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Anti-Depleted Uranium Bone Generators:

Israel, America and Britain have covered Serbia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq with thousands of tonnes of Uranium, half life 4.5 billion years. Two thousand tonnes cover Iraq, hundreds of tonnes cover the Lebanon. Fifty tonnes kills one million people so at a conservative estimate we have fifty million deaths and billions of defective Moslems in the future due to the Zionist Empire. Pure Satanism. Remember, all US, Nato military become poisoned too! So the Satanists don’t care less about their cannon fodder except as sacrifice to Satan. Now one must ask why? Well the occult significance is to produce a host of Moslems with negative physical bodies due to the Uranium poisoning and positive Souls as they worship Allah not the Total Deathgoat Jew Demiurge of Satanism that obscures the real Source, Logos behind the facade of State Christianity run by Satanists; the Queen of England is the head of the Protestant Church, the Vatican is over run with Satanist Cardinals… so the Moslems have the most positive biophysical bodies, Souls as they are not trapped in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison like all Westerners. This means the Moslems are very valuable to the Rothschild Satanists who run the Illuminati.


Well we know Crowley the Satanic black magician of the British opened a doorway for Lam dark matter beings from another Dimension to enter our world. These Lam look like horrid Greys; the slug colour of vermin. They have great occult knowledge and have aided the Satanists in developing the Anglo Demonic Reality. Now all dark energy matter beings have a negative time-like physical (non material) body and a positive biophysical energy body, otherwise they would rapidly age and decay like Demons and humans. Now to control temporal and biophysical reality you need a positive space-like output. Lams have a negative output as do Insectile Archons, Reptiloids and other Satanic vermin. To give them power over this world and the next they need to parasitize negative output humans like Moslems. Depleted Uranium Physical Bodies (negative) x Souls dedicated to Allah (positive) gives negative output, -x+=-ve. So the leech Lam… Reptiloid is -ve x +ve x depleted Uranium Moslem -ve x +ve gives – x+x-x+ =+ve output so the Lams…. Reptiloids can have space-like temporal power in this world and others. In return they help the Rothschilds takeover the world for the Satanist Jews.

As Tim Rifat has sequestered Satanism to produce Anti-Satanism where the Rothschild Satanist Jews are hit with unconditional love )Agape) to raise them against their will to the Christ Principle to be the Second Coming of Christ with all other Satanist Jews so all the Satanist Jews, against their will, suffer for the sins of all the Bone Psi-Masters and Anti-Satanists. One can see Unconditional Love is the ultimate weapon and with the Agape Service you can raise any Westerner to be the body of Christ:- the Second Coming so they suffer for your sins. Only those Western wageslaves that can find unconditional hatred for Satan, Satanists can then escape suffering for all eternity for the rest of us. As you might have guessed the Psi-Lord unconditionally hates all Satanists. Since the Russians, Chinese…. are not Satanist Zionist states they are excluded from this damnation.

To use the Bone Generator™ Service you simply upload the negative output with your left hand, combine it with your negative output from your transgenic chimp body and positive Soul (Soul Rescue required for Westerners). This gives you a positive space-like output so you gain temporal power over the world like the Rothschild Illuminati – became rich. This also gives you a positive biophysical dreaming body, solid so you can do things with it. To control all Lams, Reptiloids, Insectiles…. you simply plunge your right hand Bone Generator™ hand into their midsection, eviscerate the vermin and replace their gutted remains with Anti-Chaos time-like sequestration poison. This renders them mad zombie slaves that infect other Lam, Reptiloid, Insectiles with Anti-Chaos cancer that releases space-like power your left hand Bone Generator™ picks up to make you more space-like, the Archons in this world. You then link all the poisoned Moslems with the space-like positive output of all Rothschild Satanists to make it negative, also then Demons to make them negative, this renders them broken forever you then upload via your right hand Bone generator™ all the positive output from the destructive process.

Anti-Depleted Uranium Bone Generators: $600 with Certificate

Send $30 via paypal to to pay for shipping cost. There is a few products that weigh more so the shipping cost is higher. Please check THIS PAGE for full shipping cost details.