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Anti-Great Dictator of the World Bone Generator:

All Satanists are working toward a one world government ruled by the Great Dictator from Jerusalem home of the Satanic Temple of the Anti-Christ. GW Bush who envisages himself as the Great Dictator carried out a giant Satanic ritual in Jerusalem on his visit to Israel. At the new moon all lights were turned off in Jerusalem so the light of the Morning Star Lucifer could shine on the Wailing Wall to be added to by the rising sun depicting not Christ of the Egyptian Sun God but the rise of the Satanic Anti-Christ. At the same time is the secret Kabbalistic temple under the Jerusalem Mount a great block ritual was carried out to spread the Anglo Zionist (13 Tribes of Israel) to takeover the world. This the black ritual to allow the conquest of Iran, Russia, China…. Venezuela and bring in the New World Order Satanic UN Government run by the Rothschilds from Jerusalem.

The Anti-Anti Christ Bone Generator™ Service reversed the process so GW Bush dressed in his Yamulka by the Wailing Wall carried out the black ritual that would destroy Israel and wreck the West bringing in the One World Government ruled from Beijing and or Moscow with the Anti-Anti Christ having all supernatural power – thank you Bush! Now this Zionist ritual has been reversed Psi-Lord Ltd is marketing the baby clone of this ritual. This Bone Generator™ reverses all the plans of anyone you direct it at: be it Homeland Security that has built 231 concentration camps and rail road cars with shackles and guard towers to ship the US dissidents to slave camps after Martial Law; or the UK government’s theft of 60 billion pounds off the tax payer to fund the theft of Zionists at Northern Rock Building Society; or Bhutto’s plan to takeover Pakistan and give it over to Rothschild Satanic Jewry… This Service is useful in it being a pre-pack aged reverse, fail, torment, die got to hell, die after eternal torment, have your Awareness become a Total Deathgoat Jew to suffer eternally for the sins of all in Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and it’s Simulation… A pre-packaged tactical reverse the plans of the target using their energy, Intent, black magic, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising force and infrastructure of Satanism. It goes further than reversing as it makes everything that can go wrong go wrong for the target…. Now for the interesting part, all the work they put into their domination, be it office manager from hell, movie star asshole, politician for evil, government bureaucrat acting like a tyrant, ex partner… not only have their lives trashed but all the energy, Hyperinfinity, Agglutinising Force – good luck, fortune, money energy get repossessed for you. It is a ready made you fail bomb (in Psychotronic terms, Psi-Lord Ltd does not sell or encourage use of anything but mind bombs, Psychotronic weapons that bloodlessly drive your enemies mad as they ruin them. In the process their energy is sequestered by you to make you a small scale anti-great dictator giving you mastery over your local environment, business, family, friends…

One can see it as the mini version of the Anti-Black Anti-Christ ritual Tim Rifat used to turn GW Bush and his Anti-Christ sidekick any Rothschild substitutes into Total Deathgoat Jews, the chosen race of Scapegoats that suffer eternally. A point of explanation, the Zohar and other Jewish Kabbalistic texts decree Jews must rape, kill, steal from, harm… all non Jews. The Judaic race is divided into the Greater Brethren the Rothschild Satanic Illuminati and the Lesser Brethren of the majority of Jews that get sacrificed in concentration camps totally oblivious of the Greater Brethren’s evil. The same process is used in Freemasonry evil starting at the 4th degree and above very gradually. To use this Service you simply use your right hand Bone Generator™ to produce in your hand a baseball sized ball of black energy that you put into the photo, person by lobbing (the energy) or internet image, name… of the target. You do this three times to put three black energy balls into the target that lodge in head, pancreas and liver energy centres to sequester insectile, block their psychic powers and begin the process to ruin them. You use the left hand Bone Generator™ to milk the target of all that space-like energy by touching the picture, pulling energy from them remotely… until the target is completely ruined and only stops when the target dies.

Anti-Great Dictator of the World Bone Generator: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.