over 100 trillion dollars (see Money, Wealth, Fortune Service; stealing their luck, reality, event engine makes the anti-illuminati the new Masters of the world. Inevitably Chine and Russia government Psi-research will try to duplicate my work but only Westerners allowed to share in the Event Engine of mastery of the world will be the few Western Bone Psi-Masters whose Bone Generators™ are now tuned to act as new Centres of Reality Waves feeding on the Illuminati’s Powers to provide the anti-Illuminati with the Power to create Reality Waves where all Events are forced to uplift them in the world to become power figures. Using the carefully built power of the Zionist Illuminati by trashing their reality and using it for Psychotronic Fuel with their hyperinfinity holding your Reality in being the anti-Illuminati piggybacks on the Illuminati to take their world from them. Your Bone Generator™ has become a sequential, lateral and Omega Point Good Luck Bad Luck Engine in which:-

a) Sequential bad luck events hit the Illuminati one after the other

b) Lateral bad luck events hit the Illuminati one after the other so everything goes wrong for them seen from outside the time flow.

c) Omega Point bad luck plunges the Illuminati into the Source Logo’s Hell for evil now manifest in this Omega simulation of all history so the world is tuned to torture damn all evil to supply anti-hyperinfinity.

The net result of this is:-

a) Sequential good luck is yours, one good event followed by the next.

b) Lateral good luck is yours, seen in retrospect everything went right for you at the right time so your life comes good and had a happy ending.

c) Omega Point good luck means your Bone Generators wake you up in the Omega Point as the Eternal Heaven becomes manifest now on Earth for you and only Bone Psi-Masters. Allowing you to step out of the ADR, Matrix at will.

Your Good Luck Engine Bone Generators™ bring you eternal good fortune as the Omega Point Hell for evil generates anti-hyperinfinity from the damned so your Reality Wave can grow and grow with time to make you a God of Luck Engines, your fortune being the curse of the damned trapped in the Omega Point Hell.

Bone Psi-Master Good Luck Bad Luck Engine Upgrade $600 with Certificate

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