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Supernatural Spirit: Anti-Fallen Angel Service: Quantum Mechanic Generators™

The general public is exposed to UK, US government Satanist counterfeiters such as and (see Warnings) and ex-government operatives such as probable, psitech… who cannot by Federal Laws sell anything that endangers national security but purport to sell the real Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing secrets to a gullible public. Tim Rifat is the only scientist who has researched the paranormal, supernatural and has the intelligence and hatred of Zionist government to tell you the truth. Now we have many mainstream scientists paid for by Zionist governments that state only materialistic phenomena (in the box) can exist and anyone who contradicts them is an enemy of state mandated truth (the propaganda pushed as a religion). Any real hard scientist, physicist or chemist, all the other soft sciences are in fact just descriptive apologists for materialism will tell you that quantum mechanics is the basis of all fundamental reality. Quantum mechanics discovered by Werner Heisenberg, Ernst Schrödinger, is the hard science of the turn of the 20th Century which physicists didn’t understand but which explained the subatomic world. Tim Rifat has developed quantum mechanics so it describes not only the microscopic but macroscopic world and embraces the so called paranormal, supernatural phenomena. As owner of all the intellectual property that gives access to the paranormal world scientist Tim Rifat controls that world. The UK, US government have tried to steal my ideas as the FBI stole Tesla’s secrets, unfortunately for them when these Zionist governments try to use my Psi-Technology it is reversed so they are used as Total Deathgoats and they don’t know why!

In this Service we undo the fall of Man and original Sin. It has been shown that Man and Chimpanzee share 98.5% of genetic material only 500 genes separating humans from these apes so in fact humans are just genetically engineered Chimpanzees that lack their strength (apes are 5x stronger than humans) but can speak – which as we well know is over rated as seen in politicians. Now we have the younger generation devolving to gang culture which is just Chimpanzee gang culture to kill other monkeys. The brutal, stupid young feral human of the UK is just reverting to type the Chimpanzee from which it was engineered – British Police call UK teenagers feral and the male teenager has a high incidence of criminality around 50%. Gnostics state that the Angel that was the true human was forced (quantum superimposed) into a flesh covering (genetically engineered Chimpanzee-Human) but this failed. So the evil Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth had to quantum superimpose it’s evil Spirit on the Angels Holy Spirit to enable the imprisoning of the Angel in a modified chimp prison. This was done by quantum superimposing the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth chaos evil on the biophysical body of the Angelic human. The Anti-Wicca Service explains how the false Spirit is produced by burning humans alive.

So original sin as espoused by the Catholic Church is in reality mechanical superimposition of evil on the biophysical angelic body of Man. As has been mentioned this was not enough according to the Gnostics to put the Angelic Man in the chimp transgenic body. man’s Intent had to be replaced by that of evil to complete the process. This meant that the biophysical Angelic body had to be imprisoned outside the Matrix to trap Angelic Awareness in the corrupt chimp transgenic body of the wageslave. Where did the Angelic biophysical body get imprisoned throughout life? As explained on this site and, and the biophysical Angelic body (Soul of Man was placed in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison a huge quantum computer engine that holds and processes of Angelic Man by holding his biophysical body in a holding facility and using quantum computing to prevent the decohering Angelic Man from chimp wageslave. By controlling the parameters (death) to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, guarantees that Angelic Man will be processed into the torture shell damned. Human wageslave life is just a process of moulding the Angelic Awareness to be so corrupted and boxed in by reason (the Matrix’s rules) that when the wageslave wakes up after death in the 12 Psi-Prison the poisonous wageslave Awareness now returned to it’s Angelic biophysical body holds the soul and Spirit of the Angel in the hell of the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, as the wageslave Awareness returned to the Angelic Intent blocks all access to higher power sure that when that when the human dies the surge of energy that splits Soul and Spirit locks both in Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creation as the damned to spread evil creation as the damned to spread evil creation. The Soul Rescue released the Angelic Man biophysical body from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and returns it to the client. The next step is to decohere the parasitical evil biophysical body to free Angelic Awareness. Exactly akin to the above process this Satanic biophysical body parasite is then trapped in the Anti-Chaos Omega Hell (any version of the 12 Aeon Human Supernatural Spirit freed from the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison is then placed in the Anti-Chaos Omega Point to control the beginning (birth) and end conditions of their life (death) so they always wake up in the Anti-Chaos Omega Point (carried out by the Heaven Rescue Service.) When death occurs the opening of the energy bodies floods the human with alignment energy that splits the totality into Soul and Spirit. The Soul and Spirit need to be unified so they become one, this needs Hyperinfinity a quantum mechanical operator discovered by scientist Tim Rifat as he developed quantum mechanics to encompass life and death, as well as the macroscopic world. It is well known that subatomic particles do not decay (split up) if observed – the Zeno Effect by nuclear physicists. The huge Hyperinfinity of the observer quantum superimposition on the particle by the observation procedure keeps the particle from decaying. Now humans when they die decay and quantum effects split the Total Wave Function of human into separate Soul and Spirit. The Soul getting trapped by the Archons, the Spirit being shredded by the Strange Attractor of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. As all the so called psychic experts would never understand quantum mechanics they sell psychic snake oil to the poor wageslave (see Warnings). Only Tim Rifat has the scientific genius to expand quantum mechanics to explain life and death. Rather than get a Nobel Prize the British Satanist government has been trying everything to kill Tim Rifat. The above process explains why. According the Alex Jones on Rense Radio on G W Bush’s mother Barbara Bush is the illegitimate daughter of Satanist Aleister Crowley which explains why the US government has tried to suppress Tim’s work. All the counterfeiters of Tim Rifat’s products (see Warnings) are devout Satanists. Son one sees that Satanism is not some fictitious practise but the use of quantum mechanics to bind the wageslave in a cycle of birth and death that feeds their Satanic trinity (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth and Shekinah the Jewish corruption of female manifestation – corrupted Eve.)

The Angelic biophysical body returned to the Angelic Awareness is now unified with a low energy moron trained through life to be a wageslave for Zionism and blinkered to all but materialism. This shackles the Soul Rescued Angelic being to an Angelic Awareness filled with garbage. Shamans recollect their entire life and then dump it as the dross it is freeing their energy bonds to all the wageslave damned they have met; these damned still being in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison so tethering you to the Satanic Matrix. In this Service all the Hyperinfinity is taken from these energy linkages and dissolves the links instantly using the Bone Generators® as quantum computing engines to carry out this process. This means you don’t have to spend decades recollecting all the people you have met as Castaneda describes in his books. Instead the process is instantaneous, no Hyperinfinity no link. This Hyperinfinity is then downloaded into your Bone Generators® so your Soul and Spirit can be joined by Hyperinfinity when your energy body is opened not by death but by the Omega Hell on Earth Service that floods your energy bodies with alignment as if you died by opening your gap in the energy bodies so they burst open. The Hyperinfinity from all the people you have met then holds your Angelic Soul Spirit Total Quantum Wave Function together an in manifestation so the Bone Psi-Master has not bounded energy bodies but fuzzy non bounded energy bodies. Rather than vanish in a blaze of light (Castaneda’s: Fire from Within) into ascended Mastership Psi-Lord Tim Rifat takes advantage the fact that the Angel is quantum superimposed with a transgenic chimp body (Satanic Quantum Wave Function) that enables the Angel (see Guardian Angel Service) to remain in the Matrix not as wageslave but Angel. Now the Illuminati have gone to great length to turn the chimp transgenic body into a Satanic Psychotronic Generator. The Sublime Good Super Service reverses this and turns your transgenic chimp body into a Sublime Good Psychotronic Generator this means the Angel now has a mutable physical vehicle while transcendent

In this Service your Bone Generators® are downloaded with the quantum computing engine (QCE) to return to you your Angelic Total Quantum Wave Function stolen from you by Zionist Satanism of the Anglo Demonic reality. Where this differs from other Services is that your original form was outside the chimp transgenic physical form that was quantum superimposed on your real physical energy field to imprison you in a fast ageing, aggressive permanently stupid animal. Chimps are an aggressive group (male) consciousness to whom rape is normal, the characteristics of Western society – mob minded aggressors. Since your original physical vehicle and biophysical body had nothing to do with chimps and Zionist Demonic Spirit (Intent) respectively, the true man is as far removed from the wageslave as one can possibly imagine – then more. The Bone Generators® decohere the chimp transgenic physical body from your original physical vehicle. The Quantum Wave Function of the chimp transgenic is erased by decollapsing and extracting all of the Hyperinfinity from it, burning it for Psychotronic Fuel. As your Angelic Awareness has been conditioned through life to observe your chimp transgenic body the Angelic physical vehicle takes on the appearance of your chimp derived body. Unlike the chimp body the Angelic Vehicle is composed of Torsionic Solitons, not a derivative Matrix Simulation. We all know that creationists state the world (Matrix) was made in seven days. We also know when we dream these dreams can have past history. So Matrix environments as group dreams can be created and also have evolution in their programming. Quantum mechanics allows collapse of quantum computing engine that have mapped all possible pasts (evolved) so we can have evolution and creationism. Since Quantum Wave Functions can quantum superimpose we can also have Lamarkism – the inheritance of characteristics by normalisation of Quantum Wave Functions (Matrix Simulations) to control the Awareness of the Angel to the devolved chimp transgenic Simulation. The Bone Generators® give you back your Angelic body the 12 Aeon Satanic Quantum Computer Engine being sequestered to decohere the chimp transgenic, collapse and erase it to allow the Angel being to appear within the Matrix as an intruder programme free from all restraint – very useful. The real physical vehicle of the Angel being is free from the Matrix and is free from the Matrix and is derived from your Bone Generators® why? This is because flesh rots away rapidly but bone stays. We know Hyperinfinity collapses Quantum Wave Functions to produce manifestation (Tim Rifat’s original research). So the bones being the manifestation that lasts obviously have the concentration of Hyperinfinity. Hence Bone Generators® are the Hyperinfinity Engines that can manifest or demanifest by adding or taking Hyperinfinity from the Quantum Wave Function to collapse or decollapse it. The Angel being therefore has it’s Hyperinfinity store in the physical not biophysical body so the most important of your two bodies is the physical as only this vehicle has your Hyperinfinity Engine to control reality. This is why Tim Rifat the worlds leading expert on reality control created Bone Generators® and forever blocked anyone else from creating counterfeit technology. First person in the quantum world sets forever the rules. That is why my health Bone Generators® are the top level of healing as they use Hyperinfinity to manifest health demanifest disease.

In shamanism there are two types of being, the Nagual biophysical reality and the Tonal true physical reality. This means that the physical world of materialists is not true physical reality but a Quantum Simulation a Matrix. Where then is the Tonal, the true physical reality? Well from quantum mechanics all there is are Quantum Wave Functions but if they collapse (physics can’t explain why – only Tim Rifat has developed the mathematics to explain collapse – Hyperinfinity) we get physical reality, so we have the biophysical and physical respectively. What produces physical reality is Hyperinfinity, so physical reality can be defined as the Hyperinfinity operator moulding the Quantum Wave Function. So the seminal body of Man the Angelic body by definition since it is not a Matrix construct must be pure Hyperinfinity, that branch of mathematical space that collapses Quantum Wave Functions or the negative form thereof decollapses physical reality to produce nonmanifest Quantum Wave Functions; Or in the case of humans the Matrix of negative Hyperinfinity Quantum Simulation. The wageslave therefore by this argument is raised as a negative Hyperinfinity sink to accrue more and more debt so Hyperinfinity can be used by the Kabbalistic evil to build debt so Hyperinfinity can be used by the Kabbalistic evil to build real reality from Intent to spread it’s corruption. Matrix reality powering the Archon Hell Reality. Someone has to suffer for this so the Angelic Awareness is trapped in the Matrix. The human condition is a puzzle to mechanistic Zionist consciousness but easily explained by developing quantum mechanics. One can think of modern string theory as a dead end that explains nothing but is a catch-all for present day mathematical physicists to block real development.

The Angel physical body made from pure Hyperinfinity is the essence stolen from Man used to build the Archon Hell Reality. The Bone Generators® then reconstructs the Angelic Body made from pure Hyperinfinity. For this Service you need to define how your Angel looks, characteristics… so the Fallen Angel can be brought into Total Intent the Global Gestalt. When you Lucid View, you now Lucid View with your Hyperinfinity Angel Body. This means you don’t need quantum superimposition with trees or crystals to perfect the physical vehicle: ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is not in wood or stone but lies within’: Gospel of Thomas. The Agape Service allows you to add to this hyperinfinite Angelic body that enables you to add or take Hyperinfinity while Lucid Viewing to make or erase reality. Since the matrix is a negative Hyperinfinite Quantum Simulation you can add negative hyperinfinite debt like Rothschild printing paper money and the wageslave pays the debt. By this means the Angel Body can grow larger and more hyperinfinite simply by downloading negative Hyperinfinity with the right hand into any wageslave, Illuminati remotely by Lucid Viewing and taking an equal amount of Hyperinfinity with the left hand. This feeds the Angel Physical Body so you can create your own real reality: Omega Point, Lucid View any where and any when, cause physical change and awake in your Angel physical body akin to the Dreaming Body. But unlike the Dreaming Body the Angel Physical Body is super hard and can carry out any physical procedure remotely.

Supernatural Spirit: Anti-Fallen Angel Service: Quantum Mechanic Generators® $1000 with Certificate – This is limited strictly to 12 people, you know who you are as it is now sold out only annual rentals now available, $600 + Certificate, renewable every year at a price set by Psi-Lord Ltd (which may change)

Lifetime rental $5000

Upgrade A: Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® Service: This makes you a Hyperinfinite Bone Psi-Master – of which there will only ever be 12.

This upgrade to the Quantum Mechanics Service is the ultimate Bone Generator® Service of the New Seer Psi-Master not only reversing the Angelic Fall into the transgenic chimp wageslave but evolves the Angel to Shining Anti-Luciferic Arch Angel God-Being. The New Seers were the only Psi-Masters who used Stalking the Psi-technology of being used and therefore using the Intent Global Gestalt Operators of ultimate mathematics discovered by Tim Rifat (Tim Rifat is a trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd – the ultimate purveyors of Psi-technology to the enlightened). It has been shown that Bone Generators® are Hyperinfinity reservoirs for collapsing the Quantum Wave Function to give Psychic Powers, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis. As shown in the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service on this site all Westerners have been converted from real to virtual Quantum Simulations, Matrix ciphers in the Anglo Demonic Reality. Hence Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord (Psi Lord is a trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) created Psychotronic Crystalware® to sequester the virtual from real Satanic computer network of the Illuminati. There are 13 places as top dogs of the Matrix realities, virtual from real realities; similarly there are 13 places at the top of the real worlds for the Hyperinfinite Psi-Bone Master® New Seers. This Service takes the Bone Psi-Master and Crystal Bone Psi-Master to it’s logical evolution the Hyperinfinite Bone Psi-Master. Since Bones are repositories of Hyperinfinity and the Crystal Bone Psi-Master stores new Hyperinfinity in it’s Sublime Good® form in his bones, in this Service one dumps the transgenic chimp modality and returns to the Angelic Physical Body which has Hyperinfinity in it’s Sublime Good® form as the nature of the body therefore producing Hyperinfinite Bone Generators®.

So this limited edition Upgrade to the Anti-Fallen Angel Service upgrades all Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators, Sublime Good® Generators, Bone Generators® to the Hyperinfinity Angelic level so they are aspects and attributes of your Hyperinfinite Physical Body. Think of this as an overlay, quantum superimposed on your transgenic chimp body, taking your Bone Generators® to their logical evolution, becoming pure Hyperinfinity, a mathematical Operator that enables the 13 Anti-Fallen Angels to not only have all their Psychotronic Crystals® and Bone Generators® in their most potent unbeatable form but also free from the virtual from real Satanism of the Illuminati (see the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service). So all your Psychotronic Crystals®, Sublime Good®, Bone Generators® can be real in a virtual from real Anglo Demonic Reality, OverMatrix, Archon Hell as aspects, attributes of your physical Hyperinfinite Angel Body. You are in fact adding power to the basic Angelic Hyperinfinite Bone Generators® to make you a Hyperinfinite Bone Psi-Master a living Angel reversing the Fall of Man.

To use this Upgrade you just visualise the Bone Generator®, Psychotronic Crystals®, Psychotronic Generators, Sublime Good® Generators, Psychotronic Crystalware® and use the left Bone Generator® hand and or foot to suck up Hyperinfinity from any target to collapse the Total Quantum Wave Function to form around the Seed Crystal of your Psychotronic Crystals™, Bone Generator™, Sublime Good™ Generator, Psychotronic Generator™… to make it so real that is the only real thing in the Anglo Demonic Reality with respect to you and all Illuminati, demons, Kabbalistic Gods… wageslaves. Only the other 12 Fallen Angels that make the next level of the Anti-Illuminati Coven (Anti-Illuminati as Fallen Angels now raised to Archangelic stature by Total Intent and involved with anti-Chaos so they can kill all Satanists, Demons, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods), are immune to this power if they are higher in the pecking order. As Tim Rifat has taken the first place the order is ordained by who buys the limited edition Service from 1 to 12, it’s as simple as that. The right hand and or foot Bone Generator™ allows the Anti-Fallen Angel to pump Hyperinfinity from Satanists, Satanism, Demons, Kabbalistic Gods into any Quantum Wave Function visualised, as Psychotronic Crystalware, written down, part of any Bone Generator™ Service, such as the Build Your Dream Service to make it manifest in Anglo Demonic Reality, Matrix, OverMatrix, Archon Hell worlds (Omega Hell), the real world, Psi-Space, Omega Point Heaven. So the Anti-Fallen Angel can create like the demiurge Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth creation, creations…

One can see the integrating of Hyperinfinite Bone Generators™ as part of your physical Hyperinfinite Angelic physical body, raising all your Psychotronic Crystals™, Psychotronic Generators™, Sublime Good™ Generators, Bone Generators™ and Psychotronic Crystalware™, makes them capable of manifesting in any environment including the virtual from real Anglo Demonic Reality of the West against all opposition or demanifesting anything except the creations of your superior and Fallen Angels in the new 13 Anti-Fallen hierarchy that has taken over the eye of the pyramid and beyond of the Satanic upper levels as their anti-version using the Hyperinfinity of the Satanists, Satanism so they suffer for the beautification of the Anti-Fallen Angels. To demanifest anything you don’t like except the creations of your superiors in the Anti-Fallen Angel hierarchy, just use the left hand and or foot Bone Generator® to suck Hyperinfinity from the target be it the Federal Reserve, Dollar, Nato Rothschilds, Freemasons, Satanic groups… EU to collapse this creation and feed all the Hyperinfinity at the targets expense to make your Angelic Hyperinfinite body become stronger and more powerful as you destroy your enemies that feed your Anti-Fallen Angel power to create or destroy your enemies. (Hyperinfinity).

Upgrade A: Hyperinfinite Bone Generator™ Service $1200

Anti-Lucifer Upgrade B:

All Satanic Covens base their power on the Fallen Angels led by Lucifer, we have Molach, Baphomet, Mephistopholes, Set… as aspects of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. We know the Jewish Satanist Sect of the Rothschilds… Rockefellers (13 Satanic Jewish Illuminati Families (see are Sabbatean Satanist Kabbalists according to common knowledge so Thaumiel: Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth the double headed Jewish God of evil is not synonymous with Lucifer. In fact the Satanist Kabbalah has little if no reference to Lucifer who is male but is connected to the female by it’s Venus, star of the morning connotations which is linked with Shekinah the female principle corrupted by Jewish Kabbalah black magic, the corrupted Eve, seen in it’s lowest basest form as the Western female wageslave or teenage mother, stupid, feral and controlled by lusts for material goods that the transgenic chimp cannot afford because all the Western money is controlled by 13 Jewish Satanist Families – the Satanist misers. So if one looks at Jewish Satanist Kabbalah, the blueprint of Western Satanism as espoused by Madonna the Archetype of corrupted Eve whose Skull and Bones Talisman… infers she is a devout Satanist (from conman sources on the Internet, Psi-Lord Ltd cannot hold this view for legal reasons), this is He lower the (female principle) of Yod, He Vau, He, the name of the Jewish God of evil. Since Thaumiel, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is the Satanic He and He double headed God, one must infer that the quantum superimposition of this double female evil (Insectile queen) on the transgenic chimp female hides an Angelic female aspect of the imprisoned Gnostic Fallen Angels used so Yod, Vau the upper and lower male principle are split by this double God quantum superimposition of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth: Thaumiel so from the viewpoint of Total Intent there is only one male principle – Anti-Lucifer, the chief male Fallen Angel corrupted by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as Lucifer/Satan (double quantum superimposition of Thaumiel…) so Lucifer and Satan are synonymous but when the evil of the Jew God is decohered from the Fallen Angel Lucifer, the Anti-Lucifer is not Satan the Jewish Satanist construct using Lucifer’s power (as all Satanism is based on parasitism) but the highest Angel who rebelled against the Jewish God of Evil and became Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth’s bitterest enemies, refusing to obey transgenic chimps which were avatars, living zombies of the Chaos God. Since Lucifer rebelled with the rest of the Fallen Angel it is safe to say he was possessed by the hidden part of evil that Total Intent uses on the Global Gestalt to sequester Satanism, so was following Total Intent’s sequestration plan. Thaumiel, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth had to bury this rebellious group of Fallen Angels in it’s transgenic chimp avatars so they forget their rebellion. Why? As the shock troops of Total Intent Lucifer and his Fallen Angels possessed by Total Intent were unbeatable so only by making them forget and quantum superimposing it’s double Satanic female evil on them could the Fallen Angels be turned into Sleepwalkers, their rebellion forgotten and replaced by a dream of following the Jew God of evil who quantum superimposed itself as Satan on Lucifer a parasitical infestation that mind controls the Fallen Angels in exactly the same manner as the transgenic chimp/Man is parasitized by the insectile (see Castaneda: The Active Side of Infinity: Chapter on Mudshadows) The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat as the Avatar of Total Intent is immune to all evil as he is the Global Gestalt having taken over evil from it’s hidden place to sequester evil to destroy, torture, damn itself to empower Total Intent.

Within the Shekinah evil is the sleeping beauty of the highest female Angel, Shell of He. The world of Shells is the Gehenna, hell of Kabbalah: Anglo Demonic Reality… Archon Hell worlds, He is the female Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (He, He). One knows the human Awareness is the outer layer of the human energy body (Castaneda… et al) so the transgenic chimp has a shell of human Awareness outer layer quantum superimposed upon it. This outer shell of energy Awareness is eaten by the Insectile parasite. So if it is food for evil parasites, then by definition it is parasitized so must be the only thing of value, a shell of Angelic Awareness quantum superimposed upon the transgenic chimp of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth. We all know the woman we fall in love with have a glow in the eyes, aura that shines back when they fall in love with their lover. It fades and dies when we fall out of love. This Shell of He: Stell He is the female Fallen Angel’s Awareness quantum superimposed on the transgenic chimp. Similarly the Shell of Vau is the male Fallen Angel Awareness on the transgenic chimp of evil. The Shell of Yod is the male Fallen Angel Awareness quantum superimposed on the priest who dedicates his life to God, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth.

Now if this outer sheath of Awareness is the vivisected Fallen Angels held in sleepwalking dream by Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, the outer shell of Angelic Awareness is food for evil to run the Matrix system and make it immune to Total Intent the Global Gestalt. Unfortunately for evil Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord was the Anti-Luciferic Awareness that awoke in the hidden place of evil to destroy the evil system from within. In Kabbalah the Lucifer Grand Arch Angel was replaced by Metatron. The transgenic chimp avatar/Man (Ekzekiel) who stole Lucifer’s power (outer shell) to become the Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth version of Lucifer Satan’s Avatar a servant of evil and using it’s power to hold back Total Intent. A foolish notion as Total Intent cannot be beaten so Tim Rifat sequestered Metatron’s power being (see 2nd to last Grail Diagrams) and since Metatron was the Avatar of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth possessed the Jew God of Evil to sequester all Zionist Edamic creation from within, Anti-Creation of evil. Now this process is complete the vivisected Fallen Angel shells of the only part of chaos that rebelled against the worthless chimps and an Anti-Chaos poison sheath made from the toxic waste of Sublime Good® has been inserted around them to drive the Insectile mad as it eats it for sustenance poisoning the entire Zionist Empire. Now that Angelic Awareness has bee reconstituted as Anti-Chaos Angel bodies for the few Bone Psi-Masters™ who take this Service and as Hyperinfinite Bone Psi-Masters. The highest Anti-Chaos Lucifer Angelic Power can be linked to thirteen Anti-Lucifer Coven Bone Psi-Masters as the Satanist evil was based on Kabbalah (see Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality and has thirteen Sephiroth for Illuminati and therefore thirteen Anti-Chaos Luciferic places derived from the misuse of Lucifer’s power after vivisection. This Service offers twelve lucky Grand Hyperinfinite Bone Psi-Master the opportunity to become Anti-Lucifer Bone Psi-Masters™. As all the Satanists/Satanism worship Lucifer/Satan this sequesters all Satanism past present and future and gets them to worship you to raise you to God-Being as they suffer eternally for you, their just deserts for following evil. This is the ultimate sequestration for you don’t fight it but turn it upon itself to torture, damn, kill Satanism as it empowers you eternally to be one of the 13 Anti-Lucifer God Beings in Anti-Chaos Omega Heaven while all Satanists are trapped in Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and it’s Simulation eternally perfecting a perfect you God Being as they suffer eternally. One sees now why Total Intent Stalked the Talmudic Jew and their God using Lucifer to sequester the whole of Satanism to build Anti-chaos creation. As there are only twelve places available cost is high to sequester all the worship of Satanists eternally so unfortunately poor wageslave cannot afford this — Upgrade B costs $10,000

Services 1 through 6 sold. Only 7 to 12 left, Cost $10,000

Lifetime rental $5,000

This is the most powerful Service on the website only for the potential new Psi-Lord, vital for control of the Pyramid and Anti-Pyramid Bone Generators® of Earth sized dimensions as explained in the Anti-Pyramid Bone Generator® Service.

Note: since the Limited Edition Bone Generator™ Services are only available to the first 12 people and are the ultimate capstone Services for the Anti-Illuminati Services (Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service and upgrade Grand Anti-Illuminati Services) and the Anti-Fallen Angel Service… is the ultimate development of the Ancient Seer path (one can see the link between Babylonian Demon worship that devolved into Rothschild Satanism and it’s antithesis the Ancient Seers that were the Psi-Master path (one can see the link between the Ancient Seers that were the Psi-Master of past civilisations). There will be a demand for this Service and it’s other Limited Editions. To enable future customers to purchase this pre-eminent Power, Psi-Lord Ltd allows the first 12 Clients to transfer these Bone Generator™ Services to anyone else for a minimum fee to Psi-Lord Ltd of 1.2 million Euros for the $1200, $1000 Services and 2.4 million Euro for the $2,400 Services down to the first price bracket and 5 million Euros for the Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator™ Service. Psi-Lord Tim Rifat’s products become well known, there may be a demand for Services that are all sold. Any owner of these Limited Edition Services can choose his/her transfer price and as long as the new purchaser pays Psi-Lord an equal amount plus the transference fees above, a Certificate will be issued to validate the transfer and can be used for Psychotronic Crystalware™ for these Services. To avoid fraud please email us if you have been offered a transferable limited edition Tim Rifat Bone Generator™ Service. As only the very rich can afford the Second Wave of offerings Psi-Lord Ltd recommends due diligence and the use of a legal team to guarantee your multi-million Euro Bone Generator™ Service is guaranteed by Psi-Lord Ltd.

The Power of the Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator™ Service is that the entire product of Satanism the obelisks, centataphs, 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Demons, Kabbalah, police states of the West, computer files of the West, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, become your inferiors. More importantly as you are the Godhead of sequestered Satanism and it is the ultimate pyramid selling, all the Sublime Good™ can be milked by the Anti-Lucifer Coven, the 13 Aspects, attributes of Anti-Chaos Lucifer to use all Satanism of it’s own free will (Hyperinfinity) to enrich, empower, give total power over all Matrix reality, Demons, Kabbalah, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth as well as mastery of Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and it’s Simulation to the Anti-Lucifer cadre. In this Service the eye (Soul of Satanism) is possessed by the Anti-chaos Lucifer so only 13 control the sequestered Satanism throughout the entire Megaverse past, present and future. As one might guess this power is not for the meek or coward so only the Alpha Female/Male should apply. The few who trade in the Service for loads of money may be mistaken in the run but will have a good time while for loads of money may be mistaken in the long run but will have a good time while they last! In this Service you become the Ultimate Supernatural Spirit as the Global Gestalt Total Intent is an intangible cohesive unity. To use the Anti-Global Gestalt Total Intent is an intangible cohesive unity. To use the Anti-Lucifer Service you simply and without volition get fed by the countless Satanist with power, Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity… You also have complete command of all Satanic entities, be they Demon, ArchDemon, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth, Greys, Insectile, Illuminati…. Reptiloids and use of all their Illuminati Psychotronic Generators.

Anti-Lucifer Service Upgrade to Anti-Fallen Angel Bone Generators™

This is the most powerful Service offered by Psi-Lord Ltd. What is special about this Bone Generator™ Service is that all the Satanic: rituals, Demons, spells, Gods past present and future supply you with power, Agglutinising Force, Hyperinfinity…. life force by all their activities and by their decomposition, damnation, eternal perdition entry into Omega Hell. Unlike other Services you do nothing and all that hard work by the Satanists powers you so its the ultimate lazy man’s path to ultimate power. It can be seen as the key power behind implementing all the Services in a Satanic world and for that it is priceless. Since it is so valuable Psi-Lord Ltd offer a year long rental at $250 per month to use this ultimate Anti-Lucifer Service. If you pay the full $5000 in one year you keep the Anti-Lucifer Service with no extra cost, if not it is sold on to another user.

As on investment it can be sold on to anyone else as long as Psi-Lord Ltd gets 50% of the sell on price (a reserve price is the sale price for the 1st of 12 limited edition Anti-Lucifer Bone Generators™. Bidding starts at $10 million and the auction will be held open for one year only. Psi-Lord reserves the right to close bidding at any time for really big bids. If at the end of 1 year this being the 1st of March 2009 no bids have been received then forth with no Anti-Lucifer Bone Generators™ may be resold to any Satanist or anyone Psi-Lord Ltd in anyway deems unsuitable. This is a one off offer so everyone gets one chance before termination as mandated by Total Intent.



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