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Anti-Demon: Illuminati, Freemason PCs/BPCs.

The following Anti-Demon BPCs/PCs burn the Illuminati freemasonic building blocks of the West, the powers that have shaped the ADR having come from the 12 Aeon Psi-prison.

The Anti-Sacred fire Burner BPC/PC. The Illuminati have been seeking over the ages for the converse to the Sacred Fire, a demonic fire that does not free Soul and Spirit but enchains it in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. The first atomic bomb, whose alchemical creation and destruction of primordial matter was an Illuminatist obsession, occurred at the so called “Trinity Site” located on the 33rd degrees of latitude. The 33rd degree is the highest in Freemasonry and the Founding Lodge of the Scottish rite in America was created in Charleston exactly on the 33rd degree. The 33rd degree is important to the Freemason as they physically built the veil between the 34th degree and beyond outside the Matrix (hence the Total BSRI-Engine, 34 BPC/PCs) and the ADR. All their efforts are centred on the 33rd degree to harden the ADR to form a Psi-prison to keep in all the wage slave cattle of the West.

Russian Psychic Warfare research detonated atomic weapons with criminals on the ground zero site to see what happened to their Souls. Beria, a Zionist and chief of Stalin’s Secret Police carried out the research. It was found the nuclear weapon destroyed the Soul of the victim, hence the Hiroshima, Nagasaki victims lost their Souls due to the U.S. attacks. What is more interesting is that the Awareness of the victims could be distilled into the Intent Tulpa Archonic bodies of the Grey; a one way trip from partial life in the ADR and partial death in the 12 Psi-prison Aeon Hell straight to the Grey damned Soul, the destination of rebellious Westerners killed in life and killed in death – a psychic poison of Soul made manifest to encapsulate the twisted Awareness of the Westerner. The Anti-Sacred Fire Burner BPC/PC taps the power the alchemical Illuminati, Archon used to create the nuclear wormhole to total damnation burning the human Soul for Archon fuel – the nuclear weapon invented by Zionist Illuminati scientists under instruction from Archon evil. Since this is the demonic holy Grail of the Archon the demonic holy Grail/Anti-Sacred Fire Burner BPC/PC is the holy Grail of the Psi-Master providing huge amounts of PF to power any psychic endeavour as it drains to unholy Grail of the Archon. See this demonic holy Grail/Anti-Sacred Fire Burner BPC/PC as the nuclear power of the Psychotronic Fuels a must for all Psi-Masters who wish to become Psi-Lords. Simply hold in left hand/left sock (PC/BPC respectively) to power your biophysical and physical bodies. In the right hand/right sock it enables you to make manifest your dreams or charge up any other PC/BPC using the Archon prime power source as a PF Source. A must have for the power hungry Psi-Master. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

The next highpoint of the Illuminati Freemasons was the Killing of the King rite enacted on November 22 1963 where the only Catholic president, the King of the West was ritually slain – President John F Kennedy. The use of black magic acted out in the world stage is all around us, an open psychic warfare. The purpose of killing Kennedy was a black magical capstone for control of the dreaming mind of the West, killing the highest aspect of the American group Soul to pull it into the 12 Aeon Psi-prison hell destroying idealism, innocence, moral excellence changing the American Dream to the nightmare of Vietnam, black impoverishment, gang ghetto hell, perjury of the U.S. state, Iraq, Iran, WW111… Psi-Hell.

‘The President’s brain was removed and his body buried without it…’ Dr. Cyril Wecht, chief medical examiner of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, past president of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists and a professor of pathology and law, received permission from the Kennedy family in 1972 to view the autopsy materials (at the National Archives.) When he routinely asked to see the brain, Wecht was told it was missing, along with microscopic slides of the brain. Marion Johnson, curator of the Warren Commission material at the Archives said, “The brain’s not here. We don’t know what happened to it.” Los Angeles Free Press, special report N°1, page 16. This is a rite of aphanism hiding the body or body parts a rite of the Masonic Third Degree. The President was a scapegoat, a pharmakos, a victim drugged, ensorcered, beaten, immolated, crippled in alchemy the Killing of the King was symbolised by the Crucified Snake on a Tau Cross, a Tenant of the Crucifixion of Christ who was tortured and murdered by the Sanhedrin Illuminati. By tapping into the alchemical fertility rite of Killing the King the Illuminati could rechannel humanity’s male principle into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison Hell. By feeding Kennedy’s stolen brain to the Archons by forcing it down the throats of torture murdered children used for sex sacrifice by the Illuminati the male principle of man as embodied by the King could be used to power the demonic possession of the brains of human males by the demons and damned making them possessed by evil. The Vietnam war sealed this flow by sacrificing 50,000 U.S. males to the act of subverting the Male Principle in the West and sealing it in the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. There is an occult technique of necromancy by which the Soul can be trapped by a black magician. During the stages following physical death and the first stages of after death the Ti Ton Ange (Soul) is extremely vulnerable… Only when it is liberated from the flesh.. is it relatively safe… During initiation the Ti Ton Ange (Soul) may be extracted from the body and housed in a clay jar called a Canari. a Canari is a clay jar that has been placed at the inner sanctuary of the Houn Four (black magician’s ritual house): Wade Davis; the Serpent and the Rainbow and Passage of Darkness: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie.

‘Another moral of Life and death and transformation in which the 49 day interval appears as in the Bardo Thodal (Tibetan Book of the Dead)… This is the time when the life forces of the deceased – the energetic tendencies accumulated during life, decide on or gravitate towards or coalesce around the next incarnate form’: Psychedelic Monographs and Essay, Dr. Rick Strassman.

The Illuminati Freemasons stole the brain of President Kennedy so the mind of America could be stolen, hijacked. The Morphogenic Field of the ‘King of America’ was held for 49 days to channel it all into a Freemasonic Canari (small Psi-Prison) then portions would be fed to virgin children to be sacrificed by the Illuminati. This stole America’s Mind and Male Principle and the future of their children. The Anti-Demon BPC/PC: Free the King PG taps into this Illuminati Freemason diabolical energy, shreds it and uses it for Psychotronic Fuel (PF) by the Psi-Master. as America is the power house of Zionist Illuminati conquest this power source is huge and powers the Psi-Master as he/she taps into the male mind principle of the USA to power very high power Psi. Having gone into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison and freed Kennedy’s Soul the power released and tapped into by the Archons is now gone and redirected to the Psi-Lord. This PC/BPC gives control over America and combined with the Obelisk Mind Control Engine described HERE enables any American and to a lesser extent Europeans to be totally mind controlled. For strategic reality control of America/Europe the Freemason Burner Mind control Obelisks Engine is a useful upgrade. This is 4 Kline bottles filled with Orgone water and 4 BPC/PC Altar Stone Burner PGs on the corks of the Bottles. These Kline Bottles open any Canari to free Souls from Psi-Prison of this nature, the Obelisks tap into the Chequerboard tessellations of the Freemason who is obsessed with this Psi-Prison Pattern. The Fluorite PG is a Mind Control PC that taps into the Freemasonic Chequerboard energy Pattern and burns it for PF to boost your RI, Telekinesis and Psychokinesis to strategic levels for use in America, Europe. All you do is put the Obelisks at the Cardinal points of your room, place their Kline Bottles inward from them but touching. This opens up an Anti-Freemasonic Psi-backdoor in the Illuminati Freemasonic system to subvert take control of it – Psi-Hacking, Psi-Informational Warfare. Then simply carry out your RI, Telekinesis, and Psychokinesis on any American, European institution, personnel and all the Illuminati Freemasonic system will be at your fingertips to use and abuse – kicking ass for the Psi-Master. To add to the system hold any PC inside this Anti-Illuminati Freemasonic Mind control Engine to boost the Psi-effects. The Anti-Demon BPC/PC: Free the King PG costs $80 + $40 Immediate Postage in a smokey quartz PC/BPC with a smokey quartz bioparticle, the Ultimate PF for U.S. European Psi-Masters.
Use inside the Anti-Illuminati Freemasonic Mind Control Engine $300 + $40 Immediate Postage to become the King of America and take on that mantle of power

(read Tim Powers two fiction books on the King of America Archetype)

Use with the Anti-Satanic Fire PC/BPC cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage to tap into the fundamental energies of the Archons for destructive mind control of any U.S./European institution to profit the Psi-Master in investment for bear market trading. Use with the Psychic Power Gambling PGs is recommended for the money mad Psi-Master who wants to use the Illuminati Freemason’s energy system for profit.
Kennedy’s lover Marilyn Monroe was murdered – officially she committed suicide. At the time of her death she was pregnant with Kennedy’s love child, her death was used to sacrifice the King’s Concubine and her embryo was used to block the King Principle migrating to the next generation so it could be trapped in the doomed Kennedy. By making Marilyn Monroe the first sex goddess screen idol (Mae West could argue the point but alas is dead) The power of sex kittens, Concubines, femme fatales became fixed in American Consciousness. The Illuminati Freemasons who ran the Hell, Fire Club for sex torture had their ritual whore called a Dolly Mop who was Miss Chudleigh who was ritually sodomised… She married the Radzvil Polish noble family heir the richest in Poland and bound Poland to Illuminati Freemason torture murder. The U.S. death camp torture camps are housed in Poland where Arabs are ritually murdered by Illuminati Freemasons – the extraordinary rendition of the Zionist Illuminati. There exists a spiritual poison that the Dolly Mop accrues due to the sexual occult submission which curses the husband of a Dolly Mop, the Radzvil fortune went into free fall and the King Kennedy was tainted by his Dolly Mop making him easier to Soul Catch as a taint/hook was put on his Soul by the murder of Marilyn Monroe. There is no doubt that the sexual Concubine/goddess has a great power in the Western World, a Dolly Mop for the masses. The Sex Goddess PG drains this power and powers the Psi-Adepts/Master who want a source of PF. For the female Psi-Adept/Master it can be used to boost her allure. For the male Psi-Master he can use the Sex Goddess PG to pass this force into Tulpas or female partners he drains of energy in his Psi-space for sexual energy to boost his sexual energy, health vigour and power to the detriment of all the people who worship the Sex Goddess be they women who spend their income on cosmetics, shoes, clothes, plastic surgery… or males who dream of possessing or masturbate over Sex Goddesses that change with fashion. A Psi-Master only seeks power so the Illuminati Freemason Dolly Mop Sex Goddess is used in Psi-space like the Illuminati use their Dolly Mops but this time not to give energy to Satan… Archons but to give power to the Psi-Master who never gives but always takes energy; knowing his/her eventual destination is union with the Source, Logos if he/she becomes a Psi-Lord, few make it but get distracted by power for power’s sake. The Sex Goddess PG is $80 + $40 Immediate Postage.

To use simply hold in left hand/sock (PC/BPC) to use as a PF Source. Or to fill you with the energy to boost your sexual allure as a femme fatale, keep in right hand/sock (PC/BPC) to make you a man killer. Use in the Illuminati Freemason Mind Control Engine for Sex RI, Psychokinesis, Telekinesis of any sort, acts as a PF Source and booster of your sexual attraction (see for further protocols and ideas)

Since the Illuminati Freemasons are the builders of the ADR (Anglo Demonic Reality) Anti-Demon BPC/PCs tuned to feed off Illuminati Freemasons are tremendous (PF) Psychotronic Fuel Sources:-

1: Anti-Hellfire Club BPC/PC that feeds off the Satanic shredded energy released by the Illuminati Freemason sex murder paedophile centres in every Western City founded by Benjamin Franklin and Sir Francis Dashwood the core complex in West Wycombe, England, became the first temple to paedophile sex murder. Now the UK has the highest number of paedophiles in the world protected by UK MI4 (Thought Police – the largest branch of British Intelligence) This BPC/PC shreds these paedophiles, the Demons that possess them and all the energy of occult rape they peddle in. A must have for the Psi-Master who wishes to punish the paedophile occultist and use their energy to destroy the Illuminati Freemason. Simply hold in left hand/left sock to charge you by destroying the worldwide paedophile rings that sacrifice children to Satan… Archons run by Illuminati Freemasons. Comes as Anti-Demon smokey quartz PC and bioparticle BPC $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

2: Anti-Demon Inversion PC/BPC. Illuminati Freemasonic mingling all with all; Yetzer Ha-Ra and Yetzer Ha Tou: fair is foul and foul is fair; the inversion of values is the Zeitgeist of the ADR West. Torture murder conquest becomes bringing democracy to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, North Korea, China. Female liberation is the right of poor Western woman to breed illegitimate wagelsaves in Ghettos. Parliamentary democracy means Blair takes huge bribes to secretly fund the Labour Party: free speech means insult Moslems to your hearts content but David Irving, Mayor or London, David Livingstone, the Church of England… get jailed, banned, vilified for uttering a word against Zionist rulers the owners of the West. Freedom becomes innocent Brazilians shot dead by death squads in London… The evil that is the West thrives on inversion of faith. The Western wageslave is de-educated to believe up is down and right is wrong. The BPC/PC taps into this Atbash derived energy, shreds it and uses it as a PF Source for the Psi-Master. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

3: The Anti-Triad BPC/PC feeds off the Triad of Satanic Freemasons in charge of every Lodge in the West. The triangle of art is the place where black magicians manifest Demons; the Triad of the Lodge are the zombies of the Demons that run Illuminati Freemasonry to aid Satan. Based on Hecate the demoness of witches the three aspects of Hecate: Diana on Earth, Luna in the Moon, Hecate in Hell; are the basis for the Triad of the Lodge. This BPC/PC burns the Power of the Triad in every Freemasonic Lodge to provide PF. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

4: Anti-Killing of the Queen BPC/PC. Diana the future Queen of England, wife of Prince Charles, mother of William future King of England was assassinated by MI6 under instruction from the Illuminati Freemasons in a tunnel in France. Crossroads such as the tunnel are significant in Freemasonry as places of human sacrifice and switching of sex acts for the old dyke road inversion of occultism, the Atbash and Eve Corrupted combined. Diana was carrying Dodi El Fayed’s child according to U.S. researcher Jim Keith (himself assassinated) . The sacrifice of the Moslem child was important to Illuminati Freemasons as it was symbolic of death of the creative principle to Moslems; which cut them off from power to enable the Iraq, Iran, Syrian… invasions. The killing of the Queen allowed the British occultists to redirect the Bride principle to Zionist Britain. They fed parts of Diana’s body and embryo to virgins to be sacrificed to Satan… Archons to seal the power of the feminine principle and Moslems trapping Diana and future Moslems (via her embryo) in the 12 Aeon Psi-Hell of the Illuminati Freemason. This BPC/PC reverses the Illuminati British occult killers and is a huge PF Source for female Psi-Masters wishing to tap into the power source of the Bride and future Moslem babies – the target of Zionist Satanist assault. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

5: The Anti-Cyprus BPC/PC: The Greek Cyprus death base of the British has the secret HAPP deathray of the British Military, a RF superweapon to destroy the Middle East, Iran, Syria… and Russia. The Base is near the 33 parallel and 33 longitude a special place to Freemasons. Hecate’s death and sex attribute is Kypris, Cyprus so it is the only place for the Illuminati Freemason Hecate weapon of World War 111, the crucial key to Illuminati Freemason death giving as life an inversion of Love, Death, Centred in Greek Cypriot, Kypris, Cyprus. The base of the British Military deathray. The BPC/PC burns the British Illuminati Freemasons, Kypris, (Hecate posing as a lover – death posing as life – tyranny posing as democracy – freedom – the ethos of the West) By burning this occult power of the Illuminati Freemasons, the West can be seen as the death bringer the West was always the doorway to death – not life as it purports to be. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

6: The Anti-Bath BPC/PC is the PG that feeds off the Illuminati Freemason occult procedure of letting assassins bathe to pass the guilt of murder onto unwitting scapegoats. The Knights of Bath are based on this as is the rite of Bath in the third degree of Masonry. Pontius Pilate washing his hands of the murder of Christ is the most famous example of this passing the buck – washing my hands of guilt the basis of Western politics. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

7: The Anti-Demon: Royal Arch, Temple of Solomon BPC/PC shreds the occult force generated by Masonic Lodges dedicated to the arch black necromancer King Solomon as every Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Temple of Solomon. Solomon the Sanhedrin Illuminati wrote the grimoire showing how to command the Goetia demons, archdemons that are used by the Illuminati to control the West and run the ADR. As living embodiments of the Temple of Solomon, the satanic site of demon worship, every Masonic Lodge acts as a doorway for demons to step through into the physical world and enables any Freemason to be possessed by a demon. This control of the most important people in the West by occult means is the lynchpin of the Illuminati’s control of every branch of Western activity from Transport to the Police via occult control of the Freemason. Most Freemasons have no idea of any occultism but simply by stepping into the Masonic Lodge they open themselves up to demonic influence as the Lodge is a Copy of the original Temple of Solomon to Goetic demons. This BPC/PC is remarkably powerful as it boosts RI and Psychokinesis and supercharges the Mind Control Engine (PC/BPC) for using the Temple of Solomon Lodges as PF or hold in right hand/sock (PC/BPC) for broadcasting your RI or Psychokinesis into any Lodge Freemason to control the West. A must have for the power mad Psi-Master who wishes to control the ‘great and the good’ of the West. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

8: The Anti-Demon: Three unworthy craftsmen, assassins. In Masonic tradition the 3 unworthy craftsmen are used by the Illuminati as assassins. Kennedy was killed by 3 sharpshooters. The trio that killed Diana were the two MI6 killers on the motorbike that pulsed the superbright light bomb into the Mercedes and the operative that steered the car remotely into the 11th pillar in the tunnel under the ancient sacrificial site to Diana. Demons are manifested in the triangle of art so the Masons must have 3 bodies to be possessed by demons to be the instruments of physical assassinations. The PC/BPC taps into this Satanic archetype shreds it and uses it for PF for the Psi-Master. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

9: The Anti-Metempsychosis BPC/PC feeds off the Illuminati Freemasons who butcher their victims, Kennedy, Diana Princess of Wales, Lee Harvey Oswald using among other things the Y incision to mimic the Letter of Pythagoras parts of their bodies fed to javelino pigs to bind their Souls to the animal cycle of Metempsychosis reincarnation to devolve the human King, Queen and the Divine strength of OZ (Lee Harvey Oswald) to the ADR making it easier to bind humanity to the ADR and 12 Aeon Psi-Prison of the West. By ritually damning the King and Queen archetypes humanity was disempowered of it’s divine spiritual side and reduced to the wageslave zombie found as the man on the street in the West. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

10: The Anti-Demon Harodin BPC shreds the energy of the deputy to King Solomon Sanhedrin black occultist the archetype of Illuminati Freemasons called Harodin, First Judge and Provost, Head of the Lodge of the Intendants and one of the 12 Princes of Israel nicknamed Tito. Milosovich the ritual successor to Tito in Yugoslavia was used to murder thousands of Moslems by the Illuminati Freemasons then tortured by microwaves, poisoned and driven to torment by the Zionist Hague war crimes torture prison before being killed in a ritual to unwind the power of Slavic nationalism to make it Tito a subservient force to the King Solomon of the Zionist Illuminati. A magical procedure to bring Russia to heel so it falls to Zionism. This BPC/PC shreds the Zionist Illuminati ritual to conquer Russia and shreds the occult force used to bring it to (Tito) heel burning it as PF available for the Psi-Master. By using the Slavs in Serbia to get the group archetype of the Slavic Russians the Zionist Illuminati used occult means to sway the minds of Ukraine, Georgia… to embrace Zionist slavery and sell off all their resources industry at bargain basement prices. Occult sorcery used for geopolitical conquest the forte of Illuminati Freemasons. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

11: The Anti-Qlipoth BPC/PC shreds the inverse Sepiroth Qlipoth, Lords of Chaos, the black side of the Kabbalah. All Freemasonic magic defers to the Sanhedrin Illuminati who worship the Satanic inverse Kabbalah of the Qlipoth, the realm of shells – the damned and demons. All Illuminati rituals feed the Qlipoth and all their occult law is based Qlipoth Kabbalistic black magic stretching back to the Babylonian sacrifice to serpent demons from which the Sanhedrin derived. This BPC/PC shreds the power of the Qlipoth burning the essence of Black Kabbalism the foundations of all Western Satanism for PF. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

12: The Anti-Arch Demon: Blood, suffering, death of the Breast Plate of Judgement. This Breast Plate of Judgement worn by the Chosen Mispet (High Priests) of Jewish sorcery enabling them to be directed by Yaltabaoth to spread Zionism and protect it by blood, suffering and death and a copy is worn by Masons in the Royal Arch Chapter. The Breastplate contains 12 diabolic stones each one symbolising the 12 tribes of Israel e.g. the ruby is connected to the Tribe of Judah (Nopech) and this Breastplate steals the 12 Powers from humanity and propagate the 12 Aeons Psi-Prison of the ADR. It can be seen as the Psychotronic Satanic Generator of the Illuminati Freemason, the psychic batter of evil. The BPC/PC taps into all the Breastplates of Judgement uses it to burn Yaltabaoth, shred the Chief Archon, their Illuminati, Freemasons, all of the Satanic Generators in the Breastplates of Judgement. A perfect tool for the Psi-Master who likes to feed off all the negative occultists is directed to him/her, subvert it, use it for PF as he/she takes out the Yaltabaoth, Illuminati, Freemason… Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

13: The Anti-Demon: Torture, rape, murder, cannibalism, Soul rape PC/BPC shreds the core ritual of the Illuminati which is the ritual rape, torture and ritual slitting of the child’s throat to drink their blood, consecrate the ritual altar. After which the vital organs are fed to an animal to trap the Soul in an animal which can later be killed to ritually kill the corrupted devolved child’s Soul so it can be made into a Grey. The child’s flesh is eaten to steal it’s life-force and it’s Soul’s potential. The ritual is also used to raise Goetic Demons and feed the Serpent Demons of Yaltabaoth. The inner rite of the Illuminati. The BPC/PC shreds the Satanic energy makes the ritual turn on the Illuminati and enables the Psi-Master to use them for PF by reversing the power flow. The Illuminati get damaged every time they repeat the sacrifice rite rather than charged as the BPC/PF feeds off the Illuminati. A must for the Illuminati Hunter Psi-Master Cost $80 + $40 Immediate

14: The Anti-Demon: Temple of Solomon BPC/PC. The super secret Illuminati Temple of Solomon dug under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the 33rd latitude (beloved to Illuminati Freemasons) is the centre of the Illuminati Satanism. All their most profound black ritual paedophile sacrifices are carried out there. The Wall around the Palestinians keeps the Goy away so it could be consecrated to diabolical Illuminati Zionism. This BPC/PC taps into the Power Centre of the Zionist Illuminati and burns it for PF as well as turning their Temple to paedophile torture into a negative Anti-CF zone for the Archons and the dark energy matter demons of the Seraphim, Goetia… A Super Power Source PG for the Psi-Master who wishes to use the occult black magic of the West as PF to boost her/his power. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

15: The Anti-Demon: Making Manifest all that is Hidden BPC/PC. The Illuminati Freemason machinations are summed up by ‘Making Manifest all that is Hidden’ which is to seal for all time the Satanic Qlipoth Zionist dream of rule of humanity by Archonic Demons, the Illuminati being living vessels for these dark energy matter Demons. This means manifesting the Zionist Satanic Dream, it’s focus being the 33 longitude and latitude Cyprus Superweapon, a Harp RF beam weapon to conquer Russia and the Middle East, as the 33rd latitude is beloved to the Illuminati Freemason as it blocks the path to the 34 Energies of escaping the Archon Matrix (hence the Total BSRI-Engine of 34 BPC/PCs), the war in Iraq was vital to ‘Making Manifest all that is Hidden’ as the 33rd latitude passes through the country to
Esfahan as in Iran the nuclear VF facility that is to be bombed by Zionist war places to start World War 111 to bring in Zionist hegemony. The 33rd latitude goes East from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem; the east side of the Zionist Kohen paedophile sex sacrifice ritual is splashing the child’s blood on the east of the altar. Iraq and Iran have become vast sacrificial slaughter fields to the Kohen sacrificial priests of the Zionist Illuminati. So far 35,000 – 200,000 Iraqis have been slaughtered to propitiate Yabalaoth the Zionist god. By this means the Zionist Illuminati are attempting to ‘Manifest all that is Hidden’. This BPC/PC shreds the Illuminati Zionist Dream, their god Yabalaoth and all their Seraphim, Goetia… servants. It reverses the flow so the slaughter moves back to Israel, Cyprus and Britain so when World War 111 begins the flow is to non Archonic powers such as the Pulsar races, Psi-Masters and the Psi-Lord. Having ruined the ‘Manifest of all that is Hidden’, the West is now burning with spiritual Grail fire that means the entire Zionist Illuminati plan blows back and burns the Zionist Illuminati and the West – we are seeing that in Iraq as the West has lost it’s prize. This BPC/PC provides the largest amount of PF at the present time and will be a prime source of PF as the World War 111 debacle of the West continues to embrace: Iran, China, Russia, Belaruss, North Korea… the West is a blood bath charged with Anti-CF energy so it is poison to the Archons and Yabalaoth. A PF Source for this debacle of War and Death. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

16: The Anti-Sphinx BPC/PC. The Illuminati Freemason doorway to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison is located in biophysical space under the Sphinx in Egypt. Here the Archons Thoth and Maat, beloved of Crowley who wrote his Book of Thoth (The Law) and Maat (Judgement) the basis of his books as occult will force trap the Souls and force them into the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison. This is made possible because Thoth has 78 energies and Maat 11, the 89 energies is used to block the CF Force which manifests as the Fibonacci Series: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 at the 11th level to trap all Psi-Masters who have escaped the matrix in the OverMatrix. These Archons are the blocking agents in the OverMatrix (see and This BPC/PC shreds Thoth and Maat the Sphinx and blows up the hellgate to the 12 Aeon Psi-Prison so the whole system is wrecked liberating tremendous amounts of PF and enabling the Psi-Master to avoid the OverMatrix. Cost $80 + $40 Immediate Postage

Buy all 18!

All 18 Anti-Demon Illuminati Freemason BPCs/PCs available as the Anti-Demonic-Reality Shredder. Use all 18 BPCs/PCs to shred the ADR for energy, or make up to 36 BPCs/PCs with the other Anti-Demon BPCs/PCs on

18 BPC/PC Anti-Demon Reality Shredder $1000 inc P&P plus $60 Immediate Postage for all of the 18 Illuminati Freemason shredding BPCs/PCs. A vital tool for the real world Psi-Master who wishes to use the Illuminati Freemason network and it’s Demons for PF and for Power.

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