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Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service:

The Ultimate Money Bone Generator®

The inception of the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator® popped the Talmudic Jew, lie inspired, bubbles of property, equity, shares and as of 23/12/08 is destroying the dollar via the BAK out bubble that inevitably leads to hyperinflation as dollars are printed like confetti.

5 years ago Tim Rifat stated on the Rense Radio:, show, that the West was bankrupt all it produces is stupid fat people. Its economy shopping for foreign goods in Jewish shopping malls and running a service sector based on Ponzi schemes all wealth tricked from stupid Saudis, Japanese and far eastern investors who get to sit on mountains of toilet paper dollars. Once the bail out bubbles bursts, the West plunges into a Great Depression, the dollar worthless.

To get all this lovely money energy for the 12 new temporal wealth Illuminati Psi-Lords the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service Bone Generator® was developed. This like the Pyramid Bone Generator® gets your Bone Generators® to create an Illuminati Pyramid around the chosen 12. The Eye of the Pyramid is a giant Hyperinfinite Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator® Skull Bone Generator®, the Pyramid the skeleton (minus) head Psychotronic Crystal® Bone Generator®. The Pyramid Bone Generator® is 256 metres high in standard form. The Anti-Dollar Pyramid is constructed from all the man made building debris on the planet and in it (underground cities); so at the very least the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid is taller than Everest by an order of magnitude if not more (70 miles+). So the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid with its associated asteroid sized Hyperinfinite Skull Bone Generator® gives total temporal dominion over the Earth to the 12 Psi-Lords.

This gigantic pyramid is generated by the Hyperinfinity of the human worlds buildings and inhabitants so puts each of the 12 Psi-Lords at the centre of one of these super pyramids to funnel the 5D to 4D Matrix collapse of the Quantum Wave Function to filter out all money, wealth fortune reality from all but the 12 Psi-Lords of this Service and SuperJews, Psi-Masters acknowledged on this site. So the 12 get the Lions Share of money, energy. The Pyramid tuned to act as a waveguide for only 5D to 4D manifestation of wealth for you and poverty for all others. Eight of the 12 have been sold to inner circle Psi-Masters. This means the last 4 are available but at a higher price of $6000 which includes all Upgrades. As well as a 144 mile high Anti-Illuminati Pyramid as well as 12 mile diameter Anti-Illuminati eye.


Anyone buying the listed prices totalling $3400 is from 23/12/08 just leasing the service and a 256 metre high Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator for 70 years only.

General rental (Annual) $600 for 22 metre Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator® only with no upgrades enabled.

The Dollar has the Illuminati Pyramid. The Capstone replaced by the Illuminati Eye, this Bone Generator® sucks all the money energy from all the dollar bills that denote it. It combines with the Masonic Pyramid symbols to broadcast it over all dollars and in all places where it is symbolised. Based on the truncated sacrifice pyramids of Mexico, South Central America it puts a sacrifice 3space(i) over all these dollars and places using all the people in these transmitted pyramids as sacrifices to your Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid. As Cosmic Law has to reward you for punishing Evil, this is the ultimate way to turn Cosmic Law into a money machine for you. The output from these sacrifice pyramid is -1, or debt you download into all these sacrifices. So you don’t kill them just dump money debt on them. The Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid then repeats the process again to get a +1 positive, real money outputting on you. As the process is non commutative you get to set up a Standing Debt Wave in all your sacrifices penurising them and your Pyramid acts as a Standing money Wave centred on you to tune the 4D Matrix to give you lots of money, while all around you lose money, become impoverished, end up in workhouse slave camps for the destitute, soon to become fact in the world – while you become super rich.

Every American carries around a Satanic Rothschild Illuminati pyramid emblazoned on the dollar bill, printed by the Federal Reserve owned by the 13 Jewish Satanist Illuminati Families. As has been explained at length in the Anti-Black Magic Service, invoking Demons to carry out Psychokinesis to control reality, possess humans in the purpose of the Psychokinesis to control reality, possess humans which is the purpose of the Triangle of Art used to create, raise… Demons. Now the Illuminati as masters of black magic took Egyptian magic’s highest art, the creation of Psi-Space tailored to pharaohs’ wishes enabled by giant pyramids and tombs acting as Psychotronic Generators. If one can use paranoiac pyramids to create Psi-Space and make it space-like so the Psi-Space can be a physical one, one can live in that reality as if it was the real world and control all that happens there. If it is time-like then the Psi-Space is dream-like and the person within it a dreamer not in control of the dream. The Satanic genius of the Rothschild Illuminati Jewish Families was to use this principle of paranoiac pyramids to act not on Psi-Space but on the real world to make it a Matrix – the Anglo Demonic Reality. One can imagine a giant pyramid constructed to turn the real world into a time-like dream where they have no power to control any of it, while conversely the Illuminati have a space-like Matrix – the Anglo Demonic Reality in which they alone control what happens within the Matrix. Now to turn the entire Western world into a Shamanic Matrix would take a very large pyramid. So they deconstructed the pyramid and saw it was composed of four Triangles of Art, so four Demonic invocations would be needed to bring in the Anglo Demonic reality. They laid their Masonic temples, obelisks, monuments, cities in box shapes that denote the base of the pyramid. The obelisks acting as pyramid substations, cities linked by a giant triangular grid system to envelop the West in the four fold Demonic Triangles of Art.

The essential Satanic Ritual is that you invoke four Demons in the Triangles of Art’: North, South, East and West that leech from the square, the Enochian Grid chequerboard superimposed on all Western geography the real world (12 Powers squared) from the wageslave. Four triangles with 3 sides each gives you 12, so this ritual steals the real world 144 Powers from the wageslave and dumps them in the time-like space of the Anglo Demonic Reality. Since they have negative bodies and positive Souls their output is always negative so they can never effect any physical change, they are powerless dreamers, dreaming the Rothschild Satanist dream. To give away their Hyperinfinity, free will to accept this they accept Satanic dollar bills with the symbol of their servitude, the Illuminati pyramid emblazoned upon it. Other countries accept the Satanic dollar for real world oil, gold, wheat, uranium, foreign currency, so get pulled into the Matrix as they lose their Hyperinfinity. The four demons of the Four Triangles of Art, the Wardens of the Watchtowers of Satanism then give command over them to the SuperDemon constructed at the apex of the Illuminati pyramid. This Great Eye (promoted by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings) is the Great Beast SuperDemon that is a five dimensional construct of which the Illuminati are avatars. Their negative flesh x negative Souls gives a positive output so space-like temporal power is theirs in return for selling their Souls to evil (the Abramelin ritual). This gives the Illuminati total control over the Anglo Demonic Reality in space-like physical control. Since negative Souls decay the wageslaves positive Soul is leeched in return for the Satanic dollar – a very simple system. The Great Beast SuperDemon is linked to the Stone Table the Rothschilds use to control Enochian magic to make it real by giving it the 12 Powers squared of the wageslave. This allows the Great Beast SuperDemon to turn the Anglo Demonic Dream of the Rothschild Satanist into real world 144 Powers – The Anglo Demonic Reality, matrix made real. The Great Beast is worshipped by the Illuminati and every 28 years a year long ritual of feeding it makes the Rothschild dream more real. Since there are 4 Triangles of Art which are the top of the Kabbalistic Demon Tree, Supernal Triangle, the bottom Seven Kabbalistic Sephiroth comprising the box of the wageslave, the base of the pyramid, one gets 4×7 = 28 year periods to raise the Great Beast to steal more from the wageslave to make the Anglo Demonic Reality more real. It really is easy to understand once you know the secrets of the Illuminati. Tim Rifat as the only Psi-Lord had decided to reveal all the Rothschild Satanist secrets to destroy the Great Beast as he sequesters the power for the new regime of Anti-Illuminati; wageslaves will always be small minded, feral creatures that tear apart any saviour, such as Christ so why help the damned. The Psi-Lord is only here to help the few Psi-Masters who wish to be part of the new Anti-Illuminati regime.

The 4 Triangles of Art that compose the sides of the Illuminati pyramid are quantum superimposed with the 4 cardinal chequerboards of the Enochian system: North, South, Earth, Water… as well as the Goetia Demons that comprise the 36 points of the day and 36 points of the night, the cardinal points of the Abramelin ritual to sell your Soul for possession by Satan… the Beast, as well as linking up with quaternions and Clifford Algebra, the mathematics of the 4 dimensional Matrix. One can see that the Illuminati pyramid is the engine that turns the world into an Illuminati Anglo Demonic Reality Matrix. Since each of the people carrying around dollars, or having dollar accounts has accepted of their own free will the power of the Illuminati pyramid they act as a constant source of energy to disempower their reality while they feed the Illuminati Demons Souls and give them temporal power. More importantly their Hyperinfinity holds the Anglo Demonic Reality in place as the |3|² 9 fold, Council of Nine, quantum virtual Matrix which blocks out the real world and is one Giant Beast, Superdemon manifest as the Anglo Demonic Reality. The Illuminati pyramid also acts as the doorway to death as the pyramid has an equivalent pyramid underneath it, the Shadow Kabbalah aspect that is the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison that underlies the Anglo Demonic Reality and is explained in the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service. The inverse of Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid of the top pyramid to carry out the hexagram Star of David double Demonic invocation explained in the Anti-Rothschild Israel Service for the 4 Dimensions of the Anglo Demonic Reality Matrix as well as Earth, Air… and the cardinal points quantum superimposing the underworld of the Demons 12 Aeon Psi-Prison on the Matrix enabling the wageslaves Soul to be held in Satanic Hell while still living, the Source of the Power of the Demons as explained in the Anti-Rothschild Israel/Black Magic Services.

With the discovery of the double Demonic invocation to give material power, sustenance to the Demon, taking it from the human, as you possess them and make them unable to effect material reality, the next advance in Satanism was carrying out the double Demonic invocation four times as denoted by the 4 sides of the pyramid and the 4 buried sides of the inverse pyramid. This is why the Satanists in France built their glass pyramid in Paris (described in the DaVinci Code novel) with an inverse pyramid underneath it. The square base then becomes the double Triangle of Art to produce the Anglo Demonic Reality Matrix by creating a 4 Dimensional Demonic realm where only Satanic evil has space-like temporal power and the drones, wageslaves, zombies have no space-like power but are time-like dreamers trapped in a Satanist dream with the Rothschilds in control – the Western world of the Zionist Empire. The base of the pyramid as it’s double Triangle of Art (cut the square in half and you get two right angled triangle – the square of the Freemasons) splits Soul and Spirit, holds the Birth and Death of the wageslave in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison as it does the Double Demonic invocation for the 5th Dimension-Hyperspace to give wageslaves no power in this higher realm but the Satanists and their Demons have space-like 5 Dimensional power-magic/magik…

The Feast of the Beast is a year long ritual to increase the domain of the Western Satanic realm and the number 28 is sacred to the Superdemon of the Anglo Demonic Reality; Double Demonic Invocation in eight triangles of Art (2 & 8) so 1928, 2/8/2008 are special to the Satanists, any attack on Iran to spread the Anglo Demonic Reality therefore has to be on February 8th 2008 or the second of August 2008 (Americans put the month first unlike the English we do know the Russians were attacked instead by the US/Israel in South Ossetia.). If the Gregorian Calendar is one year out then 2009 will be the date. Quite simple to predict world events if you are an expert on the Satanist Rothschilds.

Now since we know the Illuminati pyramid is the Psychotronic Engine of the Anglo Demonic Reality the Sigil of which is on the dollar bill and in the worlds Internet, computers as dollar transactions, price of oil, gold… one can see that the process turns the material world time-like for the wageslave and space-like for the Matrix of the Anglo Demonic Reality, bleeding reality in the process possessing the material world and corrupting it (sewage in sea, waste, landfills, deforestation, nuclear/chemical toxic dumps, poisoned chemtrailed air…). One can see that the Western world is one giant Satanic ritual to invoke the Satanic Matrix and trap the wageslave in a possessed, powerless state in a poisoned material world to build Demons and the Superdemon of the Anglo demonic Reality.

Having explained the world Westerners live in the Psi-Lord just pumped Anti-Chaos into the dollar pyramid to sequester corrupt the Anglo Demonic Reality, see the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service. Not hindered by any Christ like aspirations to save the wageslaves who love evil and being led and attack any saviour torturing her/him to death for the Illuminati, Tim Rifat has taken over the Illuminati dollar pyramid for himself so the Anglo Demonic Reality Engine is reversed for Satanists making them powerless, possessed by Anti-Chaos in a poisoned Western world. Their dollar economy dying, banks bankrupt printing money to prop up a broken Anglo Demonic Reality, saddled with a quadrillion (the American name for a Trillion x Trillion in English) dollars in debt produced by the Zionist conmen bankers to enrich themselves at the wageslaves expense. Now the West is bankrupt due to the reversing of the Illuminati dollar pyramid they have to attack Iran, conquer the middle East, Russia, South America (Venezuela…) China, (to conquer Africa as Chinese money has bought up Africa)… So the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service forces the Rothschild Satanists to try and conquer the world which leads to the death of the West and a new Anti-Chaos Anglo Demonic Reality where Satanists and their Demons are tortured by the Russian, Chinese victors to supply space-like power to enable temporal power, making human space-like so they become immortal bodies of light have: telekinesis, Psychokinesis… 2013 Reality.

This Bone Generator® Service™ created by the Psi-Lord gives 12 new Psi-Lords the Power to operate the Anti-Illuminati pyramid which gives power over money – the dollar and the Anti-Chaos Anglo Demonic Reality so as an Anti-Illuminati they can make wageslaves possessed disempowered by Anti-Chaos driven possessed Demons and make anything they want to happen occur by using the sequestered Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Engine of the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality. As explained in the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service 144 new Powers are given to the Psi-Master to produce a |12|² real world that has not existed before to live in a bubble of real life. In this Service the Anti-Illuminati plunges into the filth that is the Anglo Demonic Reality sequesters it as the Anti-Anglo Demonic reality where all wageslave, Illuminati, Demons, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth… are possessed by Anti-Chaos driven to destroy themselves and obey, enrich the new Anti-Illuminati council of 13. The Psi-Lord Tim Rifat heads the new 13 Anti-Illuminati so this Bone Generator® Service gives control of all denizens of the Anglo Demonic Reality (hive worlds) and temporal power to control the dollar and all other Zionist currencies such as the Euro, Shekel… The Rothschilds and the other 12 Jewish Illuminati Satanists have lost control of the dollar and all other Zionist finances – now they know why. Forced into WW111 against Russia and China they lose. The Illuminati pyramid which broadcasts the Anglo Demonic Reality has now been sequestered so everything goes time-like for them and their evil entities in the process, only the 13 Anti-Illuminati become totally space-like so can operate with Total Temporal Power and therefore are the spiritual elite of the new regime.

Now to the explanation of how one uses this Service, the ultimate Anti-Illuminati Bone Generator® and Psychotronic Crystalware™ Service. One has 4 double Demonic Invocations at North, South, East and West. So to sequester them for you, simply get 8 dollar bills and place them at the Cardinal Points of your room 2 dollars at each Cardinal Point the top one up the other inverted. You then take a digital picture of the two dollars and place that to the left of the two dollar bills. This sets up a Triangle of Art with the point facing Anti-clockwise to build a Torsion Field Vortex to feed off the Illuminati dollar pyramid and empower you. Having done this you get the 4 Cardinal Grail Stones and place them in the middle of these 3 dollar pictures North to South…. In doing this the Grail Stones suck out all the Agglutinising Force from all the Anglo Demonic Reality. One can then digitally photograph the entire set up and add to your computer hard drive 169 times so the Torsion Fields can spread throughout the entire Internet so the Anti-Chaos Illuminati pyramid dollar sequestration programme can be spread through the entire Illuminati computer network to take over the Anglo Demonic Reality in Psychotronic Crystalware™ Mode. Doing Anti-Chaos occult Anti-Illuminati ritual on the World Wide Web.

The base of the pyramid consists of two Triangles of Art the squares cut North to South to destroy the Satanic North South Demonic Invocation so each triangle of Art points East or West. To make the Triangles use dollar bills. Each East, West point has a dollar bill the North South positions have a dollar each cut in half longwise. One can then add dollars inverted East and West and at North South inverted dollars cut in half lengthwise. One then takes mirror images of this and places that to the left of the dollars to get the flow of 5 Dimensional Torsionic Solitonic Fields in an anti-clockwise direction. The Cardinal Grail Stones picture can be superimposed on this picture after you place the Left Wand of Horus in the East Triangle of Art and the Right Wand of Horus in the West Triangle of Art. The Wands of Horus suck out the fifth Dimension from the Anglo Demonic Reality, Matrix, Over Matrix and Archon Hell Realm in the process destroying their Agglutinising Force to destroy them using the Anti-Illuminati dollar pyramid as the ultimate Trojan Horse virus programme to erase from within. The Anti-Dollar Illuminati pyramid Service is done automatically by your Bone Generators® and their download Grail Stones.

The vivisected Anti-Dollar Illuminati pyramid has 10 Triangles of Art 2 per Cardinal point (2×4) and 2 in the square that forms the Anglo Demonic Matrix. We know the Satanists are carrying out a giant Illuminati pyramid square Anglo Demonic Reality ritual to turn America into a neostalinist police state controlled by Zionist Satanists modelled on Israel (see Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service). To do this they have 911 (Air) in the East; Katrina controlled by Harp (water) in the South; California conflagration (Fire) in the West; Dirty radioactive bomber/suitcase nuke (Earth) in the North to complete the square of the pyramid and totally Satanise America, using the North invocation of the Superdemon to be directed at Iran, Russia, China to start WW111 to try and bring in a world Satanist Anglo Demonic Reality. As the square has gone in a clockwise CF (ClockWise Force) direction, the Anti-Illuminati does the ritual in the Anti-Clockwise direction getting pictures of 911, Katrina, California Fire, Chicago nuke devastation in picture form to form the Anti-Clockwise Anti-Dollar Illuminati pyramid for Psychotronic Crystalware™, one can invert, mirror as above so the mirrors are always the points of the Triangles pointing left to turn the ritual in Anti-Satanic Anti-Clockwise Mode. This builds your own Anti-Illuminati pyramid on America controlled by the Bone Psi-Master. New Psi-Lords.

One can see the 10 Triangles of Art from the vivisected Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid create 10 Demons simultaneously, the 10 evil entities of the 10 Sephiroth of the Kabbalistic tree the blueprint of Satanism. The 11th Sephiroth Daat, the Gateway to hell and between Sephiroth levels is explained at length in my Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service. Since there are 22 paths between the 10 Sephiroth one gets the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid controlling the 22 Memes/alphabet ideas of the Anglo Demonic Reality (see Memes). The Illuminati pyramid contains all the keys to the Anglo Demonic Reality and creates and sustains this Satanic Matrix. This Service programmes your Bone Generators® to use the Kabbalistic Tree Sephiroth entities to do your bidding as they destroy the Satanist Kabbalah. One can also use the 22 paths of the Kabbalah as a Illuminati to control Magic/Magik, Memes and mind as well as the 22 Tarot Demons in Anti-Illuminati Mode to destroy them drive them mad with Anti-Chaos as they obey you give you energy. Right hand Bone Generator to poison the Kabbalah evil Sephiroth/path Demons with Anti-Chaos, left hand to drain them of energy/Sublime Good® in the space-like positive mode so everything you want to manifest does and all the Satanist reality becomes time-like and vanishes as a broken dream. To use in Psychotronic Crystalware™ Mode you simply photograph the Kabbalah, invert, mirror and copy 169 times. To use Anti-Illuminati Remote Influencing to control all Kabbalah, Tarot Demons worldwide as Anti-Chaos Tulpas use Internet Tulpa Service, or Internet Remote Influencing Service to control them on all Satanist computers simultaneously by means of 169 erased emails as per the Service. The 10 Sephiroth, 22 tarot and 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) square give you 36 Anti-Chaos Illuminati Pyramid sequestration programmes so you can call up the Goetic Demons to poison them with right hand Anti-Chaos Bone Generator send them to destroy Illuminati and upload positive space-like energy/Sublime Good® with left hand Bone Generator® to give you the power to manifest space-like real world/Matrix reality as you render all the Illuminati and their works unmanifest nightmares for the Satanists. The Enochian Demons are controlled likewise by copying the above in your Bone Generators® and Psychotronic Crystalware™ hard drives 156 x for control 169 x to erase all Satanist Enochian works , the infrastructure of the Anglo Demonic Reality.

One can see the basis of the power of the Illuminati is the Illuminati Pyramid 10 simultaneous Demonic invocations, the ten Sephiroth SuperDemons along the prescribed 22 Tarot Demonic Paths to control the mind/archetypes major events in the Anglo Demonic Reality. To look at the mathematics of the Illuminati Satanism one can see the basis is ten Triangles of Art which have 30 sides. Chaos mathematics, the order within Chaos controlled by Global Gestalt Intent Functions and Operators means that all chaos, evil follows Feigenbaum period doubling. Chaos starts singular, doubles then becomes 4 different states, then 8, then 16 after which chaos ensues and finally settles into a stranger Attractor. Since the Chaos in the Anglo Demonic Matrix feeds off the male and female Angel beings described in my Supernatural Spirit Quantum Mechanics Service, the Matrix starts with the 2 state and progresses (seeking the one state of male+female = God Being is the way out of Chaos to paradise, Omega Point…) to 16 we have 30 states. The 30 sides of the Ten Triangles of Art of Demonic Invocations and the 30th dimensions of Enochian Satanism invoking Demons. That means this Service allows you to sequester all 30 types of Satanism invoking demons. That means this Service allows you to sequester all 30 types of ArchDemons, poisoning them with the right Bone Generator®, sucking space-time being from them with the left as you possess and command them using the Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service sequestered DAAT gateways as described in the Service but this time for all ArchDemons. To sequester the Demons of Chaos that start after 16 period doubling just repeat the above. The Great Beast that is the Chaotic Strange Attractor is sequestered commanded by the Anti-Rothschild Israel Satanist Service to command as your personal Genie as you poison it with Anti-Chaos with the right Bone Generator® and upload all space-like being from it using the left hand Bone Generator®. The single starting point of Chaos the singular state is the starting point for the Supernatural Spirit Quantum Mechanics Service where you sequester the Lucifer ArchDemon (Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth are the second doublestate and therefore inferior) to use Anti-Chaos to split the Luciferic angelic (Sublime Good® process) from the trinity of Lucifer, Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth to produce the Anti-Lucifer Archangel that operates chaos evil as part of Total Intent the Global Gestalt tricking evil into selling it’s Soul for illusory time-like pipedreams to produce space-like Sublime Good® so Total Intent can sequester all evil and make it do the hard work of creation, it being the loser, debtor, for all eternity having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by the Anti-Lucifer; evil sequestered by the hidden part within it, like good is corrupted by hidden evil (Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem). In this case the Evil in Evil that destroys Evil – Amalek.

The Egyptian Pharaohs are the modern creators of 4 Dimensional Psi-Space creating Psychotronic Generators™ using Real Virtual Science. The creation of artefacts, creations in Psi-Space made from the Bosonic Torsion Field/Soliton component of reality to enable the sculptures, pictures and treasures including their mummified remains to be translated from virtual to real entities in a Psi-Space domain created in the pyramid. Earlier civilisations such as the Vedic, in the coasts of India, Atlantean, Lemurian have pyramid remains that point to the use of Pyramids for RVScience, Why pyramids? The 5 Dimensional manifold manifests the 4D world via vortices of Torsion Fields/Solitons as discovered by the Ahnenerbe and these German scientists working on the Ahnenerbe Project in occupied Czechoslovakia during World War 11 were all captured by Soviet troops. Stalin as a Zionist hated this new technology so it was Andropov who reinstated it which led to his death by Zionists in the USSR. From there it was taken over by the GRU (Soviet DIA) and filtered into mainstream Russian research as Torsion Fields. Thanks to a former Russian psychic warfare expert Tim Rifat was given this information so he could develop it for Psi-Lord Ltd for use by Psi-Masters. Pyramids built to the Golden Mean and aligned with dark energy matter bands of CF or Pulsar nature can by their shape as well as the huge amount of Hyperinfinity in stone act as 5 Dimensional to 4 Dimensional time-like (Psi-space) or space-like (acting on the real world) conduits for collapsing the Quantum Wave Function as reality generators. Now the Illuminati have been putting virtual Illuminati pyramids on dollars, NZ Canada and Australian… dollars to use virtual pyramids not to form 4 Dimensional real world reality but to act as mechanisms for turning the real world into a Matrix the Anglo Demonic Reality; space-like for the Illuminati so they have control and time-like for the zombie who has no power in the Matrix. The bank notes are made from wood that has Hyperinfinity used to fix the Anglo Demonic Reality as a quantum simulation.

As has been explained on the computer can be used to create a virtual construct of the real world so the Psi-Master can walk into a real Psi-Space world (space-like) from a virtual computer programme. The Illuminati have been busy using their Satanic network to make virtual models of all their wageslaves and the Western world so they can turn the Western Anglo Demonic Reality into a total Archon Hell Matrix. The counterpart to the Archon Hell dimension where the Zionist Total Archon Hell Matrix acts as a dump for negative Psychotronic Fuel, Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity while the Archons build space-like real world constructs in the 4th Attention (Global Realm) using mankind as the eternal indentured slave race with their other hive worlds. Computers run the dollar Illuminati Pyramid in virtual space to do the tenfold Kabbalistic Satanic invocations to drain the 5th Dimension to 4th Dimension to Anglo Dimension Reality -> Archon Hell Matrix (the completion of the Anglo Demonic Reality inversion process). The Anti-Anglo Demonic Reality Service shows the 11th Sephiroth of the Kabbalah DAAT is the gateway wormhole to funnel reality in it’s space-like form from human cattle and dump virtual Matrix time-like waste from the Archons into the damned (all Westerners).

Western currency follows the Kabbalah. Units of ten being the virtual levels of the Kabbalah Archon Hell in Matrix Simulation on computers that act as giant Satanic Torsion Field Generators to turn the real world into the Complete Matrix of the Anglo Demonic Reality. That is why all Psi-Lord Ltd products are for use in computer hard drives to sequester the Illuminati Pyramid Matrix machine for the Anti-Illuminati. That is why the Westerner is losing all his wealth (real-world space-like nature) as the process progresses. Tim Rifat has done the same to the Rothschilds and the 12 other Satanist masters who run the West using their Cabal of Jewish Families to run all finance so they now owe one quadrillion (1000 trillion of debt) backed by nothing but the printing presses of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European bank (Canadian, Australian, NZ, Mexican Zionist banks). While Russia and China get richer on oil, gas, mineral and industry which pushes them further and further from the virtual Anglo Demonic Reality of no industry but services and closed down consumed non-industry of the Zionist damned. Since all Westerners have been fully virtualised on Zionist computers the Illuminati have completed their aim to make a totally virtual simulation of the real world, then use the Illuminati pyramid black magic to make the virtual simulation become the real world for the Westerner. The Anglo Demonic Reality evolved to archon Hell Simulation. That is why the Psi-Lord had to give the Westerner Psychotronic Crystalware™ because they already have been turned into virtual beings in the Anglo Demonic Reality and the only thing that can reach them in the pit is the sequestration of the Archdemonic computer network of the Anglo Demonic Reality to act as a lifeline to reach them. So for the damned this is the most important lifeline Service It is no coincidence the Zionist film industry produced the three (Triangle of Art) Matrix films to do the virtual from real Satanic Illuminati pyramid ritual on the media stage to corrupt world consciousness and prepare it for the final degradation. All slaves suffering from financial problems must run the Services Sublime Good®, Psychotronic Crystals® as Psychotronic Crystalware™ to reverse the virtual from real Satanism that has leached out all their space-like power and replaced it with infinite time-like debt for the Archons to live in luxury in real space-like pleasure, all at the slaves eternal expense. You don’t think it is a coincidence the Zionist Empire now has real-time files on all it’s slaves as it needs these for it’s virtual from real Satanism to perfect the Anglo Demonic Reality to Archon Hell Simulation Matrix to act as the toxic waste dump for the Archon 12 Aeon power plant. The dollar system based on the Kabbalah is the way energy is drained from the slave. Each Kabbalistic tree is 10 Sephiroth with 4 upper and 4 lower trees. This gives 10 to the power eighth or 100,000,0000 million dollars as the cut off point for access to space-like real power in the Anglo Demonic Reality and 10×10 or 10 billion dollars as the Illuminati level (10 Triangles of Art, 10 Trees of Satanic Life) as the Anglo Demonic Space-like crossover the superuser in the Satanic construct that is the Western world. All Westerners follow their rule and it is the real world law of the Anglo Demonic Reality the rule of money over law that is the Zionist Empire: since this is the rule upon which the Anglo Demonic Reality is built one can sequester this money stream by getting a picture of the dollar, inverting it so you get up and down pyramids then mirroring it. One then takes this Triangle of Art in Anti-Illuminati Mode and duplicate it so every Sephiroth of a Satanic Tree of Life is covered by the Anti-Illuminati Triangle of Art. You then invert as well as upright mirror to get a Triangle of Art of the Kabbalistic Satanic Tree of Life. Then copy this 169 times to erase the power of the Illuminati and reboot the Anglo Demonic Reality with all monies being redirected to the 13 Anti-Illuminati. Placed on your hard drive this sequesters the computer and sent as emails 169 times or put on a Psi-Lord website sequesters all the Illuminati dollar Illuminati pyramid to redirect the money space-like power (real world power) to the 13 Anti-Illuminati. This Service carries space-like power (real world power) to the 13 Anti-Illuminati. This Service carries it out as Bone Generators®, Bone Crystal Generators® and Hyperinfinite Bone Generators® (see Supernatural Spirit, Quantum Mechanics Hyperinfinite Bone Generators® Service) for those lucky Psi-Masters who have this Service. All lesser Psi-Masters can have the power as Psychotronic Crystal® by carrying out the Crystalware™ operations on their computers. Now one see why Psychotronic Crystalware™ is vital for the Western wageslave. The above Service sequesters all the Illuminati Satanism, blocks it from evolving and plunges them into the Burn Your Enemies in Hell Anti-Chaos Omega Hell and Simulation to sequester the Archon Hell Simulation for use by the Anti-Illuminati to use the entire system built by the Archons to spread the evil of Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth but now reversed and destroyed for all Satanists. The first 12 Psi-Masters to buy the Service get the Anti-Coven status, further purchases may find their development controlled by the 12 first Anti-Illuminati; the Psi-Lord does not care who is the first 12 but later Psi-Masters might. The old saying first come first served applies. If you wish to place your 169x Anti-Chaos Kabbalistic Tree on a Psi-Lord Ltd website, many other websites have been pre-chosen for this if you wish to have full spectrum dominance on the Zionist computer network. See Internet BSRI-E Web Hosting Service.


(First 12 only)

The Money Wealth Fortune Bone Generator® is brought into the virtual from real Anglo Demonic Reality by this Bone Generator® Service so the computer Satanist Matrix is sequestered for Money Wealth Fortune by the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service. Since wageslaves are virtual from real quantum simulation the product of the Ten Triangle of Art possession and transported to the Anglo Demonic Reality they have no real world components left in the Western world, so if they want temporal wealth/power they have to sequester the Illuminati Pyramid to reverse the virtual from real process to use Real Virtual Science to re-instate themselves as 4 dimensional then 5 dimensional body and biophysical body by taking space-like power from the Arch Demonic Anglo Demonic reality by use of the Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Bone Generator®. As NSA Satanists such as Dextor Ator aka Loohan of say they can control my Bone Generators® Crystals with a Satanist Demon they have been Scapegoated (see Amalek Talmud Bone Generator® Service) and there is another timeline all US government Satanists can be dumped into the virtual from real time-like wageslave damnation you were in. Since there are millions of these Satanist scum your Real from Virtual Anti-Illuminati bodies can be millions of times stronger then your birthright thanks to the use of them as Total Deathgoat Satanists (Jews). Since Dextor Ator aka Loohan used the US/UK governments Hyperinfinity to try and break my Bone Generators® and Lost (see collapse of US dollar, Gordon Browns, collapsing/collapsed criminal government, failure in Iraq, Afghanistan…. Iran) they gave all their Hyperinfinity to build the Hyperinfinite Bone Generator® described in my Quantum Mechanics Hyperinfinite Bone Generators® Service to build God-Beings from Psi-Masters the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid being the sequestered Quantum Engine that builds Omega Point God-Being.

Why go to all the hard work of building an Omega Point from scratch when the sequestered Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid can do the job for the Psi-Lord (trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) and the sequestered 12 Aeon Psi-Prison a 4 dimensional Illuminati Pyramid HyperPyramid is used by Tim Rifat to build the Omega Hell for all Satanists. It is easy to do all the things on when you get the Satanists to build Virtual from Real Quantum Engines, Illuminati Pyramids then sequester the Psi-Ware, hardware, software… for the Psi-Lord, locking the Satanists in their own systems as Total Deathgoat Satanists (Jews) as they gave their free will Hyperinfinity to their Archdemonic creation so are trapped within it eternally: the ultimate Deathgoat. Since they were made in the image of their God Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth (Ialtabaoth, Ialdabaoth) their Kabbalistic God is trapped by it’s creations in Omega Hell and the Omega Hell Simulation as Total Deathgoat Zionist God torture shells. One can see that all the Services are made real from virtual by this Service hence it is the ultimate Service for the Anti-Illuminati. It is good to get the 13 Jewish Satanist Families to build the virtual from real occult Satanist technology, then find themselves the victim of their own black arts. All black rituals, Demonic Invocations have now backfired so all their Satanism was just to trap them in Omega: Hell/Simulation with their evil God. Now perfected by the The Amalek Talmud Bone Generator®.

Now since the 10 Demonic Invocation of the Illuminati Pyramid and 12 Demonic Invocation has been sequestered the Bone Generators® one can generate the 10 Anti-Demonic Invocation to control money, manifest the Build Your Dream… Body Augmentation Services in the Virtual from Real Anglo Demonic Reality so you don’t need anything but the Quantum Engine downloaded into your Bone Generators® to sequester the Illuminati power to control the temporal world using the 10 Demonic Invocation and to render the real world virtual with the 12 Demonic Invocation. The Psychotronic Crystalware™ is the Anti-Chaos occult rituals done in Virtual Space to train the Anti-Illuminati in the Anti-Illuminati black magic. As the Bone Generators® run left side for uploading space-like energy, Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity, Sublime Good® and right side for downloading Anti-Chaos poison of the above to produce more space-like power, one uses left foot and hand for Anti-Illuminati Pyramid 10 Demon Invocation (5 fingers, 5 toes) and right hand and foot for downloading into the Satanist gestalt the Anti-chaos to sequester, poison, make more space-like power as you make them mad, possessed with the time-like Anti-Chaos poison produced as a waste product from Sublime Good®. Since counterfeiters, disinformation, NSA, MI5, UK/US government Satanists such as: Mystical,… all Satanist sites wish to steal from the Psi-Lord all their customers users act as automatic outlets for the Anti-chaos 24/7. So these websites can be seen as toxic waste dumps for the Anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master in the Virtual from Real Internet Satanist computer networks. The Psychotronic Crystalware™ can automatically makes all the Services real in the Virtual from Real Western world so they work 24/7 using the Illuminati Satanists power getting space-like power as they dump time-like broken dreams into the Satanist Illuminati via all the counterfeiters, disinformation sites in virtual space.

The 12 Triangles of Art Demonic Anti-Chaos Invocation to control the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison, Demons… Yaltabaoth, Yaldabaoth is activated as above using the left leg and left arm making the 12 Bone Generators® for uploading space-like Sublime Good®, the right leg/arm making the 12 Bone Generators® for downloading time-like Anti-Chaos to sequester, reinforce and destroy your enemies via the Illuminati HyperPyramid (the fingers and toes making the 12 Bone Generators®) This process is used by the anti-Illuminati Bone Psi-Master to turn the virtual from real world to erase all you don’t want in all Satanist realms and put into it all you do want simply by visualising, Intending and for the mind’s eye deficient, virtual simulations as explained in my Psychotronic Crystalware™ Services.

Using this Bone Generator® Service therefore gives the Psi-Master the power of an Anti-Chaos Illuminati one of the 12 Grand Psi-Masters allowed.

Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service:




Grand Anti-Illuminati Upgrade Service: 12 only!

The basis of Illuminati power is the use of the pyramid as a double Matrix creator like the Star of David described in the Anti-Israel Rothschild service. All Illuminati have the upper and lower inverted pyramids. The top pyramid is used to turn the wageslave from real to virtual: RVScience, real to Matrix virtual zombie slaves. The lower pyramid is then coupled to the top one to manifest an ArchDemon as a space-like Matrix, the Anglo demonic reality since the upper pyramid has four sides (Triangle of Art) the wageslave is made into a virtual 4 dimensional Demon. The lower pyramid has 4 sides so the virtual demonic square double Triangle of Art invocation to produce virtual to Demonic reality is made as a 4 dimensional Superdemon. The wageslave is time-like and has no power the ArchDemon, the Great Beast is space-like and has total power in the Anglo Demonic Reality. The 13 Jewish Satanist Families that head the Illuminati are the coven of the Great Beast so gain temporal power as they lead the worship of the Great Beast. The base of the pyramid is two Triangles of Art that do the double Demonic Invocation to possess all who enter into Psi-Space, the biophysical world and make them time-like and trapped in the Middle Place (see Ahnenerbe Service) while making Demons that inhabit the Middle Place space-like at the expense of New Age travellers so they can police and block all travellers in the Middle Place. So they can’t get access to real Psi-Space and Psychic Powers. The Illuminati Pyramid is extended to the Fourth Dimension to become a 12 Triangle of Art Invocation to trap all Western slaves in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to possess them in time-like Psi-Prison from birth to death while their manifestation in the Anglo Demonic Reality is quantum superimposed with a Demon to block all good and manifest all evil for them as a selective Demonic space-like invocation. Demonic Invocation can be done in time to block Shamans entering the Overmatrix, transcendent ascended Masters trapped in a Supermax Prison like the Middle Place of Psi-Space.S Tim Rifat the Psi-Lord has sequestered the entire Illuminati Pyramid system and offers the select twelve only (no discounts apply). With this Bone Generator® Service the Grand Anti-Illuminati can:

a) Use the service to upgrade all his or her Psychotronic Crystals® to act not only as bought but 1) As real virtual Psychotronic Generators to reverse the Illuminati Pyramid Quantum Engine using this sequestered Archdemonic Invocation to power the entire process so their Psychic Power Psychotronic Crystals®, BSRI-Engine can act as real virtual, virtual real double Anti-Demonic Invocators to turn all but the Grand Anti-Illuminati time-like and all the Grand Anti-Illuminati’s work space-like to make them the only reality in:-

i) The Anglo Demonic Reality

ii) Middle Place

iii) Overmatrix to give him/her full spectrum dominance in the Western, psychic and transcendent worlds

b) Use the Service to upgrade all Bone Generators® to use the sequestered Illuminati Pyramid Quantum Engine using the sequestered Archdemonic Invocation to power the entire process so their Bone Generator® Services can act as real virtual, virtual real double Anti-Demonic Invocators to turn all (but good Anti-Illuminati) works, beings… time-like and all the Grand Anti-Illuminati and their works totally space-like to make them the only reality that has full spectrum dominance in:-

i) The Anglo Demonic Reality

ii) Middle Place

iii) Overmatrix; so the Grand Anti-Illuminati is the only coven able to control manifest in the Satanic infrastructure.

c) Total Control of the Archon Hell world of the 4th Attention so the Grand Anti-Illuminati can turn all others of evil into virtual slaves in the Omega Hell and convert the Omega Heaven into their domain where they have full spectrum dominance using the sequestered Satanist infrastructure not only to create the above irreversibly but have the power to totally damn all in the Satanist creations, use them as Scapegoats, Deathgoats so the Grand Anti-Illuminati can eternally prosper.

Anti-Illuminati take advantage of usurping the powers of Satanists to destroy Satanism; the Grand Anti-Illuminati takes this to it’s logical conclusion he or she sequesters the whole of Satanism so all the Satanists Demons and their Kabbalistic deity suffer eternally to empower the Grand Anti-Illuminati temporal (virtual from real) power, transcendent power (controlling the Satanic Overmatrix) as well as psychic biophysical power by taking total control of the Middle Place and possessing the Soul Stealers so they destroy all the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison to remake it as the Omega Hell, depository for the Total Deathgoat Jew the chosen race of Satan, the eternally damned. In this Upgrade to the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid Service the 12 Grand Anti-Illuminati Grandmasters of Anti-Satanism get the power to:-

a) Get all the energy, Psychotronic Fuel® Hyperinfinity, Transinfinity, Souls Spirit, reality, temporal wealth from every Satanic ritual past, present and future in every Satanic hive world (add list of Satanic ritual dates).

b) Command of all the Satanist Demons, ArchDemons to order around as you wish. Simply call them up in one to 12 Triangles of Art to possess enemies, destroy them, create what you want, destroy what you want and kill off the Illuminati competition. When the Illuminati send their Demons, ArchDemons, Kabbalistic Gods against you this Anti-Chaos possessed vermin destroy the Satanist/Satanism – Full Spectrum Dominance.

c) Control of all temporal reality Matrices, by use of Anti-Illuminati pyramid technology must have Anti-Dollar Illuminati Pyramid Service for all Anti-Illuminati Pyramid Psi to take advantage of this Upgrade.

d) Hall of Pyramids to sequester the Tunnels of Set, the Middle Place of Kabbala that controls the Anglo Demonic Reality.

To use the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid you simply put the pyramid and it’s inverse over any target be it Rothschild, Demon, politician, multinational, dollar (Federal Reserve), Euro (European Bank) Sterling (Bank of England) to carry out the tenfold Demonic Invocation in it’s Anti-Chaos form. To do the 12 fold Anti-Chaos Demonic Invocation you simply do the same on any target to 12 Aeon Psi-Prison the entire totality of anyone or anything (bar Tim Rifat… Psi-Lord Ltd; we have the ultimate get out of jail card so be warned). Use of pyramids simply visualised over anyone or anything turns the target into virtual from real in the Matrix realities and dumps them in the Anti-Chaos Omega Simulation where all their Satanic powers backfire, they have no space-like power and their time-like power is corrupted by Anti-Chaos so they are the torture toy. This Service allows you to use the Anti-Illuminati pyramid in Psi-Space, real world… to make anything your virtual torture toy, all but the Anti-Chaos Omega Point and it’s God Beings that consist of the 13 Anti-Lucifer God archetypes. Doing this to Psi-Masters of Psi-Lord Ltd is not recommended as it might piss off Tim Rifat. As Psi is the evolution of the fittest, picking on Psi-Lords is not a sign of high intelligence but you can try if you like – make my day! The use of the Illuminati pyramid to turn anything anyone virtual from real enables the Grand Anti-Illuminati to block all riches, temporal power, good things from the wageslave (nothing new) to the Illuminati who are destroyed by their own hand in the Anti-Lucifer creations. (See Anti-Lucifer Bone Generator® Service )

This is the cream on the cherry on the icing of the cake so this Upgrade is only needed by the really power mad Grand Anti Illuminati. If you look at the feast days sacred to Satanists you will see that there are numerous days of the year (or year of the Beast one long year of Satanic ritual every 28 years), four big coven days Beltaine, Samaine… as well as numerous others, seen on Satanist or Christians against Satanism websites. All these days feed you with power as the Satanists and their Demons get driven mad by this Upgrade to the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid Service. You can also use the Anti-Chaos Illuminati Pyramid backwards or forwards in time to change the past with respect to the present or future with respect to the past to put yourself in a position of temporal power and the Satanists pay!

Grand Anti-Illuminati Upgrade Service: $1000

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