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Anti-Forgiveness Metatron Principle Bone Generator®:

Evil always gets destroyed by Cosmic Law unless Good forgives it and takes in all its Karma of Good’s free will Hyperinfinity thereby suffering in Hell for Evil. This is the human condition which all humans have accepted through ignorance, misguided charity. Evil must suffer for its evil and all who help Evil, are Evil. Only those who actively fight Evil and never help others, except to fight Evil, are rewarded by Cosmic Law. Therefore healing is a death sentence for a Psi-Master unless they use Evil Total DeathGoat Jews as the surrogate healers to transfer health from evil Satanists to ill wageslaves; Robin Hood healing, take from the Evil rich and give to the stupid poor. Hence my Psychotronic Crystal® Healing Service. As Metatron is built from forgiveness Hyperinfinity it cannot be beaten as all humanity has forgiven Metatrons sins, the vehicle, vesture, shell of Shaddai the Evil Chaos Source of all Kabbalah. Any Psi-Master who has ever forgiven any Evil lets Evil take their power via the Metatron Principle.

So only by totally ruthless Psi-Masters who have let all forgiveness be stolen by imbecile life thieves – who unwittingly steal all misguided forgiveness the young Psi-Master agreed to, get real power. If you have ever forgiven any Evil, the Evil blocks you from evolving and all power. Once you know your mistake it is too late as in Cosmic Law you gave your forgiveness of your own free will. Hence Tim Rifat stalked life thieves to steal his idiot life, not once but twice, to not only make him immune to Metatron but by stealing a second time, Metatron become his bitch, as Metatron stole negative forgiveness – accepted infinite punishment for the Psi-Lord. This occurred in 1987 so the Psi-Lord has been Metatron since then – I didn’t tell the Rothschilds as that would have spoilt the fun – when,,, run by Satanists Rory Mcaffrey, Graham Nickells aka Paul Hughes Barlow, Uncle Chucky, Dextor Ator aka Loohan… tried to steal my Psychotronic Crystals®, Bone Generators®, they allowed the Psi-Lord to dump your forgiveness Metatronic debt on them and their NSA, MI5 Rothschild handlers. Thanks to them the Psi-Lord can now allow the Psi-Masters to dump his forgiveness on these criminals and their backs.

This is vital for any real Psi-Power and without this Service you may find your psychic powers rebound on you as the Metatron Principle uses your forgiveness to make your psychic efforts reverse. Unless you can retroactively dump all forgiveness on scumbags you can never get to square one in order to start displaying your unbounded Inviolate Inviolate, God in bounded creation was destroyed by forgiveness you mirror this in the microcosm. Now you can get the Psi-Lord to dump retroactively the Metatron Evil forgiveness on all the counterfeiters so the Metatron principle has no power over you. As it resides in Man’s God Core it cuts all Mankind from True power. It is also why the Tenant in Castaneda’s books stole the God Core from all Naguals since the 1840s, the time when the Rothschilds took over Europe and cast their world wide Satanic Spell of the Matrix, powered by the Metatron Principle. This Principle is inputted into the Schethlya Stone to seal the Matrix so there is no escape, forgiveness makes the veil. If you wish to retroactively dump your forgiveness Metatron Principle to free up your God Core and get all the psychic powers to work, then the Psi-Lord will dump them on the counterfeiters. Since you can’t do this as you are trapped by the Metatron Principle, only the Psi-Lord can do this for you and upload the Anti-Forgiveness quantum computing engine into your Bone Generators®

This first part of the Service does this for you and dumps all future forgiveness on the counterfeiters

Anti-Forgiveness Metatron Principle Bone Generator®: $2000 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.